Tuesday 7/11/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, July 11th, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, July 12th, 2000--USA

Hospital (Olivia’s Room)

Olivia has “flat lined”. Dru is hysterical, begging her sister to “come back “ and “not to leave her.” Doctors and Nurses come in; Neil drags Dru from the room, as the doctors and nurses prepare to save Olivia’s life. The doctors and nurses perform CPR, trying to shock Olivia’s heart into beating. Meanwhile, Olivia is “dreaming”, calling “Nathan.” “Nathan.” Nathan “I’m here.” (There is a stained glass window and a bright light shining on Olivia) Nathan asks if she is frightened? She tells him she isn’t frightened at all. She says she isn’t sure what to do? Where to go? Olivia tells Nathan “something is pulling at her.” She thinks about Nate, how he is part of her. Nathan says that Nate is a part of him as well. He says you never leave your loved ones completely. Olivia says she is his mother and how can she leave him? She says she doesn’t want to leave him behind. As the nurses and doctor’s work, Olivia’s heart begins to beat again, slowly getting stronger.

Hospital (Corridor)
Dru wonders what is taking so long? Neil tells her to stay calm. Dru says she wants Olivia back. Neil comforts Dru. Reese comes out and tells him they got Olivia’s heart started again. But, she still has a fever, he says. Neil asks if it “looks good?” Reese says they have a long way to go and he needs to get back in and see her. Dru thanks him for his hard work. Reese goes back into Olivia’s room. Neil says, “What did I tell you.” Dru says, “My sister fought to come back.” (Dru hugs Neil quickly). She says she will go and tell Malcolm and Nate. She starts to leave and then comes back; she gives Neil another hug and walks away.


Nate and Malcolm have finished praying. Malcolm tells her his prayer was terrific and wonders if he has anything else to say? Nate wonders if “he is listening?” Malcolm says “he” is. Nate asks why “Mommy is still sick?” He says he prays every night for “mommy to get better.” Malcolm says, “She needs our help.” Nate thinks the Doctors and Nurses can help her. Malcolm agrees but says that God is working through the doctors and nurses. Nate asks if “mommy dies, will she go to heaven?” Malcolm says she will. Nate thinks if his mom goes to heaven then god will take care of her. Malcolm says he will. Nate asks if God will let Mommy stay and take care of him “for a little while longer?” Malcolm holds Nate. Dru comes into the chapel and sees Malcolm holding Nate. Dru asks Nate how he is doing? He says he is praying for his mom. She tells him his prayers are working. She wonders if he knows the Lord’s Prayer? He says he does. She tells him she says it all the time, in good times and in bad. She asks him to say it with her. As Dru, Nate and Malcolm recite the prayer aloud…the prayer can be heard in Olivia’s “dream”. The light is brighter and she wonders, “What is happening?” She asks Nathan “why didn’t I let go?” Nathan tells her to “call on her strength.” He tells her to “fight her way back.” Olivia says, “My son needs me.” “People are depending on me, my family, people I haven’t met yet.” She says she isn’t ready to leave yet. Nathan “Olivia, take my hand.” “It’s not your time.” Olivia “It isn’t?” Nathan “No, there is much for you to do yet.” “Hurry, there isn’t much time.” “You must fight your way back.” “You have the strength and the will to live.” Olivia “It’s what I want.” “Thank you Nathan.” Nathan “Don’t thank me, thank God, and thank love.” “There is nothing more powerful on earth, than love.” (Nathan disappears). Olivia looks around, calling “Nathan.” Nathan (Slowly fading away) tells her “not to be afraid.” He says goodbye and disappears into the light. Neil “Say something, Olivia, anything.” Olivia is waking up, she opens her eyes. 

Hospital (Corridor)

Malcolm, Dru, Nate and Julia come upstairs from the chapel. Neil comes out of Olivia’s room and tells them that Olivia is awake and her fever is dropping. He says her vital signs are stabilized, Nate asks if his mom is going to be ok? Dru tells him not to worry and hugs him.

