Thursday 7/03/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, July 27th, 2000--Canada; or Friday, July 28th, 2000--USA By Linda in B.C. Thursday and Friday episodes 

At Jabot, Nikki enters and greets Ashley.  Ashley ask Nikki, “Don’t tell me
you haven’t heard the latest news?”

"Aren't you the cold-hearted hyena. So, you are going to screw with the guy
that just saved our company?" Jack worries about Newman's intentions to come
after Jabot if Brad Carleton is not distanced.   "We  are just encouraging
him to have the good life.  Take some time off.  When all this is over,
maybe he will want to stay away." Jack tells Jill who answers "Look at you.
You are salivating!”

"So, you haven’t seen Raul?" Bill & Mac enquire to Esther.  Phone rings and
they are summoned to  meet Phyllis at CL but they cannot find Raul.  Bill
tells her they have more important things to do.  He will meet with Jack
later at Jabot.  They leave.  They open the door, and there stands Raul!
They stare at him as he looks very sullen. "Man, you've been keeping
yourself scarce!" Raul asks if he could talk to Bill alone.  Mac leaves for

"You are scaring me." Olivia tells Dru with a compelling expression on her
face.  Dru says "This is so weird – my mind is all over the place stirring
up old memories of a certain night years ago."  Olivia asks, Dru, "What
night?"   “That night that Malcolm and I had sex!"   Olivia’s eyes are wide

At Malcolm’s, doorbell rings. Neill says "I owe you a big thank you!"
Malcolm is confused.  Neill continues "Thanks to you I am going to spend
quality time with my girl.  Dru agreed to come and stay at my place.  I’ve
come to pick up her things.  Looking up at the stairwell, he asks, “So,
where is she?”  Malcolm’s face appears reddened!  He is taken aback!

At Ryan’s, Victoria coaxes Ryan out of the kitchen as he teases her. Let the
evening unfold as it should, she suggests.  Ryan tells her she is being
intriguing.  She tells him what really is intriguing is finding Jill at her
father’s office.  "When I went in to see my father, guess who was there?
Jill Abbott.  And my dad gave her just enough rope.  You should have seen
her squirm.  I don’t know if you could picture it.."

Raul and Billy “Are you ok man?”  “What do you know?” Raul asks Billy.
Billy then asks “fill me in!"

Raul answers "I came over here to see Mac and make up to her about what
happened the other day.  She seemed cool with it, but she just broke up with
me. And all of a sudden! just broke up with me and told me she wants us to
be just friends.  It just came out of no where! I have to fix this.  I don’t
know how.  Do you.  Please talk to Mac for me, please."

At CL, Brit and Riana enter.  “I know what’s bugging you.  You are thinking
about what Mrs. Abbott  said earlier. You were wondering who Billy had his
eye on for the dance.  "No I’m not," Brit quickly denies.  "There was no one
else."    JT walks in.  Rianna tells him Brit has doubts about Billy.  “Is
that right?’ JT smirks. “Too bad!”

“OK, I’ll bite.  What is up?" Nikky asks Ashley. “Victor has made his move.
He’s filed a complaint for violating the noncompete clause in his contract."
"Just suing Brad?" Asks Nikki.  "You’re wondering if he is going after
Jabot?"  "Not yet.  I don’t think Vic put all his cards on the table yet.
He is probably operating  strategically at this point.”  Nicki replies
"Knowing him as well as we both do, I think you can count on that.”

Dru “I don’t mean to come across as an insensitive person.  I had to tell
someone or else I'm going to go crazy.  You know I was under medication that
night.  Should I have recognized that - that was Malcolm when he came into
my bed - he didn’t know I was out of it.  Please tell me?”   Olivia is
stunned and shakes her head and then carefully attempts to rationalize Dru’s
questions.  “You had a high fever and as you said, you were under heavy
medication and you probably didn’t know what was going on. I can’t answer
what Malcolms perceptions were that night. What happened to you? What made
you bring this up to me?"  "I don’t know," Dru shakes  her head.  “That was
in the past.  NOw, it is opened, and I thought you had let it go! What
happened? What happened to you to bring this up to ask me?  What’s going
 on?” Olivia asks in bewilderment and anxiety. “I don’t know," Dru replies.
“It is just that things came out at me unexpected.” "What?" Olivia asks.
“Feelings.  Feelings I have had for Malcolm.”

