Wednesday 6/28/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, June 28, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, June 29, 2000--USA

by Stephanie  

JABOT (Jack’s Office)

Jack is at his desk, Nikki comes in. Jack says he has been waiting for her. Nikki apologizes for being late. Jack tells her not to worry about it. He fills her in on the prom shoot, how Mackenzie won “prom queen” not Brittany.(Nikki isn’t listening). He asks her what’s the matter? Nikki says that Victoria knows about my job. Jack says “tough going?” Nikki says it was very tough; she wasn’t prepared for Victoria’s reaction. Nikki tells Jack she made the right decision.” Jill comes in; Jack asks if she ever knocks? Jill says the door was open. Jill asks what he wants? He tells her about the plans for the expansion of the Glow by JABOT at campaign. He tells her it will include a web site with stationery cameras, focusing on the “kids.” Jill asks what kids? Jack says “the prom queen and her friends. He says, “Everyone has signed off on it.” He asks Nikki what she thinks? She says “it ’s fine with me.” She says she has some “things to take care of.” and leaves. Jill asks for some “clarification” on this campaign. Jack says the focus is the prom queen, Mackenzie and it will be perfect. Jill is not impressed. She doesn’t think Mac should be the focus as this will mean Brittany will have to “curtsy” to Mac. Jack says he never said that at all! Jill wonders if Raul will be included? Jack says he is sure it will be all of the kids. Jill is sure the structure is wrong, the mix of kids. She suggests Riana and JT do it, rather than Billy and Brittany. Jack says Billy is all for this campaign and not to try to exclude him. Jack warns Jill that if she thought the gulf between Billy and her was bad, try excluding him and it will be “10 times worse” he says.

Victor’s Office

Victor tells Victoria it is wonderful to see her so well. She thanks him for her time at the spa and says it really helped but what she really wants to talk about is “mother working at JABOT.” She says she still can’t believe it. Victor assures her that it is “not about you.” Victoria says that it was a slap in the face. She has worked hard at building up Brash and Sassy. Victor tells her he is proud of her. Victoria admits no matter what she does in the future for Brash and Sassy she will be in direct competition with her own mother. Victoria says, “What’s done is done” about mother working at JABOT. Victor tells her to focus on Brash and Sassy. Victoria says she won’t be distracted by this “business with mother.” Victoria is glad she and Victor are “speaking the same language.” He says he is too. She says she hopes he and Nick can work things out. Victor isn’t sure. He asks her if she is aware of what is going on? Victoria says she knows about the expansion plans for the coffee house. Victor says, “It is more than that.” “As far as Newman Enterprises is concerned, Nick has quit his position here.” (Victoria is stunned.) Victoria can’t believe Nick resigned. Victor explains that he reduced Nick’s responsibilities at Newman Enterprises so he could work on
his outside interests. He tells her that Nick felt this was a demotion and quit as a result. Victor feels he was being fair, he could have fired him for insubordination but he didn’t. Victoria says she may be able to speak to Nick and convince him to change his mind. Before Victor can answer, Nick comes in. Nick tells Victor he is there for their talk. Victoria offers to help. Nick says, “No, this is between Dad and I.” Victoria leaves. Nick and Victor glare at each other. Nick tells Victor he has been doing some thinking and has two choices, he can accept Victor’s offer or resign. Victor asks what he has decided? Nick says he has decided to stay on. Victor is glad to hear it “from the bottom of his heart”. He wanted that to be Nick’s decision. Nick says things are hard enough in this family and doesn’t want to make things worse. He believes he could have done a good job at both but feels he made a good decision for everyone. Nick tells Victor that the family is falling apart and something has to be done. Victor is glad to hear he is committed to the family but wonders about his commitment to Newman Enterprises? Nick assures him when he is at NE he will be fully committed to it. Nick says the family is falling apart and he is willing to meet Victor
half way to fix it. He wonders where Victor stands? “Do you want me to stay or go?”


Billy and Raul are talking. Raul thinks he should go and see Mac and find out if she is leaving. Billy says she is probably still asleep, especially “after last night.” Raul admits he may be right and decides to wait to talk to Mac. Raul suggests going to the pool house and take a look around for the web site. Billy says, “You are the computer whiz, why don’t you check it out.” Raul says ok, and leaves. Billy calls Mac. Later, Raul comes back and
sees Billy hanging up the phone. Raul asks, “You ok?” “Who was on the phone?”

Chancellor Estate

Mac is looking at the letter from the detective agency. She says, “I have to know what is in this letter.” She opens it and reads “Dear Mrs. Abbott…the search continues for the birth records of Mackenzie Browning. However, so far I have had no luck. If you wish to carry out your plan for the girl, your best approach is to contact the mother directly, to obtain the
information you are seeking.” “Please let me know if you wish to continue (Telephone rings). Mac finally answers after several rings, Billy tells her that Raul is there. She shouldn’t come over until he tells her it is ok. He wonders if he should tell Raul the truth. Mac tells him not to, she doesn’t want him to do anything, until they have talked. She hangs up.

