Friday 8/18/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, August 18, 2000--Canada, or Monday August 21,  2000--USA   

Pool House…

Billy and Mac break away from their kiss and decide to leave for their
place.  Mac lingers admiring the night sky and the glow of the moon.  Billy
says there is no reason they cannot stay where they are.  Even if his dad or
Ashley comes home, it wouldn’t be so bad since they are on their side and
kiss again, with Brittany leaving, hurt on her face.  Billy mentions that he
has a surprise for her and runs to his room to get it.  When he gets back,
he leads her into the pool house.  Billy hopes she likes it, but Mac assures
him that even if he gave her a necklace of bottle caps, she would still love
it (aww…).  He tells her to close her eyes and stick out her hand and places
a small box in her hand.  She opens it to find a ring.  She is overwhelmed
with joy for she has never received anything so special.  He puts it on her
finger and hugs her.  Mac says that she will wear it only when they are
together.  Billy suggests that she can make up a story but Mac says this is
too special to lie about and wants to keep the special meaning to herself. 
Mac proclaims how happy she is and how nice it is to not sneak around.  She
shivers and Billy gives her his jacket.  Mac says she has to go home and
Billy says he will drive her home but she is worried that someone might see
them.  Billy says “nothing can go wrong on a night like this.”

Newman Enterprises…

Victor stops Nikki before she leaves, intrigued by what will be on his head
if something happens to Ashley.  Nikki pleads to him again that it is in the
best interest for Ashley if he forget about any legal action and that very
bad things will happen if he continues.


Jack is pressuring Ashley to take a temporary leave of absence or else he
will go to the board and have them vote her out.  Ashley wants Jack to
forget it, saying no one knows her health and well being more than she does.
  Jack pleads with her to not let Victor jeopardize her baby; he has made
enough conflict in their lives that it is time to stop it before things
become disastrous.  “You can wake up from this nightmare, we don’t need
another soldier on the frontline” says Jack to Ash.  Ashley disagrees and
says they have to stick this out together, as a team, regardless of the
outcome.  Nikki walks in and Jack asks if she has performed a miracle. 
Nikki says that she went to see Victor and used Ashley’s pregnancy and well
being as a platform to get Victor to spare them.  Ashley is outraged that
Nikki would use her pregnancy to get them out of the jam without even
consulting with her.  But before Nikki lets her go on, she pulls out a
letter which states that Newman Enterprises will forego any legal action
against Brad Carlton or Jabot Cosmetics.

Crimson Lights…

Phyllis enters to order a nightcap and sees Brittany sulking in the corner
alone.  Phyllis approaches her and assumes that she didn’t enjoy the movie
very much.  Brittany has a look of confusion on her face which tells Phyllis
it had to do with Billy.  Britt doesn’t want to talk about it, but Phyllis
presses on and guesses that Billy was flirting with the popcorn girl to
which Britt replies, “much more serious than that!”  Phyllis reassures her
that whatever happened, it “isn’t that bad.”  Brittany is paranoid and says,
“By the way you’re talking, you’re not telling me something.  Am I the only
one who didn’t see it?”
Phyllis calms her down and suggests that she tell her what is going on.  “If
I did, why would I talk with you? I don’t even know you.  All you want is
more drama for the website” snaps Brittany.  Phyllis agrees that she wants
the website to be a success but right now, she is not a producer, but
someone with experience in love matters and promises to be discrete. 
Brittany starts to pour her heart out, telling her that she saw Billy
cheating with another girl.  Phyllis laughs and says, “is that all!”  Every
relationship goes through its rough spots.  Britt does not agree and says
how humiliated she feels for telling Billy she loved him.  This gets her
blood boiling and says “I got hurt, someone else is going to get hurt more!”

Chancellor Estate…

Brock and Kay get a call from Paul that someone will be following Amanda. 
They ponder the reason why Jill went to St. Louis and at that moment, Jill
strolls in.  She says that she went on a little trip to St. Louis on a
personal matter.  As Jill gets a drink, Katherine mutters to Brock that if
she contacted Amanda, she will pay.  Brock calms her down and tells her not
to seem too desperate and let him handle it.  Jill reveals all the things
that she has been up to for the past several months, showing them Mac’s
birth records, confirming that they were right and she was wrong.  She
emphasizes that she did all this for the sake of Brock and even Katherine. 
Brock doesn’t know whether he should be happy or very upset, but is glad
that all this is over, Katherine, however is unsure that things are
completely over.  Jill bids a civil goodnight and leaves.  Brock and Kay are
discussing what has just transpired and is glad that Jill did not contact
Amanda but that they should still be on their guard, meanwhile Jill is
eavesdropping by the stairs.

Williams and Baldwin Law office…

Chris and Michael are bickering as to what to do about the legal matter. 
Chris suggests doing a trial brief which Michael scoffs at say that’s the
“loser’s approach.”  Christine is flabbergasted and gives him a death stare.
  Michael counters by saying “why don’t we flip a coin to see who will take
care of this since we can’t work together”.  Immediately saying this,
Michael has some regret and has a change of heart.  He calls the secretaries
in and instructs them to prepare for a trial brief, to the amazement of
Christine.  Christine later tells him that they still have to discuss the
future of their partnership but Michael comments on how well they work
together and not to ruin a good thing.

Paul Williams' Office…

Paul’s mother walks in, anxious to hear about Chris’ blood results.  Paul
tells her that the results were good, showing no fertility problems.  Lynn
then spills the beans about the possibility of Chris leaving the practice to
have more time to try for a baby.  Mary is surprised and Paul tells her the
whole story about the problems that Michael has with Chris starting a
family.  Paul warns his mother not to interfere and to let things run its
course, letting Chris make her own decision.