Tuesday Update 9/5/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, September 5, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, September 6, 2000--USA

By Monica

 Pool House… Once Phyllis sees the sleeping pills, she adamantly tells Brittany that is a bad idea, “No, no mickey!” She warns Brittany not to screw up her website and to not even bother telling her the plan. Brittany assures her that nothing will happen until bedtime. Later, the kids gather to get instruction from Phyllis about their last day on the shoot. Billy stifles a yawn and takes Rianna’s suggestion of taking a nap. Phyllis and Brittany overhear and Phyllis quickly diverts Billy’s plan. Later, Brittany gives Billy a cup of decaf coffee and plants a big kiss on him in front of Mac. Billy finds Mac alone and is wondering why she is giving him the cold shoulder. Mac confesses that it was hard for her to watch Brittany put the suntan lotion on him earlier, along with their whispering and laughing. Billy tells her that Brittany is bugging him to drink and how he was subtly turning down the idea. Mac is surprised why Billy didn’t tell anyone since surely his parents would forbid him to see Brittany or even for Billy to break up with her since he had a legitimate reason. Billy didn’t realize this but Mac isn’t so sure, saying hurtfully, “You’ve been playing the role so long, you don’t want to drop it!” Billy reassures her about his feelings for her and how he misses her and gives her a hug. Later, Brittany finds Mac alone and starts working her plan. She starts talking about how close she and Billy are but how sometimes she wonders if she does the right thing with him just to keep him happy. She says she sometimes wants to be more like Mac, holding back with guys, unlike herself. Mac wants to know exactly what she is talking about and Brittany makes it clear that she and Billy are having sex, “We’ve been sleeping together all summer!” Jabot… Nikki begins dialling the phone but hangs up when Ashley walks in. Ashley says for her to continue since she would only take a second. Nikki says it’s okay since she was calling Victoria but wasn’t too sure that it would be pleasant. Ashley shows some compassion about Nikki’s situation and suggests that they bury the hackett. Nikki then wonders why she is still in town, assuming that she left with Victor. Ashley has no idea that Victor even left town and confesses that things between them are over between them. Nikki says it is best considering the tension between Victor and her family. Once Ashley leaves, Nikki looks nostalgically at her wedding band, perhaps thinking there is a chance for them to reconciliate yet once again. Ryan’s Apartment… Tricia pleads with Ryan to give their marriage a second chance. Ryan is still shocked to see her and then becomes upset with her. Ryan says that he has been more than understanding, giving her space and time and in return, not even getting a single response from her. Tricia understands that he has the right to not continue with the marriage, but she does not want that. Ryan is confused and thought it was over, but now that she is standing in front of him, he doesn’t know what to think. Then a piece of registered mail comes and Ryan informs her that it is their legal separation. Tricia is astonished while Ryan leaves to see Victoria. Victoria’s Office… Victoria is venting to Neil about Tricia’s sudden appearance and her living arrangements with Ryan. Victoria is sure that Ryan will close the book on Tricia and go through with the legal separation so he can move on with his life, but Neil is not so sure, realizing that Ryan still has a lot of unresolved issues concerning his wife. Ryan shows up and Victoria says that they should relax and go out to dinner and enjoy themselves. Ryan says that can’t happen, at least for tonight. Malcom’s Apartment… Drucilla is bugging Malcom about that pictures from the shoot. He presents her with a portfolio with the pictures which greatly impresses her. Dru comes to a revelation and says to him, “You’re making it easy for me to leave.” Malcom says he is just giving her options and does not want her to stay with him just because she has nothing better to do. Malcom is happy to see her excited again and asks her if she wants him to send the portfolio to agents tomorrow. Dru wraps her arms around him, kisses him and says, “Maybe not tomorrow.”