Tuesday 8/01/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, August 1st, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000--USA

By Stephanie 

Mac is getting ready to leave. Kay spots her before she can and asks if she is sneaking out? Mac says no she was just on her way to the Abbott’s. Kay comments that she came in late last night. Mac says that things are busy. Kay tells her that the nice thing is she will be able to spend lots of time with Raul. Mac seems uncomfortable at this idea. Kay asks her about it? Mac explains that she and Raul aren’t together any more. Kay is surprised and hopes that Mac is ok? Mac assures her that she is. She asks Kay not to say anything to Jill about their break up. Kay wonders why? Mac doesn’t want Jill to know any more about her life than she already does. Mac says she has to get going. She gives Kay a quick hug and is gone.

Abbott Residence
Billy, just finishing up a swim when Brittany arrives. Brittany says she came because she wants to spend some time alone with him. She kisses him. Billy says he wants to get started, looking at the web site. Brittany isn’t listening so Billy asks what’s on her mind? She says she was thinking about Mac. She doesn’t think Mac should hang out with them all summer. Billy wonders why? She says it will be too hard for Raul. Billy assures her that he talked to Raul and Raul is “cool with hanging out all summer”. He says that the web site was Raul’s idea and they can’t just send him away. He thinks this is his way of dealing with the break up. Brittany can’t believe Raul would want to be around Mac all summer, since “she dumped him.” Billy says that Raul doesn’t want to cut all ties with them. Brittany decides she is worrying too much about them. She tells Billy she will “concentrate on us.” She kisses him. Mac watches them. Brittany sees Mac. Mac says that she came early to check on a few things. Mac wonders if Phyllis is around? Billy says that she should be here soon. Mac sits down at the computer and starts to work. Brittany tells Mac that she and Billy were talking about “you and Raul and your break up.” Mac tells Brittany that it is really none of her business. Brittany says she just wants to help. Mac tells her that if she wants her help she will let her know. She takes her knapsack and walks away. Brittany tells Billy that she believes Mac broke up with Raul “because of you.” Billy tells her she is “way of base” and hugs her. Brittany doesn’t look convinced.

Chancellor Estate
Esther brings in a tray of fresh fruit for breakfast table, as Jill is coming down stairs. Jill asks Esther if she knows anything about her missing mail? Esther is furious that Jill is accusing her of stealing her mail. Kay overhears their heated discussion and accuses Jill of “picking on people who cannot defend themselves.” Jill then turns on Kay and accuses her of taking the letter “interfering with the US postal service.”  Jill says she thinks Kay did take it, because she saw the return address and wanted to know what it was all about. Kay says she didn’t take her letter and wonders if it has something to do with MacKenzie? Kay thinks Jill has lost her mind ”believing that Mackenzie isn’t Brock’s daughter.” She demands that Jill tell her “what the hell you are up to?” She warns Jill “not to interfere with  my grand daughter.” Jill snidely remarks she never listens “to a word you say, old woman.” She says she does whatever she wants to do. Kay thinks that is why her life is in ruins and she “won’t be happy until you have reduced everyone around you to rubble.” Kay pushes Jill; she falls against the tray containing strawberries. Jill explodes and starts to come at Kay. She changes her mind saying “you are crazy” and “this is my favorite suit.” She says she can “think of far more painful ways to settle this.” She storms upstairs, the red stain of the strawberries clearly visible on the back of the dress. Kay is very upset and says, “even though you don’t want me to interfere, I feel I have to do something, Mackenzie.” She runs out of the house. Jill, calls the post office to find out if they keep signing records on express mail? She tells them a letter was delivered but she never received it. She asks that they call back on her cell phone, with the delivery information. After she hangs up she says “Mackenzie, if you signed for that letter and didn’t give it to me…I will know soon enough, because honey, your time is running out.”

Neil’s Apartment
Neil is getting ready to go to the hospital to pick up Olivia. He asks Mamie to look after the kids while he is gone. Mamie asks about Dru? Neil says that she didn’t sleep well last night. Mamie wonders why? Neil thinks it is because of a disagreement she had with Malcolm. He says that since she has finally drifted off he doesn’t want to wake her. She says she is glad that Olivia is finally coming home “we have been praying for this.” Neil hurries out saying “we will be home as soon as we can.” Later, Dru awakens and is surprised to find Neil gone. Mamie explains that he has gone to the hospital to pick up Olivia. She says that since she (Dru) didn’t sleep well, he left her to rest. Mamie wonders if something is wrong? Dru says she wanted to go and meet Olivia. Dru tries to talk to Mamie but Lily and Nate come out of their rooms. Lily is thrilled that her mother is there. Nate says he wishes his mom were there too. Dru sends the children off to play. Mamie is relieved that Nate won’t have to wait long for his mother to come home. Mamie asks Dru if she can help? She says that Neil told her “you and Malcolm had a disagreement.” Dru admits it does have to do with Malcolm. Dru says she needs to speak with Neil first.

