Thursday 8/03/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, August 3rd, 2000--Canada; or Friday, August 4th, 2000--USA By Linda in B.C. Thursday and Friday episodes 

At the pool side, Britney applies lip gloss to Billy’s mouth.   Mac sulks in the background.   Phyllis walks over and asks Mac to takes notes, those which are most important.   She doesn’t want anything that looks staged, in order to draw people into what is happening to the group.   For example, when Brittney applied lip gloss on Billy’s mouth, that was perfect.   It showed intimicy, that they were close and it was obvious what they feel about each other.   Brittney gets up to dance and asks B to join her.

Jack is on the phone attempting to find out Brad’s whereabouts when Jill walks in.   “Don’t tell me our friend has skipped town.”   “Boy wouldn’t that solve all our problems.”   “Oh, dream on Jack.   Brad wouldn’t walk away.   Not without a fight!”   In other words he would rather watch our family company goes up in smoke rather than get his ego bruised.”   They decide to sit tight and wait until Brad or Baldwin contact Victor. And wait for Victor’s actions.   Assuming that’s Victor’s not going to back down.   “Since we can’t ‘convince Golden Boy to take a hike’…”      “Let me guess.   You’re talking about me.” Says Brad who enters the room.   Is he dragging feet about the suit against him?   Jack asks.   Brad happily announces that he has come up with a great idea to fight back Victor.   One that is certain to get Victor’s full attention.

“So I take it there has been no word from Carlton?”   “No news is good news,” Victor answers.”   Silva adds, “I wouldn’t count on that - that Brad and his attorney are devising some plan to purposely delay the suite.   Silva is wondering what advice Brad is getting and from whom.   The phone rings and Victor says, “Send him in!”   The door opens and Michael Baldwin confidently strides in turning to lock the door behind him.   “Good afternoon, gentlemen.” He said, cheerfully!

Dru talks to Nell about expectations he has for her living with him.   Neil reminds her that she brought up the idea herself.   And he is aware that she is afraid that their old feelings for each other may resurface.   As history has dictated, they need to worry, she warns him.   Neil tried hard to convince Dru that they would be able to behave like mature adults for the sake of their daughter.   Dru tells Neil she regrets that their living arrangement has begun and advises Neil to forget that she ever mentioned it.

AT CL, Nina is reading Tomas’ work when Cody comes behind her.   He likes her new hairdo.   She hears that Tomas has also entered.   Cody informs Tomas that Nina was also there.   But as Tomas looks around for her, he finds that Nina has disappeared.

Nikki enters Ashley’s boardroom.   She tells her she is looking for her father.   She leaves a report for John.   Nikki asks Ashley if she has heard anything further from Victor.   She is sure they we=ill hear from him really soon

“What gives me the extreme displeasure of your company?” Victor asks at Baldwin.   Had Brad Carl gotten his attorney to do his dirty work for him? “Mr. Carleton and I though that a face-to face- meeting with be best.   That there would be no miscommunication.”   “You say what you have to say and get the hell out of here.”   Victor thunders at Michael.

Hi, What a cute haircut!”   Christine greets Nina as she enters Chris’ office.   “Is everything alright, are you worried about Phillip?”   Chris digs seeing that Nina is out of sorts.   “No, I feel so awful, I was at the coffee shop and Tomas came in, so I went out the back door so he won’t see me. Last time I saw Tomas he gave me some papers for me to read.   I was certain that they were going to be so much better than than he thought.   That the only problem was his lack of confidence.” “Is anything wrong, asks Chris. “Either he’s wrong or I’m wrong.”  

Billy complains they have been out in the sun all day and he is burning up. Brittney reminds him he promised her a dance.   Phyllis gets up after photographing the group and is now editing the work.   Keep on watching and take notes, she directs Mac.   Ready to swim?   Brit invites Billy, and Raul walks up to Mac, asking if he could talk to her. He can’t believe she is so adamant being out of the spot light. He tells her about the awkwardness both are experiencing and that she still means a lot to him.   He will try to accept their friendship.   He’d hate to lose her completely.   Mac tells him she misses him too.   She begins to explain and he tells her it is ok. She doesn’t need to. “ I am not going to give up on you Mac.” Raul tells himself after she leaves.

At CL, Cody pours Raul more coffee, and JT enters.   At the other end of the café, a friend calls out to JT and both check out the Glow by Jabot site to watch Riana.   The friend taunts JT that Raul was slathering sun screen on Riana.   JT laughs and takes this teasing in stride.   The friend is deeply engrossed with the Web Site and all that is going on at the pool.

