Friday 8/04/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, August 4, 2000--Canada, or Monday August 7th, 2000--USA

At the poolside, Riana humors Raul with golf.  Brit enters – and she is angry.  “Billy did you look at the clip with some girl?”  “What girl?”  “The one that was not ME.”  “No, I didn’t.  What are you talking about?”   “I screwed up!”   Phyllis immediately enters.  One clip is of you and Mackenzie.”  “You did what Phyllis?” Mac springs up.

  “What’s that smile for?”  A friend asks JY.  “I just gave Brittney something to think about.  The scene with that girl in the web site looks kind of intense.  It doesn’t matter who Billy is talking to.  I’m just putting doubts into her head.  That creates a situation with all sorts of possibilities.”  “Especially if you were at the right time and the right place to help her out?”  His friend answers.  “I’m going over the Abbott place to check things out.” JT says as he heads off.

  “What is the matter, Ashley?  It sounded urgent on the phone!”  Jack marches into the boardroom.  “It IS urgent.  Brad has already responded to Victor’s lawsuit.”    Nikki answers.  Jack takes the letter that had arrived from Victor.  Because it is addressed to the Board of Directors of JABOT he is assured.  “Well, this is not a formal legal document.  That’s a good thing.”  “Read it Jack.  That is not good news.”  Nikki answers.

Victor confers with Silva.  “I’ve tossed a firecracker in the rat’s nest.  I wish I were there to observe the reaction.”   Silva guesses those at JABOT would be divided about the situation.  Victor is aware that if his plans to divide and conquer is too obvious, they may assume solidarity and pull together.  Victor pauses to think further.  He doubts the clarity in his letter to them.  He has an idea – this is too important to leave to chance.  He gets up quickly and leaves his office.

“Drucilla you say that something unexpected happened to you.”  “Yeah, she answers soft. “ Malcolm and I got ‘involved’.”  “What do you mean ‘involved?” Neil asks anxiously.  “Intimately.”  Dru answers.    Neil looks hurt and horrified. 

“You should have found my pages last night.” Tomas tells Nina at CL.  “You didn’t take into account that I have a teenage child preparing for a wilderness trip and your envelope was strewn somewhere.”  Nina deftly avoids being caught trying to dodge his direct queries.

“I wasn’t supposed to be on the camera!”  Mac shouts at Phyllis.  “It was only your back.”  Phyllis counters.  “You were not supposed to show any of me on the camera!” Mac yells.  “Gee, Mac, don’t flip out?”  The others crowd together to look into the camera.  “See Mac, you can’t see who it is Phyllis tries to assure her.”   “I don’t see what the problem is, Riana says.  “I really don’t want to be on the camera, not even my back, so don’t ever do it again!”  Mac warns Phyllis.

“What is up with her?”  Riana asks Raul.  “I asked her about that and she wouldn’t say.”  “What’s going on between you and Mac?  You sound awfully concerned about her.”  Brittney seethes with anger.  “Chill out.  Don’t make a big deal about this.”  Billy answers.  “Why is it so important for you to have her here?” She asks.  Billy tells her it was important to Jack.  The tension grows.  Phyllis salivates as she looks at the camera.  “Whatever is going on with these kids, it sure turned out to be hot stuff.”

“So, you and your hotshot lawyer think you’ve scared the mustache off, Bradley?”   Jack reads the letter aloud.  Victor is seeking full legal reprisal within 24 hours if Brad is not removed from JABOT.   “Well!” Jill says.  “Line’s are certainly drawn now.”  “I told you sending Baldwin down there alone was a stupid idea and would bring Victor down on all of us!   This is exactly what has happened!”   Jack bellows.  “So what to do now?” Jill asks.    Jack said it was obvious.  He and Jill reiterate the option for Brad to take a holiday.  But Bradley counters “You remember when Nikki and I came up with 70 mil to save your butts, we all knew this moment would come and we decided we would face this together.  If you want me out, I will go.  Just cut me a cheque for my 35 mil plus interest and I am on my merry way.”  “This is just ridiculous.  Doesn’t anybody’s word matter to anyone anymore.”  Nikki pipes in saying that the group is beginning to sound as dishonorable as Victor.   Brad adds  “Instead of wasting time trying to get rid of me we should try to figure out how to fight Victor.  We should respond forcefully, showing that we are not intimidated.”   “The problem is we are intimidated.”  Jill asserts.  “You see Bradley, you and Baldwin put JABOT on the ropes.  Next time you come up with a brilliant idea, keep it to yourself!”  Jack shouts.  Brad looks defeated - deep down.

