Friday 8/25/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, August 25, 2000--Canada, or Monday August 26,  2000--USA

Olivia is concerned with Ashley’s emotional state.   “You are going through
something, aren’t you?”   Ashley tells her she went through a bad time, but
someone came to her just in time to her rescue.   “You’ve piqued my
curiosity.  Who was it.”  “It was Victor.”   Olivia is not surprised.  She
knew Victor cared a great deal for her.  “I knew there were problems, but I
thought things turned around by now.  There was a lot of love there. “
Ashley replies, “What ever existed between Victor and me, it doesn’t
anymore.  It is over.”  Olivia is surprised!  “Sometimes when the trust is
broken it is hard to get it back.  It doesn’t really surprise me that you
broke it off.” 

Ashley tells Olivia that Victor was the one to break it off.   He did one of
the most sensitive and compassionate things she ever knew him to do.  The
lawsuit was causing a lot of stress for her and her pregnancy so he called
the lawsuit off.  It changed her attitude towards him completely, but things
soured when Victor realized how she had distrusted him. 

Olivia warns Ashley not to do a number on herself.  Victor went after her
brother and her company while pursuing her!   Ashley feels so foolish.  “I
ran over to Victor’s office like an idiot ‘It is a new beginning for us’.
Victor believes now the score is even now and we should cut our losses.”

Ashley starts weeping.  Olivia attempts to comfort her and tells her that
Victor was only hurt in the moment.  “He will soon realize how much he needs
you in his life.  Victor is a proud man.  He has gone as far as he will go.
If anybody needs to reach out, it gonna have to be you.” 

Ashley sobs that she can’t risk the rejection and heartbreak.  “Aren’t you
the one who told me to take a chance with Neil?  That the risk was worth
it?”  “I don’t think I can go back for more,” Ashley sniffles.  “Maybe this
is a test.  Maybe you need to trust that Victor wants to try as much as you
do,” Olivia adds.   Ashley replies, “It gives me something to think about.
What a pair.  We are two of the most competent, fabulous women I’ve ever
known and yet when it comes to our love lives...”  “We are pathetic!”
Olivia replies.  The two laugh and hug each other.  “We are going to be OK.
With or without men in our lives.  Who needs it.”  Ashley tries to reassure

Matt approaches the guy with the Rave posters and asks questions about these
parties.  The guy is suspicious of Matt.  He plays him for a fool.  “What
are you worried about?   Do I look like a cop?”  Matt asks him.  “I just
want to know how cool this place is.  The guy assures him things are cool
enough.  “You can get pretty much anything you want.”

Matt is unpleasantly surprised to find Larry Wartman waiting for him inside
his room, with his feet up on Matt’s table.  Matt soon losses his anger at
Wartman.  He says he has good news to tell him.  “The thing that college
kids do, you probably never heard of it.  It is called a Rave party.  They
kids rent out a loft or a warehouse someplace and they drink and they dance
all night.”  Wartman replies sarcastically, “Well, whoopie for them.  What’s
the point?”  Matt continues, “These parties are not all fun and games.  They
like to play hard dangerously.  Have you hear of ecstasy?” 

“Ecstasy!”  Larry shouts.  Is this what your big idea of a plan is, selling
drugs?  I am not going to be dealing dope to kids.  Do you think I’m nuts!
I am all for walking on the shady side of the street, if there is some
money, but if I am busted they are going to put me underneath the jail and
throw out the keys.”  Matt tries to calm him.  “Relax.  Have a little faith.
Do you think I want to go in and do hard time?  Drugs are going to be
involved but you and I are not going to be the ones dealing.  Do I have your
attention now?  Good.”

Dru photographs Heidi and Dru.  Eventually, he asks Heidi to take five and
talks with Dru in private and she complains, “I can’t do this any more.
Whatever drive I had before, it is gone.”  Malcolm attempts to reassure her.
“This is just a temporary setback.  Remember when you just started out?
Remember how unsure you were?  You are not going to fail, because I won’t
let you. You are just a little rusty, that’s all.”  Dru says, “Rust has
nothing to do with it.  Modeling used to come as naturally to me as
breathing.  Now I am coming up empty.  I don’t have the desire any more.”
Malcolm finally says, “OK.  Fine, you win, Dru.  You can get changed.”
Malcolm walks away leaving Dru alone.  

