Thursday 8/31/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, August 31, 2000--Canada; or Friday, September 1, 2000--USA By Linda K 

By Todd 

Ninaís Place
Nina and Tomas both exchange apologies over their argument that they had
before.  If you want to call it an argument that is.  When Nina tells Tomas
that she should start again he tells her that he has tried twice.  Nina
seems to remember the boxes that Tomas once had in his closet, and then
tells Tomas that she claims she will do anything to help him get back into
writing.  Tomas tells Nina that he loves and admires how supportive she is. 
And then Tomas tells her that he has an idea how she can help

Ginaís Place
Fields is siting at a breakfast with Michael and Chris.   and he tells him
and her that he is very satisfied with what him and Chris have done.  He
tells him that he and Chris work so well.  Fields then gets called on the
phone and must leave.  Chris tells Michael to be sure that things are not
resolved, it may look so now, but they still have their problems.

Paulís Office
Mary enters Paulís office, and says she is very excited about becoming a
grandma.  After bending Lynnís ear a little, as Paul tells her about
Michael, and that he is very displeased with him.  After Mary tells Paul
that Chris will change her mind once the baby is real, Paul hurries away
telling Mary that he has a plan.  Chris arrives at the office, and asks
about Paulís location. Paul then returns and him and Chris go into his
office.  Paul pulls out a pregnancy test, however Chris looks a little

Ginaís Place
Nikki is eating a meal at Ginaís when Diane decided to sit down and let
Nikki know that Victor has taken a little trip.  She then tells Nikki that
she is also pregnant with Victorís baby, and she tells nikki that she knows
Nikki had wanted that baby very badly.  Nikki just smiles and gives Diane
the congratulations, and assumes that is the purpose of Victorís trip.  Jack
comes in next and also takes the news of Diane having Victorís baby with
very little reaction.  After Diane leaves Nikki and Jack discuss what Victor
is thinking or plotting now.  Nikki says she thinks Diane should be very
careful what she has wished for, and Jack says that he has a feeling that
Dianeís dream will turn into a nightmare when it all comes down to it.  As
you can see Nikki and Jack both understand what will really happen while
Diane is too dumb to notice.

Abbott Pool
Jack gives the kids a quick little talk about a few things to do and not to
do, and congratulates Phyllis on a job well done.  After Jack leaves
Brittany shares her scheme with Phyllis.  Brittany says she is going to
loosen Billy up and Phyllis says that she canís supply the alcohol and she
really canít condone what she is doing.  Billy and Mac are then shown
talking and Mac is in a very good mood.  Raul and Rianna have been watching
the two of them and noticing how good of a mood Mac is in.  Mac tells Billy
about her talk with Katherine.  And she tells him the whole story about how
Amanda is being watched and that Katherine will fight for Mac when
necessary.  Billy doesnít share the joy and he says they still should keep
it a secret.  Mac seems a tad puzzled why, and then Brittany is shown again
being assured by Phyllis that Mac will be watching the feed.  Brittany
finally begins her plan and lathers Billy in lotion.  And Mac is shown
having trouble with the speakers,.  As Billy is coaxed into joining Brittany
in a glass of champagne, and Billy answers maybe just one.

Victoriaís Office
Victoria tells Ryan that she will stay in the spare room so that nothing
would of course happen between them, and after one last Kiss Ryan gives her
the key and she leaves.

Ryanís Apartment
At Ryanís place Victoria wonders to herself why a smart women such as
Marissa would work for someone as stupid as Diane.  She then offers Marissa
a job.  She makes herself just at home at Ryanís place and then the doorbell
is run.  She jumps up thinking that it is Ryan for sure.  But she opens the
door to findÖÖ..Tricia.