Thursday 8/17/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, August 17, 2000--Canada; or Friday, August 18, 2000--USA By Monica Sue  

Pool House…

JT rubs his hands in anticipation of his plan as he sees the clip of Billy
and Mac in the former prom commercial.  Billy and Mac are talking about
their plans for tonight.  Mac has to work with Phyllis on the site so she
can’t meet him alone but Billy suggests that they all go and see a film
together.  Brittany convinces Riana to skip the movie so that she and Billy
could be together alone.  When Raul and Riana back out, Billy is backed into
a corner to spend time with Britt alone or else bring up more suspicions. 
Meanwhile, Phyllis is off to a dinner date and gives Mac the night off. 
When Mac tells Billy this, he tells her that he has to be with Britt to the
dismay of Mac.  Britt asks Mac what she will be doing tonight hoping she
will leave.  Mac intentionally says she has to stay at the pool house to do
some computer stuff which pisses Britt off but Billy tells her that it won’t
take Mac too long.  Britt leaves to change and JT sneaks in.  Brittany is
annoyed that he didn’t take the hint to stop pressuring her but JT convinces
her that he is only there to give her the truth and shows her the clip of
Mac and Billy at the prom.  Britt is confused and kicks JT out.  She wonders
what is up with Billy and Mac and thinks that there is only one was to find
out.  She comes out of the pool house dressed and tells Billy that she is
very tired and wants to go home.  Billy and Mac are surprised since a little
while ago, she was ready to get it on with Billy.  Regardless of Brittany’s
reason, Billy and Mac get to spend some time together and start kissing not
suspecting Brittany spying on them!


Jack and Nikki are discussing legal routes to take against Victor.  Nikki
brings up her concern for Ashley and her current state of distress.  She
comes up with an idea to help Ashley and leaves as Ashley enters the office.
  Ashley comments on how compassionate Nikki was to her earlier but that was
only temporary inferring by the way Nikki left the office.  Jack assures her
that Nikki does care for her and is worried about her.  Ashley breaks down
telling Jack that she feels like she is in the middle of a nightmare.  “I
don’t want to be a lawyer, I just want to make products that make people
look good and feel good!”  Jack sympathizes with her and suggests that she
take it easy and not be involved in the preliminary legal work.  Ashley does
not bite since she knows Jack will take advantage of Brad’s position.  Jack
assures her he will not vote Brad out but thinking about voting Ashley out.

Newman Enterprises…

John Silva’s associate is taking on the case for Victor and Victor instructs
him to get it done swiftly.  Nikki enters wanting to plead with him on
Ashley’s behalf.  Victor has no interest in hearing what she has to say. 
Nikki accuses him as being condescending as usual and warns him that if what
she thinks is going to happen to Ashley actually happens, it will be on his
head and storms out of his office.

Paul William’s Office…

Paul and Christine are having dinner together and discussing her awkward
situation with Michael Baldwin.  They have not yet had a conversation about
reassessing their partnership since their last confrontation.  It is like
walking on eggshells when they are around each other.

Crimson Lights…

Christine meets Tomas and they have a little chat.  Tomas asks for her
opinion about Nina’s stance on not discussing his chapters until she got
home.  Christine stays neutral and says Nina must have her reasons for doing
so.  They also discuss her troubles at work and her plans for having a
child.  Tomas brings up her reluctance to start a family earlier and gives
her advice that some choices are irrevocable and cannot be changed so make
choices that will make you happy.  At that point, Chris gets a call from the
office and leaves.


Gina exchange unpleasant quips with Gina on her way to meet Michael for
dinner.  She confesses to him that Gina’s attitude towards her really gets
to her, considering she treats Christine like a princess.  She tells Michael
that he treats Christine like a princess, and still has feelings for her. 
Michael does not deny this but adds that he has invested a lot money and
hard work into this partnership.  He gets a call from Christine to hurry
back tot he office for an emergency.  As he leaves, he drops a kiss to
Phyllis who wipes it off!