Thursday 8/10/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, August 19, 2000--Canada; or Friday, August 11, 2000--USA By Linda in B.C. Thursday and Friday episodes 

Abbott Playhouse
Billy tells Mac that if she leaves, he will go with her. She tells him he
can't leave his family for her. He admits she would be leaving hers as
well. Mac says that is true but "it is my problem". Billy "what happens to
you, happens to me." He tells her they will get through this together. He
holds her. Later, Mac and Billy discuss Brittany. Mac wonders if she was ok
last night? Billy says he doesn't know what is going on with her, she has
been drinking again. Mac says she thought that Brittany had stopped
drinking again. Billy says he doesn't know why she started. He says that
Brittany doesn't seem to know what she is doing any more. Mac tells Billy
that Brittany isn't the only one; she says she finds it really unsettling
to see him with Brittany as part of the web site. She says that Jill is
watching her like a hawk. Mac thinks Brittany is starting to suspect
something. Billy says there is nothing to suspect "as we have been
careful." Mac admits she is scared of what Jill might do? Billy tells her
that if Brittany were the one to break things off then "my mom wouldn't
suspect a thing." Billy says that Brittany is getting restless. Mac isn't
sure. Billy says this "whole situation is getting to him." Billy says they
have to get going.  He tells her they can talk again later. Mac says she
"knows the routine" and she "will go around the back." Billy says that they
will be together. Billy kisses Mac.

Jabot Cosmetics (Board room)
Jack sums up the vote tally, two for Brad, two against, so the final vote
comes down to Ashley. Jill asks Ashley to do the right thing and save the
company. Jack tells her to think of their father. John asks Jack not to use
him as a "pawn" in this to "decide Ashley's vote." Nikki wonders if she has
been "drawn in by Victor again." Ashley tells them to stop pushing. John
says that it is time for her to cast her vote. Everyone watches Ashley as
she makes her decision. She finally says, "I vote Nay." She admits she
doesn't want Brad forced out of the company. Jill is furious and tells her
that she has "destroyed the company." Jill tries to get Jack to talk some
sense into Ashley "and get her to change her mind." John tells her the vote
is done. He tells Ashley "she made the right decision." Nikki wonders if
they will be making any "planning sessions" soon? Jack snidely remarks,
"No, that will come in time." Nikki tells Ashley that she knows it was a
difficult decision for her. Ashley haughtily remarks, "I don't think so."
Nikki asks if she can tell Brad now? John says that she can, since the vote
is final. Nikki leaves. Jill angrily remarks she doesn't know why she
"threw her lot in with this family." John retorts if "you want out it can
be arranged." Jill snidely says, "Assuming there is a company left." Jill
walks out. John and Ashley discuss their legal options since they only have
24 hours to notify Victor of their decision. John wonders who would be best
for their legal representative? Ashley suggests Michael Baldwin. John isn't
sure he wants him representing them. Ashley says that him working with
Christine has been a "calming influence". John says that would prevent her
from working for the Newman's and that would "work to our advantage." Johnasks a surly Jack what he thinks? John and Jack get into a heated argument over legal representation, and presenting a united front to Victor.
Meanwhile Ashley slips away unseen.

Baldwin & William's Attorney's at Law:
Brad & Michael arrive at Michael's office. Brad wonders what the decision
will be on the Jabot vote? Michael tells him to relax because even if they
do go to court, they have a very strong case and "it is up to Victor to
prove otherwise." Brad says he is concerned about Ashley "being drawn in by
Victor again." Michael wonders if there is something going on between Brad
and Ashley? Brad says they are friends but "we do have a past." He says
that he cares about what happens to her. He tells Michael that he "wants to
help Ashley." Michael wonders if he is thinking of leaving the company?
Suddenly, Nikki breezes in. Michael says "well?" Nikki "the demise of
Bradley Carlton.was premature." Brad is stunned "Ashley voted for me?"
Michael says that Victor's plan of divide and conquer has failed. He
wonders if Jabot will be standing alone or "presenting a united front?"
Nikki says that she tried to discuss that but it was put on hold. Michael
says they will have to decide soon. Brad says that he will be remaining
with the company, no matter what.

Victor's Office
Victor is reading over his letter for Ashley. Virginia comes in and asks if
he would like it messengered over? Victor asks her to contact shely and
tell her the letter is being sent. Virginia leaves and Victor resumes
reading. "As I promised legal action will be taken.if Bradley
Carlton is terminated" Virginia returns and says that Ms. Abbott is in a
board meeting. Virginia leaves. Victor (to himself) says "well well..  she
took that to the board meeting" "I see this as a good sign."

