Thursday 8/24/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, August 24, 2000--Canada; or Friday, August 25, 2000--USA By Linda K 

By Linda K.

At the Abbotts, Billy and Brittany run into each other.  Brittany talks
about their viewers’ reaction, first about seeing the two of them arguing,
and then later kissing.   She decides to give the viewers something to watch
and pulls Billy up to the camera.  She gives him a long, lingering kiss with
Mac looking on.  Eventually, Katherine appears with a box of Esther’s
cookies for everybody. 

Kay embraces Mac and is now ready to hear her good news, but Mac gives Kay
the brush-off.  She lies to Kay telling her instead that her teacher would
get credit in her grades for her website project.   Kay knows Mac is holding
out on her, but does not press her any further.  Rianna walks up to Brittany
and congratulates her for the problems being worked out with Bill, judging
from the kiss they shared earlier.

Brittany asks Raul about his breakup with Mackenzie and whether there was
any hope for a reunion.  He said they are just talking, things are now
better, and that she just wants to be friends.  Raul is a little angry when
Brittany bugs him by asking if he knew the reason Mac broke up with him. 

“This whole thing is so weird.”  Brittany tells him, and he asks, “What do
you mean?”  “Just the way things happen,” she tells him.  “What is the
matter?  Is something wrong?”  “Only for you.  That’s all.”  Brittany fires
back and walks off.  Riana, observing the scene, asks Raul, “What was that
all that about?”  Raul tells her Brittany is a real mystery to him.  Rianna
asks whether she is also a mystery to Raul and he assures her he could
always talk to her.  She doesn’t play games.  But Raul is now curious why
she is stuck with JT.  “Lately I haven’t been spending that much time with
him.  The less I see of him, the less I miss him.”  Both are shy together
and laugh softly.

Jill and Jack are bickering at Jabot.  Jack wonders about her reasons for
flying out to San Francisco.  Could there possibly be a boyfriend?  It has
been a long time since she’s had any action and Jill snaps back, “Speak for
yourself.”   Phyllis enters the room and overhears their conversation.  Talk
about sexual tension.  She slyly tells them there is more there than between
the kids at the Abbotts. 

Jill asks Phyllis why she is at Jabot in the first place.  Jack tells Jill
to relax.  He had invited her to come in.  Now that the project is about to
conclude, he feels Phyllis deserves congratulations on her success with the
web site.  Sales are up, Phyllis says, and so is the general interest in the
company, Jack assures Jill.  “OK, as much as I hate to admit it, the web
site is the huge reason why Glow by Jabot sales up,” Jill admits. 

Jack’s cell phone is ringing and he leaves the boardroom.  Phyllis is eager
to leave also, however, Jill holds her back.  She asks Phyllis to keep a
close eye on her son, as he has shown poor judgment in the past.  Jill is
angry that Phyllis mocks her suggestion to ‘baby-sit’.  She also warns that
she will be held responsible if anything happens to Billy.  Jack eaves drops
by the doorway.  “So did you mean that?  Are you going to look after Billy
or are you only trying to get Jill off your case?  “Now what do you think,”
Phyllis asks. 

Phyllis agrees to tell the kids about their 24-hour date, that is if they
are OK with it.  I’m sure you don’t have to twist their arms, laughs Jack.
“So, this is it, Phyllis.” Says say Jack.   He tells her it was a real
please having worked with her even with his earlier doubts.  But, she did a
great job.  “Could have been even more of a pleasure,” Phyllis gently tells
Jack, who is a little exasperated.  “We are in a professional relationship.”
“Only until after Labor Day,” Phyllis tells him.  “I know, wrong place,
wrong time,” Phyllis tells him. 

Jack asks Phyllis how she intends to wrap things up before the kids go back
to school.   Phyllis is ready with more ideas.  She plans to do a live
24-hour streaming video as well as the ‘best of the summer’ video clips.
Phyllis tells him people are so interested in what is going on at the house,
they will put up with any limitations.   The kids should be kept at the
Abbotts for an overnight party, so that the camera could capture some late
night talks.  Jill is uncomfortable about the kids staying together
overnight, and fears they might end up in each other’s bedroom.  Jack laughs
at Jill’s misgivings about them going “hog wild as soon as the sun goes
down”.   Jill is angry at Jack for mocking her. 

Olivia pays Ashley a visit.  Ashley thrilled to see her friend looking great
and feeling well again and warns her not to rush back to work too soon.
Olivia tells her “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything foolish.  I won’t let
that happen.”  Olivia is at first reluctant to elaborate on the truth.  She
tells Ashley she is focusing only on her health. 

Ashley probes her about the situation with Neil and her earlier questions
about state of their relationship.  Eventually, Dru tells Ashley that from
an unexpected way she has gotten her ‘answer.’  “I could so easily fall in
love with that man,” Dru tells her. “So what is holding you back,” Ashley
asks.  “When Neil told me that he had forgotten about the conversation at
the hospital until Dru reminded him.”  Ashley understands her doubts since
Drucilla was about to move in with Neil again, but is shocked to hear
instead that Drucilla and Malcolm are living together.  She reminds Olivia
that things should now be easier for her to plan a relationship with Neil. 

Olivia talks about Neil’s happiness when he believed Dru was going to move
back in with him.  He then felt so betrayed and torn apart after finding out
about Dru and Malcolm.  Olivia is about Neil’s feelings for Drucilla.   She
asks Ashley,  “If you really wanted a man, who wants to hop on to another
woman, and that woman happened to be your sister...” Ashley understands this
is weird, but concludes that it depends on how deeply she’d feel about the
man.  Was she a hundred percent sure before closing that door?   Ashley
becomes thoughtful after a moment, but continues.  She tells Olivia that a
person hardly gets a chance to really be in love.  Though one can get hurt,
it is well worth the risk.  The chances for love should not just slip away.

