Monday 6/26/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, June 26, 2000--Canada; Tuesday June 27, 2000--USA

by Stephanie  

Chancellor Estate 

Billy and Mac are kissing. Mac says she canít believe this is happening.  Billy says it feels like fate. Mac canít believe she was crowned prom queen.  Billy says the look on her face wasÖshocked, to say the least. Mac says she  really was surprised. She admits she liked being on the dance floor in his arms. Billy says she had a different look on her face then. Billy kisses Mac again. Billy tells Mac that he "wants her to know he cares about her."  He wonders if she feels the same way? She admits she does. Billy asks if he can stay for a while? Mac thinks it is best if he leaves, the evening has been perfect and she doesnít want it spoiled. Billy agrees to leave but tells her he will see her in the morning. She says she wontí be able to sleep tonight.  Billy isnít sure he will either. He tells her not to worry about his mom "her bark is worse than her bite." Billy kisses Mac. Billy leaves. Mac is smiling to herself saying "wow". She feels someone watching her. She turns around, Jill is standing there. Jill tells Mac she thinks she is "hot stuff." Mac says that isnít true. Jill tells her "everything has been ruined." Jill tells her that she knew Mac was cunning and conniving but had no idea the lengths she would go to, to get what she wanted. Mac denies it, saying she never expected to win. Jill takes Mac by the shoulders; Mac says, "You are scaring me." Jill says, "Good, you should be scared!" Mac threatens to call her grand mother. Jill says "no you wonít" Jill says she never realized that Macís plan was "long term." Mac says she doesnít know what she is talking about. Jill says "my son." Mac says, "I never even liked him." Jill "you didnít like him?" "But you do now?" "Making plans are we?" Mac "we are in high school." Jill tells her not to "play innocent." Jill says she "saw her on the dance floor." "You looking at him, him looking at you, it was sickening!" Jill warns her that she had better not get near "my son" or "you will feel my wrath!" Mac threatens to tell Billy, what Jill is doing. Jill says it will only prove that "I was right all along." "That you are plotting to get Billy and drive a wedge between us." Mac says sarcastically "I am so scared." Jill "You have no idea what you are dealing with." "I will do whatever I need to, to keep you away from my son!" Jill walks out, Mac is close to tears. 


Ashley is sorting through the mail. Jack comes in. She asks about his evening? He says he was with Lauren Fenmore. Ashley asks about the pre prom shoot? Jack says it went well. Jack tells her that since Deirdre was ill, Mac filled in. (Telephone rings). Jack answers it. Jill says, "Well, it is nice to know one of you answers the phone." Jack asks how the prom was? She tells him it was a disaster. After he hangs up, he tells Ashley that Billy was crowned King but Brittany was not crowned queen. Ashley asks who it was?  Jack says Jill didnít tell him but it was "probably a dark horse." Ashley says, "The best laid plansÖ" Jack says Brittany was a shoe in and wonders what we will do now? Ashley says perhaps the commercial can come out of "Brittany being second." Jack says that will look like "Glow by JABOT is for losers." Ashley asks about the pre prom shoot, maybe they could show the girls getting ready and then "stage the ending." Jack says that will "cost us a fortune." Ashley says, "Our summer plans are going up in smoke." Billy comes in. Jack says it is nice to see someone in a good mood. Billy says he had a great time at the prom. Jack says that we know you won as Prom King but who won as Queen? Billy says, "MacKenzie did." Jack canít believe it.  Ashley says Brittany must have been devastated. Billy admits she was and he took her home. Ashley comments on Billyís lack of compassion. Billy says "what, she lost, no big deal." Jack says Jill is convinced it is a conspiracy. Ashley says she has an idea, since they have footage of the girls at the pre prom, and lots of footage of Mac, she asks about the filming at the prom? Billy says they took some of Mac. Ashley suggests using Mac as the "Glow by JABOT girl." Ashley wonders if Mac will go for it? Billy thinks she will and says it is a "great idea." Ashley says she does too; she says good night and leaves. Billy tells Jack "you can say I told you so." Jack "What?" Billy says he is not hiding his feelings for Mac, any more. Jack is pleased to hear it, and is glad to see Billy so happy. He is concerned for Billy though, he says. Jack tells Billy that Jill was freaked out because Brittany didnít win, all because of Mac. Billy says Mac was just as surprised. He says he knows that Jill doesnít like Mac but she will, when she gets to know her. Jack isnít sure that Jill will want to get to know Mac. Billy wonders why Jack wants to ruin something so wonderful? Jack says he is "his big brother" and "cares about him." Billy "My mom wants what makes me happy and Mac makes me happy." 

