Wednesday 8/16/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, August 16, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, August 17, 2000--USA By Linda K

At the pool house, Phyllis pans the camera over the laid back teens.  She
slams the viewer in frustration when Jack enters.  "I have never had a job
with so many executives looking over my shoulders."   Jack replies "It is a
funny thing that when you pay for something you usually having a nagging
desire to see what you are getting."  Phyllis informs him they are getting
four thousand hits on the web site.  There are 20 million teenage girls out
there.  Jack is astonished.   Phyllis claims she desires a pat in her back.
Jack roams around smoozing with the kids.  Billy turns to Brittany and talks
about her having been drinking when he met her at the coffee house.  He asks
her whether she has grown bored with him, his being grounded, his decision
to not drink.  Brittany tells him she doesn't mind his not drinking.  Billy
presses her further.  He commends her for sticking around Mr. Dull.   He
wants her to be happy and not bored hanging out with him.  He understands
that she loves to go out and have fun.   Brittany asks him what is going on.
"Billy are you trying to break up with me?" 

At Gina's, Diane is expressing her frustration with the waiter.  Baldwin
sees her and asks if he could join her.  She does not appear happy about
seeing him.  She tries very hard to disguise her off  mood.  Michael
mentions the discrepancy between her actions and her looks.  "A picture
tells a thousand words."  Diane stands up and displays her ample belly.
"Pregnant.  So, you did it. Congratulations."  Michael dubiously claps.
Diane answers "I did it alright.  I am pregnant with Victor Newman's child.
But I am wondering if this wasn't the biggest mistake of my life!"

At Newman Enterprises, Victor recalls Diane's words.  She questions him
about his decision. What will he do with her now that he knows about her
pregnancy with his child.  Throw her out on the streets?  Whatever he does
to her, he will also do to his own child.  The door knocks and Victoria
enters and talks about the promotion for her ad campaign.   "If you keep
giving away something of value, people will start to believe it has no
value." Victor tells her in his surly tone.  Victoria questions Victor's
attitude and is not fooled that it is a result of Diane. "Diane Jenkins is
probably the most manipulative and deceitful woman that I have ever met!"
Newman tells his daughter.

At Olivia's apartment, a discussion takes place between her and Neill.  "I
have been thinking a lot about the conversation we had at the hospital.
Wondering where it might end.   I want you to know that I am not going to
hold it over you like some oral contract.  I am open to talking about it -
finding out where it might lead.  I realize things that happen during a
crises don't hold up after the fact.    I realize... " She hesitates.  Neill
prods her to continue with her thoughts.  "One thing I treasure most about
you is your ability to be straightforward.  Whatever you are thinking,
whatever you are feeling, you can tell me.  I want to know." 

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick share their plans for an upcoming
honeymoon to the Bahamas.  Cody had wondered if Nick is interested in
opening a third coffee house there.  Later, Sharon asks Nick whether he is
having reservations about his extended business and pleasure trip and
leaving his responsibilities behind  him.  Meanwhile, JT finds his pal at
Crimson Lights and both discuss the pool house web site.  The pal plays on
JT's mind provoking him about seeing JT's girlfriend(s) in a bikini.  The
lovely Ms. Hodges still belongs to Billy Abbott.  JT informs him that he had
a 'heart-to-heart' with Brittany and doubts whether she is still as attached
to him.

Jill pushes the detective to make the call.  He awaits for an incoming fax,
grabs it from the machine, reads it and  presents to her the information she
is waiting for.   It matches Mackenzie's story.  The girl is who she says
she is.  He tells Jill who can only shake her head in disbelief.

Victoria continues her conversation about Diane with her father.  So, Diane
has finally shown her true colors - how coniving and cunning she can be.
Victor adds Diane is also delusional as well as deceitful.  Victoria asks
what happened?  Is Diane using her pregnancy to try to ensnare him? Victoria
tries to get her father to tell her what Diane did to tip her hand.

