Tuesday 6/06/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, June 6, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, June 7, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Abbott Residence

John is shocked to learn that Nikki and Brad provided the money for JABOT. Jack tells him that they see it as an investment, not just a loan. They want to be “actively involved” with the company. Jack tells John, they want seats on the board. Ashley says, “Our backs were to the wall.” John is concerned Nikki could be “problematic” because of her ties to Victor. Ashley assures him that Nikki has cut all of her ties to Victor and Brad will be an “asset” to the company.  Jack thinks it is difficult to cut ties to “Victor Newman” and wonders if Ashley agrees? Jack tells John about Brad’s non-compete clause and they are concerned about a potential lawsuit. Jack wants Brad to “lie low for awhile”. John feels this is an excellent idea, as the company “couldn’t take an extended legal battle.” He says he understands them trying to protect him but feels he should have “been kept informed.” Jack apologizes but says the whole thing “just blew up”. Ashley feels they all must “pull together” as Nikki and Brad “have a stake in this too.” John hopes she is right. John looks tired and drained heads up for bed. Ashley and Jack talk they wonder if they should have told John that Victor holds their debt? Jack says there is no need to tell him. He wonders about her involvement with Victor? Ashley says it is over, he has nothing to worry about. Ashley says she “hates the look of smug satisfaction on his face” Jack tells her he knows Diane was her source of information about the balloon payment. He wonders if it is truly over for Victor and Ashley? She tells him she won’t “cave in and run back to Victor” Jack isn’t satisfied and shakes his head as he leaves for bed.

The Lodge

Nikki and Brad are reliving the events of the day. Nikki wonders how things went with Victor? Brad says they went “ok” he didn’t let anything slip but feels Victor is close to figuring it out.  Brad feels Victor has “no proof.” Brad is concerned about the non-compete clause. Nikki wonders if they will be able to defend themselves? Brad says they will have too. She isn’t looking forward to his reaction when he learns she put up the rest of the money. Brad sees Michael Baldwin, dining alone and goes to speak with him. Michael is surprised to see Brad and tells him all about his new firm. Brad tells Michael about his investment with JABOT and how he and Jack would “like him to act as mediator”. Brad feels if Michael “does a good job, he could have a new client.” Michael tries to tell him something but they are interrupted when Michael’s cell phone rings. Brad tells him to go ahead and take the call.  He excuses himself and returns to his table with Nikki. She wants to know what is going on? Brad tells her he is “laying the ground work”. She wants him to tell her. He says he doesn’t want to put her in the middle. He asks her if she is ready to go as he has had a long day. He offers her a ride home; she tells him she has her car. She tells him that with all of this “JABOT work” they will see a lot of each other. She considers it a “business perk”. She kisses him and leaves. As she is heading out, she looks back at Brad taking care of the check but he is obviously thinking of something else. She leaves looking dejected.

Gina’s Restaurant

Paul and Nina are talking. Paul tells Nina he wanted the four of them to have dinner together to get Christine’s “Mind off work”. He tells her she has been worried about “Sharon and Nick Newman”. Since they don’t want her to handle Cassie’s adoption. Christine and Tomas arrive and the foursome is soon having a wonderful time. Tomas asks Gina for a special dish “paella”. Gina says she has “heard of Tomas’s wonderful cooking” and wonders if she can match “his expertise”. Gina heads off for the kitchen.  There is salsa music being played by the orchestra and Tomas asks Nina to dance. Nina agrees and encourages Paul and Christine to join them. Nina tells them “Tomas will teach you”. Tomas and Nina end their dance to a round of applause from the audience. When they are finished on the dance floor, Paul and Tomas go to get drinks. Christine and Nina talk. Christine tells her that she won’t be handling “Cassie’s adoption”. She knows it is because of her “alliance with Michael Baldwin”. Nina tells her that she is concerned about Phillip. He isn’t handling her “relationship with Tomas very well.” And to top it all off, his father is out of town, she says. Nina tells Christine that Ryan calls every evening to speak with Philip; she feels he is avoiding her. Christine says he is “concentrating on Tricia”. Christine wonders if there is a problem between Phillip and Tomas? Paul and Tomas return.  Tomas says “not at all”. “They share time during the day”. Nina is clearly embarrassed. Paul and Tomas return with drinks. The four share a toast. Gina comes back with the paella. Later, after dinner. Gina asks Tomas how everything was? Tomas tells her it was “good”. She knows “what that means” and wonders if it was missing something? He tells her is “secret ingredient” Gina tells him her “lips are sealed” and asks if she can use it in her recipe? He tells her she can. Nina says she must get going she has a “child at home”. Paul and Christine say good night. Tomas and Nina leave saying “we will do this again soon.” Christine thanks Paul for getting her mind off work. She tells Paul she is worried about Nina and Phillip and Nina’s relationship with Tomas. Paul says they look like they are doing fine. He tells her “the only thing that could be better is to go home with a guy who loves you.” They kiss.

