Thursday 6/29/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, June 29, 2000--Canada; or Friday, June 30, 2000--USA

By Stephanie

Chancellor Estate

Mac and Billy are talking. Billy asks Mac why she is taking off? Is it because of him, he asks? He tells her she can’t leave now, there are so many things they can do together. Mac says she has to go and he shouldn’t make plans for them. He asks if she is leaving for good? Mac says she has to go. Billy asks if this is because of “us”? He wonders if she is worried about hurting Raul? She says that isn’t it at all. Billy tells her they have to talk. Mac says she can’t, as it is “too dangerous.” Billy says “dangerous”? Mac asks if they can find some place private to talk? Billy agrees and they leave. Later, Raul arrives, Esther opens the door. He asks if Mac is there? Esther says she has just come in from grocery shopping and doesn’t know. Raul asks if he can wait? She lets him in and says she has to put the groceries away. Raul waits in the living room. While he is waiting, he notices Mac’s backpack, open, and full of clothes. Raul says, “Mac’s bag…all packed.” “What is going on here?”

Abbott Residence

Jack comes in looking for John or Ashley? Ashley comes in with Raul and tells Jack they were making plans for the pool house for the web site. Raul says they have to find a way of dazzling viewers, so they will keep coming back for more. Jack says he sounds like someone who knows his way around the Internet, a “marketing genius”, Jack calls him. Raul says it isn’t that, he just enjoys using the computer. Ashley says he will be a “valuable asset.” Raul wonders where Billy is? Later, Ashley, Jack and Raul are unable to find Billy. Raul thinks he has gone to see Brittany, “like I told him to.” Ashley is surprised that Billy hasn’t spoken to Brittany since the prom. Jack asks Raul if he thinks Mac will go for this commercial idea? Raul thinks she will love it. (Raul looks at his watch). Jack asks if he needs to be somewhere? Raul says he was planning to see Mac. Jack tells him to go ahead but to please have Mac call them and let them know if she is agreeing to do it or not? Raul says he will and leaves. Ashley noticed the expression on Jack’s face when they were talking about Billy and Brittany and wonders what he knows? Jack says he will tell her but has to make a phone call first.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Jill is on the phone, knock at the door, the door opens, Brittany comes in. Jill is pleased to see her; Brittany says she was surprised she called. Jill asks why? Brittany says since she lost the vote for prom queen, she didn’t expect to hear from her again. Jill apologizes for only thinking of JABOT and not taking Brittany’s feelings into account that night. Jill tells Brittany that the commercial is going ahead, the others have approved it. Brittany says, “don’t tell me, Mac is the focus.” Jill says that is exactly what is going to happen. Brittany can’t believe that “Mac will be the star.” Brittany tells Jill she won’t play “2nd fiddle to Mackenzie Browning.” Jill reminds Brittany that she and the other kids signed a release and must participate in the commercial. Brittany reminds Jill that her father is a lawyer. Jill tells her that the web site is a go and since she and Billy are a couple it will be “perfect”. Jill tells Brittany that it was unfortunate she didn’t win but they must move on. She tells Brittany “not to pitch a fit over this.” Brittany says she will go along with it and she is looking forward to being with Billy. She isn’t thrilled that Raul and Mac will be around. Jill says there is “no way around it” but “you will have equal time.” Brittany says “more than equal.” Jill says she likes that about her, that she goes after what she wants. Jill asks her if they have a deal? Brittany agrees to it. Jill is pleased and tells her she will make a fine “representative for Glow by JABOT.” Jill reminds her this isn’t just about an ad campaign but about keeping “my son happy.” Brittany says she will, it is her “#1 priority.” Brittany asks if she can leave now? Jill says she can. Brittany tells her she thinks it is strange that Billy didn’t call her yet, but she adds, “I was pretty miserable.” She says she will make it up to Billy. Brittany leaves. Jill “Why haven’t you called, Brittany?” “I wonder.”

Victor’s Office

Nick tells Victor he will go along with what he wants, but only for the sake of the family. Victor asks Nick if he is “staying as a favor to him?” Nick says he is staying for the family. He asks Victor if he wants him to stay? Victor tells Nick that it would have been better if Nick had started work some place else so he could have learned how to speak to the CEO properly. Nick says he means no disrespect but he won’t give up on his ideas. Victor wonders if Nick respects him? Nick says he does but that doesn’t mean he will back down. Victor says that Nick must see the reality of this situation but he tells Nick that he wants him to stay. Nick says, “what ever you say, you are in charge.” Nick walks out.

Gina’s Restaurant

Nikki and Brad are having lunch together. Nikki asks Brad what his idea is? Brad tells her about a cosmetic that has been developed “a face lift in a jar”; he says it is a remarkable new product. Nikki asks if they can really do this? Brad says they have to work out the financing. Nikki wonders if it will work, with just one product? Brad says they have to take it one step at a time. He tells her it will allow him to work without being in competition of Newman Enterprises. Nikki agrees, as it would mean she would not be competing with Brash and Sassy. Nikki thinks it might work, she is concerned for him, she says. She says that she feels like she is interrupting something between him and Ashley. He tells her that Ashley needs comforting right now. Nikki can’t get over the fact that Ashley was surprised that her relationship with Victor was ruined since she was carrying another man’s child. She tells Brad to be careful and if she sounds jealous, it is because she is “a little.” Nikki asks what time it is in Italy? Brad says it isn’t too late to call them. Nikki suggests that he does so. Brad leaves to make the call. Victor arrives, and sees Nikki at the table alone, he approaches her table. When Nikki sees Victor, she and Victor glare at each other. Nikki asks him what he wants? He asks if her revenge was as sweet as she imagined or has it soured now that she knows how Victoria feels? Nikki asks if he has come to gloat? He says he would never gloat over something that has devastated their daughter. (Victor sits down). He tells her that Victoria sees this as the ultimate betrayal. Nikki says “for God’s sake, Victor.” Victor says he is getting no pleasure out of this. Their daughter has gone through a great deal of pain lately. Nikki reminds him of the pain he has caused Nicholas, how heartbroken he was! Nikki wonders if Victor cares about Nicholas at all? Victor says he does, very much. Nikki can’t understand why Victor can’t be more supportive of Nicholas. Nikki says, “You are in the same boat with Nicholas as I am with Victoria.” Victor tells her she needs to see the reality of the situation and she has a chance to fix it before any relationship with Victoria is gone for good! Victor walks out. Brad comes back to the table, Nikki is in tears. He asks if she is ok? She says she is but then changes her mind. She tells him that she needs a “little of that comfort you were talking about.” He holds her as she cries.

