Thursday Update 9/14/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, September 14, 2000--Canada; or Friday, September 15, 2000--USA By Linda K 

Dru tells Olivia that what she has with Malcolm is special and unique even
if there are no strings attached.  Olivia reminds her sister that her
relationship with Malcolm is superficial.  Talk is cheap.  They have not
really tested their relationship.  Dru is growing angry.  You know what your
problem is Olivia, is that you canít stand it when people donít do things
the way you do.  There are different ways that people could love someone. 

Olivia asks if Malcolm shares her position.  Dru says that for the first
time Malcolm has lived a life without commitment and he is happy!  Really?
Olivia warns her that as soon as one of them exercises freedom, there will
be a lot of hurt and anger.  Is Dru planning on leaving anytime soon?
Maybe, Dru answers.  And how is Malcolm feeling about this?  Olivia asks.
Dru tells her that Malcolm is helping her to rebuild her confidence in her
career.  Olivia wonders how it would seem that Malcolm really cares for her
if he is helping to pave the road for her departure.

Dru asks Olivia not to put a negative twist on their discussion.  Doesnít
Olivia want her to be happy?  Olivia replies that there was a time when Dru
wanted an international career to prove herself.  And she grabbed it and
lived it for years.  Was it that important to her life now? Drucilla asks
whether Olivia had been talking with Malcolm lately.  Did he mention
anything about her leaving?  Why? Olivia answers.  Would it have mattered if
he did?

Olivia tells Dru that Malcolm had really fallen for her.  He said that if
Dru leaves, he will have no regrets.  But his having no regrets is not the
same as wanting to see her go.  Drucilla owed it to herself to see where
they both stood.  Dru tells Olivia that putting their relationship under a
microscope is exactly what she and Mal were trying to avoid.  Olivia says
that the whole concept of an open relationship can work for a while, but one
canít build a life on it.  Dru says she does not want to build a life on it.
She oves Olivia and was glad that they could talk about things, but this
topic is now closed.  As she leaves, Olivia seethes with a mixture of self
satisfaction and anger.

Malcolm tells Neil that Druís decision whether or not to leave town is hers
alone.  Neil wonders why the two of them do not feel an obligation to be
honest with each other.  Malcolm tells Neil that it was him who wanted the
relationship with Dru to be on a day-by-day thing.  Neil tells him it may
have been that way at the start, but things must have changed since.
Malcolm decides that he doesnít want to talk about this any longer.  He
still remembers his brotherís reaction when he first heard about Malcolm and
Dru.  Neil says that what happened is in the past.  And that blood is
thicker than water.  Malcolm is doubtful.  He still remembers how Neil
wanted to take a swing at him for hooking up with his ex-wife.

Neil admits that there will always be a part of him that will be
uncomfortable with the idea that Malcolm is now with his ex-wife, but
failing to communicate will only make things worse.  Malcolm is not sure
that discussing his relationship with Dru is going to help.  Neil asks if
his brother was really cool about things being casual and carefree with Dru.
I know you are not the loveím and leaveím type, he adds.  Malcolm is peeved.
What is coming next?  To watch out for Dru?  That she will not be honest
with me because she was not honest with you?  Malcolm does not want Neil to
review his wife based on his own experience.

Neil asks why Malcolm canít talk about his deep feelings about Drucilla.  Is
he trying to spare his feelings? Malcolm tells him that he and Drucilla are
not getting serious.  He is happy with things the way they are.  To prove
it, Malcolm shows Neil Druís portfolio.  He then informs Neil that Sid had
dropped Drucilla because, in his mind, Drucillaís career was crashing.  And
now he created Druís portfolio to show to the world that she was still on
top of her game. 

Neil tries to understand Malcolm.  Dru is fired.  Her career is more or less
in ruins.  But Malcolm is now trying to jump-start her career. Why?  Because
Drucilla cannot be tied down, Malcolm tells Neil.  But Neil interprets
saying that Malcolmís was here Ďto set her freeí, or better yet, he was
ready to escort Dru out the door. 

Dru needs to be free, Malcolm tells his brother.  Neil tells Malcolm that he
is saying the right things, but he sees that Malcolm has dug himself deep
into trouble.  More so than he is willing to admit.  Why are you looking for
problems, Malcolm asks.  Neil tells him he cares about him.  Malcolm tells
him that is sweet, but why doesnít he care enough to let him live his life.
Neil is sarcastic.  There is now this strange poetic justice.  Here you are
in the same position I was, hung up on Dru and hoping against hope that she
wonít walk out on me.  One day when Drucilla is off to Europe, and there he
is on the couch, all by himself.  Neil leaves Malcolm alone to think about
his words.