Hospital (Olivia’s Room)

Reese goes into Olivia’s room and says that there are people who want to see her. Neil, Dru, Nate and Malcolm all come into the room. Dru goes over to Olivia’s bed and says “hi sis.” Olivia “Hi.” She asks Dru if she looks ok? She doesn’t want to upset Nate. Dru says she looks beautiful. Dru tells her that she loves her. She says she “doesn’t know what she would have done.” Olivia says, “I know.” Malcolm says he doesn’t mean to interrupt but there is a “little man here who would like to say hi to his mom.” Olivia “come here sweetheart.” Nate says “I don’t want to get too close, I might make you sick.” Olivia says, “you won’t.” “You are the best medicine for me.” Neil “Give your mom a hug, it’s ok.” Nate hugs Olivia. Nate “God heard my prayers.” Olivia “He sure did, sweetheart, he sure did.” Dru, Malcolm and Neil tearfully look on.

Abbott’s (Pool)

Jill is furious and says that because of all this “lack of commitment”; they may as well “scarp the whole thing.” Brittany says, “you can’t.” Jill tells her she can. Jack tells Jill to “give it a chance.” He asks the kids to leave while he speaks to Jill. Brittany, Billy, Raul and Riana leave. Jack tells Jill she is over reacting. He thinks the web site is a good idea and it will work. Jill tells him that “this had better be resolved to my satisfaction by tomorrow morning, or I will go to the board!” “I will have no problem convincing them to cancel the web site.” Billy comes back and listens to them talking. Billy tells his mother to “give it a chance.” Jill says (as she flounces out), that she is “all out of chances.” Jack asks Billy if Mac backed out of the web site for the same reason she backed out of the commercial? Billy says she did but he can’t really get into it. Jack says Raul backed out because Mac did, so if they can get her back in somehow, then Raul would agree to be part of it? Billy agrees with Jack, if Mac is in, Raul will do it. Jack thinks he has a way to get Mac in.

Abbott’s (Living Room)

Brittany hopes Jack can get Jill to change her mind. Jill comes in. Brittany asks, “What happened, Mrs. Abbott.” Jill throws up her hands and says “not now Brittany”, she walks out. Raul says, “Well, there is your answer.” Riana says she was looking forward to this job and doesn’t know what to do now. She gathers up her things and tells Brittany to call her when she knows something. Riana leaves. Brittany turns on Raul, saying, “Do you see what you have done!” ‘If you weren’t so selfish, you would realize this isn’t just about you.” She tells him that a lot of people are involved. Raul chastises Brittany for wanting to be a “big star.” He says he only got involved because it was supposed to be him and Mac together all summer and now it won’t happen. Brittany says he wanted this job for the money and now with all the good summer jobs gone, what’s he going to do instead? She says, “even if you do get something, Mac won’t be at your side.” Raul says he has to get going. (Jack and Billy come in). Jack says he has a way for Mac to be in this after all, as a production assistant, this way she can be off camera but still be a part of it. Raul thinks it is a good idea. Brittany agrees. Jack wonders where Mac is? Raul says she is at home. Jack says he wants to talk to her tonight, Raul offers to go as well. Billy wants to go too, to talk with her. Raul doesn’t want Mac to feel “everyone is ganging up on her.” Billy agrees to stay behind. (Jack and Raul leave, Brittany is not impressed.) Later, Billy is pacing the floor. Brittany comes in with drinks. She asks what he is thinking about? Billy says he is wondering what is happening at the Chancellor place? Brittany admits she was surprised when he offered to go but then says she knows why. Billy says, “You do?” Brittany says that he doesn’t want it to “all fall apart.” Billy says he wants to help the family. Brittany says she is sure it will all work out, even if Mac is out. She thinks Riana will be fine. Billy says it won’t be the same. Brittany says, “It isn’t as though we need the money.” “It doesn’t really matter, so long as we are together.” Brittany kisses Billy. Later, Billy looks around to be sure he is alone. He calls Mac. He wonders if she spoke to Jack? She says she did and she has agreed to do it. She feels she “didn’t have much choice.” She says it will be hard because “Raul will be around.” She says, “The whole thing is messed up.” Billy says that they can be together. Mac feels they won’t be able to talk much. He says it doesn’t matter; they can meet at their secret place. Billy says just knowing she is around is all he cares about. Mac says “see you in the morning.” Billy says, “There is something I want to tell you.” Mac “what?” Billy (embarrassed) says “sweet dreams.” She says goodnight and hangs up.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Victoria tells Brad he has “some nerve interfering in something that has nothing to do with him.” Brad tells her that Nikki is his friend and “you have hurt her.” Brad says he understands Victoria being upset. He feels Nikki has the right to work if that is what she chooses. Victoria agrees but doesn’t like where her mother is working. She says, “Mother working at JABOT is a slap in the face.” Brad tells her “this isn’t about you, it’s about Nikki.” Victoria fumes that she should “just forget about her feelings?” Victoria wishes Brad had a family he could interfere with instead of meddling in business that doesn’t concern him. She says he has no idea how she feels and he should “back off.” Brad tells Victoria that he understands how she feels but she needs to have some “faith in her mother.” Brad assures Victoria that Nikki never meant to hurt her and has taken a position where she won’t be in competition with Brash and Sassy. He says that Victoria is “lashing out” and she should “be ashamed of herself.” Victoria asks Brad if he knows where her mother is? If he doesn’t then she will “find someone who does.” Victoria asks Brad what he is doing there? He says he works there. Victoria asks how long he has worked there? He tells her “a few months.” Victoria sarcastically remarks, “My mother and you came aboard about the same time, so that means she is making irrational decisions and you are egging her on!” Brad calmly tells her that her mother is in Europe. Victoria asks if it was business? He says it was and she wanted “some distance from you.” He hopes she realizes the pain she has caused her mother. (Victoria mutters under her breath and walks out.) Ashley walks by the boardroom and sees Brad reading a report. She comes in. She thought he would be on his way to Switzerland by now. He says that Nikki went instead; he thinks she can handle it. He feels it will be a learning experience for her. Ashley admits it is his project but adds, “don’t expect the other board members to be as “sympathetic” towards Nikki as you are.” “They are not personally involved.” He tells Ashley he is sorry for taking out his frustrations over her feelings for Victor, on her. Ashley says “well, if you think an “I’m sorry” is going to get you in my good books again, you are wrong.” She tells him he “will have to do better than that.” He wonders what he can do? She says that he told her that he would support her through her pregnancy. He says that is true. She wonders if he will still be her coach? He says he will. She tells him that the first Lamaze class goes tonight and wants him to come. He agrees to go. He asks if they can have dinner first? She agrees and on the way out, he tells her that she has “never looked more beautiful” than she does right now. She thanks him and says, “I should get pregnant more often.” They leave.

