Friday 7/7/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, July 7th, 2000--Canada, or Monday July 10th, 2000--USA

Chancellor Estate

Mac calls Billy. He is glad she called. He didn’t want to call her in case it “caused trouble.” Mac agrees saying “it’s best.” Billy wants to talk to her and asks her to come over? She asks where they will meet? He tells her “our secret place.” He says he will “be waiting” for her. She tells him she will “leave right now.” They hang up. Mac gets ready to leave; Jill comes in from the kitchen and asks her where she is going? Mac asks her why she wants to know? Jill tells her that she is glad she decided to back off on everything “including Billy”. Mac asks if she means the commercial? Jill says Brittany makes a much better “star.” Jill tells her that she hopes “this act of yours” is for real, but she warns Mac “that I am watching you.” (Kay overhears them). Kay comes out from the kitchen and asks, “what’s going on?” Jill says it is “nothing.” Kay asks Jill “what more do you want?” “She has withdrawn from your commercial.” Mac tells Kay “everything is fine.” Jill tells Kay that a new angle has been worked out for the commercial and “it was better than the old one.” Jill tells them she has to go, and leaves. Kay tells Mac she doesn’t believe “you were honest with me.” Mac tells her “it’s the same old stuff, with Jill.” Kay asks Mac if anything were upsetting her, “you would tell me?” Mac assures her that she would. Mac tells her she has to go. She gives Kay a hug telling her that she loves her. Kay tells her she loves her too. Mac gets her bag, opens the front door, Raul is there. Mac is surprised to see him. He says he had to see her. She says that he usually calls first. Raul tells her that Jack called him, they are gathering at his house to have pictures taken for the web site. Mac asks if that is today? Raul says it is. She says she can’t make it today as she has “something she needs to do.” Raul offers to go with her. She says, “It’s a girl thing” and rushes past him. Kay comes to the door (she has overheard Mac and Raul talking). Kay invites him in. He tells Kay that Mac ran out of here in a hurry. Kay says that Mac had “some place to go.” Raul says she didn’t say where she was going. Kay says she is sure it was important. Raul admits Mac is a “private person” who “keeps me guessing.” Kay says she is a typical sixteen-year-old girl. Raul says the prom was the best night of his life but he has hardly seen Mac since. He thought she was leaving and now she is staying for the summer. Kay says that they have all summer to be together. Raul says first she dropped out of the commercial and now it is as though she doesn’t want to do the web site either. He says he thought she was looking forward to it. Kay says she thinks that has to do with Jill “and nothing to do with you, at all.” She tells him not to take it personally.

Victor’s Office

Victor is staring out the window. The buzzer sounds on his phone. He answers it; Connie tells him there is a “man here who insists on seeing you.” Victor tells her he doesn’t have any appointments today and if he causes “trouble, call security.” (The door opens, Victor looks up and sees “Jesse Ventura” in the door way.) Victor is surprised to see him. Victor “Governor Ventura.” Jesse Ventura says, “Just Jesse, please.” Victor asks “what brings you here?” Jesse says he wanted to see him. Victor asks about being Governor? Jesse says, “Politics has been very rewarding.” He thinks Victor “should try it”. Victor says he can’t, his business takes too much of his time. Jesse thanks Victor for the “information you gave me on that guy from New York, it really helped me win the election.” Victor says, “thank you, I have the utmost respect for you.” Victor asks him “what the real reason you came is?” Jesse assures him he isn’t there for “another campaign contribution.” Victor tells him he would support him “any day.” Victor says the wonders why Jesse didn’t run for President? Jesse says “maybe in 2004” and “you could be my running mate.” Victor “you and I?” Jesse “Yes” Victor says there is a problem “who would take top billing?” Jesse says, “Our egos would be enough to destroy the country.”  (The door opens), Nikki comes in “Victor I have to talk to you.” “Oh, I am sorry, Governor Ventura.” Victor introduces Nikki to Jesse as his “ex wife.” Jesse wonders how he “managed to lose such a beautiful creature.” Nikki offers to come back later. The door opens, Connie comes in and tells Jesse “your press secretary called, your next appointment is ready.” Jesse says, “Since I have to be going, you stay.” He says good-bye to Victor tells Nikki it was nice to meet her and leaves. Victor glares at Nikki and says “I am busy, what do you want?” Victor begins to read his day timer. Nikki tells him not to “use work as an excuse to get rid of me.” She tells him that he thought she was taking revenge against him or Victoria by “taking the job at JABOT” but she says she never wanted Victoria to end up under the same roof as Diane Jenkins! Victor feels Victoria can look after herself. Nikki asks him what makes you think that? Victor says if Diane Jenkins puts one foot wrong, “she is out of there.” Victor asks Nikki what the real reason she came is? “What the hell do you want?” Nikki says she spoke to Victoria. Victor asks “where and when?” Nikki says “at the apartment.” She says once she realized that Victoria had moved out and in with him, she went to talk to her. She was surprised to find Diane living there. Victor asks, “What the hell were you doing there?” Nikki says she wanted to talk to Victoria, to “come to an understanding.” Victor feels it is “too soon.” Nikki says, “Diane was obnoxious as usual.” She says, “I can deal with her.” She says what she finds most upsetting, is an “alliance between Victoria and Diane.” She says, “Victoria refused to speak to me.” Victor asks, “What did you expect?” Nikki says, “I wasn’t expecting to be made a fool of.” She says she “thinks the world of Victoria” having raised her from a little girl. They have always been so close, but “not any more.” Victor (reading his day timer) says, “Well, I am sorry you were made a fool of.” Nikki (glaring at him) says “well, I am sorry I took you away from your precious work.” “I wouldn’t want to interrupt your day.” She walks out.

