Friday 8/11/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, August 11, 2000--Canada, or Monday August 14, 2000--USAJabot 

Cosmetics (Board room)
Nikki and Brad arrive at the Jabot boardroom. The room is empty. Nikki comments that she thinks no one is interested in “talking strategy.” Jack comes in looking for Ashley. Jack and Brad exchange sarcastic comments. Jack tells Brad that Ashley left immediately after the meeting and he believes she went to see Victor.  Brad wonders why Jack didn’t try to prevent Ashley from leaving? Jack snipes, “well, if you had gracefully left JABOT…” Brad tells him that staying with Jabot will help Ashley. Jack doesn’t see why? Brad says that means she won’t be involved with Victor. Brad knows that Victor will be furious when he discovers he is remaining with the company.  Nikki thinks that Victor shows he still cares for Ashley by offering her the agreement if Brad left. Nikki knows that Victor won’t be happy to have Ashley turn his offer down. Brad asks about getting a legal strategy going? Jack says that they will handle it in due course. Nikki says they are running out of time. Jack feels they need to find out “whether we can distance ourselves from this…” Brad says he will talk to Ashley and see how she is doing?  Jack doesn’t want to hear it and says, “She has all the help she needs from her family.” He warns Brad to keep his distance from Ashley. Brad says that he will talk to Ashley and do what he can to help her. Brad Jack and Brad prepare to square off but Nikki intervenes. Brad walks out.  After Brad leaves, Jack says he knows exactly what Brad is doing “trying to take advantage of this situation and get back with Ashley.” Nikki asks Jack if he really wants Ashley back with Victor? Jack thinks that this situation between Victor, Brad and Ashley must upset her as well? Nikki becomes angry and tells Jack that she no longer let’s men and her feelings for them “influence my decisions.”  She tells Jack that he is the one that let’s emotions rule his decisions. Jack smiles and apologizes for upsetting her. She accepts his apology but wonders what he is smiling about? Jack tells her that he was thinking back on a time when they were together and how different their lives could have been if they had stayed together. Nikki says that though we’re both unattached it’s not possible to recapture the past. Jack says they may be able to “recapture a moment.” He stares at her. Nikki “How?” Jack takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. She kisses him…

Victor’s office:
Ashley tells Victor that they have voted and the decision was to keep Brad aboard. Victor wonders if she told them about his offer? She says she did but finally it came down to her vote. She admits that she “broke the deadlock.” Victor tells her that in business decisions are made that will do the least harm. He says that if Brad were gone that would have been the wisest decision. Ashley says that she promised Brad she would stand by him and she could not go back on her word. She says that her father reminded her of that promise. Victor asks if her father influenced her decision? Ashley admits that he did however, she agonized over the decision but felt she had to honor her word. She hopes that Victor understands. Victor says he “understands too well.” Ashley tells him that he is responsible for this situation. She insists he created this financial crisis. Victor says that her brother created this financial crisis. She says that if he “hadn’t been after my brother…” He tells her he “did this all for you.” She wonders when this “action-reaction” will end? She hopes it can be now. Victor says that when you “gain an advantage…you don’t throw it away.” Ashley wonders if the “wrath of the great Victor Newman will rain down on us?” She asks if this is war? Victor comments “life never ceases to amaze me.” He says he did this all for you!” He asks her what she expects?  Ashley holds up her hands in defeat and walks out.  Victor sits down at his desk; he takes out his letter for Ashley and tears it into bits. He tosses the pieces and is left looking defeated

Malcolm’s studio:
Dru arrives and asks Malcolm if he is angry with her since he “left in such an all fired hurry.” She wonders how he feels about her and Lily “as a package deal?” Malcolm says he left because he had an early shoot. He also adds that he loves having both her and Lily as a package. He tells her that he would love to have her alone in bed all night but they will work it out. He kisses her. (His pager goes off.) He tells her to wait for him as he has something to do. He leaves. Once alone, Dru calls out “Malcolm…I will be back.”  “I just thought of something I have to do.”

