Tuesday Update 9/12/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, September 12, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, September 13, 2000--USA

By Stephanie 

Bradís House

Ashley is asleep on Bradís sofa, she wakes up thinking about Victor. She is thinking back on their conversation in which she said for every action there is a reaction. His reaction was to cease all legal action against JABOT. For her and her family, the Company will remain in their control. He tells her that the company will be her fatherís legacy to her and Jack. Victor lets Ashley know that there is no future for them, they have caused one another too much pain. He says goodbye. Brad comes in and asks what is wrong? She says she is fine and tells him not to worry. Brad doesnít believe her and asks if he did something to upset her? Ashley assures him that this pregnancy is playing havoc with her emotions and it was nothing he did. Ashley says that she was hurt by Victorís rejection but does say she does not want her childís father involved in their lives at all. She says she wants to tell him everything but canít. She says she feels alone. Brad says he will always be there for her, and she is not alone. He holds her.

Abbott Residence:

Mamie comes in for a cup of coffee, she tells Jack she is meeting a friend for breakfast. Jack asks if the kids all nighter kept her awake? She says no, not at all. She tells Jack they must have bothered Ashley as her bed was not slept in. Jack hopes Ashley is ok. Mamie says Ashley can look after herself. Mamie says she has to go. Jack (to himself) says, with Victor out of town...she better not.... Phyllis interrupts Jack, who tells him the Glow site has been closed. She says it was very successful and wonders if she will be able to continue to work for JABOT? She feels since Jack is CEO he should be able to make a decision. He says he is not the only one to make such a decision. Phyllis gets into a huff and goes to get a drink of juice. Jill comes in saying she took the over night flight from San Francisco. She wanted to see how things went and hasnít gone into the office yet. Jack says sarcastically that this must be his lucky day. He teases Jill about the man she met while she was away. Jill is not in the mood to spar with Jack and asks about the site? She says she looked at it while she was a way and it appeared to be a success.  Phyllis comes back with juice and says that it was a huge hit. Jill asks about Billy? She wonders if the sleep over was supervised? Phyllis tells her that everything went well. She says the kids are probably still asleep. Phyllis seizes the opportunity to ask about working for JABOT? Jill snidely remarks that the position was short term and to take her money and go back to New York. Phyllis fumes she doesnít "need this crap" and walks out. Jack tells Jill "well so much for your people skills" saying "donít you know how hard it is to get good people?" Jill says Jack can use his charm to lure her back.

Ninaís Apartment:

Nina and Tomas are talking over breakfast. She asks him what he thought of her chapters? (The doorbell rings.) Tomas says it can wait, he asks if she is expecting anyone? Nina says no and opens the door, Christine is there. Christine asks if they can talk? Nina says sure, and letís her in.  Christine tells Nina that this is the moment and she isnít sure she is ready to face it. Christine realizes Tomas is there and apologizes for interrupting. Tomas tells her not to worry, he has to go and grab a shower. He leaves. Christine says that things are better between them now. Nina says that things are the best they have been in a long time. She says that Tomas read her chapters. She asks Christine what the problem is? Christine tells her that Paul brought home a pregnancy test. She says he wanted to do the test right then, but he was called away on an emergency. She says he wants her to take the test, but she is having doubts about a child right now. She says she doesnít know what to do. Nina says that the decision has to be hers. She hugs Christine and tells her to talk to Paul. Christine leaves. Tomas comes back and Nina tells him that Christine isnít sure if she wants a child and now faces a pregnancy test. Tomas says that explains why Christine looked like she was facing a firing squad. Nina says it is a big decision, and if you make the wrong choice, you have to live with it.

Paulís Apartment

Paul letís his mother in. Mary comments that he looks awful. He says he was on an assignment until 3 am. He wonders why she came over? He tells her that if there was any news, she would know. Mary says it would be nice to get an update but she really came by because it is his birthday. Mary tells him how the day he was born, brought such joy into her life. He tells her he will do what he can to have his own children. He tells her that he took her advice and picked up a pregnancy test. He says the test was delayed but they should know soon. Mary says she has to get going but asks that he call her? Christine arrives and is surprised to see Mary. Mary says she was there to wish Paul a happy birthday. Christine says they will see her tonight for a birthday dinner. Mary says she wonít miss it. Christine gives Paul his birthday kiss. She says he was asleep when she left and she came back to do the test. Paul says he is glad they waited because it would be nice to know they were having a baby today as it would be the perfect gift. Paul hugs Christine. Christine leaves to take the test, saying they will know in about 10 minutes. A little later, Paul offers to check it but she says she will do it. Paul holds Christine before she goes to get the results, she looks torn.

Victoriaís Office:

Victoria is talking to her assistant, telling her to find someone to handle their website. She says we need to catch up with JABOT and they need to do it now!

Nick and Sharonís Home

Nick is getting ready to go back to work. Sharon teases him about wearing him out last night saying "I thought you would sleep for a week." She suggests he go back to bed. Nick thanks her for giving up her vacation. Sharon says that a weekís vacation is worth the sacrifice if it means bringing the family back together. Nick says that his father wants him to keep an eye on things while he is away. Sharon says that his family needs him, Victoria needs his support and Nikki must feel alone through everything. Cassie comes downstairs, she excitedly tells them about the Glow by JABOT site. She says her friend Elizabeth told her, that her sister goes online everyday and buys her cosmetics on line as well. Cassie asks if she could go online as well? Sharon and Nick tell her they want to check the site out first and they feel she is too young to be wearing makeup. Cassie disappointedly goes back upstairs. Sharon tells Nick that some of the kids from the Glow site including Billy Abbott, hang out at the coffee house.  Nick says if the site were his, he would find a way to keep site going even after school starts if it is that successful. He says he has to get going, kisses Sharon goodbye and leaves.

Nickís Office

Victoria comes looking for Nick and finds him looking at the Glow by JABOT web site. She asks him if he knew that Diane was pregnant with Victorís baby? Nick is surprised. Victoria says that Diane used artificial insemination, using a sample that Victor had stored away. Nick says it is not too surprising that Victor went away. He says only Diane Jenkins would consider using artificial insemination. Nick tells her that he likes the Glow by JABOT site and thinks Brash and Sassy should be on line as well. He offers to help her with the site? Victoria thanks him for all of his help and support through everything lately. She tells him she is glad he is home. Nick says he would do almost anything to help her. Victoriaís cell phone rings, it is Ginaís restaurant calling to say they found her check book and they are holding it for her. Victoria thanks them and says she will be right over to pick it up.

Ginaís Restaurant:

Victoria arrives and asks about her check book? The bartender says he will go and get it out of the safe. He leaves, Phyllis comes in, talking to her agent Stan on her cell phone. Phyllis asks Victoria if she knows where Gina is? Victoria says she doesnít. Phyllis takes a seat at the bar and continues to talk to Stan. She tells him she may have a job in Genoa City and will know for sure in a few days. She says the Jabot site was a success. She hangs up. Victoria approaches her and apologizes for listening in. She asks if she worked on the Glow by JABOT site? Phyllis says, she didnít just work on it, she set it up and ran it. Victoria asks Phyllis if she would join her for breakfast? Phyllis is left looking curious.