At Ginaís, Jack happily walks in.  Gina is surprised that he is meeting with
Phyllis.  Oh, donít tell me Jack that you are meeting her!  She cries out.
So, I wonít tell you, Jack calmly answers Gina.  Victoria Newman lounges in
the background, observing Jack and Phyllis together, before leaving the
restaurant.  Jack informs Phyllis that he met with the board of directors
and they agreed to keep her on full time.  Phyllis is surprised that they
didn't have to do any serious arm twisting, especially where Jill is
concern.  So what is the bottom line? Phyllis asks.  Jack tells her their
deal is a go.  Phyllis says theirs was only an informal talk.  But Jack
reminds her that it was an agreement in principle and that they had covered
all the bases. 

Jack outlines the terms of their agreement.  Phyllis points out the vague
areas, such as Ďthe substantial raise down the line.í  She questions how
substantial and how far down the line.  Jack reads a change in attitude in
Phyllis and invites her to talk to him.  I received another offer, she
blurts out.  Jack asks how this happened.  It came looking for me, Phyllis
says, recanting the remarkable turn of events earlier, especially
considering the timing.  Jack says he imagines the offer was pretty
substantial.  He asks how much.  Phyllis rummages through her purse to find
the paper where the offer was written.  She hands it to Jack who appears
astonished.  Jack laughs at the figure.  He believes she feels she is being
lowballed and came up with the fictitious offer to up the ante.  But the
number was way out of line.  Phyllis asks if he feels she is not worth that
much.  Jack feels she is absolutely terrific, but no, even she is not worth
that much.  Phyllis tells him the woman and the offer was not a figment of
her imagination.  But Jack cannot imagine who would make her such an offer,
especially in this town.  Phyllis shows Victoria Newmanís business card.
Jack is shocked.

At Ninaís apartment, Nina tells Tomas she heard enough critiques from Tomas.
She understands he is trying to be helpful and she appreciates it, but
Chapter Four stays as it is.  This is her book.  And since he wonít leave,
she does.  Nina soon arrives at Crimson Lights.  She appears flustered and
Cody notices.  Soon Tomas also enters, looking for her.  Nina is less
willing to to talk, but Tomas orders her to listen to him.  He offers her an
apology for hurting her, and Nina quickly accepts.  He acknowledges that he
may have pushed a few buttons in discussing the question of Chapter Four
with the baby stolen.  But she should keep the momentum going right up to
the finishing line.  Nina is silent and sullen.  The final chapters are not
going right she tells him and her eyes fill with tears. 

Nina tells Tomas she is not going to finish the book.  Writing hurts too
much.  She did something that was wrong Ė it cuts in too deeply.  It is
tearing her apart.  Tomas tells her this makes for the best writing.  Yes,
she suffered, she felt her characterís pain, but that keeps her readers
committed.  But based from his own experience, he knows that when she will
have finished, the torment will be gone and replaced with an incredible
sense of exhiliration with what she had accomplished Ė what she had created.
Nina tells her that the pain is not going to go away.  She has learned to
live with it.  This book has made it unbearable.  Do you understand what I
am saying to you?  Do you get this?  Nina cries.  Oh, my God, Tomas, says.
The woman in the book is you.  He puts his arm around Nina. 

Rianna and Brittany are also at Crimson Lights.  Rianna wants to hear all
the details about Brittany and Billy.  Rianna expresses how she feels about
Raul and wonders how he might feel about her.  It is so hard to tell with
guys.    Rianna is worried how different she is from Mac and may not be
Raulís type.  Brittany assures her that Mac is out of it.  She has a lot on
her mind.  Besides, she and Raul were history.  Rianna brings up JT.
Brittany tells her to blow him off.  He is just a jerk.  Rianna says she
wonít go behind his back.  She should at least give him a call.  Brittany
tells her what for.  He treats her like garbage.  People who cheat deserve
what they get.  Rianna is surprised and asks where that came from.  Riana
wonders what time Mac left the night before.  She must have been bored out
of her mind.  She was stuck inside watching the monitor with Phyllis while
they were together having a blast!  It was only for one night.  How bad
could it have been?  Brittanyís eyes grow wide.