At Liv's, the two children are enjoying her company as she reads to them.  Lily asks what has happened to her mommy and daddy.  The door knocks.  The kids rush to the door expecting their parents but Malcolm enters.  “It’s my two little people.”  Malcolm grabs them up into his arms.  Olivia tells Malcolm that Dru and Neil are downstairs talking.  Malcolm tries to cover his anxious feelings.

“Drucilla.  I must be dreaming or mistaken because I thought I heard you say you are having an intimate relationship with my brother?”  Neil struggles with his words.  He is deeply hurt.  Dru is sorry to hurt him but blames the stress and the crises.  She was thrown.  She wanted to leave town, so she turned to Neil because she was so afraid to be alone. But Neil’s temper gets the better of him.  “You mean to say that while your sister was fighting for her life in the hospital you were busy under the sheets with Malcolm?”  Dru attempts to explain her confusion.  She desperately struggles through her words.  That during her sister’s crises the tension had drawn Malcolm and her more closely together.  “Why the hell did you want to come back here again?  Where was that coming from.  I was to save you from Malcolm?  You wanted me to give you a place to hide.”  “Yes, I wanted you to save me from myself.”  “You and Malcolm have kissed and made up.  Did you come to me to say ‘thank you Neil, I am out of here?’  You bet I’m angry.  I am enraged!!  This is totally insensitive of you.  That in the middle of a crises you jump into bed with Malcolm.  I don’t believe this!”  Dru is completely exasperated and looks defeated.

“Dru and Neil are downstairs talking?”  “Yeah, and they’ve been talking for a while.”  Liv tells Malcolm who has his arm around Lilly and Nate.  Lilly asks if she can call her daddy, and Malcolm teases her about not grabbing her full attention.  Dru demands Malcolm to explain what he knows is going on between Neil and Dru. 

Best way to get Victor to back down is present a united front. This is Brad’s suggestion at the meeting.  Jack answers to the contrary.   Fighting a lawsuit ties up resources that needs not ever have to happen.  Jill concurs with Jack.  All he has to do is disappear for a while.  She adds that if they put it in writing that Brad will be on the board the minute he comes back.  Nikki challenges Jill – why should he believe her?  She made a lot of promises when she was desperate and she has not lived up to them.  Jack argues with Ashley as she tries to convince them to go along with Michael Baldwin’s suggestion of a united front.  Why would she gamble the family business on Baldwin’s crackpot theories?  Nikki claims that they are not know whether Victor may sue even after Bradley leaves the company.  

Divide and conquer – don’t you see we are playing right into Victor’s hands?  Brad reminds them.  By removing him, he will have fractured the company.  Jack answers, “I know exactly what Victor will do if Brad does not take a powder.  Either he bows out gracefully or we take a board vote – right now!  Either way you go!” (Jack points at Brad).  Nikki says “We can’t vote!  Your father is not here.”  Jack claims the urgency of the matter demands it.  Ash threatens to vote against Jack if they do not wait for John Abbott.  If he pushes her she will vote for Brad and it will be a tie.  Jack reminds them they have only the 24-hours to respond to Victor.  Otherwise it will be too late!

At CL, Nina struggles talking with Tomas.  She gulps her words as she attempts to draw Phillip into the focus of her present frame of mind.  Tomas wants to know why she doubtful about her trip.  Nina holds up the yellow envelope.  “Aw, my chapters.  Maybe it was not such a good idea to get you to read them.”  Tomas will wait for his editor’s response, which will come soon enough.

Ashley enters her lab and finds a brooding, glowering Victor waiting.  “What are you doing here?” she asks him 

At the pool house, JY’s red shirt is seen darting across the back yard.  Phyllis dismisses everyone.  Day one is officially over.  She claps.  Everyone was great.  Mac asks what is going to be edited for tomorrow’s clips.  She has ideas to present to Phyllis.  Mac tells Billy she will keep an eye on what is on the web site to prevent any further ‘surprises’.

Nikki is asked by Jack to remain behind.  She will not take sides with Jack.  Jill asks Brad what is wrong with a 2-year paid vacation.  Brad gives her three reasons.  He does not rattle, he does not run, and if he were out of the picture Victor will crack JABOT like and egg and his investment would be down the tubes.  When alone with Nikki he asks “Isn’t it great to be so loved and appreciated?  Especially when they would be down the drain without us.”  Nikki who puts doubts into Bradley’s confidence about Ashley’s loyalty.  There is another force that could push her to vote against Bradley.  “Victor!”  Brad agrees. 

