Friday 7/04/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, July 28th, 2000--Canada, or Monday August 1st, 2000--USA

Billy?  What are you doing here?  What could be so important."   "Actually,
I asked Billy to drop by to discuss a coupla details about the web site."
Jack quickly adds.
"Why is he here when he should be with that Phyllis woman who is handling
it?"  "Jill must you question everything?"
"Actually, mom, Jack is covering for me."
"Covering for what?"  "I am looking for some brotherly advice on something."
"About your relationship with Brittney?"
"Right."   "You know son, if you need any female in put you can always come
to me."   Billy smirks.  "I'm sorry. OK, OK, I am not going to meddle.  Take
care."  She kisses Billy tenderly and leaves.  "Nice move," Jack tells

"Dru I don't understand what there is left for us to talk about.  You made
yourself perfectly clear.  Look at you.  You are moving out, you are moving
in with Neil.  Looks like a nice little reunion."  "And you know why.  That
it is so Lilly can spend more time with her father."   "Right.  So what is
left for us to say."  "Well, obviously I still have issues around what
happened to us that night.  I thought we could talk about it in a civilized
fashion."  "That is definitely civil.  To imply that I am a man with no
morals and to challenge me to prove otherwise."  "No that is not I mean to
say," Dru apologizes.  "But that is about the jist of it."  "No, I think you
're right.  I don't think we can't talk this out!"  She walks away.

"Nikki is dining alone at Gina's.  Victor enters, spots her across the room
and saunters over to her table.   "Hi."  Hello."  "Hard at work I can see."
"Is there something I can do with you?"
Last time we talked you were worried about Victoria being upset."   "With
good reason."    "It will be interesting for you to know that she is slowly
coming around.  That some day she will be returning."

Victoria is very tense and agitated. "Don't touch me, don't come near me!"
she pleads with Ryan.  "Victoria, just tell me what happened to you?  What's
gotten you so spooked?  There is nothing to be frightened about.  I'm not
gonna hurt you.  And I'm not going to let anybody else hurt you.  What ever
happened in the past is over.  It is not coming back, OK?"  He takes her
into his arms and holds her.

Olivia at hospital is solemnly thinking.  She recalls a conversation with
Neil when he told her "Let's make a pact right here right down.  Once all
this is behind us, and you are better, that we won't allow anything to stay
in our way.  Give ourselves a chance to figure out where we stand with each
other.  I think we owe ourselves at least that much.  Don't you agree?
  Liv deeply sighs and says "I agree Neill.  Were you just saying that so I
would have something positive to think about or did you really mean it."
Neil walks in happily.  There she is up and at'm."    "What timing.  I was
just thinking about you.  I'm glad you're here."    "So, you're getting
released tomorrow.  That's great.  Your ahead of schedule."
Knowing that, Neil, with your support."  "Liv it's not just me.  You've got
a lot of people who love and adore you."  "Yes, I know.  I am blessed.  What
makes it so much better is knowing that when I go home you will there near
by.  That will mean a lot to me."

"Dru wait a minute.  I'm sorry if I seem to have an attitude but I am not
going to lie, yes.  What you said hurt.  If you aren't going to go about a
lot of negativity I'd like to hear what you have to say."   "OK, I was harsh
and I am sorry, but all these memories coming out of the blue threw me out
for a loop.  I am acting out of emotion. Yeah, I should have taken more time
to think about it before I opened up my mouth and thought about how the hell
we ended up together in bed that night. "

"OK.   So what did you come up with?"  "That we blew it.  But, you know,
you.."  What, that I blew it more than you?   "Yeah.  Something like that.
That what happened that night was wrong.  It should never have happened."
"Dru, I agree with you.  OK? Does that make you feel better?  Anything else
you want to say to me?"    "I want what happened between us that night in
the past and I want to leave it there.   I left it there a long long time
ago."  "The question is are you ok with that? It may not be as easy as it
sounds."   "I don't think I could have come up with this decision on my own.
It is good to have a perspective."  " Have you talked to somebody else about
"My sister."   Malcolm is aghast.  "What?  Girl you got into this with

"OK, so you are here so you want my help.  What can I do?"
"It is kinda hard to get into Jack."   'It is not going to get easier if you
don't open up."   "Does mom have any secrets?"   "Secrets?  What secrets?"
"I mean, does she have any skeletons in her closet?"  Billy asks.