Billy and Raul are at the Abbottís. They just got up and feel as if they had
slept for weeks.  They noticed the girls had already left.  The previous
night went cool, a nice end of the summer. Billy wonders what Raul had meant
when he implied he didnít have to wonder where Billy and Brittany stood with
each other.  Raul then went off to raid the fridge.  Billy tells him how
successful the web project was according to Ashley.  Raul is happy he made
so much money over the summer and got to spend time with his friends.  He
finds it hard to believe that summer is over even if his summer did not turn
out the way he had wanted it to.  He congratulates Billy over Brittany.
Billy wonders why.  When Raul leaves, Billy picks up the phone, but slams it
down again. 

At the Chancellor mansion, Kay invites Mac to breakfast.  Now that Esther
was gone, she could cook up her greasy favorites, but Mac is not hungry.
Kay wants Mac to tell her more about her feelings.   Mac tells her that no
matter how hard she tries to shut her mind off it, she still can see Billy
and Brittany together.  And now that school is about to start, she will have
to see them everyday.  She feels like a fool.  Kay tells her that having
given her heart to someone was one of the bravest things could do.  Although
she does not feel like it now, the pain will soon go away.  Kay takes Mac
into her arms.  I loved him, Grandma, she tells.  I thought he loved me too.

Mac relates the events of the magical night at the prom when things changed
between her and Billy.  Kay can relate how difficult it must have been to
hide her relationship because of Jill.  But Kay tries to understand that
because Mac broke up with Raul, Billy continued to be with Brittany.  Mac
said this was to avert Jillís suspicions.  Mac admits it was very hard
watching Billy playing a part.  That he was only pretending to be with
Brittany.  Looking back now, she saw many signs that this was not true.  If
only she had opened her eyes then!   Kay tells Mac there can be a lot of
misunderstandings in relationships.  Was she absolutely sure that there was
something going on between Billy and Brittany?  Mac was adamant about being
sure!  She had walked in on them when they wereÖ  Were what?  Kay asks.  But
Mac says she wants to be alone, and quickly leaves the room.

Billy calls Mac at the mansion and asks her when she had left the night
before.  Billy regretted not saying goodbye.  Mac said she didnít want to
disturb them.  Billy notices how different Mac sounds.  Mac tells him why
she had to leave so early.   She could not stand being there one more

Nick is at Brash & Sassy when Ryan enters.  Ryan is surprised to see Nick.
They make brief conversation about Glow by Jabotís web siteís astounding
success.  Nick tells Ryan that if Cassie and all her friends are really into
the web site, then Brash & Sassy really has itís work cut out for them.
They should start their own Brash & Sassyís web page and beat these people
at their own game.  Ryan agrees and tries to leave.

Nick asks Ryan to stay back a while.  He asked how Victoria is doing.  Ryan
quickly tells him Nick he should talk to Victoria himself.  Nick starts to
raise his voice when Ryan tells him Victoria and Gary had made contact.
Ryan tells Nick that his sister saw Gary.  Nick is livid that Ryan did not
call him first about his sisterís intentions, and that he didnít physically
restrain Victoria from facing up with Gary.  He was surprised that Ryan was
also with her and accuses Ryan for being irresponsible.  Ryan tells him
Victoria is glad she visited Gary and seems fine, but Nick is worried about
the long-term consequences.  When Victoria enters, she sides with Ryan,
telling him seeing Gary was the best thing she could have done for herself.

Victoria tells Nick that she really let Gary have it at the hospital.  She
also told her brother how supportive and helpful Ryan had been in pulling
her through the ordeal.  Nick is consoled somewhat but is still worried
about itís future impact.  Victoria tells him it may or may not be harmful,
and only time will tell.  But, in the meanwhile, she wants to share
something with them.  Something huge!

She invites them to guess who she ran into at Ginaís.  Phyllis!  Timing is
uncanny.  And Nicholas was discussing who was heading the Jabot web site.
Phyllis had run the whole thing and, best of all, is a free agent.  And you
made her an offer? Nick asks.  Victoria answers, are you kidding!  Like
that!  Made her an offer on the high side of reasonable.  Nick tells her she
made a coup.  Stealing Jabotís hot new player right in the middle of the
game.  Victoria says this serves them right for not tying her down with a
contract when they had the chance.  So, did she accept?  Ryan asks.
Victoria feels she will.  Jack Abbott will have a terrible time matching
Victoria's offer.  That company is in a mountain of debt.  Ryan conjectures
that even if they keep Phyllis in their camp, they are going to be paying
her through the nose which will place them closer to insolvency.   Victoria
says she really likes Phyllis.  She will really shake things up around here.
Both boys are hoping Phyllis will take the bait.  Victoria warns them to sit
down and fasten their seat belts.  She is about to tell them the offer she
had made to Phyllis.