Tuesday 8/08/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, August 8th, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, August 9, 2000--USA

By Stephanie 

Baldwin & William’s Attorney’s At Law
Phyllis’s arrival interrupts Michael and Christine discussing the future of their firm. Christine tells Michael that they do need to take another look at their situation for a variety of reasons. She leaves Michael and Phyllis to talk. Phyllis says that the timing of her visit could not have been more perfect but Michael doesn’t agree. He says that he and Christine have some things to work out. Phyllis notes that the two have “hit a rut so big you aren’t likely to come through it on the other side. “ Michael says he wants to prove to Christine that he is a different person now and they must work this out. Phyllis thinks he will never be able to reach Christine’s inflated standards and tells him to just cut her loose. She feels it is Michael who is bringing in the money, not Christine. Michael tells her that she is “good for him.” Phyllis smiles seductively saying “show me how good you can be.” They share a kiss. Phyllis and Michael leave. 

Paul’s Apartment
Christine arrives home, slamming the door behind her. Paul senses that something is bothering her and wonders if Michael is giving her a hard time again? Christine tells him that it is a lot of things and “to add to it all, he is seeing Phyllis again.” Paul thinks this is Michael’s way of getting back at Christine. Christine asks for what? Paul “for wanting to start a family.” He wonders if she has changed her mind? She assures him that she hasn’t. Paul says that he doesn’t want to influence her decision one-way or the other. She says the only thing she is having second thoughts about is the partnership. Paul says she can go back to Legal Aid. Christine says she wants it to work out. Paul says that no matter what decision she makes, he will “back her 100%”. He tells her he has good news for her because the clinic called and her tests came back normal.  Christine is thrilled that there is nothing wrong with her and asks, “So what happens next?” Paul says, “We should try a little harder” as they kiss. Christine says she wants to get this partnership issue off her mind. Paul asks her not to let “Baldwin ruin this wonderful time for us.”

Malcolm’s Apartment:
Dru, Malcolm and Lily arrive, Lily slumps on the couch, clearly unhappy. Dru tries to cheer her up by showing her the park where the children play. Dru says she had a lot of fun at Malcolm’s when she had the chicken pox. Lily says she needs to go up stairs and get ready for bed. Dru lets her go. Dru comments that “that went over like a lead balloon.” Malcolm tells her not to worry as they are just getting settled in. Dru says she had no idea that Lily would be this upset by all of this. Dru says you should have seen Neil’s face when I told him we would not be staying with him. Malcolm says he doesn’t see what the problem is since we are all divorced. Malcolm tells her that he really cares about her and knows that “this will work out.” Dru says they need to be careful. Malcolm kisses Dru.  Lily comes downstairs and asks which room she will be in? “Will it be the same one as before?” she asks. Dru and Malcolm exchange looks and Dru tells her that it will be the same as before. Lily asks her to help her unpack? Dru tells her to go and brush her teeth first. Lily says “ok, but don’t be too long.” Dru smiles “Little miss, laying down the law”. Lily heads upstairs. Dru tells Malcolm that she loves Lily and right now she is hurting. Malcolm says he understands that she expected them to live as a family and now it won’t happen. He says he understands her being disappointed, and tells Dru that she’s an amazing mother. Dru gives him a quick kiss and she follows Lily upstairs.  Malcolm watches her leave, clearly frustrated. 

Olivia’s Apartment
Olivia is debating whether to call Neil? There is a knock at the door, Neil is there. Neil comes in and asks if Nate is around? Olivia says that he is asleep. Neil proceeds to tell Olivia that he can’t believe how stupid he was believing and trusting in Dru only to have her live with Malcolm.  He says he doesn’t understand how she can hurt Lily this way? Olivia says that Lily will be near by. Neil sarcastically remarks “as opposed to being on another continent?” He feels that it is unfair of Dru to put Lily through this. Olivia says perhaps it is a “blessing in disguise.” Neil asks what she means? Olivia says that Dru has been gone along time.  She believes that his reaction to this indicates he still has feelings for her. Neil admits that Dru “blind sided” him. He also says that he thought Malcolm “had grown up.”  Olivia says she doesn’t think this is just about his concern for Lily’s welfare nor is it about his “sparring” with Malcolm. Neil says he may have feelings for Dru but doesn’t think he can let her “do this to me again.” He tells Olivia that he has dumped enough on her for one night, tells her she is a good friend and leaves. Olivia realizes Neil only thinks of her as a friend and begins to cry.