Victoria’s Office

Ryan asks Victoria if their ad budget is being increased? She says she hasn’t heard from her father yet. She tells him that she has been “thinking”. Their market is the “teen line”. Ryan agrees, that they get them as “teens and keep them once they mature.” Victoria says “well we, can’t keep them, if we don’t have them.” Ryan says they have to do something to attract the teens, “perhaps sponsor a concert tour of all girl bands.” Victoria suggests a “teen beauty contest.” Ryan isn’t sure about that idea. Victoria admits it will be expensive. She feels they have to “do something” or “see Brash and Sassy go down the tubes.” Victoria tells Ryan she is happy to be working with him again. Ryan says he is too. Ryan asks if it is “just you and I” or “will Nick be joining us”? Victoria says that Nick won’t be part of it. Ryan asks if this is about “your mom and JABOT”? Victoria says, “He doesn’t seem to have a problem with what mother has done.” Ryan says that it has to hurt. Victoria says it, does the family is falling apart and there is nothing she can do about it. She says that Nick has sided with Nikki over her betrayal. She says, “It hurts like hell.” Victoria says they just have the “dysfunctional Family of the year, in the Newman’s.” Ryan asks if Nick and Victor are getting along? Victoria says no, “not really”. She tells him she left the Ranch to live with Victor. She tells him she was surprised to find someone else living there. Ryan asks whom? Victoria says “Diane Jenkins.” Ryan asks if she is “kidding”? Victoria says no. Ryan offers her some advice, try to resolve this with your mother, because “she loves you, needs you and you need her.” Ryan tells her that he will “be there for her.” Victoria thanks him. He tells her to “think about what I said”. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Victoria looking contrite calls her mother. Miguel answers and tells her that Nikki is at work. He offers her the number? She says she doesn’t want to call her there. Miguel offers to take a message? She says to “tell her that I want to see her.” Miguel says he will. Victoria hangs up.

Genoa City Hospital (Olivia’s Room/Corridor)

Olivia is unconscious and feverish. Neil tells her that he is “there for her.” He tells her not to worry, the “fever will come down.” Reese and a nurse come in. Neil tells her he will wait outside. Neil leaves. (Dru and Malcolm arrive). Dru tells Neil they may be “over reacting” but wanted to know what was going on? Neil says he “called Mamie but couldn’t reach her.” Dru asks, “How bad is it”? Neil tells her that Olivia has a fever. (Reese comes out of Olivia’s room). Malcolm asks how she is? Reese says, “We are giving her antibiotics.” Dru asks what happened? Reese says, “She developed an infection.” Malcolm wonders how that is possible? Reese says, “she is in isolation but it is not infallible.” Malcolm says, “well, you are giving her antibiotics and that will take care of the fever, right?” Reese says, “We hope so.” (Reese says he has patients to see, and leaves.)  The nurse comes out of Olivia’s room. Dru asks how she is? The nurse says her temperature is 104 and rising. Dru quickly changes into a gown, she, Neil and Malcolm go into Olivia’s room. Dru sits beside Olivia’s bed, takes her hand. She wonders if Olivia can hear her? Olivia is dreaming, she is wearing a long white dress, standing on clouds, with stars behind her. Her name is called “Olivia”,  “Olivia.” Olivia answers “yes.” (There is a bright light). “I’m here,” she says. “Who’s there?” The light goes out, Olivia turns around, and Nathan is there. Olivia asks where she is? Nathan says, “you don’t know?” Olivia looks around; she sees a large stained glass window. She says, “This isn’t possible.” Nathan says, “I didn’t come to you, you came to me.” Olivia “But you are…” Nathan “Dead, yes.” Olivia “Am I dead?”