“What can I do for you?  “I want to talk to you.” Victor quietly answers Ashley.    “Do you want to threaten me further?”  “I want Brad out of this company.  Because he violated his contract with my company.   If he leaves I will not pursue any further action against JABOT.”  Ashley reminds him Brad is not the only person who has fallen out of grace with Victor. Jack and Nikki are also his enemies.   Victor said he will forgo seeking any further vengence against Jack.  It depends upon Ashley’s role in this.  “You make it sound so simple.  All I have to do is throw Brad to the wolves, right?” 

At CL, Tomas asks Nina how long she will be gone and she said only a few days.  “I really value your opinion. “If you could find time to look over my chapters.  I’d really feel better before sending them off.”  “Do you really want my opinion?”  Nina gently asks.  “I trust you completely.” Tomas asserts.

“You and My Brother!  I would say unbelievable, but I am not surprised.”  Dru  pathetically pleads with Neil that she never meant this to happen. That is why she had to come over to talk to him about them not being able to stay any longer with him.  “OBVIOUSLY! “ Neil shouts.  She offers that Neil could spend any time with Lilly.  “Aw, gee, really?  Thank you!  THANK YOU!  I’m sure that her dream of a family to stay together has turned into a nightmare.”   “Don’t drag her into this to get even with me.  I wanted us to be together.  It was not a good fit!”  “How was the fit with Malcolm?  It was a Real Good Fit I’ll bet!   “That was a low blow!  This was Lilly’s dream, but I’m sorry this is not going to happen.”  Neil yells that she could have given it a chance.   “You are so unstable.  It scares me to think that a person as flighty and unpredictable as you is raising our daughter!”  “You have some nerve,” Dru fires back.  “I know that you are coming from anger and I will let these insults to roll off my back.  No matter that even though Lily is not going to stay here, I want you to spend some quality time with her…”  “No! No! NO!   No way you are taking my baby girl over to Malcolm’s house.  There is no way you are taking her!”  He threatens Drucilla.

“Let us put our cards in the table.  My sister told me she is thinking of pursuing a relationship with you!” Liv addresses Malcolm who answers  “Whew!  I am willing to get into this with you but the last thing I need to do after your returning from the hospital is get into something as heavy as this.”  Liv pursues her questions.  “ Are you two getting together?”  “Yes, Livia, we are.  We just don’t know where it is headed yet.”  “But you intend on trying?”  “Yes, looks that way?  “Well, I guess we know what Dru is talking to Neil about don’t we?”  Livia rolls her eyes.   Malcolm attempts to minimize the situation.  Liv grows viscous.  “When I think how excited Neil was to getting his family back together again.  He must be devastated!”  “This may be hard on you.  But  Neil is a big boy.  But you on the other hand seem cool by it.”  Malcolm asks Liv who answers “Yes, but I wasn’t so blind sided as he is.”   “So, Dru and me hooking up doesn’t that faze you in the least bit?  Is that what you are trying to say?”  Liv looks directly at him with her coldest stare.

“What is up with her!  Yeah, what is UP with her?”  Brittney and Riana ask Billy who says, “I don’t know.  Let’s not get bummed over it.”  He suggests going over to see a movie.  “You and me?”  Brittney hopefully asks.  “No, all of us.”  Billy is exasperated with Brittney.  “Why won’t you come with us?  You are still upset by that clip in the website.”  “Bye Billy.”  Brittney gives him the brush off.  “Fine.  Have it your way.” Billy quietly answers and leaves.   Brittney stalks off to the pool house.   JT is lurking around the back of the pool yard.  After the group split, he emerges into the scene looking closely around.

So, you think Vic will influence his position with Ashley against me?  Brad asks Nikki who tells him Ashley is still vulnerable to Victor.  She tells him she has picked up vibes that Victor still wants to be with Ashley.  Brad sums that if he were out of the picture, Victor won’t sue JABOT.  There seems to be a lot of distance between them, Nikki also adds.    Brad hopes their paths won’t soon cross. 