“So, I guess you and Lily will be staying with your sister? Neil asks Dru. But she doesn’t think Olivia could take them on as she just got out of the hospital.   “Are you going to stay with my brother?” Dru quickly admits this is the case.   Neil reminds her how Lilly was so excited about staying with them all together, but Dru warns that this is dangerous as she could jump into the wrong conclusions about their relationship.   She has been through enough already.   Neil asks “Why this sudden change of heart?”

“Mr. Carleton is well aware of the non-compete clause in his contract with your company.   His duties at Jabbott have been very careful chosen to avoid any conflict with your company.”   Silva is truly surprised that Brad does not seat on the board at Jabbot.   What exactly is he doing at Jabbott? Baldwin apprises them that Brad is involved his men’s clothing line as well as producing cosmetics for middle-aged women.   Anything that will rival with Newman Enterprises is strictly off limits.   And he is willing to provide documentation to prove this?   He also warns Silva that documentation proving otherwise will be very difficult to obtain.   Brad has done nothing wrong.   Baldwin slightly raises his voice at Victor in warning.   “Keep in mind that if this is a personal vendetta, masquarading as a legitmate legal issue, most judges frown before pursing on that bases.”   During this discussion, Victor has turned his back at Baldwin peering out the window. When Balwin leaves, Silva looks at Newman.

“So you sent Baldwin over there (NE)?   Great strategy, just great!”   Jack shouts.   Brad rather than pleading to Victor not to file a suite and that a direct encounter instead of a letter will be more forceful.   Baldwin won’t lose his cool under pressure and will not be intimidated by Victor.   Jill warns that Victor always has to have the last word.   “That this sounds like a prescription for disaster!” Brad closely watches Jack’s embroiled but silent emotions.

Ashley looses her patience and is annoyed that Nikki is not convinced that there is no further connection between her and Vic.   “You are so quick to deny your lingering feelings.   I know how hard it is to get over Victor.” Nikki reminds her.   “And you wonder if this will affect my business judgment?” Ashley is truly concerned.   If Brad gets caught in the crossfire with Victor, we have an obligation to support him.   We must not forget what he has done for Jabbott.   Nikki has the feeling that Ashley has turned her back on Bradley, which Ashley denies very quickly.

Phyllis looks at the results of her work, and asks Mac if everything is going well.   Mac tells her she wants to watch Phyllis so that she can learn more about her work, which flatters Phyllis, who likes to see ‘initiative’. Phyllis is discussing developing a bio on every character.   They watch one scene where Billy and Raul playing golf together, shirtless, and then the next scene.   The guys put sunscreen on Brittney and Rianna. The body language with chemistry and romance will draw people in, Phyllis tells Mac and as she uploads another clip, Mac walks off back towards the pool. Phyllis closes out that scene to focus closely on the upcoming scene.  

At the Poolside, Brit follows Billy and asks whether he’s feeling too hot from the sun was the reason why he wouldn’t dance with her.   Billy tells her he didn’t want them to look like a couple of dorks dancing.      Mac gleefully smiles.   Phyllis announces everything is up and ready on the web.   She asks for them to start a live chat.   She wants footage of everyone and to keep it simple.   Billy looks relieved when Brittney leaves the poolside to join Phyllis.

“Neil why are you are making such a big deal, relax!”   Dru tries to subdue Neil who grows more angry at her.   Neil throws a tirade about her change of heart.   They argue and the fight grows intense.   He pulls at her arm as she turns around to walk away and asks, angrily “Does all this has anything to do with my brother?”

“I read Tomas’ chapters and I read them again and then a   third time and it is no where near like his former stuff.   It is not incoherent, it is just not compelling.   The imagery is not there and the only really good part is what already sounds familiar.   It was something he already done and reworked.   I don’t know, maybe it might be me, or maybe he is experimenting with his style.   What I need to do is take these pages and leave them aside, like I do my own work. And take a fresh look at it and maybe I will have a different opinion of it.”   Nina tries hard to sort out her mixed feelings to Christine.   “How am I going to tell Tomas that I read his pages and I don’t like them?”   “Nina, he is counting on your support and for you to be honest with him, Christine answers.”

At the poolside area the kids are talking about their web site and Rianna is very excited that people are watching her.   She is teased for being a ‘prima dona’ and she returns to the guys that the world knows what a lousy golfers they both.   Raul taunts Rianna that perhaps a country club princess could show him how to do it.   She leans him away to teach him with Mac laughing happily at their provocative and playful manner.

“Wow, I can’t believe how much hits we have had.   Why are we having the life chat today?” Brittney asks Phyllis.   “Jack is worried so I decided to dive in.”   Phyllis warns Brittney to not to give out her full name over the web. Both Phyllis and Brittney answer questions during live chat.   Phyllis is coaching Brittney how to approach their viewers.   One person asks whether she is having as much fun as it looks and she answers “Yeah, it is a blast. Another asks about the Glow by Jabott products and Phyllis advises Brittney not to discuss the products openly and to invite the viewer to click on the company icon for more information.   Brittney agrees that they should not behave like pushy sales people.   “What grade I am?”   “Just don’t tell your grade but not which school you are going to.” Warns Phyllis, again.  