JABOT (Board room)

Jack and John talk about the web site. Jack tells him he has spoken with the kids and everything is arranged. John can’t believe that the cameras will be on 24 hours a day. Jack teases him about “skinny dipping” in the pool. Jack tells John he isn’t sure how much Video to use, as not “everyone has those high speed computers”. John says they need someone professional to do it. Jack says he has found someone, but they are in New York. John wonders if they will do it? Jack admits, “GC isn’t exactly a high speed hub on the information super highway.” John asks about the budget? Jack assures him that “they have enough money.” John tells him to “expect the unexpected”. Jack says he does and it was too bad that “Mac dropped out.” Jill comes in and says, “The girl had a reality check.” John asks what she means? Jill says Mac “was out of her league.” John thinks she is a “lovely girl.” Jill says “it is a matter of opinion.” John wonders if Jill had anything to do with Mac’s decision? Jill asks, “Why would you ask that?” John says because he knows she likes to be in control. Jill tells him it was “her decision” and she “resents him asking.” She says she just “wants to help the company.” John says, “thank you.” He tells Jack he has a meeting and leaves. Jill wonders where John gets his suspicions? Jack tells her that John doesn’t need any help from him “when it comes to being suspicious of you.” Jill says “we have been getting along well lately.” Jack tells her she is about to “screw that up.” (Knock at the door). Frank Picelli (the director) walks in. He tells them he has the final cut of the commercial. He tells them he re edited, as “Jack’s instructions” and removed MacKenzie from the ad, completely. Jill wonders why? Jack says “she requested it, and we owe it to her to comply.” Frank says it’s too bad, because the “first commercial was so much better.” Especially that last scene of the two of the kids dancing as prom king and queen, it was “magic” he says. Jack feels it was just two kids as prom king and queen dancing, nothing special. Jill agrees, as “Brittany is the star.” Jill feels “Brittany is a much better representative of Glow by JABOT.” She wants to see the tape. Frank and Jack go to get it. Later, after watching the commercial, Jill says it is “perfect.” Jack says, “considering the extra time you spent editing it.” Jill says it was better than the original. Frank thinks the original was better “but no one will know what they are missing.” Jack says he wants to get started airing the commercial and will “get in touch with the media.” He thanks Frank for his hard work and leaves. Jill tells Frank he has done a good job. (They are watching the commercial). Frank asks her to hand him the remote. She does so; he shows her the section of the commercial. He says, “Mr. Abbott asked me to remove every trace of MacKenzie from it, and I missed this one.” Jill says it doesn’t matter. Frank shows her the section; Mac is reflected in the mirror. He wonders, “How I could have missed it.” Jill says it doesn’t matter, they aren’t “going to pander to her every whim.” Frank offers to re edit it. She says no, this commercial won’t be delayed “because of MacKenzie.” (Jill walks out.) Frank says, “Well, I guess it is one in a million that any one would notice.” The commercial is frozen on Brittany, Riana, and Mac reflected in the mirror.

Abbott Grounds (Playhouse)

Billy is waiting for Mac. She arrives and apologizes for being late. Billy tells her it is ok, he is glad to see her. Billy hugs Mac and then kisses her. Mac says she “did something.” Billy says he knows she dropped out of the commercial. Mac says when she realized her face would be “coast to coast”, she had to. She tells him she couldn’t risk her mother finding her. Billy understands and tells her to “relax”. He says there was another good reason she dropped out. Mac asks what he means? Billy tells her the original commercial showed them dancing and their feelings for each other were clear, “everyone would have known.” Mac says she isn’t too surprised their “feelings were obvious.” Mac is worried about hurting Raul and Brittany. Billy says “for right now, we have to keep this between us.” Mac tells Billy that Raul came over, and that was why she was late. She says she “didn’t handle it too well.” She says they talked a few minutes and then she left in a hurry. Billy asks what he wanted? Mac says to tell her about the web site, and the photo’s being taken. She says she told Raul she would meet him “there.” Mac tells Billy that she has to drop out of that too. Billy doesn’t think that is necessary. Mac thinks “even though the chance is remote”, she can’t risk her mother finding her. Billy offers to drop out too. Mac says no, his mother would blame her for it. She says “we can’t do anything that will make people suspicious.” Billy agrees. Billy holds Mac and tells her it will be ok. Mac says she hopes so. He tells her she is safe, “you are safe with me.”