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Young and the Restless Tuesday, June 27, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, June 28, 2000--USA

by Stephanie  

Chancellor Estate 

Mac is thinking back on last night, kissing Billy. (The phone rings). Mac answers it, it’s Billy. They talk about last night, how it seemed like a dream, but it was real. He asks her to come over? She agrees. She apologizes to him for not being honest about the reason she was thinking about going away. He says he understands, and asks her to hurry up and come over. She hangs up. She thinks back on what Jill told her "I will hurt you, in order to protect my son." Kay comes in. She asks Mac if something is wrong? Mac says "Jill." Kay says, "The black widow is still in bed." Kay asks about the prom? "Was it everything you hoped for?" Mac "It was everything and more." Kay asks about Mac’s dress? Mac says everyone loved it. Mac says she wants to thank Ms. Fenmore. Kay explains they can write her a thank you letter, as she has already left. Kay wants details about the prom, she asks about the Colonnade room. Mac says it was beautiful, and overwhelming. Kay says, "Your first prom is supposed to be overwhelming." Kay hugs Mac. Jill comes in saying "but you haven’t told her the most important part." Kay asks my Jill must interrupt everything? Jill says she only wants Kay to hear "the most exciting part". Jill prods Mac to tell Kay what happened between her and Billy. Mac doesn’t answer so Jill tells Kay that Mac was crowned prom queen, while Billy was crowned Prom King. Kay says that’s wonderful. Jill says "it sure was, mind you every woman deserves to win something once in her life." (All of this is said with sarcasm). Jill walks out. Kay asks Mac if it is true, did she win? Mac says she did. Kay is sure Mac thought it was silly but hopes she enjoyed it. Mac says she did enjoy it, very much. Kay says it will be something she can look back on for the rest of her life, and cherish the memory of it. Kay senses something is bothering Mac. Mac admits it is Jill’s attitude. Mac is sure that since Brittany lost… Kay comments that Jill’s commercial has been derailed. Kay tells Mac not to worry, Jill "spit’ s fire" but "your father and I have her in check." She doesn’t want Mac to let Jill spoil "something wonderful for you." Mac asks if that is all Jill does "spit fire?" "Does she ever do anything?" Kay says, "Listen to me." "That woman is vindictive, spiteful and ruthless." Mac "And that explains how she got half your house?" Kay "When that happened.." Mac "You ended up on the streets." Kay "She is a dangerous woman." Mac asks if Jill is capable of doing "something?" Kay says "short of murder…" She tells Mac not to worry. Kay is happy Mac had a good time. Kay hugs Mac. Later, the doorbell rings, Mac opens the door, a courier is there with a letter for "Jill Abbott". Mac agrees to sign for it. She takes the envelope, comes inside and closes the door. She looks at the label "Detective Agency Saint. Louis Missouri". Mac says, "Jill wouldn’t have..Oh my gosh…oh no!" 

JABOT (Boardroom) 

Brad is staring out the window. Jack and Ashley arrive. They talk about the prom, how Brittany didn’t win. Brad thinks they should call off the ad. Ashley thinks they can keep what they have and use it. "Use the footage with Mac as prom queen." Jack says that it was supposed to have been Riana, Brittany and Deirdre but since Deirdre was ill, Mac stepped in. They have the footage of her getting ready for the prom along with the other girls, he says. Brad thinks it might work, and it would be a better concept. Jill arrives and is surprised they are all together. Jack says, "We have been waiting for you." Ashley asks about the prom? Jill says it was a disaster and their only hope "is to reshoot the whole thing with Brittany as the winner." Brad comments "their goes our reality." Jill insists that Brittany is the star and there is nothing to be done. (The door opens), The camera crew comes in. Jill says, "What the hell is he doing here?" Frank Picelli says, "it’s nice to see you again Mrs. Abbott." Jill says, "What is going on?" Jack asks if the footage was ok? Frank says it was, they got a "lot of good stuff." Frank says "we got them dancing, the look on Mac’s face" (Jack turns off the lights) and they watch the rough footage of the commercial. After they are finished, Brad feels "we have a winner." Jack says, "It just needs some minor touch ups." Ashley says, "We will use Mackenzie." Jill feels that "Mackenzie isn’t right for the Glow by JABOT" campaign. The others don’t agree. Brad says "she is the girl next door" and "other kids will identify" with her. Jack says, "it’s official, Mackenzie is our Glow by JABOT girl." Jack, Ashley and Brad leave the boardroom. Jill just sighs to herself. 