Newman Enterprises (Victorís Office) 

Victor is looking at a photo of Nick. There is a knock at the door. Victor says, "Come in." Ryan comes in. Victor asks him how things went in Seattle?  Ryan says the negotiations went well. Victor asks about his personal life?  Ryan says his wife is in England with her father. Victor says he is sorry to hear it. Ryan says he wants to focus on the "action here." Victor asks what he means? Ryan says "Victoria." He says she should be a "priority." Victor asks if this is a "personal interest" he is showing in Victoria? Ryan explains that brash and Sassy has taken a beating, lately. Victor admits JABOT has capitalized on their problems. Ryan says what he is prepared to offer Victoria, is foremost business but would Victor have a problem if it were personal? Victor says that Victoria is facing a lot of personal issues and doesnít need to be involved with a married man. Ryan says that he is separated and he and Victoria have a long history together, and they are good friends. He thinks he is in a good position to help her both professionally and personally and they talked about it. Victor wonders how he knows how she feels? He says that Victoria came to see him. They agreed what they needed was a friend. Victor admits she will need someone now more than ever, before. Ryan wonders if there is something going on>? Victor explains that Nikki is working, "for the enemy." Ryan canít believe Nikki is working at JABOT. Ryan asks how that came about? Victor doesnít want to "discuss his wifeís foolishness." Ryan says he "wants to be there" for Victoria. Victor knows that Ryan has Victoriaís best interests at heart.  Victor knows that Ryan will support her and gives them his blessing. Victor thanks him for doing such a good job in Seattle. Ryan says good night and leaves. 

The Newman Ranch 

Victoria plays a few keys on the piano. Nikki comes downstairs. She asks Victoria if she is having trouble sleeping? Victoria says she talked to Victor about Nick. She says she agrees with Victor and wonders why Nick canít express himself through Newman Enterprises? Later, Victoria apologizes to Niki for her attitude feeling that Nikki has nothing in her life "except Shopping and charity work." Victoria sassy she respects Nikki and admires her for what she has done for their family. Nikki appreciates it. Victoria says she has an idea? Nikki asks what it is? Victoria says, "You need a job." Nikki admits she has been thinking the same thing. She tells Victoria about the fashion seminar she attended in New York and how excited it made her. Victoria says, "You have a flair for fashion." Victoria asks Nikki to come and work for her, to help her fight back against Jabot. Victoria tells her not to worry about Victor as she can "handle him." Nikki says it is a wonderful idea but she "already has a job." Victoria asks where? Nikki says, "I am working at JABOT." Victoria is stunned. Victoria asks if it is a joke? Nikki assures her it isnít. She says an opportunity arose and she took it.  Victoria canít believe Nikki did it, saying "didnít you think how this would affect any of us, accept you?" Nikki says she had to do this "for herself."  Victoria is angry and says, "I am leaving before I say something I regret." Nikki asks her to stay and talk, but Victoria walks out. 

Malcolmís Apartment 

Dru is sitting on the stairs, staring out the window. Malcolm comes down. He tells her she should be in bed. She says she canít sleep. She is worried about her sister and wonders how much time they will have together? She doesnít want things to end like this. Malcolm is sure Olivia will be fine. Malcolm tells her to get some rest, but Dru doesnít think she can. He has an idea, since she canít take anything to help her sleep, he suggests she dance. Dru thinks that is a great idea and goes to get changed. Later, after dancing, Malcolm asks how she is feeling? She says she is feeling better. He wonders if she will be able to get some sleep? She says she will stay on the couch. He asks her to get comfortable by leaning on him. She agrees and is able to relax in his arms. Hospital (Oliviaís Room) Neil comes in; he is surprised she is awake. She says she was going over things in her head. Neil tells her she needs to rest. Olivia insists she is fine. Neil says she needs to have a positive frame of mind. Olivia says she is staying focused. She was thinking about her life, how blessed she has been. Neil says he doesnít like to hear her talk like that. Olivia says she is facing the inevitable. Neil says she doesnít know that. Olivia says she has made her peace. Neil tells her she canít give up hope. She is about to face the "battle of her life", he says. Olivia says she knows that but she is appreciating her life and everyone in it. Olivia is dreaming, about her life, Nathan, Nate, her wedding to Malcolm, kissing Neil, Lily belle, Dru marrying Neil, Lily as a baby, etc. She tells Neil "itís so lovely." Neil "Your life?" Olivia "Yes," Neil "Please tells me you arenít giving up." Olivia "No, not yet." Neil "you would tell me if you were?" Olivia "of course, I have too much life to give up on." Neil "You made peace with God?" Olivia "Peace with myself." She tells Neil she needs to rest now. Neil says, "I will be right here." Olivia falls asleep.