“Dru didn’t tell you? that she is moving in with me? “ Neill asks Malcolm.
“Neill you know how busy I’ve been the past few days.  She probably tried to
call me up a coupl’a times,” and turns away from Neill to hide his surprise
and uneasiness. “Yeah, yeah, that must be the case.  Well it’s obvious that
you put the bug in Dru’s ear about it being a good idea for Lilly and all.
"Yeah, it is a great thing for Lily>"  Neill adds. “I had a long talk with
Drucilla."  Neill continues discussing how Dru had changed recently, putting
family first, ahead of her career.  It is absolutely amazing – a complete
turnaround, but credits the profound effect as a result of the recent crises
with Olivia, "I don’t know why I was surprised by it.  Giving the gift of
life back to her sister.” While Neill rambles on, Malcolm appears to be
stunned and attempts to maintain his composure…

“Hey, knuckle head, are you listening to me?” “I just have a lot of things
on my mind,” Malcolm murmers.  “Yeah, I know the feeling, but any ways,
getting back to Dru,”  Malcolm’s mind lapses into thought.  "Honestly, I had
no expectations going into this.  They are just going to hang out with me
until they return back to Paris. As far as anything else goes, like a
reconciliation, I’m really not looking at that to happen.  Although,”  Neill
now leans forward, “ telling you between you and me, recently there have
been big changes between her and me.”  He runs upstairs to get Dru’s things,
leaving Malcolm alone to sort his thoughts.  “Wow!  Dru you don’t waste any
time at all do you? One fight and we’re done.  I guess you weren’t feeling
anything for me after all?”  Malcolm shakes his head in hurt and disbelief.

“Nobody should have to talk Carlton into anything.  Unless he half a brain
in his head he’d realize this is the cleanest way to deal with Newman," Jack
said, with Jill repling "Oh come on, - he is going to fight.  And we did
make certain promises and if it goes to the board, he may very well win.”
“Well we know there will be two votes he won’t get – yours and mine."  “You’
re so convinced I have no integrity.”  “No, I know you are a pragmatist.
Like I am.  We are not about to let Carlton sink our ship.”  “OK, so suppose
for a moment you are right.  But Nikki and John will certainly be in Brad’s
corner.” “Inviting open conflict with Newman?” asks Jack. “Oh, Please,” Jill
shouts, “If you think for a moment that’s going to sway them, think again!
Knowing Nikki, she is will relish the drama - and as for John…”  “Yeah, he’
ll honor any agreement the company made,” Jack quietly answers.  “That’s
right, and Bradley does not have a vote so that makes a tie of two and
Ashley is the tie breaker.” "So okay, we have to get through to Asley and it
’s a done deal.”  Jill is exasperated by Jack’s behavior.  “What’s a done
deal?” demands Brad who has just quietly entered.

Victoria enters Ryans living room.  “Alright, the potatoes are in the oven”,
now we are going to talk about dad and Jill.  She was on the most blatant
fishing expedition.” “What was she after?” Asks Ryan, struggling to open a
bottle of wine then pouring them a glass. "Trying to grab any information
she could get her hands on to find out what’s dad’s next move was if he was
going to sue Jabbott as well as Brad.”  “Of course he didn’t give her any,”
Oh no, that’s the beauty of it.  He was just planting enough seeds without
making any promises.  Of course, she probably made a Bee-line for Jack.”
"Should be some interesting fallout," Ryan said.” “Are you kidding?   That
place will be up for grabs.  They are going to be conspiring and  feeding on
each other.  At which point we are going to nail those traitors to the
wall."  Both clink their glasses to a toast.

At CL, Riana dismisses JT to join Brittney and Mac in their web site meeting.
Phyillis walks in.  "Hi gang! let’s see, who’s missing?  The girls point out
that Raul and Billy hadn't arrived.  "I’m glad I have a chance to talk to
you all without the guys. You tell me all about yourselves.  I want to know
everything, what you like to do, what you don’t want to do.  Who’s in love,
who can’t stand each other.  Is that cool?"  Yeah, “Riana answers, twirling
her hair.  "OK. Brittney, we want to know how you camera kids know each
other. How did the four of you all get together." Riana pipes up, “Billy and
Raul are best friends, and so are we.”  “Oh good, so you will all be able to
act together naturally.  And you and Billy are going out together?  “That’s
right,” Brit replies.  “Good.  No adverse chemistry.”  Phyllis pauses, then
gives Mac the eye.  “What about you Mac?  “Where do you fit in?  Who’s your
guy?”  “I’m behind the scenes. Does it really matter?” Mac asks nervously.
"She and Raul are dating.   They have been going together forever!” Riana
answers again.

