Monday 8/07/00Update


Young and the Restless Monday, August 7, 2000--Canada; Tuesday August 8, 2000--USA

Abbott Residence:
JT offers Brittany the flask. She takes a sip from it. And then drinks more. JT tells her to “save me some.” Brittany says she has been “so trusting” of Billy and “has put her heart on the line for him.” She takes another drink before returning the flask to JT. She tells him that she has no proof there is another girl “let alone MacKenzie.” JT says he doesn’t understand why a guy like Billy wouldn’t let her know how much she means to him. He says that Billy doesn’t treat her like she is #1 in his life. Brittany whines, “It isn’t fair.” “It’s not fair the way he has been treating me.” JT holds her, kisses her on the neck…   Later Brittany is doing up the buttons on her blouse as JT is putting his shirt back on. He offers her another drink? Brittany says no. JT tries to kiss her but she tells him “no.” He asks why not? He says that with the way “Abbott has been treating you…” Brittany reasons that it is “Billy’s fault.” Brittany becomes upset and tells JT that “it didn’t happen” “If you breathe a word to anyone, you are dead.” She tells him he has to leave and she will get a cab.

Crimson Lights
Phyllis and Mac are going over things for the site. Mac is surprised Phyllis would want to work at Crimson Lights? Phyllis says the place is alive and she likes the atmosphere to work. Phyllis thanks her for agreeing to do the extra work. She adds that she thinks she knows why Mac agreed to it. Mac asks why? Phyllis says that since she has broken up with Raul and the whole situation was uncomfortable for you. She says that Brittany was in a chat with someone and became upset when someone questioned her about “the mystery girl”. Mac asks “what mystery girl?” Phyllis says that clip of you and Billy upset Brittany. Phyllis wonders if there is something going on between Billy and Mac? Mac thinks that Phyllis is making something out of nothing. Phyllis tells Mac that she thinks that Mac is hiding something and wonders what it is? Phyllis tells her that she loves  “a good conspiracy” and she will figure it out on her own.  Before Mac can answer, Billy arrives. Billy asks how things are going? Phyllis says that things are going well and is glad to have Mac’s help. Phyllis leaves, and Billy sits with Mac.  While Phyllis is paying her bill, she watches them talk. Phyllis looks like the proverbial “cat who swallowed the canary” as she leaves. (Me thinks the secret is out.) Billy asks Mac to go with him to “our secret place”? Mac agrees and begins to gather up her things.  Billy wants to get something to go. He tells Mac they shouldn’t be seen leaving together, as “someone may tell Brittany.” Mac agrees and then tells him that she will see him tomorrow as she is tired and wants to go home. Billy pulls Mac aside and “sneaks” a kiss. Mac leaves. A little later, Brittany comes in. As he talks to her, it is obvious she has been drinking. Brittany tells him she came by cab.  She says that she was upset because of the way Billy has been treating her lately. She feels that just because he can’t “have a little fun” doesn’t mean she can’t. Billy apologizes to her. Brittany tells him not to worry things are ok now. Billy offers her a ride home? She accepts and they leave. Meanwhile, JT and Brendan are talking. Brendan says that it is too bad his “little trick on the chat line didn’t work” since Billy and Brittany are still together. JT is smiling. Brendan asks why he is smiling?  Brendan looks at JT “Did you pull it off?” JT “Let’s just say Brittany turned to me for comfort.” He says that even though she feels a little guilty now, she will turn to him for more comfort. He asks Brendan not to say anything to anyone “I have a feeling she will need more comfort soon.”

Jill comes into the Lab. Ashley tells her she is busy. Jill tells Ashley that no matter what happens at the meeting tomorrow, the “final vote will come down to you.” She wants Brad to take a two-year leave of absence and then come back to a “major position in the company.” Jill feels that Ashley has the power to ruin the company by voting the wrong way. Jill feels that Brad shouldn’t mind taking the time off at all. Ashley sees two reasons she should support Brad, first because they promised to support him when he invested in their company and the second… Jill interrupts and says that they still don’t know what Victor may do, even if Brad does leave. Jill tells her “if this is causing you pain now, it will be nothing compared to what you will be feeling later on.”  Jill leaves, Ashley is left in utter turmoil.

