Monday 7/10/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, July 10th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday July 11th, 2000--USA

Young and the Restless Update Monday, July 10, 2000


Hospital (Olivia’s Room/Corridor)

Dru, Neil and Malcolm are standing over Olivia’s bed. She is in a coma. Dru thinks Olivia was calling Nathan’s name. Malcolm thinks it was “Nate”. Neil says she is delirious. Dru says they have to do something to bring down her fever; she wants to talk to Dr. Reese and walks out. Malcolm tells Neil he thinks Olivia was calling Nathan’s name. Neil says, “Nathan is dead.” Malcolm “exactly.” Neil (to Olivia) “Where are you?”  Dru confronts Reese about Olivia’s fever, she says with all this equipment, why can’t they bring it down? Reese tells her they are doing everything they can. He tells her he has patients to see and walks away. Malcolm tells Dru to calm down, he comforts her. Nate and Julia arrive. Dru is surprised to see him. Nate tells Malcolm he wants to see Olivia. Malcolm asks him to go to the cafeteria with him for a “hot fudge sundae.” Nate says no, “I want to see Mommy.” Dru tells him “Mommy is asleep.” Nate asks Dru why she looks so sad?  Malcolm takes Nate’s hand, saying, “Come on, I will tell you everything.” Nate and Malcolm leave. Julia apologizes to Dru for bringing Nate. Dru says Olivia is in a coma because she developed an infection. Dru goes back in to sit with Olivia. Neil sitting by Olivia’s bedside tells her to “wake up.” “There are people waiting for you.” “Wake up” he says. Dru comes in, she tells Olivia to get well, as there are so many things they can do together. She says they have so much time to be together, things to do. She says that Malcolm arranged to have her dance teacher come over. She says she had quite a work out, but afterwards, felt really good. She says that is some thing she wants to share with Olivia. “We can take a dance class together.” Dru tells Neil “she would have loved it.” She tells Olivia “be here for all of us.” Meanwhile, Olivia is “dreaming” she asks Nathan if she is dead? She sees the “light” and tells him that patients who have “come back” talk about a bright light. Nathan tells her she has nothing to fear. Olivia says she feels so strange and calm. She wonders what she is supposed to do? Nathan asks her what she wants to do? Olivia says, “I came to you.” Nathan “Yes, you did.” Nathan tells her she has been fighting a battle and what she really wants is peace. Olivia says “Peace…yes.” Olivia tells Nathan she feels “so calm”. Nathan asks, “as though you were in protective hands?” Olivia says “like when I was a child and there was always a hand to guide me.” Olivia asks Nathan if she “came to him?” He says, “You don’t know?” Olivia says she heard someone calling her name. She says, “You are here, which means I have crossed over.” Nathan tells her she is in a “different reality.” Olivia “Different. No cares…no worries.” Nathan asks if she is “content?” Olivia says, “I don’t know what I feel.” “If I am feeling anything at all.” Olivia is looking at the “light”. She says it is beautiful. She wonders why she is “drawn to it?” She thinks it is because she is “letting go of life.” Olivia asks Nathan what it is “like”? He says that your “perspective on things changes.” He says that all of your sorrow, worries, joys..” “None of it means anything.” Olivia says, “That sounds sad.” Nathan says it isn’t sad at all. (The light is getting brighter). She says she is drawn to the light. She says she is tired of the chemotherapy and the pain. Nathan says, “I know.” Olivia “I feel so calm, at peace, totally at peace.” (The light becomes brighter). Dru watches Olivia; her “monitor” shows flat line. Dru screams for her sister to come back. Neil rushes out for help.

Hospital (Chapel)

Nate and Malcolm walk towards the chapel. Nate tells Malcolm he doesn’t want an ice cream, he wants to know what is happening to his mom? Malcolm tells him “nothing is for certain.” He tells Nate “things aren’t going well for your Mommy right now.” Nate asks if she is going to die? Malcolm says he doesn’t want Nate to “think like that.” Nate asks if they can do something? Malcolm asks what? Nate asks, “Can we pray?” Malcolm says they can. They go into the chapel. Nate takes a seat at the front; he gets on his knees and prays to God, asking him to make Mommy well. “Please don’t let anything happen to her.”

