Wednesday 7/12/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, July 12th, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, July 13th, 2000--USA

Abbott’s (Living Room)

Ashley and Jack are talking about the web site. Ashley asks if it will be up and running? Or will they “go another round, with Jill?” Jack says as far as he is concerned “all systems are go.” (Door bell rings). Billy calls down from upstairs “I’ll get it.” Billy comes downstairs, opens the door. Brittany is there. He is surprised to see her. She says, “You called, so I came.” Jack says to Ashley “How come I can’t get the women in my life to do that?” Ashley says they do “But they run in the opposite direction.” Brittany comes in and says that the “Glow by JABOT house gets started today and I am so excited.” Jack says they are starting today “but.” Ashley asks what the problem is? Jack says they need to get some more products from JABOT. There are two cartons to be brought back to the pool house. (Raul arrives.) Jack says he has to go to JABOT and pick them up. Billy offers to go along. Jack agrees. Billy asks Raul if he wants to come? Raul says he will wait for Mac to arrive. Jack asks Raul to call Riana and let her know what is happening with the site, tell her to come later, he says. Billy reluctantly leaves with the others. Later, Raul fills Mac in on what is happening with the site. She asks where the others are? He says they went to JABOT. She wonders why he waited for her? He says so he could show her the set up at the pool house and to have some time alone with her. Raul offers to take her to the pool house. She agrees to go with him.  Later, Brittany and Billy arrive home with the boxes. Brittany hopes that everything turns out ok with the web site. She knows that “Mrs. Abbott” is really upset and doesn’t want anything else to go wrong. She says if “Mac and Raul screw this up for us, well, I will be very upset.” She is also concerned that now he is no longer grounded, if this project goes ahead and his mother is against it, she would try to keep them apart. Billy feels it won’t happen. Billy tells her not to worry and hugs her.

Abbott’s (Pool House)

Raul tells Mac all about the cameras. He tells her to offer her suggestions to the producer or she will end up “little more than a gopher all summer.” He suggests she offer to look at the “dailies” as that will be a big help. Mac says that makes sense and she will try. Raul asks her to come and sit with him.  She sits next to him (reluctantly). Raul tells her that he is glad “this web site came together”. He hopes she is “as happy as I am.” He says he knows this has all been hard for her, first the prom, then the commercial and now the web site. He apologizes for pressuring her into it. He says the best part is they will be together all summer. Raul kisses Mac, she seems uncomfortable.  He kisses her on the neck, she is clearly uncomfortable and pulls away saying “Raul, stop!”

Hospital (Corridor/Olivia’s Room)

Neil is waiting outside Olivia’s room. Dru comes along and asks how she is? Neil says her temperature is near normal. She is “ok for now.” Malcolm asks what he means? Neil says she has been given powerful antibiotics but if she gets another infection…  He thinks they should keep praying. Dru says Olivia needs their love and support to get through this. Mamie arrives. She says she is relieved to know that Olivia is getting better. Dru says that Olivia almost died last night. Mamie says she almost died but didn’t. Malcolm is concerned she may develop another infection. Reese comes along and says that she will be better able to handle it if she does. Dru asks how? Reese says that the bone marrow is beginning to function, white blood cells are developing. Dru is thrilled saying “thank God.” Malcolm thinks Dru should be the one to tell Olivia. Dru, Mamie, Malcolm, Neil and Reese go into see Olivia. Dru sits by Olivia’s bedside and says, “Look at you.” She asks Olivia how is she doing? Olivia asks, “How do I look?” Dru says she looks like a woman “whose white blood cells are working.” Olivia thinks she miss heard what Dru has said? Reese confirms it but says that Olivia isn’t out of the woods yet. But if she continues to progress as she has been she could be home in 10 days. Malcolm thinks that calls for a celebration. Mamie says she will go to the chapel and pray. (Mamie leaves.) Dru tells Olivia that they were all praying for her, especially Nate. Malcolm is sure that God heard Nate’s prayer. Dru tells Olivia to get some rest and they will be back later. Dru asks Neil if he is coming with them? He says he will stay on, as he wants to talk to Olivia something. Malcolm and Dru leave. After they are gone, Olivia asks Neil what he would like to know? Neil wonders if it was because of Nate’s prayer or perhaps he was imagining it, but he thought he picked up a “vibe”. Olivia says he wasn’t imagining it. Neil asks her to tell him about it? She says it was a long story. Neil asks her to tell him about it? She says while she was unconscious, she was in this “place”, it was amazing, she wasn’t frightened. She tells Neil that the strangest thing was that “Nathan was there.” Neil asks, “Nathan was there?” Olivia says he was. He tells her that while she was “out of it”, she mumbled a name. He thought it was “Nate” but Malcolm believed it was “Nathan.” Olivia says they had a “conversation.” Neil asks what it was about? She says she doesn’t really remember. She says it is hard to explain. Olivia tells him it was very peaceful there. She says she felt very comfortable there but she felt “something tugging at her”. She says, “it was my little boy, he needed me.” Olivia understands Neil being “skeptical”. She says she had to “come back” because she wasn’t “ready to go yet.” Neil takes Olivia’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. A tear runs down Olivia’s face.