Neil’s Office
Mamie and Neil are talking. She asks Neil how Dru is settling in? Neil says that Dru is settling in with Malcolm. Mamie is surprised. Neil says that Lily is staying with them. Neil says that Dru told him she has something “going on with Malcolm.” Mamie thinks Neil should go and get Dru and bring her home. Neil says that Dru always does whatever she wants. Mamie thinks Neil should talk to her. Neil says he could talk “till I was blue in the face but it won’t change anything.” Mamie thinks he should tell her how you feel.  Mamie insists what Dru is feeling for Malcolm “isn’t real.” Neil feels it is Dru’s decision. Dru arrives and says she knows they were talking about her. Mamie is prepared to let Dru have it about her decision but Neil prevents her. He tells Mamie that he will handle things from here. Mamie reluctantly agrees and asks him to call her. Mamie leaves. Dru tells Neil that she knows this change has been difficult for Lily. She doesn’t want Lily to be hurt and wants him to spend as much time with her as he would like. Neil wonders if Lily is the reason that she came to see him? He thinks that by getting Lily out of the way then she and Malcolm will have a “cozy love nest.” Dru is furious and says she was thinking about him and Lily and what would be best. ”but you can forget it.” “To hell with you Neil Winters.”  She storms out. Neil “to hell with you too, Dru.”

Victoria’s Office:
Nick is tearing into Ryan for bringing the letter from “that creep.” He insists that Victoria doesn’t have to read it. Ryan tells Victoria that it is up to her? She asks him to read it to her? Victoria and Nick listen as Ryan reads Gary’s letter. “How he wants to help her…” and he “isn’t a threat to her….” How he will “understand if there is no response.” Nick sarcastically remarks that Gary feels “terrible” about the “hell he put you through.” He feels that Gary is weird and is only doing this to get out early. Victoria doesn’t agree. She asks Ryan what he thinks? Ryan says it isn’t up to him. Nick feels this letter will trigger all those memories. Ryan thinks the letter will help her deal with this. Victoria wonders why her doctor thought she should see this letter? Ryan says that it is best everything is out in the open so you can deal with it. Victoria says that the letter “did come out of the blue.” She says she feels fine and the therapy must be helping. She wants to get back to work. Nick asks her if she will be ok?   Victoria says that she is fine. Nick hugs her and leaves.

Victoria settles down to work and tells Ryan about the Jabot web site. She says it looks good but they have countered it with their gift with purchase. She wants to expand on that “idea.” Victoria sees the letter on her desk and she begins to think about Gary. Victoria says she is getting better, and now Gary has gotten in the middle again “after stalking me…” Ryan says that he is sorry about this and regrets showing it to her. She asks him to destroy the letter. Ryan says he will take care of it. She wants to get back to work. He heads for the door, turns around and sees her working at her computer. He thinks she is ok. He leaves. Victoria alone looks overwhelmed.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon is talking to Trina about Crimson Lights Too (Milwaukee). Trina tells her that things are going well. Sharon is thrilled and knows Nick will be happy to hear it.  Sharon tells Cody and Carter the good news also. Carter wonders how she juggles everything? Sharon says they can manage both because they have good employees “like you two.” She says that if they expand they will “take it as it comes.” Cody tells Carter that his workday is done and he can leave. Carter offers to stay if there is anything else to be done? Sharon says that it seems he needs the extra hours. Carter says he could do with the extra money.  Sharon asks Cody to find Carter something to do.

Cody and Carter talk about Sharon, how nice “the lady boss is.” Cody notices Warton at the jukebox and says, “Well well, look who’s here.” Cody asks Carter to “cover me.” He tells Carter he is going to get Warton to leave. Cody asks Warton nicely to leave. Warton throws a fit and says he just came for “one of those great smoothies.” Carter intervenes. The two almost come to blows… Finally, Warton leaves. Sharon and Cody thank him for his help. Carter decides he has had enough for one day and leaves. 

A little later, Nick arrives. Sharon wastes no time in giving him the good news about Milwaukee and she also tells him that Carter helped them get rid of Warton. She hopes he is gone for good.  Nick tells her about Gary Dawson’s letter. He is worried that Victoria won’t handle it very well. Sharon says that Victoria is doing everything she can to handle things since she is getting help and talking it over with people…. Nick decides she is right and knows that Victoria will “get through it.”

Warton is having a burger, when “Matt” arrives. Matt isn’t happy that Warton was late. Warton says that an order came in at work and it had to be taken care of. Matt says that if they are going to carry through with their plan then he has to “be able to rely on you.” He says he had to come up with a reason to stay late. Warton says it didn’t look that difficult for him. He says he noticed those vibes you were throwing at Sharon Newman. He asks Matt “what’s up, Romeo?”