Wednesday 7/5/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, July 5th, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, July 6th, 2000--USA

Malcolm’s Apartment

Malcolm asks Dru is she slept well? Dru admits she tossed and turned all night. Malcolm reminds her that she has done everything she can for Olivia. Dru says, “we hope”. Malcolm tells her not to be hard on herself. Dru wonders if she should get some sleeping pills. Malcolm tells her that they aren’t necessary. Dru tells him that they “are handling this situation differently” and “I will deal with this my way!” (The doorbell rings). Dru opens the door. Dru says “Madame Laurier”. Dru let’s her in and she tells Dru that it has been “too long” since they saw each other. Dru asks about Madame Chevalier? Madame Laurier tells her that she is out of town right now, so she came instead. Dru asks “no disrespect, but what are you doing here?” Madame Laurier tells her that she heard she was in town, came to see her and would like her to teach a class. Dru insists she can’t as she is “out of shape” and she has a “lot going on.” Madame Laurier tells her she heard about Olivia and her illness. She tells Dru “dancing has always been good for you.” Dru wonders how she knows about Olivia? Madame Laurier admits that Malcolm called last night and filled her in on everything. She says since Dru couldn’t come to her, she would come to Dru. Dru says she would love to dance but doesn’t have any clothes. Madame Laurier tells her she brought her some things, she left at the studio. Madame Laurier tells her that she will dance, Malcolm will move the things for her and she “won’t take no for an answer.” Later, Dru dances, while Malcolm watches. After, Dru sees Madame Laurier to the door. Madame Laurier tells her to come to the studio. Dru says she will “because if I don’t you will come looking for me.” Madame Laurier leaves. Dru goes back inside. Malcolm tells Dru he knew the dancing would do her good. Dru admits she does feel better but wonders how it all came about, He admits looking in her purse for her phone book and calling Madame Chevalier. Dru says normally a woman would be upset knowing someone had been in their purse but “thank you for being so thoughtful.” Malcolm says he just wants to do something to make her feel better. He knows she has done what she can and she “will save her sister.” Dru hopes he is right. Malcolm insists it will work. (Malcolm towels off her shoulders). He says “tell me how two great people like us, end up alone?” Dru says, “If I had the answer…” (She turns around and looks at him). “I wish I knew.” (He gently caresses her cheek.)

The Ranch

Nikki is getting ready for work, Nick arrives. Nikki asks about Crimson Lights, how is it coming, she wonders? Nick says it’s almost all set, he wonders if she will attend the opening? She says she will be there. Nick is glad that “one of his parents supports him”. Nikki is sorry to hear that Victor is still giving him a “hard time over it.” Nick says he has reduced his responsibilities. Nick asks how things are going between her and Victoria? Nikki tells him that Victoria is upset with her; she feels “betrayed.” Nikki asks if Victoria was with him last night? Nick says no, they are not “seeing eye to eye now”. Nikki is disturbed to hear about the problems between Nick and Victoria. Nick tells her that Victoria is upset over Nikki working at JABOT. Nikki hopes they can work things out. She asks Nick “if she didn’t stay with you, then where is she?”  Nick says she is a “big girl” and can “take care of herself.” Nikki says she can be impulsive, especially when she has been hurt and is upset. (Miguel comes in carrying two suitcases.) Nikki asks who’s those are? Miguel is reluctant to answer her at first. He finally tells her that “Victoria called last night, a driver is taking them to her, today.” Nikki asks where? Miguel “To Mr. Newman’s apartment.” “She is staying there.” Nikki tells Nick “so she has moved in with her father.” Nick says that they know she is all right. Nikki says she isn’t all right, but she understands how Victoria feels right now. Nikki admits she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong but she does wish the timing could have been better. Nick says “you signed on with JABOT” and “how did you expect her to feel.” Nikki thought Nick would understand why she did it. Nick says he does but he doesn’t like what all of this is doing to the family. Nikki says “I hate what this is doing to my relationship with Victoria.” Nick wonders if she has changed her mind about working at JABOT? Nikki says she won’t give up on JABOT or her work. Nikki knows she needs to talk to Victoria and wonders if she should go to her office? Nick says that he doesn’t think that is a good idea. Nikki realizes he is right but still feels she “has to talk to Victoria.”