Mac calls Kay to tell her she will be late.  "MACKENZIE, is everything
alright?" "Actually, there is one thing I want to tell you.  It is about
Jill.  She's pushed your buttons.  Don't let her get you all riled up ok?"
"Sweetheart, you sound just so upset about something!"   "I'm ok.  It's just
that I just want you know that I love you so much.  I'll talk to you later."
"I love you too, Mackenzie."

"Skeletons? In your mother's closet?  Tell me something.  Where exactly is
this coming from?"  Jack gets up from the couch to shut the door.   "Come
o-o-o-n.  You know you and my mother have been at each other's throat for
years!"  Billy adamantly points his fingers at Jacks face.  "You've got to
know something that she doesn't want brought to light."
  "I think I've made it pretty clear that I am on your side."
After a pause, Jack asks, "So, it's you and Mackenzie against the world."
Yeah, it feels like that." Billy looks closer to crying.
"Tell you the truth, I know about that feeling."  "So, are you going to help
us?"  "Aah, little brother.  I want to.  I really want to.  But you gotta
give me something to go on."  Bill shakes his head and walks out the door.
And Jack is very puzzled.

Kay sips tea when Jill enters.  "I had hoped that you had dragged your old
bones to bed by now."
"Don't' you ever say anything nice to people?"
"Not somebody who slings false accusations at me."  Jill taunts.  "Let's
drop the subject." Kay suggests quickly/
"Fine.  But don't do it again or we're going to have problems."  Says Jill,
pushing her luck.    Kay loses it.  "Don't threaten me.  Don't ever threaten
me.  And don't think you will ever get away from terrorizing  my granddaughter."
"There you go again with your claims again, accusing me of haranguing your
alleged granddaughter.  "Will you get off making those innuendoes."
Katherine tries to control her temper.   But adds  "Especially since
everybody in town knows that your son is a product of an afternoon tryst
with a mail man.."
"What!  That is the most vile slanderous I ever he and, not to mention
absurd!"  "Perhaps.  But what if I started spreading this rumour.  I am
still a very powerful force in this town, Jill."
"You - wicked old woman.  You would say that, wouldn't you?"
"Yes, SAY IT!  "Mackenzie is Katherine Chancellor's real granddaughter right
down to her very toes.  SAY IT!"

Ryan hands Victoria a glass of water, but she'd prefer something stronger.
He advises her against it.  He hoped to talk about what had happed.  "Ryan,
I am not going to drink myself into unconsciousness. "Hey, you want a drink,
you got it."  "Sorry, I'm too edgy.  Every think I think I am past this,
Gary's memories come back to haunt me.  I know you are going to say that it
is going to take time that I will have to be patient and this will past."
But Ryan says that at this point, time and patience is not going to work.

"So you feel Victoria is getting her act together.  Nikki tells Victor.  "I
thought you'd like to know." Victor says.
"That is encouraging if it is true."  "I know that you have this ridiculous
notion that Diane Jenkins and Victoria are conspiring against you."   "If
you had seen those two joining forces against me then you would know this is
not true. "   Nikki replies defensively.  " If that is the feeling that you
got, trust me that it is nothing but an act.  I know for a fact that those
two are not getting along and I am constantly playng as referee."   Well, if
that's true, perhaps this is not the best environment for Victoria to be
  in."   "Victoria had no other option for your information.  She didn't want
to stay at home after her trauma she went through.  She could not stay with
you so she decided to stay with me."   "So, is this it, you just want me to
know things aren't perfect in your happy little household?"  Victor is fed
up and turns to leave, but Nikki stops him.   "Wait!  There is something
else I want to say to you.  It is about your quest for revenge."