At the pool house Rianna and Raul approach Mac.  "Think it is working?"
Raul asks.  "Hope so!"  Rianna answers.  Mac asks what they are talking
about.  Rianna says they were trying to keep things cool between Brittany
and Billy as it was bad enough that Mac and Raul had broken up.  Brittany
prclaims her love and devotion to Billy.  They enjoy a long lingering kiss
which Mac also observes.  "Looks like they are back on track again." Rainna
tells her.  Raul studies Macs response and Mac brings up her anger about
being shown in the camera.  Raul challenges her about her fears.  Mac
implores him fanatically not tell anyone about it.  Raul says he wishes he
could help.  Rainna tells Brittany how sweet Raul is by showing his feelings
for Mac even though she dumped her.  Plus, he doesn't play games.  Unlike
JT.   Rianna talks about her feelings about JT.  She feels he does not care
about her; that he may want to be with someone else. Brittany draws in her
breath.  Meanwhile, JT is seen lurking around the pool yard. 

At Crimson Lights, Sharon talks to Nick about his possible hesitation in
leaving his responsibilities behind at Newman Enterprises.  Nick assures her
he is a part timer and part timers take vacations.  He doubts that his
father will ever miss him.  When Sharon asks whether he might worry if his
father will take away his remaining responsibilities, Nick shirks her fears
off.  His father will do whatever it pleases him to do.   He then spots Ryan
entering the coffee house.  He informs Sharon he intends to make certain
things clear to Ryan as to where his sister's interests are concerned.

Olivia talks with Neil about honesty being the cornerstone of their
relationship.  Olivia asks Neill whether the discovery of the relationship
developing between Dru and Malcolm was the catalyst behind his suggestion in
furthering their own relationship together.  Neill admits he would be lying
if it didn't.  

Back at Gina's, Michael is puzzled why Daine is questioning her judgement in
conceiving Newman's child when it was part of her master plan.  Diane talks
further about her recent experience in telling Victor about his being the
father of her child.  Because she heard him talking over the phone to the
lab that he did not want his sperm samples destroyed, she thought it he was
opened to having a child.  Baldwin encourages her that the bomb she dropped
on him drew a shock, but she may not know what he may plan to do in the
future.  Worst case scenario?  She is carrying his child.  But Diane wants
Victor along with it.  Now she does not stand a chance with him.  And she is
to blame... she admits.

Newman talks with Victoria about Diane.  "I prefer not to get into specifics
(about her pregnancy), alright."  "In other words I should mine my own
business?"  Victoria asks him.   "In other words, there is a great deal I
need to sort out.  That woman will do anything to get what she wants."
Victoria prys for more information.  "Did you show her the door? Did you
send her packing?"  "Not yet."  "Please let me do the honors - show Diane
the door."  Victoria begs.

Jill shakes her head and rants "I was so certain that girl was lying.  I
usually have such good instincts.  How could I have misread this so
completely.  And now I have no weapon.  Now I have no way to get Mackenzie
out of the house."  The detective adds "Guess you are back to square one."
Jill continues  "I can't even fathom that the little guttersnipe is who she
says she is.  Wait. I  may have been wrong about the reason, but I certainly
am not wrong about her reaction.  That girl is terrified of her mother
finding out where she is."  The detective tells her she may now have a
weapon after all.  Perhaps she should call her mother like they had planned
on doing in the first place.  Maybe they could find out why this child is so

Phyllis tells Jack that she feels she is doing a great job of showing off
these kids.  Sure the kids are great looking, but looks don't sustain
interest.   I am emphasizing the drama and that is what is brings people
back.    Jack asks, "Wait a minute, what drama?"  Phyllis answers.   She ran
an interesting moment between Mac and Billy.  "You aired a segment with
Mackenzie in it?" asks Jack highly concerned.  "It was just her back and not
her precious face.  The point is the clip got a reaction and the viewers
feel there is an interesting love triangle that is beginning to emerge."
Jack tries to get her back to focus on the ad campaign.  He nervously argues
that he does not want these kids' private lives exploited and disected in
public.  Phyllis does not understand why Jack is so involved in protecting
these kids and their love lives.  Maybe if he had one of his own he won't be
so concerned with his little brother's.   Jack reminds Phyllis to just do
her job which does not include analyzing her employer.  Phyllis says she
seems to keep hitting these buttons which keeps those Abbott men jumping.
Jack asks her to remember who signs her pay check.  Or she will be the one

