Friday Update 9/8/00


Young and the Restless Friday, September 8, 2000--Canada, or Monday September 11,  2000--USA

Pool House…

Mac opens the door to find Brittany on top of Billy topless, making it seem
like they were having sex.  Mac is horror-stricken and paralysed with grief.
  She leaves quietly with tears streaming down her face.  Brittany hears her
leave and gets up off an unconscious Billy.  She says to Billy that she is
sorry, but Mac brought it upon herself.  Meanwhile, Raul and Rianna are
having their own love fest by the pool, cuddling and starring at the starry
sky.  Rianna says that she wants to make a mark to the end of their summer
and kisses Raul, which he reciprocates.  Jack pays a visit to Phyllis,
impressed by the job that she has done.  Mac walks in very distraught and
tells Phyllis that she is sick and is going home.  Jack offers her a ride
home but declines.  Phyllis comments, “Poor kid.”  Jack replies with
“What?”, definitely sensing that something went down.  Phyllis curbs the
suspicion by diverting the conversation to what a good job she has done. 
Phyllis turns the feed back to the pool house which has been hooked back up
again.  Brittany can be seen covering Billy with a blanket and giving a
menacing look into the camera, signalling that her plan has been executed.

Ryan’s Apartment…

Ryan walks in seeing that Tricia is still there standing by the window. 
Tricia seems very upset and then Ryan sees Victoria’s suitcase and realizes
that she may be upset over that.  Tricia questions Victoria’s presence and
almost seems hurt.  Ryan says she has no reason to be hurt since she was the
one who left him.  He explains to her about Victoria’s living situation and
that she would only be sleeping in the guest bedroom.  Tricia comes to the
conclusion that their marriage is over and starts to leave but Ryan stops
her saying that he doesn’t even know what he feels and wants time to sleep
on it.  He offers her to stay in the guestroom for the night.


Nikki is sitting with Victoria, discussing her living arrangements and
Diane’s outlandish claim that she is carrying Victor’s baby.  Nikki invites
Victoria to come back to the ranch but she stubbornly refuses, saying that
she soon will be living with Ryan.  Victoria is amazed how well Nikki is
taking the news that she is moving in with her ex-husband but explains that
Tricia is back in town so if she needs to, she will move back to the ranch.

Ashley and Brad are dining together after a pleasant Lamaze class.  Brad
brings up the idea that he wants to be a part of Ashley's child, regretting
his lack of involvement with Colleen, his daughter with Tracy.   He wants to
make up for missed time as a father with Ashley’s child.  Ashley is
delighted and holds him to it.


Nick and Sharon are excited about leaving for their trip to the Bahamas. 
Nick then gets a phone call from Victor, explaining that he is away on
business.  He also gave Nick the impression that he was not too happy that
Nick was away from home for such a long time.  Nick tells Sharon about
Victor’s call and Sharon suggests that they forget about the trip and go
home, hoping to relieve some tension in the Newman family.

Crimson Lights…

Matt and Wharton are scheming as to what to do to bring Nick down.  Matt has
the idea to put Nick back in jail since he didn’t do so well the first time
he was there.  Wharton suggests planting drugs in the coffeehouse.  Matt
shoots that idea down since he knows that Victor would do all he can to
fight that.  He says he wants to make like that Nick is dealing drugs.  He
and Wharton get the accounting books to see if there is a loophole where
they can get her.  After going through them, they find nothing that can
incriminate Nick.  Matt tells Wharton to bring the books back to the office,
then moments later, Nick and the family come in, wondering why he is still

Chancellor Estate…

Katherine and Ester are at the computer, trying to get online so they can
check out the Glow website.  They are having trouble and are bickering about
how to get on.  Brock walks into the commotion and calms them down.  Ester
is fed up with Katherine’s blames about the computer and leaves.  Brock and
Katherine talks about Mac’s high spirits lately and Katherine hints that
this could be the happiest that she has ever been.  Brock is glad his
daughter is finally so happy.  Mac walks in, looking very tired and sad. 
She said that she left early because she was exhausted but something in her
eyes told Katherine that something was wrong.