Wednesday 8/23/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, August 23, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, August 24, 2000--USA By Linda K

The Jabot Pool & Pool house
Inside, Mac tells Billy that Jill wonít change.  She tells Billy that Jillís
exact words were "Your involvement with Bill was limited to Prom Night." 
She then tells Billy that Jill will never let them be together.  Meanwhile
outside the, by the pool, Jill asks Brittany how her and Billy are doing. 
Brittany says that they are doing great despite what she had talked to
Phyllis about earlier.  Jill leaves for the office, saying keep up the good
work.  Phyllis then asks Brittany why she didnít tell Jill about Billy and
Mac.  Phyllis tells Brittany to spill the beans.  Brittany tells Phyllis
that she thought she would keep her options open so in the end she could see
the right thing to do.  Phyllis tells Brittany that maybe Brittany should
just move on.  Brittany tells Phyllis that she wonít let Billy get off that
easy.  Inside the pool house Mac tells Billy that she is scared.  Billy
tells her that they will be fine and they will find a way through all of
this.  Mac continues to tell Billy about Jill, and lets him no she is black
mailing her about threatening to phone her mother.  Billy, very upset says,
"Is That what she said?"  Mac says, If I have anything to do with you, she
will call my mother.  Mac then says, Billy your mom will never leaves us
alone and walks out crying.  Meanwhile, outside Phyllis asks Brittany if
there is more, then Rena enters followed by Raul, so that Brittany canít
finish her talk with Phyllis.  Billy and Mac walk out of the pool house
next, as everyone begins to do there thing Brittany is standing there
staring at Billy with a frown on her face.  Phyllis walks over to her and
tells her to smile, or she will give it away, her and Billy then exchange
smiles.  Raul and Rena begin talking.  Raul tells Rena about how Brittany
was earlier at the coffee house, and then how she blew Billy off the night
before.  They are both puzzled about it, and begin to wonder if Billy and
Brittany had another fight.  Brittany gets up next and enters the pool house
for a live chat.  Phyllis notices Billy watching Mac, and then going over to
see her.  She keeps watching from a distance as they talk.  Billy asks her
what he can do to cheer her up.  Mac tells him maybe it would be best if she
went back with Raul.  Billy says, no because I care about you too much, and
when I look into your eyes I know that I want to be with you, he tells Mac
they will get through it no matter what it takes.  He makes her smile. 
Phyllis then walks inside, where Brittany is sitting at the computer. 
Brittany tells Phyllis that she still hasnít made a decision.  Then Phyllis
tells her, if she goes to Jill she will never have another chance with
Billy.  Brittany says, at first I wanted to hurt them both so much, but now
I am not so sure.

Victorís Office
The secretary brings in the mail.  They show one of the letters, and it is a
letter from the Reproductive Lab.  Nikki enters Victorís office.  She says
she just wanted to thank him for what he did with Ashley.  Nikki then asks
him if he has been having second thoughts.  Nikki then tells him, I guess I
still have moments where I can reach you.  Nikki tells him next that this
must be good for your relationship with her.  Victor then tells Nikki that
they talked this morning, and then Victor thanks Nikki for what she told
him.  Nikki says that she knows Victor very well, then Victor responds by
saying, "you may be right."  Victor tells Nikki that Nikki made him very
angry with going on at Jabot but they shouldnít think of that right now.  He
then tells her there is something else he wants to talk about with her.  He
tells her that he finds it amazing that Nikki has cared for Ashley.  Nikki
says that she just couldnít not do anything because she saw the torment that
Ashley had been going through.  Nikki then tells Victor she remembers when
she felt the way Ashley feels for Victor about Victor.  Victor tells her so
do i.  Nikki says that she remembers the man that she married now.  Victor
tells her that he was thinking the same thing.  Nikki gets ready to leave,
and they hold a moment where It looks like they are about to kiss, but
Victor kisses her gently on the cheek and then Nikki leaves.  Outside
Victorís door Nikki begins to cry.  Victor gets ready to leave and puts the
letter from the Reproductive Lab.

Malcomís Apartment
Dru says, you canít be serious.  Sid tells her he has bad excuses  and it
has cost him a great deal.  Sid says that people are starting to say
Drucilla who?  Dru asks him, why didnít you say something to me?  Sid tells
her that it was because of Olivia and the harsh state she was in.  Sid tells
her he thought she would call him, he then tells her that he doesnít know
where her head or heart is (looking at Malcom).  Dru tells Sid that her
career is still important to her.  Sid then tells Dru that he canít believe
that she didnít realise this would happen.  He says that he must move on,
then gives her a list of agents.  Sid trys to hug her but Dru moves back,
and Sid leaves.  Malcom starts to comfort her.  Dru tells Malcom that she
canít believe this is happening.  Dru says she has blew it.  Malcom tells
her that she canít beat herself up about this.  Dru asks Malcom if he wants
her just to give up her career, and Malcom then tells her, that she will
fight back, and make Sid look awful.  He tells her that he will help her,
and then they kiss.

Victoriaís Office
Victoria tells Ryan that she probably couldnít handle facing Gary.  Ryan
says that it isnít a good idea to go see Gary.  Nick enters.  He asks
Victoria if she wants to come with him for lunch.  Victoria offers Ryan but
Nick cuts in and says he wanted it to be Victoria and him only.  They begin
arguing but then Victoria cuts in.  Victoria asks Nick why he need
information on Garyís hospital.  Nick tells her and Ryan that he went to see
Gary and Victoria is angry.  Nick tells Victoria that he was concerned in
her.  Nick tells her that he had to put a stop to it.  Victoria trys to tell
Nick that she is mad about it, but struggles with the words, because she is
upset about it.  Nick tells Victoria that Gary wonít be bothering her
anymore but he did seem real about what he had said.  Nick says sorry, he
had to do it, and leaves.  Ryan asks if Victoria wants to talk about it. 
Victoria tells Ryan that Gary is probably trying to help.  Victoria tells
Ryan she wants to take action, she wants to go see Gary.  Victoria asks Ryan
if he would come with her to go see Gary.  Ryan doesnít answer.

Jabot Boardroom
John and Jack get out of the elevator and are walking to the boardroom and
start talking about where Ashley, is, they were unable to contact her.  They
walk in and Ashley is there looking sad.  Jack and John start to ask her if
it is about Victor and she leaves, just as Jill enters.  Jack lets Jill know
what has happened with the lawsuit being dropped.  Jill asks why Ashley was
so upset then.  Jack tells Jill to mind her own business and John tells
Jill, just to get back to work.  Jill leaves the room.  Jack and John start
to talk about what effect Victor has had on Ashley, and if she went to see
him.  When John leaves, Jack says to himself, Does Victor really care for
you Ashley?

Jabot Chemistry Lab
Ashley is in her lab, looking sad when Brad walks in.  He asks, is now not a
good time, but Ashley says Victor has dropped the lawsuit.  Brad is very
Suprised but then asks why Ashley is sad.  Ashley tells Brad about the visit
she had with Victor.  She begins crying, and Brad comforts her with a hug. 
She tells him she just wants to be alone, and Brad leaves, saying I am here
for you Ashley.