Victor’s Apartment

Victor offers Diane breakfast, she says she isn’t hungry. He wonders if she is ok? She says “yeah.” Victor asks if she slept well? She says no “I hardly slept at all.” Victor “what’s the matter?” Diane tells him that when he called and asked her to set another place he didn’t tell her “the rest”, that Victoria would be staying on. She reminds Victor that Victoria doesn’t like her and they don’t get along. She says, “It is oblivious that now she is here, you want me to move out.” She says, “I wish you had been straightforward.” Victor says, “I don’t need your approval.” “If my daughter wants to stay here, it’s her home too.” “She ahs gone through an ordeal and I will support her” Diane (chagrined) says, “I’m sorry.” “This pregnancy has put me off”. “I over reacted” “I apologize.” Victor “it’s all right.” Victoria comes in from the kitchen. Victor asks if she slept well? She says she “slept like a baby.” She knows that Diane isn’t “thrilled to have me here.” (Diane comes in from her room). She asks Victor if he will be home for dinner? He says he will call. Victoria agrees to call as well. Victor takes Diane aside (as he is leaving) and tells her that Victoria “will stay here as long as she needs to.” He doesn’t want any “tension” between us. “Is that clear?” Diane says “yes” and Victor leaves (Diane isn’t pleased at being reprimanded). Diane offers to make Victoria breakfast? Victoria turns her down. Diane apologizes for giving Victoria the impression she didn’t want her around. She knows that Victoria has been “through a terrible ordeal” and “if you need to stay for awhile to get better, than I am all for it.” Victoria doesn’t believe her and says, “You should have been an actress”. Diane admits there is “no love lost between us.” But, they may be able to get to know each other, better. Victoria asks (sarcastically) “So you want to be my best friend?” Diane says they just need to get to know each other better, that’s all. Victoria says she wants Diane out of there as much as Diane wants her out of there, so really it comes down to “may the best woman win.” Later, the doorbell rings, Diane opens the door, Nikki is standing there. Nikki is surprised to see her saying ‘”what are you doing here?” “I thought you would be gone by now.” Diane says, “I live here” and “Victor was kind enough to let me stay.” Nikki wonders how she pulled that off? Diane says, “He invited me to stay.” Nikki finds it hard to believe. Diane says, “I was married to him and would still be if it hadn’t been for you…” Nikki says, “I really don’t care, I came to speak with my daughter.” (Victoria is on the stairs and overhears their conversation). She comes down and says “Mother, what makes you think I am interested in anything you have to say,” (Diane looks smug, Nikki appears hurt and angry).

Christine and Paul’s Apartment (Living Room)

Christine is talking to Nina on the phone. Nina wonders how things went with Paul and her going back on the pill? Christine says they didn’t get the chance to talk last night but they will discuss it first thing this morning. Nina hopes it goes well. Christine says the “timing isn’t right”, but “Paul will understand.” Nina says “ok” (She doesn’t sound convinced.) Christine says “bye” and hangs up. Paul comes in and asks who was on the phone? Christine tells him it was Nina. She is smiling at him. He asks why she is so happy? She says, “After last night, you have to ask?” (He kisses her.) Christine tells him “we are so lucky with the life we have right now.” Paul says, “It is just about perfect.” Christine tells him she is going to have a shower and “is he coming?” He says “I am right be hind you.” She leaves. Paul looks in the desk drawer and pulls out the “infertility pamphlet”. He says “just handle it carefully” “she’ll go for it.” Later, Paul asks Christine about Nina, if Philip is ok? She says that he and Ryan had a good time last night.  Christine wonders how things are going with Tricia? Nina thought they would be gone for quite a while. Paul says it is a good sign, if they are back. Christine agrees and says, “There is something I want to talk to you about.” Paul says, “Well, there is something I wanted to talk about with you too.” (Phone rings). Paul answers, it’s Lynn, and she is looking for a folder. He can’t find it and says it must be in his briefcase. Christine tells him, his briefcase is in the bedroom. He says he will go and find the folder and take the call in the bedroom. Once Paul has picked up the phone in the bedroom Christine hangs up the phone in the living room. She opens the drawer and finds the pamphlet “Infertility, solutions to your problem.” (She is stunned.)