Hospital (Olivia’s Room) 

Olivia and Reese are talking. Olivia asks if everything is ok? Reese says it is. She tells Reese she asked Neil to bring Nate by. He tells her that she needs to avoid being too close, as she will have plenty of time to be with her son, later. Reese says he has patients to see and leaves.

 Abbott Residence 

Billy is waiting for Mac to come over, the doorbell rings, he opens the door, expecting Mac. Raul comes in and says, "We need to talk about last night." Billy asks what about last night? Raul "You know what I am talking about." Billy "Oh you mean, me and Mac?" Raul "I know it was hard for you to dance with my girl, especially since your girl lost." Raul is sure it was hard for Billy afterwards, comforting Brittany, since she lost to Mac? Billy says it wasn’t too bad. Raul says he wants to apologize for being so hard on Brittany and telling her to put on a brave face and congratulate Mac for her win. Billy tells him not to worry about it. Raul wonders if since Mac won, if that will kill the commercial and the web site? Billy thinks they could have one with out the other, but he isn’t sure. Raul hopes it is a go, as he doesn’t want to be without Mac all summer. He wonders if her dad is planning to take her away all summer? He says, "If I can’t be with her, it will be the worst." 

Malcolm’s House 

Dru is doing some stretching. Malcolm comes in and asks how she is doing? She says she is doing much better and thanks him for suggesting she dance. She asks if he got any sleep last night, on the couch next to her? He says his rest doesn’t’ matter as much as hers does. Dru and Malcolm get ready to leave for the hospital. She says today is very important as she wants to have the chance to save "my sister’s life today." Malcolm says he sure it will go well. Malcolm and Dru leave. 

The Ranch/Sharon and Nick’s House 

Sharon calls Nikki. She is looking for Nick. Nikki says he isn’t there; perhaps he has left for the office? Sharon says no, since his car it outside. Nikki tells Sharon that Victoria knows about her "new job at JABOT." Sharon asks her how that went? Nikki explains that Victoria didn’t take it well and is furious with her. Sharon suggests she and Nick come over so they can talk. Nikki thinks that is a good idea. Nikki hangs up, Victoria is glaring at her. Victoria says, "I see you are ready for work." Nikki admits she is. Victoria says, "don’t let me keep you." Nikki thinks they should talk about this situation. Victoria says "I am beyond talking…this was so selfish of you, to do this to me…" Victoria walks out. Meanwhile, Sharon is wondering where Nick is. Sharon goes to check on the kids, when she comes back, Nick has just come in from a run. Sharon is relieved to see him, saying, "There you are." Sharon kisses Nick. Sharon is sure he went to clear his head. Nick says that even though things are stressful between him and Victor, he says he is ready to face the future. Sharon asks what that means? Nick says, "Life goes on without Victor Newman." Sharon asks if he is sure about this? Nick says he is. He says he wants to make a name for himself and sees nothing wrong with it. He admits he loves his father but he has to do this. Sharon tells Nick that Victoria knows about Nikki’s new job. Nick is sure that she wasn’t happy to hear about it. Sharon says, "No, she wasn’t". Nikki asked if they would come by and talk to her. Nick agrees to it. Later, Nick and Sharon go to the main house. Nikki explains that Victoria was furious and refuses to talk to her now. Sharon isn’t surprised Victoria was upset. Victoria comes in, saying, "You are still here?" "I wouldn’t want you to be late for work, mother!" Nikki understands Victoria being upset over her "association with JABOT." Victoria says, "Brash and Sassy’s main competition, you mean." Victoria asks Nikki if she knows what she has done? She wonders if this was a plot by Jack Abbott or perhaps she sees it as a chance to take advantage of her (Victoria’s) situation, "the worst time of my life", she says. Victoria insults Nikki further, saying she is a liability to JABOT not an asset. She feels Nikki has been selfish and has betrayed her. Nikki says she is sorry if Victoria is hurt as she never intended to hurt her but she had to do this for herself. Nikki leaves, head held high as she walks out. Victoria tells Nick she can’t believe "our mother is working for JABOT." Sharon admits they were "floored." 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