Ryan’s Apartment:
Ryan and Victoria arrive home. Ryan apologizes for the mess. Victoria says that “every time it is your turn for dinner, its take out.” Ryan sorts through his mail. (A letter from Gary Dawson is among it.)  Victoria thanks him for waiting through her first appointment with the psychologist. She asks him if he wants to know how it went? As Ryan opens a bottle of wine, he says that he does, but he admits he is hungry. He suggests discussing it over dinner. They sit down to dinner and Victoria tells him about Dr. Swanson. She admits that if she keeps things bottled up then they become worse. She says it is better to face things head on. Ryan comments on how Tricia couldn’t do that. Victoria says that Tricia’s problems are different than hers. She says that she is living proof “that therapy works.” Ryan wishes Tricia could see things that clearly. He says he needs to clean this place up. Victoria offers to do it. She tells him to go ahead and look at his mail. Ryan sorts through the mail and is shocked when a letter from Gary Dawson is in the pile. Victoria notices his reaction and believes the letter is from Tricia. She says that she will leave him alone to read his mail. She thanks him for being there for her, kisses him goodbye and leaves.  A stunned Ryan, sits down, opens the letter from Gary and begins to read it.

Abbott Residence:
Ashley is pacing the floor, talking to herself “it’s getting to me, Victor, Brad, the company, it’s getting to me.”  Billy comes in and asks her if she is ok? Ashley says it has been a “long hard day in the salt mines.” Billy says he has some good news for her, the website is up and running and there have been a lot of “hits.”  He says that Phyllis sure seems to know what she is doing. Ashley says that things must be difficult for him since he is with the girl he is seeing and the girl he is in love with, all at the same time.  Billy asks what she is talking about? Ashley says that she saw the footage of he and Mac at the prom and their feelings were obvious. Billy says they got caught up in “prom.” He asks if she remembers what her first prom was like? He says that it has been a long time but is sure she must remember how it felt? Ashley says she does and then excuses herself (as she becomes emotional.)  Billy (to himself) says, “If we’re not careful everyone will know our secret. “

Billy calls Mac. He tells her he took Brittany home because she was tired. He asks if she will meet him? She says that “now is not a good time” and hangs up. Billy is left confused. Ashley comes in. He wonders how long she has been there? Ashley says “not long.” He asks her not to say anything about her suspicions regarding him and Mac? Mamie comes in and tells Ashley that her dinner is ready. Mamie tells Ashley to get some rest, as she is looking over tired. Mamie admits she is tired and says goodnight.  Later, while having dinner, Ashley just picks at her dinner. Billy asks what’s wrong? She tells him that she was thinking about him and how this time of his life should be wonderful and simple. She says that falling in love at his age is innocent. She admits that life gets complicated quickly. She tells him that no one knows what the future has in store for them and he should enjoy every moment he has right now. She tells him not to let anyone stand in his way “who tries to take that away from you.” Billy admits his life is complicated but he is working through it. He asks her if she is really ok? She says she is but she is tired. She heads upstairs. Billy picks up the phone and sets the receiver down again, having changed his mind.

Chancellor Estate:
Jill lays into Mac about the letter. She says she knows that Mac signed for it and that it is “a felony to tamper with the US mail.” Mac doesn’t say a word. The phone rings, Mac answers it and says, “now is not a good time.” and hangs up. Jill asks who it was? Mac lies and says it was someone from the coffee house. She asks Mac if she is staying away from Billy? Mac asks Jill if “that is what this is about?” “Are you still worried about me & Billy?”  Jill says she isn’t worried about that as “you will never be in his life.”  Mac says “you’ve hated me since I came here…but I don’t care.” She begs Jill not to let her mother find her. She tells Jill that she “doesn’t understand…my mother can’t find out where I am.”   Jill tells her not to give her “any reason to upset me” and “I won’t get in touch with your mother.” She asks Mac if she understands? Mac silently nods her head as tears run down her face. Mac flees upstairs.  Jill (to herself) “Why don’t you want your mother to find you MacKenzie?” “Is it because you are afraid of her or is it because she will prove you are no more Katherine Chancellor’s grand daughter, than the man in the moon?”