Monday 8/14/00Update


Young and the Restless Monday, August 14, 2000--Canada; Tuesday August 15, 2000--USA

Jabot board room...

Nikki and Jack finish their kiss and are surprised by how passionate it was.
  They are intrigued by where this came from and Jack suggests that there is
“only one way to find out” and they resume their kiss.  Later they admit
that they share a history together but agree this is not the best time to
pursue anything stating that Jabot is our “main priority” right now.  Nikki
assures Jack that it will not be forever.  They discuss Jack’s prior love,
Diane, and her mysterious pregnancy which perk Jack’s ears up.  Nikki hears
from Victoria that it is a one-night stand and a way to get in good with
Victor.  Nikki senses that Jack is still hurt by what Diane did to him and
she is glad to hear it for it fuels her hate for her.

Crimson Lights...

Diane and Marisa are discussing how Victor is breathing down Diane’s neck
about telling the father that she is pregnant.  Diane decides to tell Victor
that he is the father of her child regardless of his reaction.

Nick and Sharon are thrilled about the success of CLII in Milwaukee and are
talking about expanding the coffee house.  Nick suggests a scouting trip to
find potential locations but Sharon is apprehensive about Victor’s reaction.
  Nick brushes her worries away and suggests a trip without the kids and
Sharon compromises a week with and a week without the kids.


Wharton and Matt Clarke are discussing their plans but Wharton is still very
skeptical about Clarke’s true intentions for he sensed that he has a thing
for Sharon Newman.  Clarke tries to calm him down by throwing him a bone
that in the end, they will both get a big fat paycheck and the Newman’s will
pay big time.

Olivia’s Apartment...

Olivia calls Neil over to talk about his and Dru’s confrontation.  Neil says
he did nothing wrong, saying Dru only came to him to use Lily as an excuse
so she could spend more time with Malcolm.  Olivia assures him that where
Dru came from was sincere and that she is a very good mother and wouldn’t
let what is between her and Malcolm to compromise her relationship with her
daughter.  Olivia tells Neil to “Let it go!” and to let go of his anger. 
Neil comes around to her point of view and calls a less than happy Dru that
he wants to talk with her.

Jabot’s Photo Studio...

Dru is ranting to Malcolm about her fight with his brother saying how he had
the audacity to accuse her of giving him more time with his daughter so she
could have more time with Malcolm.  Malcolm soothes her hurt feelings by
saying how men act when their territory is being violated and that his
brother was going through the same thing, although they are not married
anymore.  After making out, Neil calls Dru for a meeting.

Jabot labs...

Brad waits for Ashley as she walks in.  He notices how exhausted and
frustrated she is and guesses that she had been to see Victor.  She doesn’t
want to talk now but Brad assures her that he is not there to hassle her but
to thank her for her support.  Ashley lashes out at Brad saying why he
couldn’t have let her off the hook by stepping aside.  Brad defends himself,
but not very well by saying he didn’t bow out because he didn’t want to make
it too easy for her to go back to Victor and get hurt again.  Ashley is
outraged by Brad’s reasoning saying he was testing her loyalties and
literally throws him out of the lab.

Newman Enterprises...

Victor is bruiting by the window and tells his secretary to forget about the
Jabot letter and not mail it.  Diane enters his office to discuss the
paternity of her child.  Victor is not happy to see her and says it better
be important.  Diane babbles on about how grateful she is (again) for all
that he’s done for her etc. etc. etc.  She continues to say how empty she
was when they were married that they did not have a child together.  She
says that the emptiness is gone with her current pregnancy because “Victor,
this child is yours”.