Wednesday Update 9/13/00


Young and the Restless Wednesday, September 13, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, September 14, 2000--USA 

Linda K.

At Nina’s apartment, Nina is very nervous about Tomas’ reaction towards her
novel.  She wants him to give it to her straight.  She can take it.  Tomas
holds back.  Tomas tells her she has a wonderful story.  But, Nina waits for
the other shoe to drop.  Tomas tells her she has exceeded his expectations.
Nina tells him she could not have done it without his guidance.  Then, Tomas
tells her he is confused about the first chapter with the baby being lost
and stolen.  That didn’t work for you?  Nina asks.  You didn’t think it is
finished did you? Tomas replies. 

Nina is stunned that he felt that chapter didn’t begin to match her earlier
work.  It should not come to her as a surprise.  When Tomas tells her that
she is too good to not understand how weak it is, Nina tells him this is a
backhanded compliment.  Tomas wants her to go back and readdress her flaws
and has suggestions. 

Nina is upset and does not want to discuss this any further nor pay
attention to his suggestoins.  Tomas is sorry he has upset Nina, but refuses
to drop the discussion.  This chapter is too critical for the book.  It must
allow the readers to experience the pain and devastation of the loss of the
child.  Nina argues and grows hostile.  Tomas cannot understand her
attitude.  Nina asks Tomas to leave her apartment, and he appears to be
hurt, puzzled and confused.

At the Williams, Paul tells Christine the result of the pregnancy test
should be in.  He offers to look, but Christine beats him to it.  Paul waits
alone in silence until Christine re-emerges with a smile.  So daddy, would
you like a little boy or a little girl?  Paul and Christine are overcome
with emotion and their eyes fill with tears as they hug each other.   Paul
is so happy and wants to call everybody on the phone.  But he has a better
idea – to tell everyone that night at Gina’s during his birthday party.
Both agree they are very happy about the wonderful changes that are about
going to come. 

When he is alone, Paul is in seventh heaven.  He imagines a scene in which
Christine is holding a beautiful infant in her arms.  Christine is so
beautiful, and so full of love.   They are at a new level in their
relationship.  Everything is just perfect now.  Just perfect!

At Malcolm’s Dru and Malcolm enjoy strawberry and cream.  They talk about
how perfect last night was, especially since they were left alone, and did
not have to look over their shoulders.   When Malcolm briefly walks out, Dru
opens her portfolio and gazes at it for a moment, then closes it shut
firmly.   When Malcolm returns, he notices how distracted Dru has become.
He asks her to go ahead with the list of agencies.  Drucilla tells him she
can handle this for herself.  She does not need a nudge - she is not
insecure.  Malcolm tells her when the agencies see her portfolio, her jobs
will just keep on coming. 

Dru is a little angry at Malcolm’s suggestions to take quick steps towards
rekindling her modeling career and possibly taking a gig out of town.   And
to hell with everybody?  She asks.  Malcolm assures her that he is just
trying to be supportive of her career and not stand in the way of her
success.  But Dru is hurt.  She has a doctor’s appointment and walks out the

Neil then arrives at Malcolm’s with Lily.  She immediately asks for her
mother.  Malcolm tells her Dru was out for an appointment.  When they are
alone, Malcolm and Neil ask how each is doing.  The subject of school is
brought up and Neil enquires about Dru’s plans.  He asks whether Malcolm is
going to continue keeping him in the dark.   Both grow very edgy!  Malcolm
tells Neil he is acting bent out of shape.  Neil wants to know about the
future, especially with Lily.  Malcolm reminds him Lily seems quite well
adjusted, but Neil reminds Malcolm that Lily has been through enough.  He
does not know what Dru will be up to from one day to the next.  Certain
‘so-called grownups’ should bring Lily’s interests first and foremost on
their minds.  

Malcolm understands that Neil wants to blow off steam, but Neil corrects him
that he is concerned about the welfare of his child’s need for stability.
He feels Malcolm is playing him for a fool.  He isn’t asking for much.  Is
Drucilla planning to staying here or not?  Malcolm tells him outright that
he does not have a clue what is going on in regards to Drucilla’s plans. 

At the hospital, Olivia enters her office.  She has passed her follow-up
tests with flying colors and has missed her work so much.  The walls seemed
to be closing in around her at her home.  Reese tells Olivia that she is
enduring more than cabin fever in her need to return to the office.  Perhaps
she wants to escape dealing with her divorce and may be returning much too
soon.  She attempts to convince Reese that her life will never be absolutely
stress free.  She has a new outlook on her divorce and towards her
ex-husband.  She tells Reese that she is alive thanks to a miracle.  Who is
she to complain!

Dru walks by Olivia’s office and walks in when she sees her sister there.
They appear initially strained.  Olivia tells her that it seems ages since
they has seen each other.  It hasn’t been the smoothest time for the family.
Dru asks if she and Neil have talked and whether they are about to embark on
a romantic involvement.  Or will she wait for Neil to make the first move. 

Olivia is offended.  You like to just cut to the point don’t you?  I’m going
to assume that you meant well when you went over to Neil to discuss our
future.  I would appreciate that you not inject yourself into my life
anymore.  Dru told her she knew how to mind her own business.  Olivia then
asks how she and Malcolm were doing.  Dru is now miffed.  She is supposed to
be open with her life and not Olivia with hers?  Olivia senses that Dru
needs somebody to talk to. 

