Wednesday 8/02/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, August 3rd, 2000--USA

Gina’s Restaurant
Phyllis and Michael are talking. Phyllis tells Michael she needs to get going. He asks her to have dinner with him? She is surprised and wonders if this will “upset your partner”? Michael tells Phyllis that Christine has her life and he has his. Phyllis says it will be fun “raising a little hell” and is looking forward to “riling Christine.” Michael admits there might be a “little trouble”. Phyllis asks if his dinner invitation has brought back “fond memories”?  Michael says that “fond” isn’t the right word but after all “this is a family restaurant.” Phyllis kisses Michael and leaves. Once she is gone, Christine comes to the table and tells Michael that he shouldn’t be seen “with trash like that.” Michael says “Phyllis is now a professional, just like us.” Christine wonders, “If she is a professional trouble maker?” He tells her that his private life is exactly that, private. Christine can’t believe that he is comparing her desire to have a child with her husband the same as him seeing Phyllis. Michael tells her that Phyllis has “reinvented herself.” He says that he reinvented himself and we are now partners. He thinks she should give Phyllis a chance. She is furious and walks out, leaving Michael calling after her.

Abbott Residence
Billy and Mac are talking. He asks her what is wrong? He wonders why she is so upset? She tells him that she has to get this “stuff ready for Phyllis” and heads out for the pool. Jack comes down stairs and tells Billy he is sorry he didn’t have anything for Billy to “use against your mother.” He thinks if he had more information then he might be able to help. The doorbell rings.  Jack thinks it should be Phyllis. Jack opens the door, Jill is there. She says she couldn’t find her key. At first she doesn’t see Billy but when she does she says “hello sweetheart.” Jack is surprised she came over. Jill “what I need an invitation.” The doorbell rings again, Raul and Riana arrive. Billy goes with them out to the pool. Jill says they seem anxious this morning. Jack tells her that things will get underway today “the cameras will roll.” Jill asks Jack directly what Billy wanted to talk about last night? Jack refuses to tell her saying “it is none of your business.” Phyllis arrives. She is surprised Jill is there “I don’t like work by committee.” Jill says, “You seem to have a problem with authority.” Jack tells her he has to get going but he wants some work uploaded tonight. Phyllis says she will do her best. She goes out to the pool. After she is gone, Jill says that she wants to talk about Brad Carlton. Jack says they can discuss it at the office. . Jill says she has to ask him something. She wants to know if their chat last night had to do with Brittany? Jack tells her it did deal with romance. Jill says she thinks that Billy is “infatuated” with MacKenzie. She says she can’t understand how he could be interested in her “other than a moment of insanity which, god willing is now past.” She says he has a “great girl like Brittany.” Jack asks if she has spoken to Billy about this? Jill says she hasn’t. Jill says that he has his life back on track and doesn’t want it ruined “because of a mistake he might make now.” She asks Jack to keep an eye on the situation and let her know if anything develops. Jack tells her he will keep his brother’s best interest at heart. Jack and Jill leave for work.

Olivia’s Apartment
Nate and the others arrive at Olivia’s apartment. Nate wonders why they have come? Dru says they need to check on the apartment. Once inside, Nate asks if something is going on? The door opens, Neil comes in. Nate asks him why he has come? Neil says that he had a “special package to deliver.” The door opens again and Olivia comes in. Nate is thrilled to see her. He takes her hand and says that this is just like his picture “us holding hands.” He tells her that his “wish has come true.” Everyone watches happily. Mamie tells Olivia that she will be around to help with meals and look after things until “you are back on your feet again.” Olivia promises to get plenty of rest until she is all better. Nate says he will “look after my mommy too.”  Meanwhile, Dru asks Neil if she could speak to him in private? Neil agrees and they leave.

Neil’s Apartment
Neil senses that Dru is “frazzled”. He is worried she seems too tired. Dru admits that something “has been playing on my mind” and she isn’t sure how to tell him.

