Monday 8/21/00Update


Young and the Restless Monday, August 21, 2000--Canada; Tuesday August 22, 2000--USA

By Linda K.

The pool glistens in the morning sun and the birds are chirping happily.
Billy smiles to himself as he dries off with a towel.  He recalls the events
of the previous evening when both he and Mac stood together at the pool -
Mac telling him how happy she is being with him.  “Good morning, somebody is
in a good mood.” Ashley asks.  Billy also comments on ‘Sissy Sunshine’s’
cheery mood.  John Abbott joins in.  He has also heard the good news and
appreciates his daughter’s happiness.

Raul enters Crimson Lights and spots Brittany moping.  He orders two lattés
and walks over to her table.  He tells her he is sorry for pushing her to
going to the movies the other night, but Rianna had clued him in that
Brittany wanted to be alone with Billy.  Britt informs him things didn’t go
well, and she is feeling terrible.

Diane tentatively emerges from her bedroom when Victoria enters.  “Oh,
Diane.  You still here?”  “What’s that suppose to mean?” Diane answers back.
“I had a conversation with my father last night.  Congratulations.  You
finally pushed him too far.  He sees you for the manipulative woman you
really are.”  “Why do you find it necessary to insult me?  Do you get some
perverse pleasure out of it?”  Diane asks.  Vicki says that it makes her
happy all right.  “I asked my father if I could do the honors (in throwing
her out) but he told me he was going to handle this himself.  Boy, I
wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.”  Victor descends into the room and
greets Victoria warmly.  Before leaving, Victoria gives Diane these parting
words “I trust you will be gone when I get back.  Have a nice life.” 

At the Williams’, Christine walks into her kitchen to find Paul hard at it
preparing her an omelet.   Paul and Christ then share a romantic moment.

Brock tells Kay he certainly slept better last night.  Because Jill has not
contacted Amanda? Kay asks.  Brock wonders whether he should tell Mac - he
is inclined not to bring it up.  What she doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her,
but Kay argues that the subject about Mac’s mother might have already been
broached.  Mac enters and asks “What’s the matter?  You guys are talking
about me?”  Brock asks Mac to have a seat.  “What has she done this time?”
Mac asks.  Brock mentions the letter she had signed for Jill and presumably
destroyed.  They were not going to admonish her for it, but rather
understood her compulsion to do whatever she had to do in her fear that Jill
might find her mother.  Kay assures her that was not the case.  Jill had not
been in contact with Amanda.

When Billy leaves in his great spirits, John sits next to Ashley and shares
his exuberance with her about Victor’s gesture in dropping the lawsuit
against the family.  Ashley tells her father Victor did it for her sake.
That Nikki asked Victor to back off on her behalf.  “So, now you have your
defenses down again.” John cautions her.  “I am a realist dad.  There is
going to be a future between Victor and me and I don’t’ expect it’s going to
be completely smooth sailing.”  “Ashley, that is what happened the last time
you were involved with him!”  “Yeah, but it was still worth it.”  “While it
lasted.” John reminds her in exasperation.  “I only ended it when I found
out what he was doing, dad.”  “Ashley, the man tried to steal our company
while he was courting you and then when he told you he changed his mind you
still weren’t convinced.  Just because he has dropped the lawsuit your faith
in him has restored?”  But Ashley stubbornly replies, “After what he has
done, that changes everything for me - completely.”  Ashley walks off
leaving John frustrated.” 

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria gloats with Ryan about her father’s finding out
about Diane.  She carries on about how grateful she is having Diane finally
leaving the penthouse.  Diane will be hitting the streets any day.  Ryan
congratulates her.  However, Victoria sees the downside.  She no longer has
an excuse to crash at Ryan’s place if things got really unbearable.  Things
could then become ‘interesting’.  But she understands Ryan’s dilemma with
his unresolved marriage, but Ryan informs her he has taken a stance in
finally resolving his marriage with Trisha.

