Tuesday 8/15/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, August 15th, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, August 16, 2000--USA

By Monica Sue  

Newman Enterprises…

Victor is speechless with an expression of astonishment on his face when
Diane told him it was his baby.  Diane explains that with today’s
advancements in medical technology and his reserve of sperm, that is how she
got pregnant with his child.  Victor is not satisfied that this is the whole
story and informs Diane that it is illegal to tamper with other people’s
mail, and to access other people’s personal property (sperm).  He threatens
her that he will take legal action against her and saying what she did was
“deceitful and morally reprehensible.”  Diane is not phased and even has the
nerve to say that the sperm was harvested when they were still married so it
is “undeclared joint property.”  She throws the ball in his court and says,
“How are you going to deal with me?  Whatever you do, remember I am the
mother of your child!”

Jabot labs…

Ashley is struggling to maintain her concentration on her work as Nikki
enters.  Nikki wants to reinforce her gratitude for keeping Brad on the
team.  Ashley ponders whether it was the best decision, knowing that Victor
will come after them after she rebuffed his offer.  No matter how much
Ashley denies that her decision had nothing to do with her personal feelings
for Victor, Nikki can sense that Victor is still in her system.  Ashley is
upset when she breaks a beaker and is trembling (stress!).

Abbott house…

The kids are lying by the pool.  There is a tension that can be cut with a
knife between Billy and Brittany.  Phyllis alerts Mac that she put up a new
clip of Billy and Britt fighting without her knowing.  Brittany is upset by
what the people are saying on the chat room, focusing on the clip with her
and Billy fighting, some calling her “a spoiled brat”.  Brittany storms off
while Raul and Riana discuss their best friends’ relationship and how they
should encourage them to stick it out together.  Billy and Phyllis are
discussing the prom commercial and Billy offers to courier a copy over from
Jabot.  Britt confronts Mac about putting up the fight clip, saying “that
wasn’t very nice”.  Mac tells her that she had no idea that it was going to
be on the site.  Phyllis tells Britt that Mac had no part in it and in any
case, it will make a good conversation piece and it will make for an even
better make-up clip.  Britt looks skeptical and Phyllis asks, “You will make
up, right?” Britt is irritated and walks away without answering.  Raul has a
chat with Billy about how it is going with Britt.  He admits that Britt is
not being herself and Raul encourages him to reach out to her since his
break-up with Mac was so painful.  By the pool, Riana is having a heart to
heart with Brittany about cheering up and making up with Billy.  Billy and
Mac get a chance to talk.  Mac says how Phyllis is so keen on causing
trouble in their lives and Bills says they will keep their guard up while
caressing her hand.  Phyllis walks out of the pool house and says that the
commercial is wonderful.  Mac and Billy admit that they haven’t seen it yet
so they go into the pool house to see it.  After 10 seconds, Mac freaks out
pausing the machine to the scene with her image reflecting in the mirror. 
Billy hugs her and assures her that he didn’t even notice it and no one else
will either.

St. Louis…
Jill is instructing the detective to drop an anonymous tip to Mac’s mother
that her daughter is in Genoa City.  The detective is curious to know why
Jill is going to all this trouble to go after a kid.  Jill says she is more
that a kid but a conniving witch waiting to get her clutches into her son. 
They come up with covers as to how to give Amanda the tip.  They decide on
the detective posing as a reporter for a teen magazine interviewing the
family of ‘teens of the Jabot summer house’.

Paul William’s Office…

Brock and Kay are discussing their suspicions of Jill’s antics with Paul and
Lin.  Kay is sure that Jill is up to something since Jill has Amanda’s full
name and where she is from.  Paul makes a phone call and reports that Jill
booked a round-trip ticket to St. Louis.  Brock and Kay are set off by this
news and are sure that Jill is up to something.  Paul suggest that they have
someone surveillance Amanda so if she makes a move to Genoa City, they will
be ready for her.

Neil’s Office…

Neil and Dru hammer out a visitation schedule for Lily.  Dru has something
else on her mind.  Why was Neil so upset about her involvement with Malcolm,
after Neil told her that he wanted to test the waters with Olivia.  Dru asks
if Neil meant what he said to her and her sister or whether he only said it
to give Olivia hope to survive.  Neil evades her question but is unsure

Olivia’s Apartment…

Olivia is looking through a photo album and lingers on Neil’s photo,
wondering if Neil remembers their talk about a future for them together. 
Neil shows up at the door and gives her a full kiss on the lips which
surprises her.  Neil says, “This is long overdue”.  Neil says that he wants
to talk about them pursuing a relationship and that this was the perfect
time to do it.  “Finally we will be together, this is the time” says Neil as
they kiss passionately!  (Poof!)  Someone knocks at the door and it is Neil.
  Olivia was only fantasizing about what she wanted.  Neil walks in and is
more serious, saying they should talk about their relationship.