Monday 8/28/00Update


Young and the Restless Monday, August 28, 2000--Canada; Tuesday August 29, 2000--USA

By Monica Sue.

Psychiatric Hospital…

Ryan holds back Victoria after she attacks Gary, sobbing and screaming how
he could do this to her, “how can you let me trust you?”  She finishes by
saying “you’re nothing” and leaves with Ryan, but not before he asks her to
understand why he did what he did and how “none of this is your fault”.  He
reiterates that he did what he did out of love for her and that while he was
with her, he truly did love her and thought that they could have a future
together.  Victoria stares him straight in the eyes and says that she hopes
that he gets better, lives a good life and never to do to anyone else again
but sternly says “don’t try to contact me…leave me alone”.

Later, Ryan and Victoria are back at the apartment, looking for Victor. 
They relax and reflect on the visit with Gary.  Vic admits that she has
finally come to realize that what she had been through was not her fault. 
She then thanks Ryan for being there for her and puts the moves on him,
being rewarded with a kiss with him.

Pool House…

Brittany starts to put her plan into action by planting the idea into Mac’s
head that she and Billy are doing great and he must really love her since he
is not after only one thing in their relationship.  Brittany leaves for a
shower, leaving Mac feeling insecure.  Billy walks in and Mac asks him about
Brit’s comment about not being after one thing from her.  Billy has no clue
what Brit is talking about and reassures her that there is nothing going on,
at least nothing real, with him and Brit.  Later, Brit and Billy are alone
and she lays it on thick about the sleep over and how they will get a chance
to be alone, while knowing that Mac is looking on.  She finishes it off by
giving Billy a great big kiss.  Once Mac storms away, she abruptly breaks
off the kiss and nonchalantly says goodbye, leaving Billy really confused. 
When Brittany leaves, Mac is standing in the doorway with a cutthroat look
on her face.  She asks him, her voice dripping with jealousy, “Is she a good
kisser?  Why am I asking, of course she is.”  Billy says that he had to and
tells her to be strong.  Mac then turns the tables on him and subtly
threatens him to find a way for Brit to break up with him or else she will
run away.  She ends up sobbing and says in his arms, “I just want to be with

Paul’s apartment…

Nina surprises Paul at the door with her return from Montana, hoping to find
Christine.  They start chatting about Chris’ situation at work and how she
may be leaving today.  Paul then spills the beans about the possibility that
Chris may be pregnant, to the joy and excitement of Nina.  Nina says she has
to leave, to face what she has to do.

Nina walks into Crimson Lights to surprise Tomas with her early return. 
They engage in some passionate welcome back kisses.  She suggests that they
go back to her apartment, hoping to distract him about the chapters that he
had given to her, but to no avail, he asks what she thinks about his book.

Baldwin and Williams Law Office…

Chris enters Michael’s office to discuss their long awaited, not to mention
dreaded, discussion about the future of their partnership.  To the surprise
of Chris, Michael does not put up a fight with her and says if she wants to
end things, they can.  But just as she walks out the door, Michael realizes
that Chris is calling his bluff and jumps up from his chair calling her
back.  He reminds her that they have a wonderful thing going and it can get
even better.  Chris is angry and asks him then why does he always harp on
her about starting a family when working with her is so important.  Michael
succumbs to her wishes and says he will get off her back about the family
thing if she honestly and whole-heartedly access her feelings and the
effects that having a child will have on her being a full partner.

Jabot lab…

Diane tells Ashley that she is pregnant with Victor’s baby.  Ashley is
dumbfounded and speechless which leads Diane to speculate that Ashley and
Victor’s relationship has gone south since Victor didn’t tell her about the
pregnancy.  Ashley tells her to get out but Diane comes back with “Are you
threatening a pregnant woman?”  Ashley starts to laugh hysterically.  Diane
is peeved and asks her why she is laughing.  “There are many reasons to
laugh,” replies Ash.  Diane retorts by saying, “To stop from crying?”  At
that moment, Brad walks in and Diane spreads her good news.  Brad is taken
aback and congratulates her.  Once Diane leaves, he scoffs by saying “The
length some women will go to get pregnant”, leaving Ashley speechless and
uncomfortable.  Brad reminds Ash about the Lamaze lesson and she is glad
that he is there for her and he is happy to be there for her, “I’ll always
be here for you.”

Victor’s office…

Connie (secretary) calls Neil in to tell him that Victor is out of town and
that he is in charge.  Neil questions where he went and who he was with
last.  Connie says he was last with Ashley and Nikki and has no idea where
he went.  Connie says they were probably here to thank him for dropping the
lawsuit, which blows Neil away since he had no idea the suit was dropped. 
Diane then walks in to ask where Victor went.  Neil honestly says he doesn’t
know and when and if he does, he will have Victor call her.  As Diane
leaves, she tells Connie to tell Victor that when she hears from him, to
tell him “We’re both fine” and rubs her hands on her belly.