Raul is agonizing with Billy over his breakup with Mac.  “Billy, come on
man, please! Talk to her!”  “What did Mac exactly say,” Billy anxiously
asks.  Billy tells him ease up on himself.  He did nothing wrong.  She has
issues about her independence.  “I really do love her.  I don’t want to not
be around her. I want to hold her hand and go places with her. She admitted
I did nothing wrong, that, that day she got all really upset and it wasn’t
my fault”  “Well, see?” Billy encourages him.  “She realized she was getting
herself into things more than she felt.  I told her I wasn’t going to push
her into things and we could go back like it was before.  She said no.  I
mean, why? Why couldn’t we do that?”  Billy can only nod sympathetically.

Olivia asks “Feelings? An attraction?  You are attracted to Malcolm?  Is it
mutual?  Dru is silent then adds, “I guess.”  “Have you acted on it?"  Dru
sighs and asks her, “Olivia, would it bother you if you knew that we had?”
Olivia, smiles, and said, “ Honestly, I’m not sure.  I really don’t have any
claims on Malcolm."  Dru rails on about her confusion, her feelings about
Malcolm and 'all those bad memories'.  She then sits down and puts her hands
around Olivias neck, and asks, “Tell me what you think.”  Olivia tells her
she already has and that her opinion has not changed.  “You can either let
this thing haunt you for the rest of your life, or lay it rest and move on.
It is best to just forget it.”  “Forget it!!  I have tried to forget it,
Liv, and I all I can do is think about it.”  “Malcolm and you are vulnerable
and this is complicated.  You’ve got other issues to think about before you
rush into things.  Go slowly.”  Olivia whispers.  “Make sure it is wise.
That is all the advice I have for you.”  Dru kneels down at her feet and
thanks her for her advice while tears run down her eyes.  She kisses her,
and leaves the room.  Olivia is sullen and quiet, then begins to cry.

“You and Raul are dating?” Phyllis asks Mac. “Why would you not want to be
on the camera, you are lovely, very naturally.  We can easily use more."  "I
just want to be in the production end of things .  Please Phyllis. I really
don’t want to be in this."  "Ok, I get it.  Some people get self conscious
being in the public eye."  "Actually, um, I guess I should just tell you.
Raul and I we are not together anymore."  Brittany is shocked.

Raul says, “You right, there is nothing anyone can do, not even you.  I’m
sorry.”  “Why?” asks Billy.  “Putting you on the spot."  Raul answers.  “I
have been avoiding everybody, not answering your calls.”   Billy “ I
understand.  You just need sometime for your self.”  “I was all set to just
bag it!  But after just seeing Mac just now I don’t think I can just leave.
If I drop out of the web site the whole summer will go and I wouldn’t see
her.  I’m not ready to set myself up for more hurt.  But I’m not sure that I
could just walk away.”

Neill is back downstairs with Dru’s things.  He stops in mid sentence of his
ramblings to ask “By the way I forgot to ask you.  Are you cool with her
moving out?”  “Why wouldn’t I be?”  “Well, when you went to bat for me I
hope it didn’t cause a problem for the two of you.  She is moving in with me
voluntarily, right? You didn’t hit her over her head and starting going
insisting overboard, did you?”  “Relax.  I had nothing to do about forcing
her out.  She did that on her own time.“  Dru walks in and slams the door
shut!  She knows they had been talking about her.

Ryan says "You’re right, there is a real hornets nest over at Jabbot.
"Thanks to my dad.  I should give him more credit. What do you think his
next move is going to be?"  "Enough about business.  What’s on the menu?"
Victoria, tantalizingly schpiels her delicious menu.  "Think that will
satisfy your appetite?"  "Think that’s a good start." Ryan replies.

Ashley is arguing with a customer.  After slamming down the phone Nikki says
“Surrounded by assassins!” “Yeah.  I feel like that sometimes, I tell ya.
What do you think his next move is?" Asks Nikki.  “Well you know how much he
detests Brad. You think this is just the beginning?” Asks Ashley.  “Why are
you asking me?  You have a closer relationship with him now.”  “It is not
true anymore.”  Why? Did you burn your bridges? “ Nikki is very interested.
“Well, when you've lost trust you don’t have anything else to hang on to
anymore."  “Strange, you and I don’t even like each other and yet we have
continually allowed ourselves to be hurt by this man.” Nikki replies.
Ashley removes her glasses and looks closely at Nikki.

“You broke up with Raul? Because of that incident at the pool house?”
Brittany is surprised!  “That is kinda personal.  I don’t want to talk about
it.”  “Yeah, but it could be important.  Don’t you need to know about this,
Phyllis?  If there are any bad feelings?  It could affect the whole mood.  I
think it is only fair for us to know.”  “Actually, a little tension may help
the dynamics of the group.”  Phyllis answers.  “People would want to know
why Raul is down. It could be more interesting as long as things don’t go
out of hand."  Mac nervously answers that there will be no problems while
Riana breaks in asking how she could speak for Raul.  He might not feel the
same way!  Raul and Bill walk in.  So he’s (Raul) back in!  “OK!  We are all
one big happy family!" Phyllis goes to the group, while Raul and Mac
uneasily face each other and Billy looks on.

