Wednesday 7/02/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, July 26th, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, July 27th, 2000--USA

JABOT (Jack’s Office)
Jack is working. He asks Jennifer for those spreadsheets. She tells him they are on his desk. He finds them and as he is reading them, Jill arrives. She says she needs to speak to him. He says he is busy but wonders if she has been served? She has no idea what he is talking about and wants to discuss Phyllis Summers. Jill feels that Phyllis is not the right person for the job. Jack doesn’t want to discuss it. Jack asks her again if she has been served “yes or no”? he asks. Jill asks Jack what is going on? Jack tells her that Bradley Carlton is being sued by “his former employer.” Jill “well that’s just wonderful.” She says she wonders when Victor will come after them to “nail the other man he hates the most.” Jack says there is only one reason he won’t. Jill “So Victor has been biding his time…I wonder why…” Then it dawns on her “Ashley.” Jill is sure that Victor will come after Jabot despite Ashley. Jack says that things are over between Victor and Ashley. Jill “well we all know women and Victor Newman, over doesn’t necessarily mean over.” Jill says that if Victor comes after JABOT it could cost them a fortune. She says they did promise Brad to protect him and his investment. Jack says he won’t sacrifice Jabot for Brad. He thinks it would be perfect if Brad “took a two year sabbatical for the duration of his contract.” Jill says she doesn’t want to waste time “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” She says she has a way of finding out. She runs from his office with Jack calling after “don’t go shooting your mouth off.”
JABOT (Boardroom)
Michael Baldwin arrives since Brad’s call sounded urgent.   Brad tells him he is being sued by Victor Newman. Brad wants Michael to represent him but is concerned about “conflict of interest issues.” Michael says he will tell Christine everything if they come to an agreement.  Michael asks to see the papers? Brad shows them to him. Looking them over, Michael can’t believe that “you were worth $10,000 a day.” Brad says that some days with stock options he was. Michael wonders what took Victor so long? Brad says he is an “egomaniac.” Michael asks if Brad followed his advice to stay off the Jabot board and work on products that don’t compete directly with Brash and Sassy? He also asks if Brad kept a diary?  Brad says that he did all of those things. Brad wonders if they will send their response to court? Michael feels their best move is to send a memo to Victor’s legal team. He wants to show them that they don’t have a case. Brad wonders if Michael sees this as a joke? Michael assures him that he doesn’t. Brad wonders how important the support of the other board members maybe if it goes to court? Michael says the full support would be helpful. Brad tells him that as soon as Jack found out that JABOT was not being sued, and then there went his support. Michael says it isn’t important right now, but later on it may be “you need to have all your ducks in a row”. He says that the Abbott’s support will be crucial later on.
Genoa City Memorial Hospital
Ashley is visiting Olivia. She is relieved that Olivia is doing so well. She shows Olivia the dress she bought for Olivia to wear when she comes home. Ashley asks when that will be?  Olivia thinks she may out of there tomorrow. Ashley teases her about “pulling rank” and try get out early are you? Olivia says that Reese won’t release her until she is ready. She asks Ashley how things are going? Ashley says she is “ok.” Olivia doesn’t believe her and asks what’s going on?  Ashley tells her that she spoke to Victor about the loan extension but the conversation was not “satisfactory”. Ashley says she doesn’t think she can trust Victor again. Olivia says that may be true but she is “still drawn to him.” Ashley says that may be but she can’t trust him, after all, he has gone after Brad Carlton, and filed suit against him. She isn’t sure he won’t come after JABOT either. Olivia says that once the new baby comes Ashley won’t have time to “worry about Victor Newman”. She says the baby will take all of her time and energy. Ashley doesn’t want to talk about her and Victor any more. She asks about Olivia and Neil? She knows that Neil told her they would “pursue things when she felt better.” Olivia says she believes that Neil did that for her to “have something to look forward to.” Ashley says that she owes it to herself to find out.
Neil’s Office
Neil is thinking about the night he and Dru spent together. There is a knock at the door (which brings him out of his reminiscing) “Neil, are you in there?” “Neil, it’s me Dru.” Dru comes in and tells Neil that Olivia will be coming home tomorrow. Dru says that she needs to talk to him about something. He wonders if she is ready to go back to Paris? She says no, that she wants to stay. She wonders if she could move in and stay in the spare room? Neil is surprised as he thought she was comfortable at Malcolm’s? Dru says that Lily wants them together as a family. Neil thinks it is a good idea and agrees. He wonders if Malcolm had anything to do with her decision? Dru doesn’t no what he is talking about. He says that he tried to get Malcolm to talk to her about this very thing. He says he must have gotten through to him “as a father.” Dru says she is very tired and needs some time to do some reassessing. Neil says he understands she needs rest and a chance to gain some perspective. Neil asks when she would like to move in? She asks if tonight would be ok? He says that would be fine and wonders if she needs help with her luggage? She says she does. She asks to meet at Malcolm’s in an hour? He says he will be there. She quickly leaves and looks relieved once outside.
