Monday 7/31/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, July 31st, 2000--Canada; Tuesday July 1th, 2000--USA

Abbott Residence (Playhouse)
Mac and Billy are talking. Mac tells Billy she knows that Jill is determined to ruin her life. Billy doesn’t want her to worry about his mom right now. Mac says that they haven’t been doing very well at hiding their feelings for each other. Billy says they have to keep it up in front of others for now. He says that their feelings for each other won’t just disappear. Mac agrees with him but is still worried.  Billy tells her to stay there; he has a surprise for her. He leaves and comes back a little later with fruit, cheese, and crackers and best of all candles. They sit and eat by candlelight. Billy tells Mac about the first time he went camping.  He tells her that he was 8 and camped out in the yard. He says he woke up in the middle of the night to find the tent soaked with several inches of rain inside. Mac asks if that was the only time he has gone camping? He says no, he and Raul went when they were in Boy Scouts together. At the mention of his name, Mac feels uncomfortable. Mac wants to get going, but Billy asks her to stay. He has one more surprise for her. He takes out a CD and the two dance to their “prom song.” The dance ends with a kiss. Afterwards, they clean up and as they are leaving, Mac takes one last look at the room. She says as long as they can have their “secret place” they will ok together. Billy says they will, they can get through it together. They leave.

Crimson Lights
Brittany and Riana are talking about Mac and Raul breaking up. Riana wonders who did the breaking? Raul comes in, looking down. He sits down in front of the computer. Riana and Brittany go and talk to him. Brittany asks if he has seen the Glow by Jabot site? He says no but he could check it out if she wants? He looks up Jabot and finds the site. There is a picture of the kids on the site. Brittany is thrilled. Riana asks if anyone wants a drink? Neither Raul nor Brittany does. While Riana is gone, Brittany asks Raul what happened between him and Mac? She says “you can’t live your life for other people.” Raul just stares at her. After awhile she realizes that Mac broke up with him, not the other way around. She says she can tell that he has been hurt. Raul really doesn’t want to talk about Mac. He does tell her that Mac is the one who broke things off. When Brittany presses, Raul refuses to talk about it and leaves. Riana comes back, Brittany tells her what Raul told her about them breaking up. She thinks it is odd that Mac broke up with him. Riana tells her not to worry because she knows how Billy feels about her. Brittany is clearly not convinced. 

JABOT (Jack’s Office)
Jack is working, when Phyllis comes in. He tells her he is busy. She says she needs to discuss the web site with him. She wants to make some changes. He says they are just getting started, and don’t even know what works yet. She tells him that the stationery cameras aren’t working. She suggests using digital cameras and would like to be able to edit there. She also wants to include a live chat but wants to get things organized first. She says she talked to the kids and they are a “fascinating bunch”. She tells Jack that Mac and Raul broke up. She says that all of their “undercurrents” will “hook the viewers.” Phyllis wants to include Mac; Phyllis thinks that she is a natural. Jack warns her that Mac is off limits. Jack wants Phyllis to “take things slow.” Phyllis decides since they are “back on track” they should go and have a drink. Jack says their relationship is “strictly business.” Phyllis kids him and says that he isn’t the Jack she used to know. She tells him “fine, have it your way.” On the way out she whispers, “you don’t know what you are missing.” (After she is gone, Jack “oh yes, I do, Phyllis.”)

Malcolm’s Apartment
Malcolm and Dru share a drink. Malcolm teases her about his senses being heightened after “their love making.” She responds by sitting on his lap and kissing him.

Neil’s Apartment
Neil tells Mamie he is grateful to her for looking after the children. He tells her that Olivia may be coming home tomorrow but he hasn’t said anything to the Nate yet. “Just in case it didn’t happen.”  Lily comes out from her room, she says she couldn’t sleep. Neil tells her that “Mommy is coming home tonight.” Lily is thrilled because she has “missed Mommy so much.” She says she wants them to be a family again. She asks when Mommy is coming home? Neil thinks she should be there by now. He offers to call and see if she needs help with her things?

Malcolm’s Apartment
As they kiss, the phone starts to ring. Malcolm answers it; It’s Neil wondering where Dru is? Malcolm hands the phone to Dru. Neil wonders if everything is ok? Lily picks up the extension and tells Dru she is glad she is coming home because she wants her to read her a story. Dru tells her she will be there as soon as she can. Neil offers to help with the bags. Dru says she will be fine and will be home soon. When she hangs up, Dru is frustrated and upset. She hadn’t counted on Lily knowing she was coming home. Malcolm tells her to go for now and they will sort out the rest later. 

Neil’s Apartment
Dru arrives, Mamie has gone home and Lily is just finishing up a glass of milk. She tells Dru she wants a story. Dru tells her to brush her teeth and then it will be story time. Lily leaves. Dru asks Neil if the spare room is fixed up? He says it is all set for her. He notices she seems edgy and asks if everything was ok with Malcolm? Dru assures him that everything is fine. Neil offers her a nightcap after “story time.” Dru turns him down, saying she is tired and after the story will head straight to bed. As Dru goes to Lily’s room, Neil is left looking confused.

Gina’s Restaurant
Nikki is shocked at the news that Diane is pregnant. Nikki knows that Victor couldn’t be the father “on account of your vasectomy.” Victor says he told Victoria exactly that but she is convinced Diane has “ulterior motives.” Nikki asks if he knows who the father is? Victor doesn’t want to answer and tells her he is leaving to order dinner. Before he goes, Nikki asks if he knows how far along Diane is? Victor tells her he doesn’t think she is very far along at all. He says that her pregnancy doesn’t affect him and tells her not to worry. He leaves. Nikki “Diane, what have you done?” 

Victor’s Apartment
Ryan brings Victoria home after dinner. Victoria isn’t pleased to find Diane there. Diane tells her “both mother and child are fine.” Victoria asks when Victor will be home? Diane says she isn’t sure. She heads for her room to read so they can be alone. Over a drink, Ryan tells Victoria that she made progress tonight and is on her way to getting better. He offers to stay until Victor returns? She says she will be ok on her own. She thanks him for his support and kisses him, Ryan leaves. Diane comes out of her room. Victoria is furious and accuses her of “spying.” Diane says she came out to get a drink of water. Victoria asks Diane if she knows where my father is? Diane says she thinks he went to Gina’s to pick up dinner. Victoria gets her purse and leaves.  A little while later Victor arrives with dinner. Diane offers to set a place for him, He says he has work to do and will eat in the study. Diane says that it isn’t good for his digestion. Victor tells her not to worry and heads upstairs. 

Gina’s Restaurant
 Victoria comes in looking for Victor. Gina says that she just missed him but her mom is at table. Victoria goes and says hello to her mother. She asks if she can join her? Nikki says she can. Nikki says that Victor told her that she (Victoria) is doing well. Victoria wonders if they had dinner together? Nikki says no it was just a “chance meeting.” Nikki tells her that Victor was picking up “Lasagna for two, how cozy.” Victoria wonders if she knows? Nikki says that she knows about Diane’s pregnancy. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor told her about her (Victoria’s) feelings that “she has an agenda.” Victoria doesn’t understand why “even though you are convinced of Diane’s devious behavior, you won’t lift a finger to help.” Nikki doesn’t think there is much she can do. Victoria says she is disappointed “that you feel that way.” She says she has to go. As she leaves, Nikki calls “Victoria.” Victoria turns back. Nikki simply says good night. Victoria, confused says good night and leaves.  Nikki is left looking anxious.