At CL, JT rejoins his friend who is still engrossed about the sunscreen footage - teasing JT that Riana is looking very happy.   And there is yet more footage to look at.   Now JT gets into the fun.   “What’s that?   Who’s Abbott talking to?   Turn up the volume.   This one must not have any sound. No way, oh man, this is too good to be true!”   JT laughs wickedly as he observes something enticing.   “That should stir things up for you Miss Brittney, says JT, looking smugly at the computer screen.”

I know Tomas is counting me on telling the truth, but I am not sure.   I need time.   Chris receives a phone call and leaves her office.   Nina tells herself   “I Need more time.”   She picks up the phone and calls Phillip.   “I have a proposition for you.”

“That certainly puts an interesting spin on the situation, doesn’t it?” Silva tells Victor.   “How so?” asks Vic. “If Baldwin is right, with Brad’s position with Jabbott he is right.   It would be very difficult to win this case if Carleton is competing unfairly with New Enterprise.   We can tie them up in court but we may not win?   Not likely”   “Is there another angle we can dig?” Victor anxiously asks Silva.   “Brad’s investment in Jabbot spoiled your attempt to take over the company but I’m not sure that we want to reveal this in court of law.   “One thing puzzles me though.   Baldwin was too quick to minimize the need for documentation at Jabbott.   Think there might be a story there?”   Victor asks.   “Yeah, as if he wanted to make the paperwork unimportant because he doesn’t have any.” Silva answers.   “Maybe, at this point the Abbotts are reluctant to step up and support Brad.   You predicted that Victor.   Could be a rift among their players?”   “Assuming that this is so, the next question is, how do we widen that rift?”

“I think you have an agenda, Brad.   You are afraid to   fight your own battles and you want to drag Jabott into it.   Brad informs him this is absurd, and paranoid.   This is now their problem, that they are all in this together.   “If I hadn’t put you in the background your butt would be in the sling right now.” Jack angrily yells. Jill tries to calm down both men and advises that they seek a course of actions if Victor rejects his proposal. They do not know what Victor is going to do.   Of course papers can be provided to support Brads position at Jabbott.   “But papers can be fabricated.” Jack loudly argues.   “But presented as fact, in essences are under oath, counters Brad, who also adds   “I hear you loud and clear.   You are not giving any support!”   Brad also takes a long look at Jill.

Neil shouts at Dru, wanting to know who is happening to give her this change.   Dru struggles to tell him what he demands of her.   “Something did go down between Malcolm and me.   Something unexpected.”   Neil is furious and draws his face closer towards hers.  

Back at the pool house, Billy enters and joins Riana and Raul as they fool around with the golf game.   He joins Mac who tells him she talked to Raul and she feels it is going to get things easier to telling others about the breakup.   Which leaves one other person.   Billy tells her that Brittney is now ‘the only problem’.

Brittney is on here own on the chat line.   She is answering more questions. “Who is the ‘mystery girl behind the last clip?” a viewer asks.   “The way Billy is looking her they seem pretty tight.”   Brittney looks as if her heart has stopped.

Nina joins Tomas who anxiously asks where she had gone off and disappeared. Nina tries to dodge his questions and tells him about Phillip’s trip and quickly pulls out an envelope that she claims to have discovered lying around her coffee table.   Tomas tells her she should have known he left the envelop at her home for her to read it.

“I have not intention to turn my back on Brad,” Ashley tries to assure Nikki who says “I expect you to be firmly on his side.   Ashley defends herself. Things are premature.   They should wait to see what Victor is going to do first.   “You are not ready to declare yourself with Brad.   With allies like this, who needs enemies!”   A courier enters the boardroom and looks tentatively at both women and asks for Ashley Abbott.   He then hands Ashley an letter from Newman Enterprises.   Both Nikki and Ashley look anxiously at each other in fear.

Jack and Brad are still exchanging heated words.   Brad accuses both Jack and Jill of wanting to throw him into the wind.   Jill accuses Brad of being paranoid.   Jack warns Brad to tell the truth when he is asked to tell and not to harm Jabot through perjury.   Brad replies that perjury is just what Jack would do to if it would suit his needs.   The phone rings, and Jack quickly answers.   “Thank God I found you.   Get over here, hurry.”   “Ashley wants us in the board room right away!” Jack shouts nervously at Jill and Brad.   They look agitated, expecting the worst.