Paul’s Office
Paul arrives and heads into his office. Lynn goes after him and tells him that Mrs. Chancellor wants to see you. She tells him that she will be here any time. She notices the upset look on his face and asks what’s wrong?  Paul tells her that Christine told Michael they wanted to have a child. He says that instead of being supportive of her, he told her that the timing was all wrong and thinks she should change her mind. Paul tells her that if Michael tries to interfere in this “he will have me to deal with.”  Kay comes in and asks what “trouble is Michael Baldwin causing now?” Paul says hello to her and asks what she wanted to see him about?  Kay tells Paul everything that Jill has been doing to her grand daughter MacKenzie. She tells him that if Jill drives her away again “I will kill her.” Paul asks if she is convinced that MacKenzie is her grand daughter? Kay says she is “as the timing of her birth with the timing of Brock’s relationship with her mother in India, is perfect.”  Paul says if she is sure that MacKenzie is her grand daughter then Jill’s threats are “meaningless.” He advises her to “buy some earplugs” and keep MacKenzie and Jill apart.  He says that if anything else happens, he will be happy to help. He asks if she feels better? She says that she does “now that I have had a chance to vent.” She thanks him for preventing her from killing Jill. She tells him she will keep in touch and leaves. After she is gone, Lynn asks Paul if everything will turn out all right for MacKenzie? Paul says “so long as she is who she claims to be” then she has nothing to worry about.

Matt’s Apartment
Matt tells Warton that he needs to get going, doesn’t want to be late on his first day. Warton wants to know what he is up to? “Why do you want to get Nick Newman?” he asks. Warton wonders if they fought over a girl? Matt says there was a girl. He shows Warton the scar on his chest from the bullet wound. Warton wonders if Nick shot him? Matt says no but it is because of him that I “ended up in jail.” He says he wants to “put Nick Newman away.” Warton tells him he has no desire to end up back in prison. He tells Matt he isn’t going to do anything that will “put me back behind bars.” Matt says that “this plan isn’t for peanuts, it is for big bucks”. He tells Warton he will fill him in later. Matt leaves.

Crimson Lights
Sharon tells Nick that what Matt Clark did to her is in the past. She says she will never forget the fact that he raped her but she isn’t having flashbacks or nightmares. She says she does think about the attack now and then and is sure that it will always be a part of her. She says that her life with him and the children, makes her happy. She says she has everything she wants. She tells him that it was because of his love and support that she could put it all behind her.  Nick thanks Sharon for telling him how she feels. He kisses her. (Matt/Carter is watching them.)  Cody sees him and says, “You are right on time.” He offers to show Carter around. Sharon comes over to the counter and Cody introduces her to Carter. She is happy to meet the man who “stood up to Warton.” Cody gets Carter working on waiting tables. Cody gives Sharon some invoices to look at. He notices the odd look on her face. He asks if something is wrong? (As Matt is waiting tables he is watching Sharon who has her back to him.). She says she feels very cold “I don’t know why I am suddenly so cold.”

Abbott Residence
Riana and Brittany watch Raul and MacKenzie together. They notice that they seem uncomfortable with each other. Riana hopes that “this doesn’t ruin things for the rest of us.” Brittany says she told Billy that it would be best if MacKenzie weren’t around. Billy told her that he thought she was over reacting. Brittany wishes that Billy would reassure her how he feels about her. Brittany thinks she is being insecure but it would make her feel better if she knew for sure. Riana thinks it is because this “is the first time you have had real feelings for anyone.”  Phyllis comes in and tells them that she wants to get started. Jack has asked her to start uploading some footage tonight. Phyllis asks Billy to put suntan lotion on Brittany and asks Raul to put some on Riana.  MacKenzie is watching. She becomes upset and walks away. Billy notices her leave. He says he is going to get something and follows MacKenzie into pool house. Billy asks what the problem is? He wonders why she is so upset? She says that when she came in “Brittany was all over you as usual” and then when you put lotion on her back “I just couldn’t handle it.”  Billy gently caresses MacKenzie’s face saying that he is sorry “this is so hard on you.”  Phyllis catches the whole intimate moment on camera from outside the pool house.