“You think I should sacrifice Brad to save Jack and JABOT.”  That is exactly what I am saying.  “Yeah, but you stood exactly in this same room not too long ago and said you wouldn’t go after Brad.”  “I made you an offer but you turned it down.”   “Because I wanted you to put it in writing and you wouldn’t.”  “This time I will.  “Are you serious this time?”  “Yeah.”  “Well I have a problem with that.  When we brought Brad back into this company I promised I would stand by him.”  “Brad means that much to you that you would turn down my offer?”   “This is about me.  I am honoring my word to him, Victor.  Because, when you put us into that impossible situation (she seethes) Brad was there for us.  He bailed us out.”  “Are you aware how much you stand to lose? of the long protracted legal battle you are getting into?”  Victor reminds her.  “There you go again.  Threatening me!”  Ashley fires back.  Victor returns.  “Listen to me.  I want Brad Carleton out of here.  He spit on his contract with me. No one does that to me and gets away with it.” 

Nina gets ready to separate from Tomas.  They kiss, and as she leaves, he calls her back, “Wait, my chapters!” Tomas shouts after her.  “Of course,” Nina says limply.  She takes one last look at him before he leaves.

Brittney is remembering the conversation with Riana about Billy acting ‘kinda strange.’  You should have seen him at the poolhouse when me and Billy walked into an intense situation between Mac and Raul and Billy was almost trying to protect her.  “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to do with the web site.” Riana had tried to assure her.  JT entered.  “It is obvious Brit.  You boyfriend has a crush on Mac.”      

The door knocks, returning Brittney to the present.   JT enters.  “I was just looking for Riana.”  “They went to the movies.  You can find them there.”  “What’s wrong?”  “Nothing.”  “Does this have something to do with Billy?” JT  asks.  Brittney sulks and he says, “Forget it.  See you around.”  Brittney asks JT to wait.  “ The last time I saw you, you said some things to me. Do you think Billy is interested in another girl, or are you messing with me? “ Brittney asks.  

“Now, you listen to me.  You are not, NOT going to take my little girl to live with Malcolm!”  Neil yells.   “Now YOU listen to me.  That is my little girl.  If I go, Lilly goes.” Dru replies.   Neil asks, “Do you think it is a good situation?  For Lilly to be living with you and – him?”  Dru answers  “Who do you think you are talking to?  I will be careful with her.  She will be fine!”  “So while you two are lounging around in your bathrobes necking in the kitchen, Lilly will be wondering if Uncle Malcolm is her daddy.  If you think I am going to stand by and see you drag Lilly through this, you are wrong!”  Neil yells.  “I tried to be civil with you, but  if you think you can to twist this around and make it look like a bad mother, think again.”  “No, Dru, you are doing just fine on your own.”  “Lilly has been with me for a long time.  We have traveled a long time - without you.”  “Witnessing you with your various affairs?”  Neil retorts.  “How dare you.”  Dru slaps Neil in the face.  We are partners.  Don’t you think about about taking Lily from me, making trouble.  You will lose!”   “Really?  You think I will lose?  I will save that little girl from you.  Don’t you count on this Drucilla!”  Neil calls out to Dru as she slams the door behind her.

“You are doing it again.  You are using your money and powers to intimidate and manipulate me.  “Ashley I am trying to help you.  I would think you would leap at the opportunity.”   Victor attempts to reason with Ashley.  “Weigh the options.  Either you break a promise with a man who never kept one in his life, or you lose your family business.  Not a difficult choice to make?”   “Apparently it wouldn’t be for you, would it?” Ashley answers.  “Unless some other factors are involved?”  Vic asks gently.  “I await to hear from you.”    “Yah, I know I’ve got 24 hours!” shouts Ashley as Victor leaves.  He stops, turns around, and faces her squarely.  He sighs deeply, then leaves.  Just then Brad walks towards Ashley’s office.  He sees that Victor has been in an intense discussion with Ashley, who sits gazing far away with her eyes blazing.

“Olivia, it seems to me you would have a whole lot to say about this,” Malcolm asks.  “My feelings are not important are they?  I’ll tell you what my concerns are.  That is how your relationship is going to affect Lilly.  Other than that I wish you and Dru well.  Dru  enters the apartment looking like a sick puppy, and Lilly rushes towards her.  They  embrace.  “Can we go home now?”  Lilly asks.

JT wants Brittney to know of his disapproval of Billy hitting on other girls.  “You picked up on that?” Brittney asks.    “Yeah.   JT is sympathetic and hands her a flask.  Brittney opens it and takes a long drink.  After a swallow, she tips the flask again.  “That ought to fix it.  You can always count on me.  Whatever you need.”  JT assures her while Brittney’s eyes leer into the distance.