"Sorry, I got here as quickly as I could."  Billy and Mac embrace tightly.
"How did it go with Jack?" Mac asks. "well, when I asked about any skeletons
in my mother's closet he asked for more information before he is willing to
help."  "Man, if we can come up with some way to stop your mother."  "Mac,
Jack knows something."  Billy is unsure and struggles to appease Mac.  "He
just feels really uncomfortable getting involved in this.  He will come
through for us later."
"You're trying to break it to me gently.  The truth is that nobody can help.
And if your mother comes up with any clues about us.."  Billy holds Mac in
his arms and attempts to soothe her anger. "C'mon, take it easy.   We will
come up with a solution.  I know we will."   "It breaks my heart Billy," she
tells him slowly and softly.  "I think there is only one answer.  I think we
will just have to stop seeing each other."   Billy looks helpless, hurt and

"Oh girl, I cannot believe you got into this with Olivia?"   "Will you calm
down, I know this might sound crazy to you but why wouldn't I go to my
sister about something this important with her and besides she is the only
one who knows about you and me."  "Oh, this is beautiful."  Malcolm sneers.
"This is lovely!  He laughs.  "This is going to help my case with Nate!  Oh
my God.  She is going to lower the boom on me."   "Man, will you just
  chill?" Dru is beginning to feel stupid.    "Olivia was very helpful for
your information."  "Helpful?  You mean to tell me she was cool with all
this?"  Malcolm is unconvinced.   "She just gave me some very objective
advice."   "And what was this 'objective' advice?"   "She told me not to
dwell on the past." Malcolm replies,  "Ay, you know what I actually agree
with her.  Lets take this advice and drop this, or better yet, bury it!"
"I wasn't finished."  "Drucilla, you should never have gotten started.
Girl, you said it all.  What we did was wrong.  OK?  Can we let the past be
dead and gone?.  Baby, we should be focusing on our future.  You know, it
might be a good idea not to get into this with anyone especially not
  Olivia!"  Malcolm grows angrier.  "You don't want her to know about us, do
you?  Why is that Malcolm, huh?"

"Sure feels good to be finally, finally getting my walking paper." Olivia
tells Neil.   I wonder what lies down that road for me."   Neil tells her
that it will be a happy reunion with her son.  "By the way, I haven't told
Nate yet about you being released tomorrow."   "I'm glad you didn't and if I
don't get released tomorrow, it would crush him.  And I really want to
surprise him.  You going to be there, right?"   "I cannot wait to be there."
"I owe you so much Neil.  The talks we've had, you've really pumped up my
will to survived."  "Liv, you give me way too much credit."  I could not
have made it without you.  You understand what I mean, don't you?"  "Of ...
course ... but aren't you forgetting Drucilla?   She really played a pivotal
role in all this."  "Of course not.  I cannot forget my sister."  Olivia
lowers her head and walks with her arms hugging around her.    "Liv, I have
great news," Neil clamps his hands happily.  "Drucilla is going to be right
here when you get home.  She is not leaving town for a while."  "Really?  Is
she going to stay with Malcolm?"  As a matter of fact . no.  Drucilla is
moving right back in .. with me."  Olivia glowers!