A few minutes later, the door opens, and Shane Davis comes in. He is John
Silva's assistant. He says he has been brought up to speed. He says that
everything is ready for Victor "the papers await your signature." Victor
tells him he will let him know when he is ready. Shane wonders if he wants
to settle this out of court? Victor tells him that since it is a simple
matter he can look after things himself. Shane tells him that he will wait
to hear back from him.  Shane says goodbye and leaves.  Victor thinks back
on Ashley, kissing her. There is a knock at the door. Victor looks over,
Ashley is there. He tells her he was thinking about her. He asks if the
vote has been taken? She says that it has and she admits,  "Brad will be
staying at Jabot."

Victoria's Office
Nick stops by to see Victoria. He wonders how she is doing? "How are you
dealing with this Gary Dawson thing?" Victoria says that she is seeing a
therapist and that is helping. Nick comments that Ryan is looking out for
her as well. Victoria says that is true but may not be for much longer. She
tells Nick that Ryan received a letter "that made him freeze" and then a
"mysterious phone call." Nick guesses that it concerns Tricia. Victoria
says that she understands him wanting to salvage his marriage. Ryan arrives
and tells Victoria that the letter was not from Tricia and it will be her
who is most affected by it. He says that the letter was for her.  Ryan
tells her that he sought some help before talking to her about the letter.
He says that he spoke to Dr. Swenson. Nick asks whom the letter is from?
Ryan says it is from Gary Dawson. Nick is furious that Ryan "would mention
that creep's name in front of my sister." Ryan assures Victoria that Dr.
Swenson didn't discuss her case specifically but did advise her to show her
the letter. Victoria asks what was in the letter? Ryan says that Gary is
trying to make amends "and atone for what he has done." Nick says that Gary
is clever and "it is probably a scam." Ryan says that Gary is in hospital
and has improved a great deal. Victoria asks why the doctor felt she should
be told? Ryan says it is best to have everything out in the open. He tells
her she doesn't have to read it if she doesn't want to. Victoria asks if he
has the letter with him? Ryan pulls the letter from his pocket

Crimson Lights
Brittany is recovering from the night before, massaging her head from a
hangover. JT comes in and wants to talk about last night. She says, "It
didn't happen." Riana arrives and asks JT where he was last night? He says
he was out.  Riana asks JT whom he was out with? Brittany changes the
subject and asks JT to leave them alone to talk. JT gives Riana a kiss on
the cheek and leaves. Riana says that she thinks JT is seeing someone else.
Brittany says she doesn't like JT "sometimes he scares me." Riana wonders
if it would be a good idea to call things off? But then says that
"sometimes he can be so sweet and charming." Riana continues to talk about
the summer, getting a new bathing suit, etc. Brittany says that she needs
to be alone for a while. Riana says that she will see Brittany at the
Abbott's. Riana leaves. J.T. comes over to Brittany's table and asks what
they were talking about? He wonders if he was the topic of conversation?
Brittany wonders if he is spying on her? JT tells Brittany not to "think
you can blow me off because you would be wrong!" He threatens to tell Billy
everything "as I can be very descriptive." Brittany says that she had too
much to drink last night. JT wonders if there is still a chance for them?
Brittany says she won't be pressured into anything.  She tells JT that if
he says anything she will never have anything to do with him again!

Chancellor Estate:
Kay tells Brock that Jill may be trying to get at her by going after Mac.
She is glad to know that Jill won't be able to find Amanda and therefore
drive Mac back out onto the street. Brock remembers a conversation he had
with Jill in which they talked about the past, Amanda, and St Louis. Kay is
very upset and tells Brock that Jill "never forgets anything." Brock says
he won't let Mac be driven away and will do everything in his power to
prevent that from happening.

Abbott Residence
Jill arrives, as Mamie is on her way out. Jill asks if Billy is home? Mamie
says in an excessively sweet tone that "Billy is out.he must have known you
were coming." Jill asks when he will be back? Mamie says they are due to
start in about an hour. Meanwhile, Raul arrives. Raul heads out for the
pool house, but Jill asks him to wait. Raul does so reluctantly. She asks
him how things are going with the site? She wonders why he came early? He
says things went well on their first day and he came to check out a few
things on the computer. Jill notices that Raul seems a little down and
offers to help. Raul tells her that he and Mac broke up. Jill is surprised
to hear it and wonders why he broke up with her? Raul says that she broke
up with him. He tells her that Mac wants to be friends. Jill wonders if it
is because of someone else? Raul says he doesn't think so and believes that
Mac would have told him if that were the case. Jill is not convinced. Raul
feels that Mac is very honest. Jill doesn't agree. Raul has had enough of
her bad mouthing Mac and walks out. Jill wonders if it is because of Billy?
She hopes that "that girl has heeded what I told her." She decides,
"MacKenzie is a threat to Billy.and I will put an end to it." She calls the
airline and makes arrangements to travel to St. Louis. She tells them it is
an emergency and needs to be on the next flight out.