In London, Trisha goes through the morning mail and finds a letter from
Ryan.  She holds it when Keith enters the room and buoyantly greets her.  He
stops mid sentence when he notices her contemplative mood.  Finding that she
has a letter from her husband, he suggests she just throw it out.  Trisha
replies firmly that the letter is from her husband.  And she will open it if
she wants to, she informs him with a stern look.

At the Williams’ residence, Paul asks “What kept you at the office so late?”
Christine tells him that she and Michael were initially at odds in their
strategy in solving a legal case, and although things were tense, everything
turned around in a positive, exhilarating turn of events.  A good creative
strategy had been pulled together.  “You sound surprised.” Paul asks.  She
tells him that though she was afraid her and Michael may not be able to work
together, Michael suggested flipping a coin in choosing strategies to
resolve their differences.  Paul laughs saying this is rather
‘unprofessional’.  Paul asks whether her partnership might survive after
all.  Would you be prefer if it didn’t Christine asks.  He studies her
carefully and reminds her that even bigger hurdles are likely to arise down
the roads.  Paul tells her that her pregnancy might take its toll on her
physically, mentally, emotionally.  Chris asks whether he meant if she could
stay up all night working on a case if she were pregnant.  Christine tells
him it was her idea to burn the midnight oil and next time, will be
Michael’s turn.  Paul suggests that she ought to soon discuss the long-term
viability of their legal partnership before any big changes come in their

At Crimson Lights, J.T. spots Raul talking to Britt.  Raul asks Britt if she
is sick or something.  He suggests she should take it easy and agrees that
she ought to take the day off.  After Raul leaves, Brittany sees J.T.
watching them and looks away in disgust. 

Back at the Abbotts, John tells Ashley that he doesn’t intend to ‘burst her
bubble’ but Victor had only backed off something he had no business doing in
the first place.  Just because Nikki convinced Victor Newman to back off it
doesn’t mean that Ashley ought not to proceed with caution.  He is really
fearful of the impact Newman can make on her life.  Ashley hugs him and
assures him she will be fine.  John pleads with her to be careful because he
does not know what he is going to do if Victor ever hurts her again. Ashley
is alarmed by her father’s concern and hurries away.

At the penthouse, Diane gathers the courage to speak with Victor.
“Evidently, you shared your mood with Victoria, and not the cause for it.”
“And you find that significant?” Victor asks.   “Perhaps you want to process
the information - that you are the father of my child before telling the
rest of the family?”  Diane falters.  “And the point of that would be?”
Victor asks.  “To… get a different perspective, move beyond the
understandable anger and surprise.”  “In other words, the long-term view of
things.”  Vic asks.  “Yeah, is that what you are doing Victor?  What
Victoria has said about my leaving, if that is your decision … I assume you
will be giving me advance notice so that we can make other arrangements.”
“Like the advance notice you gave me?”  Asks Victor while he fumbles around
with his papers preparing to leave.  “Victor I just wish you could see this
from my point of view for all our sakes.  Damn it!  Will you just say
something?”  Diane finally bursts out.  Victor answers.  “I have pressing
business.  But, rest assured, you and I will discuss this situation that you
have created.  In the meanwhile, not a word about this to anyone.  Remember
that!”  Victor warns Diane, pointing a threatening finger at her. 

Back at Crimson Lights, Brittany is furious at J.T. who attempts to calm her
with his smooth words.  She asks him to leave her alone, and moves out to
another table when he refuses.  J.T. follows her and encourages Brittany to
dump Billy and go with him instead.  Brittany tells him to stop pushing her.
J.T. taunts her.  “What happened to Brittany?  You used to be so sure of
yourself.  Now look at you.  Letting Abbott walk all over you.  Don’t you
have any pride?”  Brittany slaps J.T.’s face.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac asks how they can be sure Jill has not been
looking for her mother.  Kay answers that Jill has been digging for proof.
“Proof?” Mac asks.  Brock answers that Jill has been trying to find that Mac
was not his real daughter.  That letter Mac intercepted was an update from
her detective’s search on her birth records.  “Why, what does she have
against me?”  Mac cries out.  Kay tells her Jill did not want Kay and Brock
to be taken advantage of.  But Jill finally had admitted that she did was
wrong.  Mac is indeed her grand daughter.  Kay is very happy and hugs her
granddaughter.  But Mac gently pushes Kay away asking if they were sure that
her birth records was only thing Jill sought.  Brock attempts to reassure
her that Jill did not open a can of worms making Amanda come looking for
her.  But Mac angrily says that all this talk about her mother is bad luck.
If she could she would forget her mother ever existed. 