"Say it Jill.  Say it."  Kay warns Jill.  "or I swear I will start that
rumour. Jill rolls here eyes up and softly says "FFFFine! "Mackenzie ..  is
..  your . grand. daughter." Jill half afraid and half mockingly replies.
"Thank you.  I don't want to ever again hear once again a word to the
contrary."  Kay warns.
"I don't know why you are insisting on taking my intentions the wrong way.
I am only trying to look out for you and Brock.  I want to spare you the
pain of involving yourself with an opportunists.  The girl is taking
advantage of you.  Of this  estate, her clothes, particularly your prom
gown!  She is trying to elevate herself from her humble beginnings by
glomming on you.."   "Shut up!  Shut up!  One more word out of your filthy
mouth and I swear I will make your life a living hell!" Kay to Jill, you
returns  "You are already making my life a living hell! Fine.  Fine.  See
what you want to see!"   Kay leaves. Jill, now appearing spent from her
rage, talks to herself.  "Mackenzie.  I think there is a call I should make
about you.  I think now might just be the time."

"No! No way.  Forget that!  We are just not going to stop seeing each other.
Mac.  We've got something that is hard to find.  We cannot run away from
this because there is a problem."
"This is not just a problem.  This is a BIG problem.  Your mother is a real
threat.  You should have seen her this morning.  It was so intense.  The way
she was looking at me.  Those cold eyes.. threatening me.   It is only going
to get worse.  She will find out that I broke up with Raul."  "Mac, take it
easy.  She is not going to put things together.  Not as long as I am with
Brittney."   "See, that's.. that's another thing.  You are put in a terrible
position.  You are lying to her.  I know you hate doing this.  I feel guilty
about it.  And to be honest, I really really hate seeing you acting like her
boyfriend."  Billy appears queasy.

"What are you saying Ryan this thing about Gary is never going to end?"
Ryan assures here he went through the trouble of finding out about her
psychological condition following her abduction.  Victoria is very touched.
"You did that for me?"
"What happened earlier was not the first time this happened like that.  That
's why I think there is something here that needs to be dealt with."   "But
how?  Because you've got all this stuff lurking around delving in your
  mind."   "You think I need to get some therapy?"

"Dru is moving in with you?  Olivia struggles to regain her composure and
sits down on the hospital bed.  "Yup.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?"  "How did
that happen?"  Olivia asks in disbelief.  "What do you mean?"   "Was it your
idea?"  "No, Dru stopped by my office and asked me.  It would be a great
thing.  I would see Lilly every single day."  "Yeah, I know how this means
to you, spending more time with your daughter," Olivia attempts to establish
some assurance.  "Once you get out of here, I want you to know you can still
count on me." Neil assures her.  "I need that Neill. You kept me focused
into the future.  You make me look forward to what might happen if I pulled
through."   "And you pulled through with flying colors.   Drucilla is
staying, and I will have my daughter.   This is exactly what we hoped for."
He very tenderly kisses and holds Olivia who looks sad and worried.

"Drucilla if you ask if I care what Liv thinks about us being together the
answer is Hell Yes."   "You just don't want to burn any bridges with her?"
Dru accuses.  "Dru you know damned well why I am worried.   "Nate." Dru
answers.   "Right.  Girl, that's my son.  I want to be there for him."  "So
what do we do?   "I can't change how I feel.  And I am feeling you so damned
much.  I say to you girl let's go with it.  But you have got to want it just
as badly.  Tell me.  When you talked to Olivia about all this, what did she
say?"  "To not let the past get in the way of the future.  All these
memories are sign that I am doubtful about our being together and I'm
looking for a way out."

"For your information my suit   . against Brad Carlton has nothing to do
with revenge.  It is his violation of his contract with me."  "I am just
curious about your plans and what you are doing next."   "I guess they are
speculating about that at Jabbot, aren't they?"   "And I'm sure that is your
intention.   Keep them guessing.  You can add a twist to the knife to the
revenge it makes it that much more satisfying.  You love to watch people
squirm."   "You bet. Certain ones."   "Which I am one.  You are really going
to punish me for betraying you aren't you?"  Victor sits down and draws a
deep breath.  "Let me tell you something.  In the world of business you are
of no consequence to me.  Let me reiterate. I am going after Brad Carlton
because he is in violation of his contract with me.  It is that simple."
"I doubt that it is that simple.  What is your next move? When are you going
after Jabbot?  Or is there is some reason that something is holding you

Ryan to Victoria "I can only imagine what you are thinking.  You think
seeking therapy is a sign of weakness and that you are feeling that I am
feeling that you are losing it."
"Oh my God.  Is that what Trisha's  like!  Let  me tell you something.  I am
not Trisha.  I will do anything if it will help.  I don't want the rest of
my life with Gary Dawson hanging over my head."  Tears fall down her cheeks.
Ryan holds here tightly.