“What are you doing here Bradley?”  “I just met with Baldwin.”  “Let me
guess, the good counselor is all in favor with running up nice fat legal
fees!”  “Michael has come up with a very reasonable, well thought out
approach.  Having met with him I feel much better."  “Really?  What has he
in mind?” asks Jill.  "He proposes sending Victor’s lawyers a memo that I
have not been in violation of my contractual agreement, that my duties here
have been structured so that they really have no case.”  Jack shouts back
that Victor has fired the first shot and the war is on.  He is using every
legal means he has available just for the sheer pleasure of it.  “As long as
you insist upon sticking around Jabot he is going to come after us.   That
my friend, is the reality we are facing.  I guess the question is how much
of a realist are you!” asks Jack.  Brad claps his hands loudly.  “Bravo
Jack, on your not so subtle attempt to get me to back down.  Forget it.  It
ain’t going to happen.“   “Bradley, we are asking two years.”  Jack implores
“Just until your contract with Victor is up!” adds Jill.  “We will try to
keep you in the loop as much as you want – you will receive a fantastic
return on your investment.” “ Jill is right.  Brad, you have invested
thirty-five million dollars on this company.  Do you want to spend it on
lawyers and a settlement?”  "Of course you don’t.  Jill adds.  "Take the two
years and then you will come back.  It is best for you and certainly best
for the company."   Brad laughs back at them. “You two have this down pat,
don’t you?  I’ve always thought that if I could have friends I can count
 it.”  He adds that when it comes down to Ashley’s vote, she will not be
part of this linch mob.  “Unlike you two, she’s got principles.”

Back at Crimson Lights the meeting winds down as Phyllis gives final
instructions.  They are in for very interesting summer!  Brittany flirts
with Billy and attempts to get closer to him, but he tells her he has to go
to Jabot and leaves. Brit complains about their not spending enough time
together.  Mac walks to the juke box. Raul sulks.  Brit also leaves.  Raul
walks over to Mac  “So I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.” “Yeah, see you
then.”  Both are feeling awkward.  Mac goes to the back where Billy is
waiting.  He promises her he will be really careful meeting with Jack and
both plan to meet at ‘their’ place later.

“I guess we are living proof that even intelligent woman could be deceived.
The important thing is, what do we do now?"  Ashley asks.  “I was actually
thinking of calling before you came up.”  “Why?” Asks Nikki.  “Because you
spend so many years with Victor and you have kids together?  Do you think
you have any influence left with him at all?  Can you talk him out of filing
this suit against Brad?”  Nikki tells Ashley that Ashley has far more
influence with Victor now than she does.  Victor is outraged that she came
to work for Jabot, but does not even know about her investment into Jabot.
“You have a lot more clout than I do!” Nikki tells Ashley who replies “Well,
that’s too bad because this whole mess is cutting into directions where I
don’t even want to think about.  Unless somebody can head it off…”

Ryan compliments Victoria about dinner.  “Chocolate dessert came from
 Ginas.”  Victoria then experiences a frightening flash back at her last
dinner date with Gary.  She relives the repeated thought pattern.  She is
truly shaken, stands up suddenly and the wine glass drops to the floor.  She
is frozen with terror.  Ryan is alarmed.

“Hey, Dru, I picked up your bags.”  “Come on Dru you heard the man,” Malcom
adds..  Dru is wondering what the men had been discussing.  “I need to talk
to Malcom before I leave. Go back to the apartment.'  Neill leaves observing
a little tension.  Dru, alone with Malcolm faces him squarely.  “What’s up?"
"Dru, I don’t know what this is all about.  You made your feelings quite

“So, go ahead.  I know you want to, so just say it!  Brad is going down and
he is going drag every single one of us down with him.” Jack tells Jill.
“Not much we can do about it, now that you’ve tipped his hand.” Jill
replies. “Oh just shut up! “ No! Jack I will not shut up.  I will change the
subject, however, to Phyllis.  I have serious reservations about her.“  “Oh,
sweetheart, you would have reservations about any woman who is younger,
prettier and probably smarter than you!”  At that moment, Billy pops up and
shows that he would like to speak with Jack.  Jill, however, coaxes him to
speak up.  “Go ahead, tell us what you’ve got to say!”