Trisha studies Ryan’s letter.  She finally opens it while Keith looks on
nervously.  Ryan tells her his patience has run low.  Her failure to
communicate with him shows her lack of interest in their marriage.  He is
forced to give her an ultimatum.  He gives her one week to respond and her
failure will leave him no other choice than seek a legal separation.  Keith
says, “Finally, MacNeill and I agree on the same thing.  It is time to move
on.”  Trisha agues.  Keith tells her to end it once and for all, but Trisha
disagrees.  Ryan has never understood her nor has he been sensitive to her
needs.  As he continues, Trisha stops him.  She does not want to hear any
further criticisms of Ryan.  Finally Keith states emphatically that if
Trisha wanted to be with Ryan she would not have chosen to be apart from him
all these months. 

At Brash and Sassy, Ryan and Victoria discuss the ultimatum he had dropped
on Trisha.  Victoria is exasperated that Ryan appears to be second guessing
his decision to take action towards his wife.  
She emphatically reminds him that he had been more than patient with Trisha.
Ryan is afraid of what Trisha might do if pressed on about the state of
their marriage. 

At the Abbott’s back yard, Billy is happily into his music when he is Raul
interrupts, wanting ‘to talk’.  Billy asks if Raul had gotten out with
Rianna and Raul coolly reminds him that she is still paired up with J.T. and
that he is not in a market for another girl.  He is still in love with Mac
and can’t just turn her off.  Billy looks ashamed and feels bad for Raul,
but then encourages Raul to have a rebound with Rianna to enable him to get
over Mac.  They appeared to be having an interesting talk the other night.
“Smoke screen.” Raul answers.  It was only Brittany’s way to get rid of the
two of them in order for her to be alone with Billy, but it appears that
Billy and Brittany had not hooked up at all.  Brittany had left the Abbotts
shortly after they had.  He also mentions to Billy that he had seen Britt at
the coffee house and she wasn’t feeling well enough to come in that day.
“That’s a bummer.”  Billy looks shame faced.  Raul presses him further.
“She’s not sick Billy.  She’s upset about something.  Since you are her
boyfriend, I thought you might know what it was about.”

Back at the Chancellor estate, Brock attempts to calm Mac’s fears about
Amanda.  Kay tells Mac that they had been really concern that Jill would
approach her mother, but as far as they knew, Jill likely had backed off
from searching for Amanda once she had received confirmation of Mackenzie’s
birth - that she was truly Brock’s daughter.  Mac is angry and bursts out
“What right does she have to stick her nose into my life!”   However, Brock
reminds her that things might have been much easier if she had approached
him and Kay about her fears, saving herself a lot of heartache.  “Secrets
are not the answer.  They make matters worse for everyone involved.”  Kay
lectures sternly at Mac.

Paul walks up behind Christine and gives her a quick squeeze.  Ouch!
Christine complains her breasts are tender.  Paul is growing excited by the
thought that this might be a symptom of her having gotten pregnant.  “Tender
breasts… it is a sign of…  But if it is true, if we really are expecting,
wouldn’t that be something?”  As Paul hugs and kisses her, Christine appears
more concerned than happy.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria asks “Ryan, you have every right to give Trisha
an ultimatum!  This is absurd!  How long has this been going on with no
communication?  This is unfair to you.  What has she given you?  Nothing
except a cold shoulder.”  Victoria wishes Ryan luck in his hoping to reopen
lines of communication, but believes that Trisha will just crawl into her
hole.  Ryan does not hold much hope.  Maybe if Trisha does try to get her
life back together, she may not want Ryan to be part of it.  Even if she
does read his letter she may not want to work out the problems in their
marriage.  Victoria holds Ryan in her arms sympathetically.