St. Louis, MO.  Phone rings and the hired detective picks it up slowly.
"Hey-lo."  "Jill Abbot."  "Well well well."  Kinda late to be hearing from
you."  "Well I am so sorry to disturb you.  I get the distinct impression
that you had fallen down on the job."
"Listen Mrs. Abbott, I have been waiting to hear back from you ever since I
sent that letter."    "What letter?"   "The one saying that I said we should
go to Mackenzie's mother for the kid's birth records." I have no idea of
what you are talking about."
"Express Mail?  Well I never got it."   "Well it must have gotten delivered
or I would have heard from the post office."
"That's true."  Jill answers.  "So, what do you want me to do?" He asks
Jill.   "Let me think about it."   . Express Mail..  So what the devil
happened to the letter?" Jill asks herself.

"I like Brittney.  She's OK.  But believe me.  It is not the same.  She is
not even on the same planet as being with you."  "It is alls so dishonest."
"I know but what else can we do.  Any suggestions?"  "I don't want to hurt
Raul or Brittney, but then, I am so scared what your mom will do.  We can't
go on like this."  Mac breaks down a little.  Billy says "I can't stand
seeing you this upset.   Well, I guess, the only way to stop this is if I
stop seeing you. "  Mac looks up at him horrified.  "Is that what you want
Mac?  To stop seeing each other?"  She gently caresses his face, gets up,
heads for the door, and pauses.  She turns around and heads back towards
Billy.  They hold each other tightly while she cries in his arms. "What are
we going to do?"

"Tell me, Dru what's going on here.  You are looking for a way out."  "This
is a very complicated situation."  "Dru that does sound like a cop-out.
"Now you should be the one saying that!"  "I just want you to tell me what
it is."   "A graceful exit."   "I call that running away."  "I am scared and
confused.  I just want to walk away."  "Damn it Drucilla, don't do it.  Look
at me.  Baby, please, I don't want you to walk away."  Dru turns around
slowly with an intense, sensual gaze.   "Don't look away from me Dru,"
Malcolm whispers and both are locked in a passionate kiss.

"What are you getting at?"  "Why are you going after Brad and Jabbott?
There are two possible reasons.  You are dangling Jack over the fire
watching him sweat before you make your move, or you are holding back
because of Ashley."  "You really have things figured out, haven't you?"   "I
know it is Ashley.  You are hoping that when you show restraints towards
Jabot that you can regain her favor."   Victor looks sheepish.   "That's
alright you don't have to say anything.  I already have my answer."  Victor
is then saved by the cell phone ringing.  "Answer that.  You never know who
it might be."

"Yes!"  "HI!"  Diane gushes.  "I'm glad I caught you.  I just want to you to
know that I am home."  "That's great.  No further complications?"   "No,
although there is one thing."  "Which is?"   "You know, hospital food.  I am
really starving."  Well I am at Gina's.  I could pick up some food."  "That
would be wonderful!  Lasagna would be nice if they have it."  "Lasagna it
will be."  After he hangs up, Diane is in wonder that Victor is so generous
and kind.

"I gather that was Diane."    "It was indeed."   "You mentioned something
about being her being released.  From jail?"  "The hospital."  "oh, she's
sick."  " Complications  - with her pregnancy."    "What!  What!  What did
YOU SAY?  That Diane is PREGNANT!"   Nikki is shocked but Victor scowls
wondering about her reaction.