Dru goes back to Malcolm  “I don’t want you to lose your gig because of me.”
Malcolm “Well, you know, them are the breaks.  I will be damned if I am
going to take somebody’s pictures when they are not ready to give me what I
need.”  Dru replies, “And why don’t I tell you that you have the model that
you need?”  “Prove it.”  Dru walks over to the couch and reclines in a
provocative pose.  Heidi comes back in and Malcolm enthusiastically
announces, “You are just in time.  Drucilla has decided to enter the
building.  Do you think you can join us?  Give me the magic I have been
waiting for.”  Dru understands the reverse psychology is pulled on her.
Malcolm never intended to finish the shoot without her.   “Whatever works,
right?  I am on your side.  I always have been.”  Dru answers, “If I didn’t
know that then, I sure know it now.”  They kiss lovingly. 

At the Abbotts, Billy says, “Mac, listen to me.  This is not the time to run
away yet.  What we have is so perfect.  We will figure some thing out.”   “I
want to believe you, Billy.  How can we do that?  Everywhere we turn, there
are roadblocks.   The best answer is to take off together.  The sooner, the
better.  The web site is going to be over this week.  We have only a little
time before school starts.  This is our chance.  It won’t take long before
people realize we are not here.”

“Sounds like you really know how it is done.”  Billy tells her.  “If we are
going to run, we are going to do it right.”  Mac adds.    “We have families
who will know we are missing.  It won’t take a day or two before they figure
it out. “  Billy tries to reason with Mac when Brittany barges.  They both
leave the pool house, irritated by her presence.

Phyllis has gathered the kids around her to make plans on the weekend wrap
up – making it their last hurrah – a weekend their audience will remember.
“Where will we sleep?’  Brittany asks.  “How about together?” Billy jokes.
Phyllis shoots down Rianna’s suggestion for a wet t-shirt contest.  Phyllis
drops to Billy that his mother is away from the city for a few days giving
Billy pause for thought.  Phyllis concludes the detailing of her plans.
“OK, let’s go out with a bang!”

Raul asks Billy if he still has his camping gear stashed away somewhere.  He
is excited about the sleep over.  Rianna suggests going to the coffee house
to discuss it further.  Brittany says she will pass but gets up to give
Billy a kiss on the cheek for Mac’s benefit.   When they are alone, Billy
approaches Mac and asks, “Did you give thought about this? I hope you
reconsider.  We can stay with my family.”  Mac is short with him and in a
mood.  “I am a basket case.”  Billy grows very angry this time.  “Isn’t this
something you should think about!  This is a hell of a step, running away,
cutting all ties.”  Mac grows equally angry at Billy.  “You don’t want to
come with me after all?  Just say it!”

Mac and Billy slip away to a safe secluded spot.  Both grow more uptight.
“You know I would go anywhere with you if I thought it was the only way.
Mom is gone for a couple of days so that gives us breathing room, time to
think.”  “It is not that bad Billy.  It is when you are out there alone on
the streets.  If it were just the two of us just looking out for each other.
It could be an adventure.”  “You want to break your grandmother’s heart,
skip getting an education.  Look over your shoulder for the rest of your
life?  I care.  You know I do.  It that were absolutely the only thing to
do, but I don’t think that we are there yet.   Besides, you don’t want to
run away.  Neither do I.  Both of us have lots of reasons to stay here.”  He
takes her into his arms.  

Phyllis is joined by a very snippy Brittany at the pool house.  She asks,
“I’ve got to know what you’ve got in mind.  Don’t tell me you are going to
help me and walk away.”   Phyllis asks her “Suppose I ask you a couple of a
questions.  You are looking for a payback.  What kind, exactly?”  “I want to
break up Billy and Mac as painfully as possible.  That is what they deserve
for what they’ve done to me.”  Phyllis asks again, “And what to you want to
do after?  Get back together with Billy?  “I don’t know.  I do care for him.
That is why it hurts so much.  I am also really angry.”  Brittany answers.
“But you do want to break them up, right? The question is, how are you going
do it?” Phyllis asks.  Brittany falters.  “I have no idea.  I thought you
were…”  “You are a very smart girl, Brittany. There is only one game that
never fails.”

“What game is this, Phyllis.  Just tell me, please.”  Phyllis cautions her.
“Brittany, all in good time.  It seems to me that you should convince Mac
that the shoe is one the other foot - that Billy is cheating on her.”
Brittany asks, “You think I can do that during the over night thing?  How?”
Phyllis says,  “Hey, I am not going to spell every detail you.  This is your
deal.  I’m sure you can think of something.    We’ll talk later.  A word to
the wise.  Make sure you keep a happy act to Billy and set your groundwork.
It is important to prime Mackenzie.  Make sure she believes what you want
her to believe.”   Mac enters the house and awkwardly hands in her report.
Phyllis greets her elaborately.  Brittany studies Mac as if she were a bug
about to be squashed.

