Tuesday 8/29/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, August 29, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, August 30, 2000--USA

By Monica

Crimson Lights…

Raul asks Brittany whether Billy has gotten his gear together for the sleep
over and Brit replies menacingly, “No, I guess he has other things on his
mind.”  Raul says this will bring back old memories of when him and Billy
use to go camping when they were younger and what a great friend he is. 
Brittany is surprised to hear that they go way back and says sarcastically,
“He’s a great friend alright!”  Raul asks, “What do you mean?”

Brittany is later joined by an impatient J.T. about them getting together. 
Brittany says she still has to get her revenge against Billy and Mac.  She
alludes to the idea that she and Billy are going to do something on the
night of the sleep over that will show Mac that her boyfriend is not just
pretending to be romantically involved with Brit!

Abbott Residence…

Raul comes over to light a fire under Billy so he can get going about the
sleeping gear for the sleep over.  When they get the sleeping bags from the
attic, they reminisce about their camping adventures when they were younger.
  Raul brings up Brittany and how she and Billy are acting strange.  He
advises Billy that he should straighten things up with her or else things
will get worse.

Chancellor Estate…

Mac enters the living room looking forlorn.  Katherine enters and almost
demands to know why Mac was so happy earlier and so sad now.  Mac breaks
down and tells her that Jill has been threatening her again that if she is
involved with Billy, she will contact her mother.  Katherine is outraged and
says that Jill has no reason to worry since Mac is not involved with Billy. 
Mac says nothing which leads Kay to come to the conclusion that they are
together.  Mac confirms saying “We’ve been together for a few months now and
we care for each other a lot.”  Mac is torn inside so Kay tells Mac about
the surveillance on Amanda in St. Louis and if Amanda does come for her, she
will hire the best lawyers there are to prevent that.  This puts Mac at ease
slightly but still edgy, making Kay swear to keep her relationship with
Billy a secret.  Kay finally promises, seeing how stressed Mac is.

William and Baldwin Law offices…

Phyllis enters to a less than enthusiastic Michael.  Phyllis says whatever
it is, she does not want to hear about it, especially if it has to do with
Christine.  She then entices him for a night of fun.  Phyllis then rolls in
a cart of food for a nice candle-lit dinner in his office.  During dessert,
Michael’s thoughts drift off, annoying Phyllis once again.  She then comes
up with the idea of inaugurating the office.  Michael agrees say he has a
big office to inaugurate.

Williams’ Apartment…

Paul mentions to Chris that Nina is back in town and was looking for her. 
Chris tells Paul all about Nina’s apprehension about telling Tomas what she
thinks about his book.
Chris then brings up her earlier conversation with Michael about the future
of their partnership and how Mike will get off her back.

Nina’s Apartment…

Tomas is eager to get a reaction out of Nina about his book but Nina tries
to stall.  Tomas sees through this and says she is giving him the
run-around.  Nina finally gets dirty and bluntly tells him that the plot is
weak, the characters are sketchy and the imagery is not spellbinding and the
only part which did catch her attention was something that he already wrote.
  Tomas is clearly hurt by this is walks out.

Victor’s Apartment…

Victoria and Ryan finish their kiss.  She asks him when the deadline is for
Trisha to call him.  He says not until tomorrow so Vicky says she can wait
one night.  Vicky says at least she will have the apartment to herself, and
at that moment, Diane walks in to the alarm of Vicky.  She demands to know
why Diane is there after her father has kicked her out.  Diane innocently
says Victor has not told her to move out and says he is out of town.  Vicky
looks helpless so Ryan says he will go to the office to find out where
Victor is.

Neil’s office…

Ryan interrogates Neil as to the whereabouts of Victor.  Neil tells him that
he honestly doesn’t know and he was only told that he was in charge.  Ryan
says this is a bad time for Victor to just jet off without telling anyone
considering the vulnerable state that Victoria is in.