Baldwin & Williams Attorney’s at Law:
Michael is working, Brad arrives. Brad tells him that Victor has given JABOT 24 hours to remove him from the company or be included in a lawsuit. Michael feels that this is perfect as “JABOT will be forced to act.” He tells Brad not to worry as “Ashley is on your side.” Brad isn’t convinced that he will have her support “since she is torn by her feelings for Victor.” Christine comes in and is surprised to find Michael and Brad talking. Michael introduces Brad to Christine and describes the issue of the non-compete clause with Newman Enterprises.  Christine says that she will talk to Michael after his meeting. She leaves. Brad asks Michael if Christine has a problem with him as a client?  Michael tells him that he will straighten it all out.  He says that Brad could hire another lawyer but he feels that he knows Newman the best. Michael asks when the next board meeting will be?  Brad tells him that it is tomorrow morning. Michael says that he will wait to hear from him after that.  Brad leaves. After he is gone, Christine goes into his office and lays into Michael for taking on Brad as a client when they had agreed not to represent either the Newman’s or the Abbott’s “due to conflict of interest.” Michael says that he won’t be working for the Newman’s or the Abbott’s only Brad and as a result there is no conflict of interest. He also adds that they need the money to shore up their cash flow. He says that he thought she wanted this firm to be as successful as he does. Christine says that he is doing this to get back at her for wanting a child. Michael tells her that he would never stoop so low as to prevent her from having something that she wants. He does tell her that the timing could be better. Christine says that her personal life is just that, personal. He says that he may have to reconsider having her as a partner. Before Christine can respond, Phyllis waltzes in saying “Michael, I know…well hello Christine.” Christine looks at her with contempt.

Chancellor Estate:
Jill arrives home, her cell phone rings. She answers it and the courier service tells her that they have the delivery signature for her? Jill asks who signed for it? The clerk reads from the delivery form “MacKenzie Browning.” Jill asks if he is sure? He says that it is correct. She thanks him and hangs up. The door opens, Mac comes in. Jill “Well, MacKenzie, just the person I have been waiting for.”

Olivia’s Apartment:
Dru spends time alone with Lily explaining to her that they will be going to stay with Uncle Malcolm. Lily is upset, as she wanted them all together as a family. Dru reminds her that she and Neil are divorced and “there were reasons behind it.” She tells Lily that she is sorry that she is going to be hurt in this. Lily says that Dru is breaking a promise. She says that she knew even though they (Neil and Dru) couldn’t be together, she wanted them as a family. Dru assures Lily she will get to see her father often, as they are not going back to Paris. Dru tells her they can’t stay with Olivia, as she isn’t well enough yet. (Olivia overhears this last comment-shaking her head.) Dru tells her it is time to go. Lily and Dru leave

Neil’s Apartment:
Neil has Lily’s bags packed. There is a knock at the door. Malcolm is there. Neil is furious with Malcolm for “going after Dru.” They argue as Malcolm tries to tell him that it wasn’t like that at all “this came out of the blue.”  Neil says that Malcolm knew how he felt about Dru and went after her anyway. Neil says that Malcolm should have known what would happen. Neil tells Malcolm to get out! Dru knocks on door saying, “Hello, we’re here!” Neil opens the door; Lily asks him why he and Uncle Malcolm are fighting? Neil says they were having a disagreement.  He tells her he has her things ready to go. Lily tells him that she will miss him. She says, “mommy told me why we couldn’t stay.”  Neil tells her that he will be seeing a lot of her. He says that she can stay the night whenever she wants. Dru tells Lily to leave one of her bags here for when she does stay over. Lily leaves one behind, Malcolm takes the other and leaves. Lily kisses Neil goodbye she tells him that she “wants to stay with him.” Dru says they have to get going. Dru takes Lily by the hand as they leave. When the door closes, Neil breaks down sobbing.