Nina’s Apartment

After Nina finishes speaking with Christine, the phone rings, it’s Mary. Nina says, “You are kidding”. “I didn’t realize”. “Do you want to meet at Gina’s?” “Thank you” She hangs up. The doorbell rings. Nina opens the door, Ryan is there. Nina is surprised to see him. He tells her he has Philip’s jacket; he left it in the car last night. Nina tells him that Philip loved spending the 4th with him. Ryan asks if she spent hers with Tomas? She says she was with Christine, Paul and yes, Tomas. Nina was surprised Tricia didn’t go with him and Philip last night? Ryan says, “Well, I am sure it really made Philip’s night!” (Nina is surprised by Ryan’s reaction.) Nina says she was just glad that Philip could spend some time with him alone, and was glad that Tricia hadn’t tagged along. Nina says she is thinking bout going to see Tricia and thanking her for her “sensitivity”. Ryan says she can’t. Nina doesn’t understand, saying she just wants everyone to be happy. Ryan says, “Tricia is in London!”(Nina is shocked.) Nina asks Ryan how long Tricia will be gone for? Ryan says “it could be a week, a month, maybe for good, I don’t know!” Nina says she doesn’t understand. Ryan says she won’t talk to me and her father “isn’t helping”. Nina says, “I am sorry to hear it.” Ryan says (sarcastically) “Don’t worry, Tricia continues to pay for her actions.” Nina says she just wants him to be happy. Ryan says he is glad she is happy with Tomas “but doesn’t want her sympathy.” He walks out.


Olivia is talking to Reese. She tells him she is feeling better. Reese tells her he is glad to hear it. She asks about her latest test results? He says there were no white blood cells but that is not surprising. It will probably be next week, he adds. Olivia says she is feeling good and there is “nothing wrong with feeling good.” Reese tells her he has rounds and says he will check on her later. He leaves. Ashley peeks in the window and comes in. Olivia tells her it is nice to see her.  Ashley was concerned about coming too early. Olivia says she is awake and not to worry about it. Ashley comments that she is looking better. Olivia says she feels better. Ashley is glad to hear it and tells her that she came to see her last night but left her to sleep. She says she spoke with Neil. Olivia says that Victor Newman is allowing Neil all the time off he needs to help her. She says he is a “good man.” Ashley says he is “full of surprises.” and “you never know what he is going to do.” Olivia asks if “everything is ok?” Ashley doesn’t want to talk about it. Olivia asks, “What is it?” Ashley tells her “none of it is good between Victor and me right now.” Later, Olivia can’t believe what Victor has done to Ashley. She can’t believe he would “sacrifice the two of you” for “revenge.” Ashley says after her conversation with Neil it just brought up the whole mess again. Neil told her “Victor changed his mind” about the revenge “for her.” Olivia asks Ashley if she believes Neil? She says, “Neil would never lie.” Ashley says perhaps Victor told him that, knowing eventually, he would tell her. Olivia can’t believe Victor would do anything that “calculating.” Ashley says that part of her wants to believe Victor. Olivia tells her that she has to find out “for your own piece of mind.” Ashley doesn’t want to talk about it any more. She says even if it is true “it’s too late.” “What’s done is done.” “There is nothing for Victor and me.” Olivia says she knows that she is “hurt and angry”. Ashley says, “I know what you are trying to do.” “I don’t want to talk about this any more.” “I have to go.” Olivia tells her not to worry, she is “doing well.” Ashley says, “You will get through this.” Olivia says it is because of “wonderful people” like her that she was able to. Ashley (wants to give Olivia a hug) but can’t because of “her germs”. Olivia tells her to talk to Victor for “her own peace of mind.” Ashley says, “You are in my prayers” and leaves.

Gina’s Restaurant

Ashley is having breakfast. (Victor comes in). She sees him; he sees her and turns his back. He tells the waiter he will take a “coffee to go.” Victor walks over to the bar, Ashley approaches him. She says, “I got your message.” Victor “What message are you talking about?” Ashley “I am not a fool, Victor, so please don’t treat me like one.”