Victor’s Apartment (Victor’s Room/Living Room)

Victor is on the phone, leaving a message for John Silva. He tells them it is regarding Brad Carlton. He asks John to call him back, and hangs up. Meanwhile, Victoria comes home, flops down on the couch. Victor comes down stairs and asks how her day went? She says she went to see Mother at JABOT today. She tells Victor that she didn’t find her mother but did find Brad Carlton. She informs Victor that Brad is working there now. She wonders if he knew? He says he does and he is in direct violation of his non-compete clause.  Victoria wonders why he hasn’t taken action? Victor says he could “if he wanted to.” Victoria thinks that Brad needs to be punished for what he has done, “for his betrayal”, taking over the company. She says he knows a lot about Brash and Sassy. She wants Victor to “get rid of him.” She thinks if he knows a way he “should use it.” Victor understands Victoria’s frustration but he has his reasons for not acting against Brad Carlton. Victoria says, “You think you know what you are doing, but I really wonder if you do.” She says she is trying to understand but doesn’t. She heads upstairs. Victor “Everyone is wondering what I have in mind for you Brad Carlton…it ain’t pretty.”

Chancellor Estate

Mac arrives home; she flops down in a chair. Kay comes in from the kitchen and asks how things went at the Abbott’s? Mac says, “They didn’t.” Kay doesn’t understand and wonders if the web site has been post poned? Mac says she doesn’t know. She tells Kay she isn’t doing it. Kay wonders why? “Is this about Billy?” She asks Mac if this is about what you told your father and me about how uncomfortable it would be being around him all summer? Kay asks Mac to tell her? Kay says Mac doesn’t have to be with anyone she doesn’t want to. (Jill comes in). She walks over to the bar and gets herself a glass of wine. She asks Mac if she is happy, now that she has what she wanted, the whole thing is off! She accuses Mac of being selfish, only looking out for herself and now “dragged Raul off with her.” Mac doesn’t know what Jill is talking about? Jill doesn’t believe her and says the whole project is down in flames, because of “you.” She tells Mac “that’s fine, so long as you are happy.” Kay intervenes saying, “That’s enough Jill, get out.” Jill says “gladly” as she flounces out. Kay “I could throttle that woman.” Kay looks at Mac, sitting forlornly in the chair.