At the penthouse, Diane moans to Marissa empathically.   “It is not fair!  I
am carrying Victor’s baby!  Things are bad enough.  And now Victor is back
with Ashley!”    Marissa begs to differ.  Diane tells her about the ‘do not
disturb sign on the door’ meeting between Victor and Ashley.  “What are you
going to do?”  Marissa asks.   “He is the father of my child.  If he thinks
he can overlook the fact, he is sadly mistaken.”

Diane picks up the phone.    A voice answers “Newman Enterprises.”  “Where
is Victor Newman?”   “I am sorry Diane I can’t give out that information.”
Diane grows impatient “Oh, for gosh sakes Connie, I am asking a simple
question.  Can’t you give me a simple answer?”  As Connie tries to explain,
Diane hangs up and leaves the penthouse, leaving Marissa shaking her head in

Ashley is now alone in her lab.  Diane enters the through the opened door
and walks up towards Ashley, saying,  “I have come to look for answers.
About you and Victor.”   Ashley sneers at her,  “What makes you think I
would discuss my personal life with you?  What gives you the right to know
what’s going on with Victor and me?”  “You are so smug and self confident,
aren’t you, Ashley.”  “I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.”
Ash answers defiantly.  Diane continues, “Obviously, you don’t know.”
Ashley is worried, “So what is it?”  Diane says,  “I am pregnant - with
Victor’s child!”  Diane displays her girth and lovingly caresses it while
keeping her eyes on Ashley as she stares dumbfounded.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tries to reassure Nick.  “Still worried that
Victoria and Ryan went up to see Gary?  What if he was sincere and wanted to
make an apology face to face?  Victoria is a big girl, and besides, she has
Ryan.”  Nick suggests he is not ready.  Not until he knows Victoria is safe.
He makes a call to Victoria. 

 At the correctional facility, Victoria is very nervous.  “I thought I was
ready for this but I am not so sure.”  Ryan tells her “Just say the word and
we are out of here.”  Both head out for the door and it is also opened.
Gary and Victoria are face to face and Victoria freaks out and runs behind

“I am sorry I startled you,” Gary says meekly.  “Victoria’s cell phone and
hurried tells Nick that she is in the middle of a meeting and she cannot
talk.  Nick thinks she is sounding weird.  Victoria assures him she is fine
and wishes him a good trip.  Ryan joins her outside the waiting room.  “So
what is it going to be.  Go or stay?”  “Stay.”  Victoria makes up her mind.
“You sure?” Ryan asks.  “I’ve gone this far.  I’m not going to back out

She re-enters the visiting room and faces Gary across the table.  “So I
guess you know why we are here.” Ryan asks.   Gary answers to Victoria.
“The letter.  Your brother told me where I stand.  He didn’t want anything
to do with me.  I offered help and he told me to forget it.  I’m assumed
that that is why you came to me.  To tell me to my face.  Go ahead.  I
deserve it.”

Victoria is seething with anger.  “I don’t know why I am here.  I thought
that maybe if I heard you apologize to my face, I’d feel better.  But now I
have my doubts.”  Gary says  “But you are here.  And that tells me
something.  Maybe you are willing to listen – about how very sorry I am for
what I did to you.  Am I right?”  Gary continues to babble about his remorse
and pleas for forgiveness.  Victoria grows very angry and marches out the
door.  “Ryan, let’s go.  This is a mistake!”  But Ryan pulls her arm back
saying “We are not, yet!”

Ryan pleads with her.  “You’ve gone this far, get it over with.  You have
to.”   “I am angry.  What do you expect from me.”  Victoria argues wanting
desperately to back away.  Ryan continues to convince her, “It is just guilt
and fear.  It is time to finish this and get it out of your system.”
Victoria agrees, “ OK!  Let’s just do it!”  Victoria is ready to open the
door.  “I am right here with you every step of the way,” Ryan assures her. 

Victoria and Ryan return to the visitor’s room to face Gary.  Gary begins to
thank Ryan for bring her back, but Victoria shouts “SHUT UP!  I have
listened to what you have to say.  It is my turn to talk.  You are right.
You say that an apology cannot make up for what you have done to me.  You
assaulted me.   You made me fear for my life.  You messed with my head.  Do
you have any idea what that does to a person?  You insinuated into my life.
You convinced me I was your friend.  I trusted you. I opened my heart to
you.  I even thought I might fall in love with you.  I let you touch me.
It makes me sick.”  Victoria totally loses it.  She attacks Gary pummeling
him with her clenched fists.  “I hate you! I hate you!”  Ryan pulls her away
from Gary.