Meanwhile, back in her London home, Trisha puts down Ryan’s letter and Keith
lays it aside.  He then cradles his daughter in his arms.  Trisha looks back
on the dreams and love both she and Ryan shared together, but Keith tells
her she can still have those dreams.  “With someone else?”  Asks Trisha.  He
father advises her further.  “You are still young.  Mistakes of the past.”
Keith tells her to seek a better life in the future.  But to make that
happen, she’d be better off to let go of her marriage to Ryan and move on. 

At the Abbotts, Billy throws up his hands and asks Raul “Brittany is upset,
do you know why?”  “No, I thought you would.”  Raul answers.  “She did
change her mind kinda quickly last night.  I thought she was just too tired,
too much sun.”  Billy continues.  Raul studies Billy carefully, until Billy
asks “What!”  “Don’t take this the wrong way,” Raul asks him, “but sometimes
I wonder, do you really care about Brittany?  You don’t seem that into it
(their relationship).”  Billy answers “Look, Brittany is just fine.   What
more do you want me to tell you?”  Raul continues “Maybe I was expecting you
to say that you feel the same way about Brittany as I do about Mac.  But
then again, look where that got me, right?” Raul leaves to check out the
website while Billy asks himself, “ Things have been acting weird.  What’s
going on?”

Kay tries hard once again, to reassure Mac not to worry about Jill.  Brock
joins in the reassurance.  They are all a family.  And there is nothing Jill
can do about it.  Finally Mac brightens up and answers.  “I am not worried.
For the first time since I can remember I am not worried.”  Her spirits
begin to soar.  “This is so incredible.  The most unbelievable news.  You
don’t understand.  This makes all the difference in the world.”  Kay wants
an explanation.  Mac continues.  “Something happened this summer.  Something
so wonderful.  I’ve been wanting to tell you guys and now I finally can.”
Brock asks.  “Tell us what?”   “No, I have to get going.”  Kay asks
“Mackenzie, are you going to leave us in suspense?”  Mac answers “No, you
don’t want me to be late for work, do you?  I will tell you later.  All that
matters is that Jill has finally backed down.  I never thought this day
would come.  Now, it is here.  It is finally here!” she joyously hugs her
father and Kay, before dashing out the door.  “What was that all about?”
Kay asks the surprised, but happy father.

At Crimson Lights, Brittany says “Sorry, J.T. but you asked for it.”  “At
least I got a reaction.  But it was not me you wanted to slap, is it Britt?”
Brittany says, “You’re right.  I shouldn’t be sitting around here feeling
sorry for myself.  But I’m not going to just walk away.”  “Why the hell
not?”  Asks J.T. “I have a score to settle first.”  “Come on, Britt, it’s
just not worth it.”  “It is to me.  I am going to get back at Billy and Mac.
I want them to hurt the way they hurt me.  No, I’m going to make them hurt
much worse.” “How?” J.T. asks.  Britt answers “Billy’s mother.  She hates
Mac.  You wouldn’t believe how much she hates Mac.”

At Newman Enterprises, Victor instructs Virginia, the secretary, to call
John Silva’s office and inform Shane Davis to drop the suits against Jabot
and Brad Carleton.  “Dropped?”  She asks in surprise.  “That is what I
said.”  Ashley Abbott, looking splendid and vibrant, walks into Victor’s
office.  “Hello?” Ashley greets Victor who answers “Hello.  You are looking
well.”  “Thanks.  And I think you know why.  I want to thank you for that.
Everybody at Jabot is greatly relieved to have the threat of legal action
behind us.”  I’m sure you are.” Vic answers.  “And I know you made that
decision with me in mind.”  “That is true.”  Victor replies.   “So, thanks.
I don’t know when I felt so peaceful.  I owe that to you.  I owe a lot to
you.”  As Ashley lovingly gazes at Victor, he turns away from his papers,
sucks in his breath deeply, and takes a long, hard look at her.