Tuesday 8/22/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, August 22nd, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, August 23, 2000--USA

By Todd  

Victoriaís Office
Ryan tells Victoria about Nick threatening him about not handling the
situation right with her.  Victoria lets Ryan know not to worry, and that
Nick is just being an overprotective brother.  Victoria tells Ryan about her
therapy status and says she has progressed.  Ryan tells Victoria he needed
the address of Garyís Hospital and they both ponder why.  Victoria says she
really wants to get rid of Gary in her mind.  Vic says she is thinking of
paying him a visit.  Ryan blows up and thinks it would be a bad choice. 
Victoria says she probably agrees, and says she wonders what it would be
like to be in the same room as Gary Dawson

Garyís Mental Hospital
Gary enters the visiting room and asks the watch over guy who his visitor
is.  He sits down, and Nick enters.  Gary says hi to Nick and offers hand,
but Nick doesnít take it.  Gary asks if Nick was read the letter, and Nick
says Ryan showed him, and Victoria too.  Gary tells Nick that he wants to
help.  Nick says I think it is just you wanting to get your hooks into her
again.  Nick is asked to ease up by the room monitor man.  Gary says "You
donít believe me?"  Nick replies by saying "donít write to Vic or anyone
close to her or you will have to deal with me and I will have you locked in
here forever!"  Nick gets up to leaves then Gary says, "Nick, I have been
through therapy and medication, and I deserve what I get but Vic doesnít
deserve to live badly, and I want to help."  Nick says "You wanna help? 
Stay the hell out!"  Nick leaves.

Inside The Jabot Pool House
Jill enters and Mac walks out and ask her if she can help her.   Jill tells
Mac she wants to talk to her.  Jill ask Mac if she talked to Katherine and
Brock.  Mac says yes very cheerful I might add.  Jill tells Mac that she
isnít out of the woods, she is in deeper then before.  Jill tells Mac that
she knows Mac is scared of her Mom, Amanda.  Mac says, yeah we donít get
along, but she doesnít scare me.  Jill pulls out Amandaís number and says, I
will give her a call.  Mac says go ahead, but then says no wait.  Jill tells
Mac as long as Mac stays away from Billy she wonít do anything.  Mac asks
Jill why she hates her, and Jill tells her any granddaughter of Katherineís
I am going to hate, and I want to protect my son.  Jill leaves, and Mac
thinks back to the night before when Billy gave Mac the ring.  Billy comes
out and ask Mac why his mom was here.  Mac says it isnít over with her, and
itís going to be never over.

Outside The Jabot Pool House
Billy walks towards the pool house and Raul asks him for a quick game of
golf.  Phyllis enters next and Raul tells her that Brittany wonít be making
it today, just then Brittany walks in and is very cheerful.  Brittany asks
where everybody is.  After Billy and Raul leave to pursue cold drinks,
Brittany asks Phyllis where Jill is.  Brittany says she wants to have a
small chat with Mrs. Abbott.  Phyllis tells Brittany that she is puzzled,
but then says she knows what Brittany is doing.  She tells Brittany that she
is seeking revenge.  Brittany says where did you get that idea, but then
Phyllis tells Brittany to be prepared to lose Billy forever if she seeks the
revenge.  Brittany tells Phyllis that she isnít used to being treated poorly
and she wants to make sure Jill finds out everything.  Brittany tells
Phyllis that Jill will make it unpleasant for Billy and Mac.  Brittany wants
to know Phyllis opinion but Phyllis tells her she doesnít want to get into
the personal life of Brittany.  Brittany insists, and gets Phyllis to say,
its Mac isnít it?  Brittany says, "Is it that obvious, am I the only one who
didnít know?  Have I been made a fool of?  I am for sure going to make her
pay!"  Brittany continues and says Jill would make there lives awful for
sure!  Jill enters, "And, how are you today Brittany?"

Malcomís Apartment
Dru tells Malcom that she will in the future have to go back to work but for
now she is very happy.  They start kissing and then there is a knock on the
door.  Malcom answers and it is Sid, Druís agent.  Sid comes in and says he
has to say what he has to say in person.  "Iím letting you go Dru."

Victorís Office
Ashley tells Victor that he has made her very happy.  Ashley tells him that
her faith in him has been restored.  Ashley says to him they now have
potential for a new beginning.  Victor tells Ashley No for the New
Beginning.  Ashley asks him, what are you telling me?  Victor tells her that
it ends here, I have dropped legal charges for Brad and Jabot and the
company is yours.  It is over Ashley.  Ashley says "I bet you mean that not
only in a business way."  Victor replies, "No Ashley, we have caused
eachother too much pain.   I have nothing more to say, so goodbye."  Ashley
says goodbye and then leaves, and Victor says to himself, What couldíve
been, what couldíve been.

Victorís Apartment
Diane tells Michael that she wants to strike against Victor legally. 
Michael tells her that he canít because of his partnership.  Diane tells him
that Chris has made a doormat out of him.  Diane is very upset with Michael
and tells him to leave.  Michael says, it looks to me like you just need a
friend, and they hug.