Monday Update 9/4/00


Young and the Restless Monday, September 4, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, September 5, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Abbott Residence (Main House/Pool/Pool House)
Brittany is trying to arrange an intimate party for just her and Billy. She
decides to get a bottle of her dad's champagne so they can toast end of
summer. Billy tells her he doesn't want to drink at the house, and
definitely not on camera. Brittany insists they could be alone and
celebrate. She pressures Billy to do this for her as she has "asked him for
so little, this summer." Billy tells her that if she were a true friend,
she would not be asking him to break his word. He refuses to have a drink
with her.

Mac and Raul are looking in on the chat with the pool house. They can see
Billy and Brittany talking and while they cannot hear what is being said,
they can tell from their (Billy and Brittany's) expressions they are having
a heated discussion.  Meanwhile, Phyllis asks Billy to talk to Riana since
Raul is not around. After Billy leaves, she warns Brittany that if she
wants to argue with Billy, to do it on camera.  She says they could do
"with the edge."  She advises Brittany to be careful and not expect Billy
just to go along with her since "he is your boyfriend." Phyllis feels that
Mac is the one in control of Billy right now and tells Brittany to decide
what she wants. Phyllis wonders if Brittany even knows? Brittany says she
wants Mac and Billy to pay. She thinks she will let Billy "have it" and
then tell Mac she "can have him." Phyllis advises her to come up with a
plan and stick to it if that is what she wants.

Mac and Raul talk. Raul admits he is sorry for pressuring her and wishes he
could start again. Mac tells him that they can't but she adds, she feels
that Riana likes him. Raul admits this has been hard for him. Mac says it
has been hard for her too. She says that when "this is all over, we will
talk." Raul says he would like that. Raul says he is not ready to move on
yet. Mac apologizes saying she was just trying to help.

Billy and Riana are talking. Billy asks her how she feels about Raul? She
says he is a terrific guy. Billy says anyone would be an improvement over
JT. Riana asks Billy not to say anything to Raul about this. He agrees not
to say anything.  Raul walks out of the house with Mac trailing after him.
Phyllis tries to get everyone involved for their final day playing golf,
smiling for the camera etc. Billy, trying to stifle a yawn, admits he
didn't sleep well and may not be able to stay awake all night. Mac asks
Phyllis if she should take notes by the pool tonight? Phyllis says no they
can observe the whole thing from the house. She feels it will be better for
the group as a whole as they will be able to relax.  Mac doesn't see how
they can relax with the cameras running. Phyllis says that after a while
they will forget the cameras are there at all. Phyllis tells her "you never
know what will happen." Brittany signals Phyllis to join her in the pool
house. Phyllis turns her hand held camera off and goes to speak with
Brittany. Phyllis asks her what her plan is? Brittany shows her a box
labeled "Sleep Now".

Paul's Office:
Christine and Paul are talking.  Paul tells her  "it's not poison" "it's
only a pregnancy kit". He apologizes for it coming as a surprise. Christine
feels it is too soon as she is only a few days late. Paul tells her he
understands but thinks they should find out. He feels since she is showing
symptoms and she is as anxious as he is to find out for sure, they should
go for it.  Christine tells him she wants to wait a few days. Paul says he
was speaking with his mother and she is the one that advised him on it.
Christine is surprised he was speaking to his mother about it. Paul says
that with everything that is going on with the firm, if they are pregnant
then that will affect her decision about the firm. Christine admits she
can't believe she is agreeing with his mother about something.

Lynn comes in and tells Paul that there is an emergency with the security
system for a new client. She tells him that it needs to be handled right
away. Paul tells her he will be right there. He apologizes to Christine and
says he has to go. He asks her to wait to take the test, as he wants to be
there when se does. He is thrilled at the possibility they might be
pregnant. She asks what happens if she isn't? Paul says they have lots of
options including going back to the clinic. He is sure she wants a child as
much as he does. He tells her that no matter what happens they have each
other. He tells her he loves her, kisses her. She tells him she loves him
too. He leaves. Christine sits down and stares at the test.

