Wednesday Update 9/6/00


Young and the Restless Wednesday, September 6, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, September 7, 2000--USA 


by Linda K.

Mac is devastated as Brittany rambles on.  “I hope I haven’t shocked you,
Mac. Billy and I made out, but only a few times because I’ve held out
thinking he was using me.  But now I know that is not the case.  I was
jealous.  Billy blew off on me on a couple of dates.  I thought he was
seeing someone else. You haven’t picked up on anything like that have you?
Of course not!  Billy has been so faithful to me.  I am just trying to work
this thing through for what Billy has cooked up for tonight. He wants Raul
and Rianna out of the pool house so we can be alone.  It will be exciting.”
Brittany thanks Mac for listening.

Phyllis bursts into the room as Brittany heads out to join her friends.
Phyllis stops Mac from taking off.  “ I have to ask somebody something.”
Mac tries to be excused, but Phyllis wouldn’t allow it.  She needs to
monitor the camera feed.  Phyllis asks Mackenzie if she is aware of the two
camera feeds - one at the pool house - and the other at the pool area.  Only
one camera can feed through at a time.  Mac tries to keep her focus on her
task but she is very depressed. 

At the pool yard, Brittany tells Rianna that if Billy asks Rianna and Raul
to take off, she should just go.  Rianna agrees. 

Phyllis asks Brittany abruptly what is she doing back inside with them.
Shouldn’t she be out with the others?  Brittany slyly tells Phyllis and
Mackenzie that she is bringing more coffee for her man to keep him up late
that night.

When she is alone outside, Brittany hurriedly opens capsules and pours its
contents into Billy’s coffee.  When she returns to the pool house, Raul asks
for a sip and Brittany stops him sharply.  Rianna is bored with playing
cards, and Billy gives up on any more brilliant suggestions.  Rianna comes
up with an idea.  “There is a lot of neat Glow-By-Jabot products around.
Why don’t we make somebody up.”    “No thanks,” Brittany says.  “I wasn’t
thinking about a girl.”  Rianna asks Raul and he agrees to do whatever she
has in mind.  Brittany again nags at Billy to drink is coffee as it is
getting cold. 

Phyllis finds the antics at the pool house so amusing.  “What is happening
to Raul!  Mackenzie you are supposed to be watching this.”   Mac’s attention
is drifting.  Phyllis continues.  “Look at that!  Things are definitely
loosening up at the old pool house.  It makes you wonder what could happen
before the night is over.”  Mac is completely depressed.

The girls pass a tube of red lipstick over Raul’s heavily made up face.
Raul you look hot, Billy teases.  Brittany again nags him to drink more
coffee and Billy tells her he has had enough caffeine and yawns.  Brittany
coaxes him to take more.  She doesn’t want him to poop out on her on their
big night.  Billy obliges her and drinks down a huge gulp and shudders.
Looking on through the camera Phyllis says to herself, “Well done, Brittany.
Well done!”

Raul is having fun posing for the camera with his face painted and hair
combed up.  Billy warns Raul not to give anyone nightmares.  Raul suggests
jumping out onto the pool.  Rianna asks “What about your bathing suit?”
“Who needs a bathing suit?”  “I dare you,” Rianna says.  Raul heads out to
the pool and quickly peels off his clothes.  Phyllis gets excited and calls
Raul a ‘real stud’.  She decides the pool area is becoming too steamy.  She
wants to focus inside the pool house and as she looks around she find that
Mackenzie is gone.  “Dammed!  Just when things are getting interesting.”
Mac returns after splashing water over her face and looks on at the camera
with Brittany licking Billy’s face and neck. 

At the pool house, Billy asks Rianna to find out what Mr. Modesty is up to.
Billy tells Brittany her coffee is not working.  She tries to keep him
inside as he attempts to walk out.  Brittany hovers over Billy on the couch
as Phyllis watches closely through the monitor.  Mackenzie also begins to
take notice of what she sees through the monitor.  Brittany is leaning
closely up to Billy and gently strokes his hair.

“You really had us going.  Who would have thought you had your swimming
trunks under your clothes.”  Rianna teases Raul.  She then tries to get
closer to Raul as they nestle under the starry night. 

Phyllis gushes over how sweet and romantic Raul and Rianna look sitting
close to each other - by the pool - under the stars.  Phyllis asks Mackenzie
to get her day planner in her car.  When Mackenzie leaves, she once again
looks in at the pool house.  Brittany is gently stroking a very sleepy
Billy.  Brittany plants her lips on his and slyly eyes the camera.  She
pulls the power off the camera.  “Well, well, well, Miss Brittany,” Phyllis
says, just as Mackenzie re-enters.  Mackenzie asks why there is no picture
in the pool house camera.  Phyllis asks her to hurry over and check what is
going on.  Phyllis drops her pen, sits back, and waits.