Nina’s Apartment
Nina is happy that Tomas has finished his chapters and has them ready for the publisher. She is sure that Tomas is relieved to have them finished. She doesn’t think that the publisher has treated him well at all. He says that Hugh is a good guy and he has kept him hanging long enough. Nina offers to take him to the post office to mail it. He is reluctant to do so, saying that there are changes he wants to make. She says he can in the 2nd draft. She wonders if he doubts himself? She says she has a way of putting his doubts to rest. Tomas “Read my work?” Nina “I’m sorry, I’m pushing..when I do just tell me to mind my own business.” Tomas “I just did.” Nina “Let’s change the subject.” Tomas “Let’s not talk any more.” Nina “Something in mind?” He kisses her. Later Nina offers him fresh coffee? Tomas says he should get going. The phone rings. He tells her to get it and he will talk to her soon. He kisses her.  Nina talks to Phillip about staying out past his curfew. Tomas pulls the envelope from his bag along with note. After she hangs up, she is startled to find Tomas there. She says she thought he was gone. Tomas  says he wanted to say goodbye properly. He kisses her and leaves. Nina finds the envelope and calls after him. She notices the note and reads “Be Careful what you wish for Nina Webster.” Nina “What I wish for?” She sits down on the couch and opens the envelope. She begins to read the chapters. 
Victoria’s Office
Victoria & Ryan are finishing their work on the “gift with purchase” plan. Victoria says she has a good feeling about this. Ryan is sure they will “kick Glow by Jabot’s butt.” Ryan tells Victoria to go and tell her father they have things ready to roll. Victoria wants him to come too. Since it was his idea, he should get the credit, she says. He says he doesn’t need a pat on the back “mind you a double in salary wouldn’t go amiss.” Victoria figures that Ryan wants her to talk to her father to “close the gap between us.” Ryan says that the gap isn’t that big and they can work things out. She tells him she will go and also tells him that he is a wonderful guy and wonders, “how I ever let you get away.”  She says since she is going to see her father; she wants to make him (Ryan) dinner? Ryan says she has a deal. She is surprised when he doesn’t tease her about her cooking? She admits she is no Julia Child. Ryan is sure her cooking has improved. She says that’s not the only thing that has improved since we were married. Victoria leaves, Ryan is left looking “playful.”
Victor’s Office
Victor is talking to John Silva. John tells him that Brad has a month to respond. Victor says that they can wait meanwhile the damages are retroactive. He feels that they will hear from Brad immediately but it won’t be from a lawyer. Later, Victor is working, when Connie buzzes him, he says “send her in.” The door opens. “Hello Jill.” “Hello Victor.”  Jill thanks him for seeing her on such short notice. Victor tells her he is busy and wonders what she wants? She says that she needs to talk to him. There is a knock at the door. Victoria comes in. He tells Jill that she can say anything she wishes in front of Victoria. Jill explains she knows about suit filed against Brad and while she can’t speak for the board, “there must be some way to stop the bloodshed.” Victor “you mean your own?” “Well, I will only say this once, so listen carefully.” Jill “go ahead.” Victor “Brad Carlton is in violation of his contract.” “Now if the Abbott’s were to move against him and get rid of him, I would be less likely to come after them.” He says he can’t promise anything. Jill “You would prefer a surgical strike instead of hurting innocent victims?” She says this conversation has been “very helpful” She thanks him and leaves. (Victoria and Victor exchange knowing smiles.)  Victor wonders why Victoria has come? She tells him she has good news. She says the gift with purchase will be in the stores in two weeks. Victor says he is pleased. Victoria says it will “cost you.” Victor says that if she has a good plan he will be happy to back her. She shows him the plan, he reads it over and declares it a very good plan indeed. He gives her a kiss and a hug. Victor wonders if there was something else she wanted to talk about? She says there is “Brad Carlton and Jabot.”  Victor doesn’t really want to talk about it. She says that when he first decided to go after only Brad and not Jabot she didn’t understand it. She says she does now because there will be so much infighting and turning against each other at JABOT that they will destroy themselves. She says she admires him and respects him. She says she is in awe of him. Victor says he appreciates it. (He hugs her.)
Genoa City Hospital
Dru arrives. She apologizes for interrupting. Ashley says that she was just leaving. Ashley tells Olivia to look after herself. Olivia promises she will. Ashley leaves. Olivia asks Dru what brought her by? Dru says, “You are not going to believe this.” Olivia “What?” Dru “You know how something from your past comes back to haunt you?” Olivia “And?” Dru “Something bizarre is going on, so truly bizarre.”
JABOT (Jack’s Office)
Jack is reading over a report when Jill comes in. She tells him she went to see Victor. Jack is furious and wonders what she told him? She says that she didn’t tell him anything. She tells Jack that if Brad Carlton is removed from JABOT then he may not come after the company. Jack “well how about that, I was right.” Jill says it doesn’t matter, as Ashley will never go for it. Jack says that he won’t sacrifice JABOT for “someone who stabbed me in the back twice.” Jill reminds Jack that they did agree to support Brad. Jack says “with the future of JABOT on the line, you can bet the Bradski is history”. “Sorry, Brad but that’s the way it has to be” he says. “I will make sure of it.” Jill looks worried, Jack is left looking determined.