Christine’s Office

Christine is working. There is a knock at the door. Christine says, “Come in.” The door opens, Nina comes in. Nina asks Christine “what’s going on?” She wonders if she and Paul talked? Nina knows that Mary was talking about a fertility clinic with Paul. Christine says she wants to go back on the pill but Paul wants a child. Nina tells her that she (Christine) feels the timing isn’t right. Nina wonders if she told Paul how she feels? Christine says she didn’t get the chance; he was so excited about the clinic and having a child. Nina doesn’t think Christine should let Paul talk her “into it.” Christine says he hasn’t. She has agreed to go to the clinic and see “what they have to offer.” She thinks they will tell her “there is no problem getting pregnant”. Nina says by that time “it will be too late and you won’t be able to back out even if you wanted to.” Christine says they need to take it one step at a time. Nina asks when are they going? Christine says “this afternoon.” Nina asks Christine if she is “sure”? Christine says she “can’t hurt Paul.” She says he has made a lot of sacrifices for her; he backed off about her partnership with Michael “because it was what I wanted.” Nina says that a “child can’t be a sacrifice you make for your husband.” (The phone rings.) Christine tells Nina she has to “take this call.” Nina says she will wait. Christine is talking and puts the person on hold. She tells Nina she will be awhile. Nina says she can wait. Christine tells her that “this is going to take a long time and you use the mornings to do your writing.” Nina asks Christine if she is “trying to get rid of her?” Christine doesn’t want her to lose her “writing time.” Nina agrees and leaves. Later, Christine finishes her phone conversation and begins working on her computer. She is updating her appointment calendar. Michael arrives and tells her that his meeting with “Addison” went well. He had him “eating out of his hand.” Christine wonders if he signed on with them? Michael says no, not yet but he will, he wants to meet you first. Michael tells her that a meeting has been arranged for “2 pm this afternoon.” Christine says she can’t make it. Michael says she didn’t have anything in her diary. She says she does now. He asks her to cancel it. She refuses saying, “Putting off this meeting by one day, won’t make a difference, Michael.” He feels it will and doesn’t want to put off a new client. He asks her to tell him “whom this appointment is with.” Christine won’t say, “I can’t.” “I have work to do.”