Jack approaches Billy at the pool.  "Phyllis tells me she thinks things are
going pretty well here, you?"  Jack asks.  Billy answers "Yeah, although
she's been wishing there were more."  "A little more melodrama maybe?"  Jack
asks his little brother.  "Yeah, she has been eyeballing Mac and me.
Wondering what's been going on between us.  She even asked her - which I am
not too crazy about, Jack.  Not one bit."  Jack keenly observes Billy's
distress.  JT lurks yet again around the pool yard.

Victoria presses Victor.  "So it's OK, right?  I can go home and have a
little 'so long, farewell chat' with Diane?"  But Victor answers "I
understand how you feel, but this is something I should handle myself."  His
hands cover his face.  Victoria replies, "OK.  You can have all the fun.
Though I intend to have a few choice zingers from Ms. Jenkins before she
leaves the penthouse.  I really had fears she was going to dig her hooks
deep into you though I should give you more credit.  She is finally going to
be gone!  Thank God.  You won't ever have to deal with her again!"    Both
father and child exchange "I love yous" before Victoria marches out of the
office leaving Victor behind with his own thoughts.

At CL, Nick and Sharon discuss Victoria and the letter Gary had sent to
Ryan.  Nick approaches Ryan and asks him what he and Victoria had talked
about earlier.  Ryan informs Nick that Victoria was OK about Gary's letter.
It was a step further towards Victoria's therapy and a closure for her
ordeal, but Nick is angry that Ryan opened a wound that was beginning to
heal.  Nick is angry that Ryan did not come to him first with the letter,
and that the family was not warned or given input.  Ryan argues that
Victoria is merely denying the burden of the ordeal and is covering her true
feelings.  Turning a blind eye to the problem will not help her.  Nick
disagrees.  He believes therapy and family support should be adequate in
helping his sister.  Showing Victoria Gary's letter will only force her into
doing something she is not ready for.  Both Ryan and Nick end in

Back at Olivia's apartment, Neil tells her that it was actually Dru who
brought up the bedside promise Neil made to her when they were discussing
the future."   "Whose future?"  Liv asks.  " Dru, Lily, me, ... you."
"Me?"  "Yes, Liv."   Olivia challenges him. "So up to that discussion you
were not thinking about me at all."  "OK, I am sorry.  I had no other
excuses other than I had a lot on my mind and you know that."  Neill defends
himself awkwardly.  "Still what matters most is that I said those words and
I meant them.  Yes, Drucilla reminded me of them before I acted on them, but
you certainly should not draw too many conclusions from that!"  Olivia grows
more agitated and angry from this response and replies "It is hard not to
.... considering."  "Why?"   "Suddenly I don't want to get into this!"  She
quickly answers  "Why?  Neill asks.  "Because Drucilla had to remind me that
you and I  had to talk?  Why are you giving this so much importance?"   "You
know this issue - of the two of us - it was not on your mind at all until
your exwife had to hit you over the head with it.  If it was anything more
than just a kind man's kind words to a woman at her death's door, believe
me, you would have remembered!"   She is growing angrier.  "Why?  I would
have remembered ... eventually,"  Neill stutters and stumbles during this
awkward encounter.  "Eventually?"  Olivia asks in disbelief.  "Olivia, why
are you jumping on me about the timing? That isn't the issue."  Olivia sums
it up quickly "You know what, I don't want to get angry or emotional about
this.  I care about you too much to fight.  So please just respect me - my
feelings.  Let's just drop it, Ok?  Let's drop it Neil".  

Back at Crimson Lights, Nick tells Ryan "I'm serious.  If you keep on
bringing up Gary, or this letter to Victoria, you are only going to hurt
her.  She can't be upset like this again."  "Sounds like you are issuing me
an order."  Ryan answers. "You can say that."  Nick replies.   "I'm not
going to take orders from you Nick."   Nick continues to Ryan  "I'm going
out of town for a couple of weeks.  I don't want anything to happen to
Victoria while I am gone.  You are going to promise me you aren't going to
push Vicki into anything.  Certainly don't spring anything on her like you
did before.  If this punk writes her another letter, you do not show her -
do not tell her.  Talk to me first.  I am not warning you.  I am asking you
OK?"  Ryan nods his head.  He walks away.  Sharon looks dazed from observing
the encounter. 