At the pool house, Brittany lays Billy out on the couch and opens his shirt.
Mackenzie is reluctant before opening the door. Eventually, she musters the
courage to open the door…

Victoria tries to make dinner plans when Ryan stops to tell her that, since
Tricia is back, he needs time to be alone to clear his head.  Victoria knows
that he hasn’t resolved things with Tricia and she then gives Ryan the third
degree about getting sucked in.  And of course, Ryan should have asked
Tricia to leave!  Ryan is curt with Victoria.  “She is still my wife,” he
reminds her, “and I owe her to see this thing through.”  Ryan understands
Victoria is miffed because her plans to move in with him got side tracked. 

Ryan is sympathetic towards her situation with Diane and supports her
decision to move out.  But he won’t allow Victoria to pressure him into
letting her move in with him that night.  Victoria tells him he is being
very unfair to her.  Ryan tells Victoria that any reconciliation between him
and Tricia is highly unlikely given there is so much water under the bridge.
Victoria softens up to Ryan and commends him for taking his marriage vows
seriously.  She will just have to get a hotel room that night.

Tricia stares at the separation papers on the table and finally picks them
up.  She is growing more anxious that Ryan has left her alone and decides to
leave the apartment.

When Nikki enters her house, she finds that Brad has been waiting for her.
She is a little anxious to know what circumstances have brought Brad into
her home in this strange manner.  She asks whether he has good news or bad
news and Brad says “I’m gonna make your day.”   Brad tells her he has heard
from their chemist and that things are moving along much faster than
expected.  He also shows their profitability report. Wow!  Better than
expected.  Now, all they have to do is make it a reality.  We are well on
our way, Brad tells her.  Nikki catches his gaze and asks what he was
looking at. 

Brad takes Nikki’s hand and asks, “Why are you still wearing Victor’s
wedding ring?”  She is stomped for an answer.  Her phone rings and Victor is
on the other line.  He apologizes for not giving her any warning about his
departure.  He informs her that Diane Jenkins is pregnant and is making
claims that it is his child.  Diane apparently has gone off and done this on
her own, thanks largely to modern medicine.  Victor is angry when Nikki
tells him that she already heard the news.  They agree that this will deeply
upset Victoria.  Victor asks Nikki to take care of her, even if they are not
getting along.  Nikki asks when he will be coming home.  Victor promises to
stay in touch through Neil Winters.  As Nikki hangs up the phone, Brad seems
to have his answer.  Victor still has a hold over Nikki’s life.

Brad urges Nikki to be honest about her ties to Victor.  “Maybe it is time
for you to take the damned thing off.”   Brad gets set to leave for Ashley’s
Lamaze.  He picks up the report saying, “We are on a roll, sweetheart.”  He
then gently kisses Nikki leaving her alone to toy with Victor’s ring.

The Newmans are back at their hotel after a day of nonstop fun.  Cassie is
sad that Lisa will be picking them up tomorrow, but Nick tells her it is
time for him and Mommie to enjoy grown-up time together.  Nick says that
since they had been gone, he has not thought about Newman Enterprises.  Not
even the coffee house.  Treena and Cody are doing a great job keeping things
under control while they are away.

Nick and Sharon won’t be feeling guilty about leaving the kids behind while
they frolic in the Bahamas.  They laugh and kiss each other.   Sharon thinks
about Nick’s dad having taken off without telling his secretary.  Nick is
not surprised at all and doesn’t want them to discuss his dad any longer. 

At Crimson Lights, Cody is dragged down by family crises.  He leaves the
counter to make a phone call.  Meanwhile, Carter greets a beautiful, young
woman who enters, alone.  She asked for Sharon Newman.  Carter takes
Tricia’s order and asks her questions.  She seems to be avoiding Sharon
Newman rather than wanting to see her.  Tricia tells him Sharon is not
exactly her favorite person, and vice versa.  Carter asks for reasons.
Tricia asks him why he needs to know.  Carter tells her that Sharon seems
like a decent boss and Tricia looks like a decent person.  Tricia says
“Well, wait until you get to know me.”  “Is that an offer?” Carter asks
Tricia.  She snaps back at him to just get her order. 

Carter brings Tricia her food and apologizes for his prying.  She seemed
down and he was only wanting to find out why.  Tricia told him that she had
gone away, has home back, and things aren’t going well.  She is not hungry
after all and asks for her check - leaving her food untouched.  Carter hopes
things go well for her and she quickly leaves.

Carter asks Cody about the total babe he waited on.  Cody needs to leave
earlier and leaves the keys with Carter after he convinces Cody that he will
close up, no problem.  When Carter is left alone, he calls Warton and asks
Larry to get over to the coffee house - pronto.

Nick and Sharon think he should call the coffee house to check up on Cody.
Carter answers, saying that Cody had to leave early to deal with a family
crises.  Nick feels cool about having Carter close up.  Soon, Warton knocks
on the coffee shop window and Carter is irritated by this entrance.  “Whatz
goin’ on man?”  Larry asks.  Carter tells him “The fox now has the keys to
the hen house.  What do you think of that, my friend?”  Wartman nods in

Tricia comes back home and calls out Ryan’s name.  She is alone.  She finds
a bag on the floor and sees that it belongs to Victoria Newman.  “So that is
what she’s doing here.  She’s moving in.”  Tricia is very perturbed.  She
does not notice that Ryan has entered the apartment.