Abbott’s (House)

Raul is ringing the doorbell, there is no answer. Brittany arrives. She tells him she is looking forward to having their pictures taken. Raul rings the bell again, but there is no answer. Brittany thinks this is odd, because Billy was expecting them. Meanwhile, Billy and Mac have returned from the playhouse. Billy hears the doorbell and tells Mac that “must be Raul.” Mac says that he can’t see them together. Billy tells her to go out the side gate and come in the front door. Mac says she isn’t sure she can do this. Billy says, “We have to try”. Billy kisses Mac. Mac runs off. (Raul rings the doorbell again). Billy answers the door. Raul asks him what took so long?

Abbott’s (Pool)

Brittany, Raul and Billy are by the pool. Raul wonders where Mac is? Mac comes running in. She apologizes for being late. (Jack, Jill arrives). Brittany wonders where the photographer is? Jack says he will be taking the pictures. He asks Brittany to go first, but she declines, saying she wants to “freshen up.” Jill tells her not to worry. Billy says he will go last “in case I break the camera.” Jack asks Mac to have her picture taken. Mac is reluctant. Jack asks her to stand by the pool. When she doesn’t move, she finally says, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to do this at all.” Everyone is shocked. Brittany can’t believe Mac doesn’t want to do it. Jill says, “Well, that’s just great.” Mac explains that it will make her “too self conscious” and she would “ruin everything.” Jill wonders why she couldn’t have decided this earlier? Mac says she is sorry and runs out. Raul chases after her. 

Abbott’s (House)

Raul asks Mac “what has changed?” Mac says the reality of everything set in. She tells him that this isn’t something she is comfortable doing. Raul says he thought she was “getting over it.” Mac says she doesn’t want to do it. She tells him that it will work with out her. Raul apologizes to her for pressuring her into something she didn’t want. He says he was looking forward to being paid to spend the summer with her. Mac says she has to go. She tells him she is sorry, kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Later, Jill asks what they will do now that Mac has dropped out? Jack says it’s not a problem, they will ask Riana to do it? Jill isn’t sure now that “Mac has hung us out to dry.” Jack says he wasn’t going to force her to stay. Jill wonders why Jack is “so calm about this?” Jack says he is “going with the flow.” Jill says when he is this calm; it makes her wonder, “what he is up to.” He tells her to just relax; she will “live longer that way.” Jack heads up stairs.

Abbott’s (Pool)

Brittany tells Billy that Riana was excited to be included. Billy hopes she doesn’t mind replacing Mac? Brittany says no, and now “everything can calm down.” Billy doesn’t think so. Brittany knows that Jill was upset having Mac involved, and the prom was a disaster. Billy wonders if she really believes his mother will calm down? Brittany says she understands Mac’s feelings. Billy asks what she means? She says, “Mac isn’t star material.” Billy says Mac can do whatever she wants to do. Brittany says she is tired of “Mac, going back and forth.” She wonders how Raul will feel now that Mac is “out”? Billy wonders why she cares? She says she doesn’t want him to feel “left out.” She says that now they are “back on track” everything will “work out ok.” She also hopes there will be “no more surprises.” Billy tells her “everything is ok.” Brittany says it will all be worth it. So they can “see each other”, she adds. Brittany kisses Billy. Later, Jack is taking Riana’s pictures, telling her to smile, pose for him. When he is finished, he asks who’s next? Jill says “Raul.” Brittany says, “Where is Raul?” Raul comes in “I’m here.” “After Mac left, I took a walk, did some thinking.” Jack “And?” Raul “Well, now that Mac has dropped out, I am not sure I want to do it any more.” Jill “Well, that’s just peachy” “We may as well cut our losses and scrap the whole thing.” (Billy and Brittany are stunned.)

JABOT (Boardroom)