Back at Olivia's, Neill begs to start over and not get sidetracked.  Olivia
tells him "It is obvious you are very upset with what's happened between Dru
and Malcolm.  It shows me that there are still a lot of unresolved feelings
that you have for your exwife.  Feelings that have come up because of
everything that has happened."  "Wait a minute, I am sooo over Drucilla and
I don't appreciate what you say otherwise."  Neil defends.  Olivia
continues.  "Say what you want, whatever, but as for talking about what is
going to happen to us, that subject is closed until you resolve whatever you
need to resolve."  Neill says "Fine, have it your way.  I am sorry.  I
really am."  He walks out of her apartment.  Olivia is exasperated.

At Gina's Baldwin tries to ease Diane from the hurt she suffered from
Victor, his contempt and hatred of her.  The venom that came out of his
mouth.  How hurtful it now is to carry his child.   Baldwin tells her - give
it some time.  Remember, you may not have Victor Newman, but you have his
child.  This may link you to him forever.  Diane sighs in frustration.
After a slight pause, she draws her thoughts together.  There are quite a
few ways of taking advantage of having Victor's child - she reminds Baldwin
of his previous suggestion to her.  Parlying this into money and money.  She
might want get into further conversations about drawing specifics if things
do not improve. 

Victor calls the lab about any recent activities on his sperm deposit.  "My
files indicate you gave verbal authorization for continued storage on March
24th.  On April 7th the deposit was transferred."   The technician informs
Victor.  "By whom?"  Victor asks.  "Your wife, sir."  Victor quickly slams
down the phone in shock.  Lab tech tells his coworker about Newman's
reaction.  How his expression was abrupt and he hung up on him.  I had a
feeling this day would come.   "There is more to this story than this
computer." co-worker adds.   "Trouble is going to follow," Tech warns.  The
coworker has an idea about solving the problem.

Victor talks to himself.  "One way or the other, Diane Jenkins, you are
going to pay for this.  You will pay."

At the coffee house, Nick looks glum.  How did that go Sharon asks him.
Nick tells her he knows McNeill means well, but this is a family situation
and not to make any judgement calls on his sister.  He tells Sharon Gary is
in a writing-letter mood.  He is afraid Gary might send something else to
Victoria other than a letter.  He wants a clear mind before heading out on
his vacation.

Jill gets ready to leave the detective's office.  She tells him it is not in
her own best interest to tip Amanda Browning about Mac's whereabouts.  She
does not want to leave a trail, a smell, as Katherine Chancellor has a sharp
nose.  The stakes are much too high now.  She is going home with new eyes
and take it from there.  Mac's birth records are going back with her.  For
good will and bring down fences.  It should go a long way to make sure that
that little waif is going to get what is coming to her and more.

Billy and Jack still talk at the pool house.  Jack assures Billy that he has
spoken with Phyllis and made it clear to her that she was not to get too
personal about their lives.  Billy answers "No harm done.  Mac and I have
our guards up and are keeping things under control."  JT is lurking about
and enters the  pool yard.  He looks around.  At the pool house, Raul is
watching the tube when Rianna comes in.  She sits close to him and they
wonder where Mac is.  Phyllis comes in.  The two talk about the commercial
filmed during prom night.  It was to be about Brittany - she was the star
but she did not get the crown that night.  Mac's coronation looks
interesting to Phyllis.  She thinks the footage is marvelous and watches the
footage again in disbelief.   "Why does Mac not want to be filmed?"   The
phone rings and she dashes upstairs.  JT enters the pool house.  He
approaches the TV looking at the commercial.  He freezes the picture with
Mac and Billy during their glorious coronation and is feasting in his
pleasure.  "I got you Abbott.  I got you now!"