Memorial Hospital
Olivia & Ashley are talking. Ashley is thrilled to see Olivia up and around and is glad she is going home. Olivia says she is looking forward to going home and she teases Reese about his “lecture” to take it easy and get plenty of rest. Reese says he doesn’t want to see her back there except for a follow up. Reese says he will finish up the paper work and she will be able to leave soon. Olivia promises she will take it easy and he doesn’t need to worry. Reese leaves.  Ashley senses that something is bothering Olivia. Ashley wonders if it has something to do with Neil? Olivia admits that since Neil is so excited about Dru moving in, he has forgotten all about their plans to be together and “explore a relationship.” Ashley says she thinks it is so Lily can be with both her mother and father. Olivia decides that any move on their feelings “will have to come from Neil.” Neil arrives and is ready to take Olivia home. Ashley tells Neil that Olivia looks so much better. Neil says she does. Ashley says that she has to get going for work, hugs Olivia and leaves. Reese comes in and says that her release papers are ready and she is free to go. Olivia thanks Reese for all of his help. She gets into the wheelchair and tells Neil she wants to get home to see her son. 

Paul’s Apartment
Paul and Christine are relaxing. Paul tells her “last night was wonderful.” He thinks that since they have sought help for getting pregnant they are more relaxed as a result. Christine admits she hates waiting for the test results. She is concerned that she “may be the problem.” Paul says they don’t know that there is a problem. He says that if things don’t work out they can always adopt. He tells her that it isn’t anyone’s fault if they aren’t pregnant yet. Christine tells him she told Michael of their plans to have a child. She says he wasn’t happy as he felt the timing was poor “just when we are building our firm.” Paul is furious that Michael thinks he can determine when they will have a family. He doesn’t think it concerns Michael at all. Christine says that she told Michael exactly that “and to back off.” Paul says if he “keeps giving you a hard time, he will have me to deal with,”

Gina’s Restaurant
Phyllis comes in to tell Gina that she has decided to stay for a while. The bartender tells her that Gina isn’t around right now. Phyllis says that she will be back. Michael spots her and is surprised she hasn’t left yet. Michael asks her to join him at his table. Phyllis wonders why he is being so friendly all of a sudden? He says he has changed his mind about her. Phyllis thought he was trying to “be a good boy” for “your partner.” Michael says it is his personal life and he can do whatever he wishes to with it. He says that Christine has her life and “I have mine.”  Phyllis asks if this is a case of “tit for tat?” Michael just smiles. Phyllis says that Christine is the reason she decided to stay. “After all, she did tell me to leave.” Michael asks if she stayed “just to spite Christine?” Phyllis says she has a good thing going here and doesn’t want to blow it. She admits, “There is one way to get revenge…” Michael “to live well?” Phyllis “I was thinking about…” (As she whispers in his ear.) Michael is left blushing by what she says. Christine comes in and isn’t happy to see Phyllis and Michael together.

Crimson Lights
Nick and Sharon are talking.  He wonders if Sharon’s uneasiness has to do with Warton? She says she was thinking about the family and trying to put it back together again. Sharon thinks Nikki should tell Victoria that even though she is working at JABOT she isn’t in competition with Brash and Sassy. Meanwhile, Victoria is getting a coffee to go. Sharon sees her and wonders if they should take this opportunity to speak with her? They walk over to say hello to her and exchange awkward greetings. Victoria gets ready to leave but then decides to stay and talk. She tells them that she had a flashback about Gary. She says that Ryan helped her with it. She admits that Ryan believes she is suffering from posttraumatic stress and thinks, “I should see someone about it.” She says she wants to face this “and not worry about Gary for the rest of my life. Nick & Sharon are happy she is seeking help and want to offer their support. Victoria thanks them and thanks Nick for everything he has done for her. After she leaves. Nick asks Sharon if all of this with Warton has brought back painful memories of Matt Clark? He wonders if she should speak to someone about her ordeal? She says that she is fine. Nick says, “no, I don’t think you are.”