Christine’s Office 

Christine is finishing up a call with a client, Nina comes in. Christine is glad to see her. She asks Nina how things went with Tomas? Nina admits he read her outline and loved it. Christine says, “that’s wonderful.” (By the reaction on Nina’s face), she says, “isn’t it?” Christine wonders if Nina is having 2nd thoughts? She asks Nina if Tomas figured it out, about the story being Nina’s own? Nina says he hasn’t but he may. Christine wonders if she
should wait on this story, as it is very powerful. If you aren’t ready, Nina, she says, you should wait. Nina says Tomas suggested she change the ending. He feels the ending is too simple. Nina says the ending is how she would like the story to be but she had planned on a “darker ending.” She says the ending of the mother and child reunion is what she would want but really it isn’t her life, as she has no idea what happened to her child. Christine says it may be too painful for her. Nina isn’t sure she wants to “immerse” herself in that much pain again. Christine tells her it has to be her decision; no one can make it for her.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Brad is reading a report, Ashley comes in. Ashley tells Brad that the rough cut for the commercial is complete and they will hit the airwaves after July 4th. Brad says “that’s good.” Ashley asks if something is wrong? Brad says that there hasn’t been a time at Jabot since he and Nikki arrived that “someone’s nose hasn’t been out of joint.” Ashley says there is always conflict in business. Brad is concerned that we are “harming JABOT.” Ashley says we have to learn to “co exist.” Ashley comments that the pool shoot went well. Brad says it did, he was there for a while but left. But not before butting heads with Jack, he adds. He says that with his non-compete clause, it was best for everybody for him to leave. Ashley says she appreciates what he is doing. Brad says he doesn’t mind making the extra effort to make things easier for her, “especially in your condition.” He asks about her pregnancy, how far along she is, birthing plans etc. He offers to be “coach”. She accepts his offer. Ashley thanks him for his support. She says her “loyalty is to Jack” but she “cherishes” Brad. She
thanks him for keeping her from “being in the middle.” Brad says, “I will do my best, but you should tell Jack the same thing.” Ashley admits Jack can be difficult and she appreciates the effort he is making. She says she doesn’t want to be in a position where she has to choose between Jack and him. She says she needs him in her life. (Ashley hugs Brad.) Nikki comes in saying, “Am I interrupting something.” Brad tells her that Ashley was filling him in on the Glow by JABOT prom advertising campaign. Ashley offers to fill Nikki in. Nikki tells her that Jack already did. Ashley says she is meeting Jack at home in 15 minutes and are they coming to take a look at the layout of the pool house? Brad says he will pass, Nikki does as well. Ashley leaves. Nikki wonders why Brad didn’t go to the Abbott’s? Brad says it was because of his non-competing clause he couldn’t be part of the Glow by JABOT
campaign at all. Brad asks her why she didn’t go? He wonders if someone gave her a hard time about her input at the pre prom shoot? She says no, that isn’t it at all. Brad asks what’s wrong? She says that Victoria knows about her job at JABOT and was furious with her. Nikki tells him that Victoria sees it as a betrayal. Nikki feels she has to do something or risk losing Victoria forever. She wants to work at JABOT but not be in competition with Victoria.
Brad tells her they are in the same boat, not being in competition with Newman Enterprises. He suggests they have lunch and tells her he has an idea that will “blow your mind.”

Victoria’s Office

Ryan arrives, Allison (Victoria’s secretary is there). Allison asks how Seattle went? Ryan says it went well, but it is nice to be home. Ryan asks where Victoria is? She says that Victoria is with her father but she should be back soon. He asks if he can wait? She allows him to and leaves. Ryan picks up the phone and calls London. Keith answers. Ryan asks to speak with Tricia? Keith says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Ryan says they can only
work things out if he speaks with her. Keith says Ryan “forced her into something in Seattle and it didn’t work.” Keith refuses to force Tricia to speak to him. Ryan hangs up on Keith, slamming down the phone. Victoria comes in and is surprised to see Ryan. She asks how he is doing but he would rather hear about her. She tells him that Nikki is working at JABOT, and is in direct competition with her now. Victoria wants to do something to bring Brash and Sassy back in front of JABOT. Ryan suggests a meeting with Nick. Victoria says she isn’t sure that will be possible as she isn’t sure how much longer Nick will be working for NE. Ryan is surprised to hear it and comments that the “Newman’s are falling apart.” Victoria says it is too complicated to get into now. She wants to bring Brash and Sassy to the forefront again. She says we lost our share to them (JABOT). Ryan says they took it, they didn’t create new market share. Victoria thinks they can come up with something between them that will allow them to take on JABOT. She tells Ryan that she “has a good feeling about working with you, Ryan.”

Abbott Residence

Billy tells Raul that it was a telemarketer on the phone. Billy asks Raul if he has any ideas for the web site? Raul says he does. Raul says it will be fun, all summer the four of them together. He tells Billy that he will have to convince Brittany to be part of it, because if he can’t then, that will put an end to the whole thing. Raul gets the impression that Billy isn’t listening. Raul asks Billy “What is going on?” “What was that phone call
about?” John comes in. John asks them to tell him how prom went? He is sure they had a wonderful time. John congratulates Billy on his win as King. He congratulates Raul for his girlfriend-winning queen. Ashley arrives. John is surprised to see her. Ashley says she is waiting for Jack. They are going to get some ideas for the ad campaign, since the focus will now be Mackenzie as she won as prom queen. She says the ad has been restructured but everything is all set. Raul tells her he has some ideas for the web site. Ashley asks
him to tell her about them. John says he has to leave as he has a meeting and Ashley can fill him in later. John leaves. Ashley asks Billy if he is joining them? He says he has something he needs to do and will be out later. Ashley and Raul leave for the pool house. Billy leaves the house a few minutes later.

Chancellor Estate
The doorbell rings. Mac opens the door, to Billy. Mac “Billy, what are you doing here?” Billy “Something is wrong.” “I want to know what it is.” Mac “Nothing is wrong, you shouldn’t be here.” (She goes to close the door in his face). Billy pushes the door open and follows her inside. Billy “Mac, you were supposed to come over, and then I called to say that Raul was there.” “You sounded upset, why?” (Billy notices Mac’s full backpack). He
picks it up and opens it. Mac “What are you doing?” Billy “Clothes…Mac, what
is going on?”