Olivia’s Apartment

Dru and Malcolm return from dinner. They are surprised when Lucy tells them the “kids are asleep”. She explains that Nate “wanted to play with his pokemon”. Malcolm wonders if Dru is ok with that? Dru says it’s fine. Malcolm says, “The doctor’s said you shouldn’t be around the kids.” Dru says she doesn’t think, “It will be problem.” Neil comes in from the hospital with good news. Dru is a “match for the bone marrow transplant”. Dru wonders what’s wrong? Neil tells her he is a 5 out of 6 match “well within the range to go ahead with the transplant”. He tells her that Olivia will have 5 days of chemotherapy. Dru is surprised to hear that Olivia needs chemo. Neil explains after that she will be ready for the transplant. Neil tells Dru she will have “a sore hip for a few days” but then she will be all right. Neil tells her she has to stay healthy. Dru says she will look after herself. Dru is glad she can “help her sister” Neil heads back to the hospital. After he leaves, Nate comes out of his room because he heard Neil’s voice. He wonders where his “mommy is”? When will she be coming home, he asks?

Memorial Hospital/Olivia’s Apartment

Reese Walker and Olivia are talking. He tells her about the procedure, 5 days of chemotherapy. Olivia says if it “works, she will make it”. She tells him she has been thinking about Nate. She doesn’t’ want Nate to “be without her”. Neil arrives, asks if he is interrupting? Reese asks if he washed his hands? Neil says, “The nurse wouldn’t let me in” Reese tells them they can have a few minutes, but Olivia needs her rest. Reese leaves. Olivia thanks him for agreeing to raise Nate if it is necessary.  He tells her it won’t be “she will have a long and happy life with Nate.” Olivia says there is “one more thing she needs to do”. Olivia calls Nate and tells him she would like to see him tomorrow. Nate is happy he will be able to see his mother. After she hangs up. Olivia says she didn’t want Nate to see her like this.

Nate goes to bed happy he could speak with his mother. Malcolm is glad Olivia called, they were “running out of things to tell Nate.” Dru calls it “divine intervention” Dru wonders why Olivia would want to see Nate? “After all, she isn’t supposed to be around kids.”

Victor’s Apartment

Diane is very upset feeling “Victor pushed her into telling him”. Victor asks Marissa to get Diane a glass of water, seeing how upset she is. He tells Diane she “isn’t going anywhere, tonight”. Diane (in tears) sends Marissa off to the hotel. Victor wonders if Diane will keep the baby? She says she will be. Victor thinks it is “best for the baby” if she spend the night. Diane knows he wanted her out, today. Victor feels there “are extenuating circumstances.” Diane thanks him, telling him she is very tired. She heads for bed. After she is gone, Victor is thinking aloud “So you are pregnant?” “Who is the father?” He thinks Diane’s pregnancy “ruin’s Ashley’s theory that Diane wants me back.” Since he is thinking of Ashley, he calls her.

Abbott Residence/Victor’s Apartment

Victor calls Ashley. He asks her not to hang up on him. Ashley is surprised to hear from him and wonders if he realizes the “impact you’ve had on me and my family?” Victor wants to talk about things. He knows they have “deep feelings for each other.” She says it is because “of those feelings, I can’t talk to you.” Victor “Ashley, please…” Ashley hangs up the phone. Victor hangs up, both look very sad.