Nina's Apartment:
Nina wonders how she can help him? Tomas asks if he can help her with her
novel? He feels that if he does then it may help him with his writing. Nina
says she would love to have him help her. She says she has her first draft
almost finished since the words have been coming easily. She says she was
afraid to say anything in case he was jealous.  Tomas tells her he is proud
of her. He says she is very talented and hopes her novel is a success. He
says he didn't get the chancel to "welcome" her home. Nina asks what he has
in mind? He kisses her.

Later Tomas tells Nina that he wants to read her manuscript at home. Nina
says he could read it here. He says he could but there are too many
distractions. Nina teasingly says, "I am a distraction." She says she is
happy to have his input. She thought he might find it upsetting. Tomas
tells her not to worry about it, she is "very important to him." He kisses
her. Nina accompanies him to the door, kisses him and says goodbye. Tomas
leaves with her manuscript. Nina closes the door after him. She clearly
can't believe what just happened.

Nikki is thinking about Victoria living with Diane, alone. She isn't
listening to Jack as he is trying to discuss business with her. Nikki tells
Jack about what is happening with Victoria. Jack suggests that she ask
Victoria to move back in? He feels since they have always been close it
won't be that difficult. Nikki says that Victoria feels betrayed by Nikki
working at JABOT. Jack says she is doing a terrific job here. Nikki says it
was time for her to have a life away from her family. She tells him she
wants to help Victoria through everything and even more so, now that Diane
is involved.

Jack is saddened by the thought he doesn't have a relationship with a child
of his own. Nikki says he does have Keemo. Jack says that Keemo was a grown
man by the time they met. He says he wants to experience the whole thing,
changing diapers, late night feeds. Nikki says it's not too late. Jack says
that it takes two and he doesn't have a very good long-term track record
with anyone. He tells her she has done a wonderful job with her children.
He says they are terrific adults. He also says even though there have been
rough spots, Victoria loves her and she should never doubt that. Nikki says
she hopes he is right. She says that if Victoria won't come to her when she
is in turmoil, "what could possibly happen that would bring us together again?"

Victoria's Office:
Ryan is talking to his lawyer; Neil arrives with Brash & Sassy holiday
sales projections. Ryan says Victoria isn't around. Neil says he can give
them to her tomorrow. Neil wonders how Victoria is doing living with Diane,
since Victor is gone? Ryan says that Victoria is moving into his spare
room. Neil wonders if that is a good idea? Neil feels that Victor would
react the same way and thinks Victoria should have gone to a hotel. Ryan
says she asked me if she could move in and admits he could not say no. Neil
reminds him that he is a married man. He tells Neil that the phone call he
came in on, was with a lawyer about a legal separation from Tricia. He says
he gave her an ultimatum and no response has come. Neil says he knows they
had problems but hoped they could have worked them out. Ryan says he thinks
it is for the best, as it is time to put his life together and move on

Ryan's Apartment:
Victoria is shocked to see Tricia in the doorway. Tricia asks where Ryan
is? Victoria says he is at work. Tricia asks if she can come in? Victoria
tells her she has been gone a long time. Tricia says she is home now and
wonders why Victoria is there? Victoria tells her she is waiting for Ryan.
Tricia says she knows they are friends and wonders if Ryan has been talking
to Victoria about her? Victoria says that Ryan tried to get in touch with
her but there was never a response. Victoria asks Tricia if she thought she
could "come back and pick up where you left off?" Tricia warns Victoria
that Ryan is her husband and says since this is her home, she wants
Victoria "out, now!"  The door opens, Ryan comes in, he is stunned to see
Tricia. He asks when she arrived? She says she just came in. She says that
she was telling Victoria that they have a lot to discuss and would like her
to leave. Victoria asks Ryan if he would like her to leave? Ryan says he
thinks it would be best. He accompanies Victoria to the door. She softly
tells him that she didn't say anything to Tricia about their arrangement.
She asks Ryan to call her and leaves. Ryan and Tricia stare at each other.
She tells him that sending the letter to her was the right thing to do. She
says that she needed it to force her to make a decision. She says she
decided to come and see him. Ryan says he gave her a deadline and it passed
with no response.  Tricia asks if it is too late to save their marriage?
Ryan stares at her, clearly torn.