Malcolm attempts to brighten up Dru’s spirits.  He is expecting a model to
appear and decides to pull Dru into the shoot.  Dru knows he is trying to
make her feel better after Sid had dumped her.  Malcolm sets off to prepare
the atmosphere for his photography.  Dru isn’t so sure she is up to this
idea, but eventually gives in. 

After a while, Dru re-enters the studio.  Malcolm is left speechless.  She
looks fabulous.  The both of them share thoughts Olivia and Neil.  Dru tells
Malcolm about her conversation with Neil and the promise he made with Olivia
concerning their future.  She assumed that Neil would have already brought
this up with Olivia.  Both examine their true feelings about the two of them
hooking up.  Malcolm tells her that, with everything that has gone on
between them, they are not in a position to point fingers. 

Soon, a very excited model enters the studio.  She is excited to pose with
Drucilla, who is far less enthusiastic. Malcolm is taking pictures of the
ladies.  He ‘takes five’ to switch cameras.  In private, Dru tells him,
“This isn’t working.”  I know I am not giving you what you want.”  He
reassures her.  “So you just are a little rusty.  How long has it been since
you’ve worked?  You’ll be be all right.  Leave it in my hands.  I got you.”

At Crimson Lights, Carter (Matt) hungrily eyes Sharon while she caresses her
body and sways to the music.  Nick comes up behind and kisses her.  Nick
calls Victoria’s office and is surprised that she had unexpectedly left her
appointment for an undisclosed destination.  Later, Nick walks up to a young
man who is pinning a  poster about a rave night in Genoa City.  “A rave?
Does that happen a lot at Genoa City?” he asks the young man, suddenly
feeling conscious that he is ‘over the hill’.  So does Sharon.   The young
man tells Nick, “It is like massive parties on a huge warehouse, or a loft,
with a DJ.”  “Like at Crimson Light?”  Nick asks.  “No, not like the action
at CL,” he laughs at Nick.  Carter also laughs at Nick behind his back.

Carter asks Sharon what she thinks about the Rave Scene.  Sharon tells him
Nick and her are very much settled down with kids.  He asks about her first
meeting Nick.  He tells her both she and Nick may have been a
picture-perfect couple then.  Sharon doubts if there are ever
picture-perfect romances in high school and that her marriage had its
surprises.  “Things appear as if they are smooth sailing,” Carter continues,
but Sharon doesn’t want to talk about her marriage any longer. 

Nick phones Victoria’s office and grows more anxious when he cannot connect
with her.  He worries that she may be thinking about Gary’s letter.  Sharon
asks whether he believes she might be in contact with Gary.  Nick reassures
Sharon.  Not after he had warned her not to have anything to do with that
guy.  But Nick is beginning to have a really bad feeling about this.  

Keith Denison asks Trisha what is on her mind.  Trisha is anxious about
Ryan’s deadline before filing for a legal separation.  He tells her she
should end her marriage to Ryan.  “A gentleman does not give his wife
ultimatums.  He gives her time.”  Keith, attempts to create a distraction
away from Trisha’s worries.  He reminds her of the wonderful and relaxing
time she has been enjoying.  She should not be dwelling on the past.  Keith
suggests she fly off to Paris for some fun.  “That sounds great.”  Trisha
says with dubious smile.  When she is finally left alone, Trisha picks up
the phone and calls Ryan’s office.  His secretary tells her that he is out.
She quickly hangs up while the secretary urges her to leave a message.

Phyllis gets sharp with Brittany when she grabs her arm asking where she’s
been.  “If you want my help, you watch how you talk to me.”  Brittany is
sorry.  She wants to throttle Billy and Mac.  She feels herself identifying
with that loser, Raul.  Phyllis tells her to calm down.  She has something
special planned for their last weekend and she can take advantage of the
opportunity to get the exact payback she is looking for.

Inside the pool house, Billy and Mac are enjoying a very intimate moment.
Billy asks Mac about her conversation with her grandmother.   “Lying to her
is more like it.”  Mac admits that she almost told Kay and her father the
good news about the two of them.  She asks whether he remembered saying
that, if things ever got so bad, and if she ran away, that he would run away
with her.  “Yeah.”  Bill remembers.  “Well, that time has now come.”  Mac

At the Correctional facility’s waiting room, the tension is growing between
Victoria and Ryan, but eventually Victoria softens up to Ryan.  Who would
have thought they’d end up such great friends after the way things went
earlier on in their relationship.  “Who would have thought?” Ryan repeats
after her.

Victoria asks the attendant whether it happens - a victim approaching her
attacker face to face.  He informs her that while it does not happen often,
it is not unusual.  She must think through carefully whether she is really
up for this visit.  Gary’s doctors are also concerned that Gary’s progress
could be jeopardized, but are encouraged by their patient’s strong desire
for the visit.  It is extremely important for Victoria to be prepared for
this.  Ryan turns to look questioningly at Victoria. 

Ryan is afraid of Gary’s true intentions and sneaks out the door to speak
with the attendance in private.  He tells Ryan that although Dawson is not
ready to be released, he has come a long ways to understanding himself and
what he has done.  Victoria grows more nervous.  She had been sure about
visiting Gary at first, but is not so sure any longer.  Ryan tells her they
could still change their minds.  They make a dash for the door.  However, as
it opens, Victoria confronts Gary face to face.  She is completely overcome
with fright!