Tomas’s Apartment

Nina arrives, she tells him she made some changes to her outline and would like him to read it. She says she took his suggestions. She asks him if he is ready to read it? He says he is and sits down with her new outline. Later, while he is reading it, she is watching him. He tells her to relax; he loved the changes she has made. He likes the fact there are two narrators. She says it is not a style she is used to but thought it worked well. He tells her he likes all the changes. Nina says, “ok…but…the ending.” Tomas tells her it is her book. Nina asks if he has a “problem” with it? He tells her the only one with the problem “is you.” Nina asks what he means? Tomas says he thinks she has a problem with the ending of her book. She assures him she is happy with it. He tells her that is fine with him and suggests they put aside further discussion of it until after lunch. She agrees to it and he goes to check on lunch. Later, after lunch, Nina compliments Tomas on his cooking skills. Tomas is glad she enjoyed it and suggests they “do something else.” He takes her hand and prepares to lead her to the bedroom. She stops and says, “Wait, I need to clear the air.” Tomas “clear the air?” Nina admits she is having 2nd thoughts about the ending of her novel and has decided to change it as he suggested. Tomas asks if this upsets her? Nina says that saying she will change it and doing it is something else entirely. Tomas doesn’t understand. Nina “I don’t think I have the courage.”

Victoria’s Office

Ryan is on the phone, after he hangs up, he tells Victoria that jabot has a special campaign planned for the summer. She asks what it is? He says they hired a production team that usually does Music videos. She wonders if they are planning a series of musical ads? He says he doesn’t know. She says they have to come up with something to counter their campaign. She says she will get her father to double their advertising budget. Ryan isn’t sure Victor will go for it. She says that he values Family loyalty and he will agree to it. Ryan admits he can’t believe that Nick is leaving. Victoria can’t either and is glad that Ryan is there for her, now. Ryan wishes he knew what Jabot was planning. Victoria says she does too, but they don’t and have to come up with some thing. Nick comes in. Victoria asks how things went with Victor? Nick says he has agreed to stay on. Victoria is glad to hear it and wonders if he is giving up the coffee house? Nick says he hasn’t and he won’t be either. Ryan tells Nick he is glad he is staying. Nick offers to help. Victoria says she wants his help but needs to know where he stands on their mother’s decision first? Nick doesn’t want to discuss it. Victoria says they must, as it is the ultimate betrayal. Nick wants to remain “neutral” Victoria says he can’t and he must have an opinion. Ryan says that if Nikki wanted a job so badly, why did she pick JABOT? Nick feels Ryan should “stay out of family business” and he thinks Ryan should leave. Ryan says he will leave only if Victoria asks him to. Victoria asks Ryan to let her speak to Nick alone. Ryan asks if she is sure? She says she is, so he leaves. Nick doesn’t’ think they have to agree on this, he feels their mother has her life and they have theirs. Victoria says that Brash and Sassy is “fighting for its life.” Nick says he is there to help. Victoria tells him she needs to know where his loyalties lie. She says she is tired of his “waffling” and wants to know if “you are for me or against me?”

Abbott Residence (Children’s Playhouse)

Billy and Mac arrive, Mac asks where they are? Billy says this used to be his sister’s playhouse, no one uses it any more, he says. Billy asks Mac to talk to him. She says she can’t, as it is best if “he never knows.” Billy says if something is hurting her, he wants to know. Mac admits it is “your mother.” Billy asks what his mother has done now? Mac asks if he really wants to hear it? Billy says he does and still can’t believe she would come down on Mac. Billy asks if this is about prom queen and the commercial? Mac says it is more than that. Billy tells her it wasn’t her fault she won. Mac says, “it’s more than that, it is about us.” Billy “us?” Mac tells Billy that Jill will do anything to keep them apart. Billy says there isn’t much she can do as they aren’t kids any more and she can’t exactly “ground me for the rest of my life”, he adds. Billy doesn’t understand why his mother can’t be happy for him. He tells Mac she is perfect. She says she isn’t but he insists she is. She tells him she thinks he is terrific too. Billy tells her they can make their own decisions, with out adult interference. Mac says she agrees with him but she tells him that Jill is determined to keep them apart. Billy says it is her problem. He says they won’t let her keep them apart and if she tries, the rest of the family won’t back her up. Billy says she (Jill) can rant and rave all she wants but she can’t do anything. Mac says she can! Billy tells her that there is nothing Jill can do; she is “all bark, no bite.” Mac says she is serious and she will do anything to keep them apart. Billy says he knows that Mac is not his mother’s favorite person but what can she do, he asks? Mac shows him the letter. Billy reads the letter and asks what it means? Mac says she doesn’t know but “she can’t bring my mother into this, it can’t happen!” “It just can’t”