Wednesday 8/09/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, August 9, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, August 10, 2000--USA

Billy and Mac's secret place.....
Billy and Mac met for a small picnic. They were very happy to see each other
but Mac was clearly distracted. Mac told Billy about her encounter and deal
with Jill. Billy and Mac plot to continue to keep their relationship a
secret. Billy pointed out that Jill wouldn't be stupid enough to do
something like track down Mac's mother. She knows that if she hurts Billy
then their relationship will be strained forever. 'If Jill hurts me, she
hurts herself' Billy said.
Meanwhile, the detective in Missouri called Jill with news that the birth
records were not burnt down and that they were in storage. Jill gave him the
go ahead to find Mac's birth certificate.'  More than ever, I am positive
that she is an imposter.' Jill told him to get back to her regardless of
whether he finds something so that she could go about another approach using
Mac's mother.
Mac and Billy cuddle on the couch discussing their relationship. She begins
to open up about her past and why she's afraid of her mother. Billy wants to
help her out because he couldn't stand to see her like this. He told her
that if everything is going to come down on her then he won't stop her from
running away. On one condition: that he goes with her.

Michael Baldwin's office.....
Brad and Nicki discuss strategy with Michael. To the surprise of the others,
Brad decides to bow out of Jabot. Nicki is outraged. Brad says that 'Jack
has a point. It makes the best sense for Jabot, our investment and it
doesn't tear Ashley apart.' Niki  counters with 'Have you ever thought of
Ashley being in the same place in two years when she is dumped by Victor
again? she will not be happy in Victor's arms' Brad says he hasn't thought
about it that way.  Michael breaks the tension by saying he had done some
research and tells them their chances of winning.

Chancellor Estate.....
Jill and Brock are talking about Jill's stress at work, the website and Mac.
  Brock stresses how happy he is since Mac has entered his life "filling a
void in my life that I never knew existed". They share an embrace while Kay
watches on.  After Jill leaves, Kay tells Brock all the horrible things that
Jill have been doing to Mac especially the letter that Jill have been raving
about.  Brock assures her that she has no bases to her threats since Mac's
paternity is a non-issue.  Suddenly, Kay realizes that Jill may be up to
look for Amanda, Mac's mom.

Ryan MacNeil's appartment.....
Ryan received a letter from Gary (Victoria's stalker). In it, Gary wants
Ryan to help him help out Victoria in the healing process. Gary stressed
that it is up to Ryan whether or not he chooses to let Vicky know about the
letter. Ryan ponders what to do next. He called the doctor in charge of
Vicki's case for advice but  she was not available.
Victoria showed up at Ryan's appartment lamenting about the latest episode
with Diane. She told Ryan that it outrages her how her falling is being
roped into Diane's scheme of landing herself back into Victor's good graces.
  Vicky spots Gary's letter on his desk. SHe assumed that it's from Tricia
but before he has time to answer, the phone rings. The call is from Vicki's
therapist.  Ryan kicks Vicki out and asks the doctor's advice on how to
handle the situation.

Victor and Diane's appartment....
Diane walks downstairs for breakfast. She and Victor exchange pleasantries.
Diane told Victor about her latest doctors appointment. She had an
amniocintisis done to see whether her baby was safe but she did not find out
the sex of her baby. Then Victor began asking Diane about when she is going
to tell the father about the baby. 'When the time is right,' she explained.
Victoria is at the top of the staircase listening...

At Newman enterprises......
Victor told the secretary to type up the Jabot agreement just as Neil walked
in. Neil questioned the aggreement suggesting that business and pleasure
don't mix. Victor agrees but in this instance, "my personal decision
overrides everything else.

In the Jabot boardroom.....
The board members show up along with Brad and Micheal.  They demand to know
why they are there.  Nicki says that Micheal has come up with some important
legal information that might get Jabot out of the jam.  Micheal says that
Newman has no case since Brad didn't directly break his non-compete claus
with Newman Enterprises (NE) since he is not on the board of directors and
he will be working in a division that does not compete with the division he
was in at NE (Brash & Sassy).  Ashley revealed to the board that she met
with Victor last night. She told everyone that if Brad leaves then he will
not sue Jabot. He was willing to put it into writing. This strengthens
Jack's point of Brad taking a sabbatical.  They take the vote and as
expected, Jack and Jill is against Brad while Nicki and John are for Brad. 
Ashley votes........