Michael and a “client” are talking. Gina comes over and asks how everything was? Michael says “so far so good.” Gina hopes they are talking business and not about her omelets. The client says the omelet was perfect. He says he will see “about Michael’s sales pitch.” Michael asks if that means he will be “throwing some business my way?” The client says “unless Ms. Roma knows of a reason not to.” (Gina and Michael exchange looks.) Later, the client asks Michael if he and Gina “are not the best of friends?” Michael asks, “What gives you that impression?” The client wonders if Gina is a “woman scorned?” Michael says she isn’t his type. The client wonders if Michael can handle the additional business they would bring to their firm? He doesn’t want to end up last after the “McGuire software suit, Desmond Industries.” Michael assures him that won’t happen.  The client says, “You say that now but later…” Michael says that he and his partner are in full control and he will have nothing to worry about. The client would like to meet “Ms. Williams.” Michael checks his appointment book and they arrange to meet this afternoon. The client says he has to go as he has a board meeting in 20 minutes. He leaves. Gina comes over and asks how things went? Michael says that things are going well. Gina tells him that she hopes his firm succeeds. She says, “Christine and Paul are very special to me.” Michael says he wants the firm to succeed and is glad that despite the fact Christine has a “family and a husband” they have been able to remain focused with no distractions.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Jill is alone, pacing the floor. She looks furious. Jack and Ashley arrive. Jill asks Jack if he has good news for her? He says the web site is a go. She says, “That’s your good news.” Jack says everything will work out, Mac will be a production assistant and Raul will “follow.” Riana will make the 4th he says. Jill isn’t thrilled with that idea, saying Raul will be working with someone he barely knows. Mac will be running things, she says! (Billy and Brittany come in) Billy tells them he is no longer grounded. He thanks his mother and promises not to let her down. She says she is glad he is happy “at least someone is.” Billy wonders if they are “interrupting something?” Jack tells him not to worry about it and to take the boxes back to the house. Jill tells him to wait, this hasn’t been resolved to her satisfaction and she will “fight it all the way.” Jack tells him to go ahead and leave, he tells Jill not to put the kids in the middle. Brittany and Billy leave. Jill says that this site won’t work. Jack asks Ashley to talk some “sense into this woman.” Ashley tells him that if he thinks she is going to support him on this, he is wrong. Jack tells her that he only needs one “antagonist, thank you very much.” Ashley says she isn’t trying to be difficult.  But this web site will cost them a lot of money and it must be “just right.” Jill says the site will make it look as though the products are used by “yo-yos”. Jack says he is working on it and has a producer picked out. Jill can’t believe he hired a producer without speaking to any one about it! Jack says he hasn’t had confirmation that “they are doing the site, yet.” Jill says that is just terrific, perhaps it could be because “they don’t want to work in a little back water like Genoa City!” Ashley suggests putting off starting the site until later, when they are better organized. Jack says they are already half way through the summer. Jack says he will talk to the producer in New York and get things moving. Jack calls New York and gets “Stan, the agent” on the phone. Jack asks him what’s happening? Why haven’t I heard anything, he asks? Stan says, “She hasn’t called me back yet to give me an answer.” Jack tells him that he needs to know what the answer is, as soon as possible. He wonders if “they want more money?” Stan says that isn’t it at all, but she is busy. Stan agrees to call her right now. Jack hangs up. Jill says, “Well that certainly was productive.” Jack says he is “CEO and could decide all by himself”. Jill says, “He is over reacting as usual.” Jack says he is “sick of this.” Ashley says if he goes alone on this, he will not only end up fighting Jill but “me as well.” Jill says “Finally a voice of reason”. Ashley followed by Jill, walk out.

Malcolm’s Apartment

Dru and Malcolm arrive home. Dru tells Malcolm she is starved and wonders about breakfast. She offers to make it? He says since she is the “woman of the hour” and has “made her sister well” he will make breakfast. She says the past few weeks she has been living in a “daze”. He says it has been a “nightmare” but it is over now, Olivia is getting well. After breakfast, Dru compliments Malcolm on his use of “real eggs.” Malcolm says it is “easy to slack off when you live alone.” Dru tells him she thinks he would be “quite the magnet with those models around.” He says “hardly” and there is “just one that he likes.”  Later, Dru says she feels “like doing something but I don’t know what.” She offers to yell out the window “my sister is getting better.” Malcolm tells her not too. She is so excited that she kisses him. She hesitates and almost pulls away. Malcolm takes her in his arms and kisses her.

New York City

Stan, the agent, picks up the phone, the door opens, and someone walks in. Stan “Oh there you are, I was just about to call you.” He tells them “Jack Abbott from JABOT in Genoa City wants an answer.” “I think with all your other projects, we can tell him to get lost.” A woman says “Jack Abbott, Genoa City, this is full of possibilities.” (The woman’s voice sounds like Phyllis Romalotti)