Monday Update 9/11/00


Young and the Restless Monday, September 11, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, September 12, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Pool House… 

Jack is watching the feed of Billy still sleeping. He is tempted to wake him up but Phyllis abruptly stops him saying it is more realistic that the kids do what comes natural for them. In the pool house, Brittany sits beside a knocked out Billy, telling him “You shouldn’t have messed with me…I told you I loved you! You made a big mistake, a very big mistake!” Rianna and Raul see a shooting star and wished upon it. Raul decides to see what’s up with Billy and Brittany but just then Brittany walks out. They ask how it went and she says with a big smile “Do you have to ask?” Raul decides it’s best that they follow the script and wake Billy up so they can camp outside. Then Billy walks out looking groggy and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is “Where’s Mac?” The girls goes back into the pool house but not before Rianna gives Raul a tender kiss goodnight. Raul calls Billy ‘Romeo’ just as they get to bed. Billy scratches his head later wondering why Raul called him ‘Romeo’. 

Chancellor Estate… Katherine is determined to find out why Mac is so sad. Mac refuses saying it’s just kids stuff and that she can handle it, but obviously she can’t hide how much pain she is in. Katherine realizes that it has to do with Billy and insists that she be told what he did to her. Mac says it’s not what he did to her but what he did with someone else. She tells her that Billy has been having sex with Brittany. She wonders why Billy could hurt her like this after all the things he said and promised her. She is devastated and says, “I hate him!” Brad’s House… Brad and Ashley are having a nightcap and begin talking about Brad’s involvement with Nikki. He says they are just friends and any romantic involvement between them are over, meaning that they are both free and focus the conversation between them. They start dancing and having a really nice moment together, where they are both beaming with happiness. Ashley says she doesn’t want to go home with the webcast going on. Brad offers her his guest bedroom and she happily accepts. 

Crimson Lights… When Matt sees Nick come in with the family, he is stunned and couldn’t find the words to tell them what he was still doing there. Just then, they hear a noise in the back, where Wharton dropped some things, who escapes through the back door. Nick goes back to inspect as Matt is holding his breath. Nick checks but no one is there, Matt reassures him that he just stacked them and it probably fell by themselves. Matt comes up with the excuse that someone spilt a drink so he decided to mop the whole place up. Nick and Sharon are impressed by this but insists that he go home, to the protests of Matt. Once he leaves, he is waiting outside, anxious to find out where Wharton has gone. 

Gina’s… Nikki and Victoria continue to discuss Diane’s audacity to have herself inseminated with Victor’s sperm. Vicky is surprised that Nikki is taking this so well since Diane is having the child that Nikki so desperately wanted. Nikki says that this is not her problem but Victor’s problem which infuriates Victoria even more. Nikki insists that Victoria come back to the ranch with her since she is too upset to be by herself. Vicky says she would rather stay in a hotel room and storms off. Victor’s Apartment… Diane comes home to find Marissa there who is dying to give her some good news. She tells Diane that she saw Victoria leave with a suitcase, assuming that she is moving out. Diane is ecstatic to hear this news and calls Michael Baldwin to come over. Once Michael hears the news, he shoots her idea down by suggesting that she may only be going on an over-night trip or business trip. Diane still thinks that things have improved between her and Victor considering his reluctance to kick her out