Wednesday 8/30/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, August 30, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, August 31, 2000--USA 

By Todd 

The Abbott House
Brittany tells Billy she needs to talk to him.  Brittany tells him that she
knows about Mac and him.  Brittany also tells Billy that Jill knows about
them as well.  She tells Billy that she told her.  She also says she must
have been upset considering what she need to Mac.  Billy demands to know
what Jill has done to Mac, but then he wakes up panting laying in bed.  It
was all a dream.

Crimson Lights
Phyllis checks a guy out as he walks by, then she sits down to the table
with Brittany.  Brittany snaps at her and then says she is sorry.  She tells
Phyllis that she has a plan, but she needs more information.  She needs to
make sure that when she makes her move on Billy that she will see.

Nina’s House
Chris and Nina begin talking about her partnership with Michael but Chris
says she would rather not talk about it.   Chris asks how it went with Tomas
and Nina says that he may never want to see her again.

Gina’s Restaurant
Brad and Ashley sit down and they start to talk about them both having a
blast the night before.  Ashley says that she will be as big as a house
before he knows it, but Brad tells her not to worry and that she will look

Victor’s Apartment
Diane asks Victoria if she has a busy day ahead of her.  Victoria tells
Diane that she will be busy in making sure that Diane is  set off packing
today.  Victor phones, and Victoria asks him where he is, and that he has to
talk to her about something important.

Chancellor House
Mac tells Katherine that it was great to finally open up to her about Billy
and herself.  Katherine tells Mac that she can talk to her about anything. 
Katherine then asks if Billy and her have had sex, but Mac reassures her
that they have not and that Billy wouldn’t make her do anything that she
didn’t want to do.

Abbott House
Billy comes down the stairs, and Jack tells Billy that he needs some coffee
or something to get him going.  Billy tells Jack that he didn’t sleep very
well last night and no he had not been drinking.  Jack asks if Billy is
excited about the website wrapping up and Billy tells him he just can’t wait
until it is over with.

Victor’s Place
Victoria asks Victor where he is but Victor will not tell her.  Victoria
tells Victor that Diane needs to be put in her place and needs to leave the
apartment, but Victor says he wants everything to stay as it is until he
returns.  Victor says that he has his reasons for not wanting Diane gone
just yet.  Victoria says to herself after she gets off the phone, what is
going on with him, and Diane says she knows, and tells Victoria she is
pregnant with Victor’s baby.

Gina’s Restaurant
Ashley asks Brad how he always knows what to  say and Brad tells her that he
just always tells the truth.  Ashley tells him that she really is very
grateful for his support in all of this, he has been a great support system.

Victor’s Apartment
Victoria asks Diane how she can believe that, and Diane says that she had
found out Victor had some semen stored away and she had got pregnant from
that.  Diane tells Victoria that Victor has now realised he needs to be a
father to this child, and the says just before leaving, get ready for a new
brother or sister.

Nina’s House
Nina says that she wishes she had never had to read the pages.  She says to
Chris that she feels really bad but she had to tell him the honest truth. 
She also tells Chris that he walked out on her which can’t be good.

Tomas House
Tomas says to himself that Nina is wrong, but then he says, no, you are
right.  These pages are bad.  Then the phone rings and the answer machine
picks up.  It is the editor and he says that he needs to speak with Tomas
right away, so call him back soon!

Victoria’s Office
Ryan comes in and asks what is wrong.  Victoria tells him that Victor is
still letting Diane stay in the apartment.  She then says sit down because
you will never believe what Diane claims she did.

Chancellor House
Katherine asks Mac if there is a problem and Mac says that nothing is wrong,
but she doesn’t understanding guys.  She says no matter what guys seem to be
after one thing, she says all they want to do is have sex.  Katherine tells
Mac that it is true in some cases and not all.  She then tells Mac that she
is sure Billy thinks about sex, but not all the time, and he is probably
after more then sex.  Katherine then asks Mac if she thinks Billy won’t
continue being understanding.

Abbott House
Jack says that Billy should talk to him about what is bothering him.  Billy
says I couldn’t sleep last night, and when I did I just had bad dreams.

Crimson Lights
Phyllis tells Brittany that Mac and her will be watching things in the
living room.  Brittany says when I make my move be sure that Mac sees what
is happening.  Phyllis tells Brittany that she thinks that their is an
easier route that Brittany can take.

Nina’s House
Nina says to Chris, what if I blew it?  Chris reassures her, Nina second
guesses herself, but Chris tells her that Tomas isn’t the kind of guy who
would just let her go because of that.  Nina says that I hope you are right,
I really do.

Victoria’s Office
Ryan and Victoria look over the several living arrangements that Victoria
could make, and Victoria asks Ryan if she could stay with him, because the
deadline was last night.

Tricia’s London Place
Tricia is shown writing a letter to Ryan, but she doesn’t know what to say.