Brad is on the phone, making an airline reservation for Zurich. (Nikki comes in). After Brad hangs up, he tells her about going to Zurich to meet with the supplier of the moisturizer. Nikki wishes him luck, saying she hopes things go well as she could do with some good news. Brad asks what the trouble is? Nikki tells him that Victoria has moved out of the ranch and in with her father. She says Victor is using this against her, blaming her for the dis-integration of the family. She feels that Victor is just as much to blame, using Victoria against her. Brad tells her that given the way Victoria has reacted, all she needs is some time to sort things out. Brad feels Victoria will gain some “perspective.”  Nikki says she has plenty of that. She tells Brad that Diane Jenkins is still living with Victor. She wonders, “What the hell Victor is up to?” Brad wonders why Diane is still there? Nikki says she has no idea. Brad thinks it will work to Nikki’s advantage. Nikki doesn’t see how that can be? Brad says that Victoria doesn’t like Diane any more than Nikki does. Nikki says she knows that but still they were “chummy”. She knows that Victoria is “striking back at” her. She thinks distance between them is a good idea. She asks Brad if she can go to Zurich with him? Brad says he thinks that is a good idea and believes she can handle the whole thing herself. She isn’t sure, but he tells her to “charm the chemist” into a licensing agreement. Nikki thanks him for his support “and vote of confidence”. Brad tells her to go home and pack; he will change the reservation to her name. She tells him that he means a “great deal to her.” She leaves.

Victoria’s Office

Victoria is working. Nick arrives with some files from Brash and Sassy. He wanted to return them to her, as he no longer needs them. He wonders if they are making progress on the campaign? She says she and Ryan are working on it. Nick wishes her luck. He is about to leave. She asks him if he has seen their mom this afternoon? He says he has been at work all day and has not seen her since this morning. He tells her that Nikki wanted to talk to her before she left for work. He asks if they talked? Victoria says they did. Nick says, “well, I know I failed your family loyalty test” (He walks out.) Victoria chases after him, but he is gone. Victoria “mother where are you?”

Nick and Sharon’s House

Nick arrives home. He tells Sharon he is excited about going to Milwaukee for the opening. She wonders if it will cause problems, him leaving so early? Nick says no, it is all sorted at work. Sharon thinks that having his duties reduced at Newman Enterprises is a good thing. Nick isn’t so sure but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He has other things on his mind, he says as he kisses Sharon. The doorbell rings. Nick says, “Come in.” The door opens and Miguel comes in. Nick is surprised to see him. Miguel tells him that Victoria called, looking for Nikki. He says that she left “several messages.” He tells Nick that Victoria wanted to speak with Nikki but she hasn’t been home. He asks Nick to tell Nikki, that Victoria wants to talk to her. Nick says if he sees Nikki he will, tell her. Miguel thanks him. He has noticed the “tension” in the family and hopes it can be resolved. Nick hopes so too. Miguel leaves. Sharon wonders what’s going on? Nick tells her that Victoria has moved out of the ranch and didn’t even bother to tell Nikki she was leaving. Sharon asks when this was? Nick says “last night.” Nick tells Sharon that Nikki tried to talk to Victoria. Sharon asks how it went? Nick thinks it didn’t go well. Sharon is sure that Victoria and Nikki will work things out. Nick isn’t so sure. Later, Nick and Sharon are kissing. The doorbell rings. Sharon opens the door. Nikki is there. Nikki tells them she is going out of town on business. Nick asks where? She says she is going to Switzerland. She will only be gone a few days. Sharon tells her that Miguel stopped by. She tells Nikki that Victoria has called several times and left messages. Nikki doesn’t think there is any point in contacting Victoria, as she is tired of being told “she stabbed Victoria in the back.”  Nick tells her to have a safe trip. He hugs her. Nikki wishes him luck with the opening. She says she will call them from the hotel. She leaves. Later, Nick is working. Sharon is watching him. She asks if he is thinking about the family? Nick tells her that her and the kids are the most important thing in his life. He says he hopes things work out with his parents and sister, but in the end, she and the kids mean more than anything to him. Sharon says she knows that. Nick says, “We have too good a thing to let it go.”

JABOT (Boardroom)
Brad is reading a file. Victoria arrives; she sees him, turns on her heel and is about to leave. He says, “Snuck into the enemy camp.” Victoria asks, “Is mother around?” Brad asks why she wants to know? Victoria says, “I want to talk to her.” Brad says, “I think you have done enough talking already.” Victoria glares at him.

Larry Warton’s Apartment

Warton is working out. The phone rings. “Hi, it’s me.” Warton “Clarke, where have you been?” “You said you were coming last month, you never showed.” Clarke “Don’t get bent out of shape.” “I told you, when Rich boy is out of town, I will come.” Warton “I don’t like you telling me one thing and doing another.” “People that do that to me, get hurt.” Clarke “Get a hold of yourself.” “The plan is working.” “I will call you when I am back in town.” Warton “It had better be.” Warton hangs up