At the Abbott’s, Ashley enters the house.  Jack pries about her whereabouts.
She tells him she wanted to sleep elsewhere the prior night as it was going
to be too noisy with the teens.  Jack tells her they have a record number of
hits on their web site.  He gives Ashley an intriguing idea.  Why not
continue with the web site after school begins?  Brad walks into the house
and agrees that, this is indeed, a very intriguing idea.  Jack is angry when
Brad and Ashley tell him they spent the night together.  He shouts at
Ashley.  After all his warnings – all her mistakes!  Even more irritating is
that Brad is hungry and Ashley invites him to their kitchen.  When Brad
returns chomping on an apple, he further bugs Jack about how little he
understands his sister and the way he is treats her.  Jack asks him to butt
out or else, and when Brad stands up to challenge him, Ashley walks in, and
brings their argument to a halt. 

Jack asks to speak with Ashley alone.  He brings up the topic of the web
site business, and since it is about Glow by Jabot, this is out of bounds
for Brad.  Brad asks whether he has short-term memory issues.  Since
Victor’s lawsuit has been dropped, the non-compete clause is inoperable.
Jack suggests that they hire Phyllis full time as Head of Information
Technology.  Ashley agrees - if he trusts Phyllis.  Jack shares Ashley’s
mistrust and is prepared to protect the company.  Brad adds that Phyllis is
damned unpredictable, but Jack reinforces that they should keep the momentum
going due to Phyllis’ very skillful handling of the Teen Website.   Jack
proposes that they give her a small increase in salary with the
understanding for a substantial increase when they see a better cash flow.
Ashley agrees that this sounds like a win-win situation – assuming that
Phyllis will agree with their terms.  Jack assures her that, knowing
Phyllis, she wants to stay.

Ashley asks to be alone with Jack.   Jack admits that he, as usual, has been
overly concerned with her especially with Pretty-Boy trying to weasel into
the family.   She tells him Brad has been a very good friend – she slept on
his sofa last night.   Jack breathes a deep sigh of relief until when Ashley
tells him Brad is her Lamaze coach.  Jack is astounded!   Brad will be in
the room when Ashley gives birth!  Ashley tells him this kind of makes Brad
a member of the family.  Therefore, Jack must go easy on him.  Jack shakes
his head in disbelief.  Uncle Brad.  If that doesn’t make your stomach turn
nothing will.

At Gina’s, Phyllis says pointedly that she will not break bread with a total
stranger.  Victoria gives her first name.  She tells Phyllis she is aware of
her web site production and came over to pay her a compliment.  Phyllis
agrees to join her.  During breakfast, Victoria praises Phyllis for her
success.  She must be very proud of herself.  Victoria asks if her employers
are heaping the praises on her.  She asks about Phyllis’ future plans, and
for just a little preview - a few hints.  Phyllis is wary that such an
intelligent woman’s interest in Jabot seems to go well beyond a fancy
curiosity.  Who are you, Victoria?  That is, if this is your real name.
Phyllis tells Victoria that she was not born yesterday.  She knows when
somebody is pumping her for information. 

Victoria admits that Phyllis has caught her.  Phyllis’ eyes light up with
glee when she announces that she is Victoria Newman (yes, THAT Newman) and
she runs Brash & Sassy.  Phyllis tells her shame on you, Ms. Newman.  I
thought industrial espionage was beneath you, and to tell you the truth, you
are not very good at it.  Victoria tells Phyllis that she saw the
opportunity and couldn’t walk away from it.  She is a great admirer of her
work and she is not just giving her flattery as she pulled off quite a coup.

Phyllis is flattered considering the source.  Victoria asks Phyllis’ name
and Phyllis offers it.  Victoria warns her that people at Jabot can be
difficult to work for sometimes.  If they are giving her any problems,
Newman Enterprises has a huge budget and an open mind, and they allow
creative people to be creative.  Then Victoria asks whether she struck a
nerve.  They aren’t giving her any problems already, are they?  Phyllis
tells Victoria she has no problems with Glow by Jabot.  Victoria picked up
on her Phyllis’ expression that Jabot “were employees”.   This is a very
important distinction, she reminds Phyllis.  She gathered earlier, from
overhearing her conversation over the phone, that possibly Jabot was
interested in having her, but did not make it official yet – they had not
locked her up contractually.  If that were the case, could she be enticed
with another offer?  An offer which were more substantial and lucrative?
Phyllis’s cell phone rings.  Jack tells her he has good news and wants to
meet her in his office.  When Phyllis discloses where she is, he agrees to
meet with her at Gina's in half an hour.  Phyllis studies the very smug
expression on Victoria.  She slowly breaks into a wicked smile. 

At the law firm, Michael recalls his conversation with Christine about their
partnership.  How it would be a moot point for Christine to discuss her
decision about her future pregnancy if she has not taken measures to prevent
it.  Michael thinks this would be the absolute worst time for her to get

Christine opens the doors to Michael’s office.   Michael observes her mood.
She notices him staring.  While they look over papers, Michael asks if she
is OK.  She appears distracted, as if her mind were on other things besides
work.  Michael ventures a guess why she is not herself today.  He wants to
clear the air about her capability to fulfill her responsibilities at the
office if she were to become pregnant.  He offered her more time, but she
(tersely) tells him she needs no more. 

Christine announces that she is pregnant.  Both begin to shout.  Michael is
livid that, while they were discussing their practice, and she was
considering her options, she had, in the meantime, gotten pregnant!
Christine tells him this was a very private matter between her and her
husband.  She had nothing to do with it.  This was an act of God.  Michael
disagrees – she helped along!  Christine marches out of the office and
Michael hurls the papers to the floor.  Behind closed doors, Christine asks
- what has she gotten herself into?