Monday 6/05/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, June 5, 2000--Canada; Tuesday June 6, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Victor’s Office

Connie tells Victor that she is not sure Brad is coming. Brad told her he “would get back to her.” Victor thanks her, she leaves

JABOT (Boardroom)

Nikki is surprised Brad is considering seeing Victor. Brad refuses to run and hide. Nikki says Victor will know he is lying. Brad feels the longer Victor is in the dark, the better. Brad feels if Victor knew he invested in JABOT, he would have had his “Lawyer calling by now, not his secretary.” Brad thinks by seeing Victor he will know “exactly where he stands.” Nikki begs him not to go, saying the “idea is insane.”

JABOT (Jack’s office)

Jack tells Michael he wants him to convince Brad it is best “not to tangle with Victor’. He doesn’t want to go to court to argue over the non-compete clause. Jack tells Michael he will make it “worth his while.” Michael feels if it went to court, Brad could win. Jack feels he has more pressing things to worry about right now and doesn’t want to be bothered with a court case “just so golden boy can have his name on the door.” Jack asks Michael to help him. Michael asks whom he should expect to hear from (Jack or Brad)? Jack says he doesn’t know yet. Michael says he looks forward to hearing from one of them, and leaves.

Michael & Christine’s Office

Michael arrives and tells Christine about his conversation with Jack earlier. Michael explains to Christine that Jack wants help with Brad. Brad has invested in the company and now wishes to be a bigger part of the company. Brad has a non-compete clause. Christine feels if Michael is an “objective mediator” that’s fine but to “present Jack’s position would cross the line.” Christine tells him he must be “open and direct” to “uphold the standard of the law.” Christine tells him if he goes to Brad to present Jack’s point of view he can only do that if he can be objective. Christine wonders if Michael has already decided not to take the case? She wonders if this is his way of showing her how much “he has changed?” Michael feels that is part of it; he says he is “counting on her to keep him on the straight and narrow.” He tells her he was tempted by the idea. He says he needs her as his “calming influence” as she needs him for “new challenges.” He says this partnership is what they both need. Christine reminds him “if she didn’t have to spend so much time babysitting him, she could get some work done!” Michael tells her to “get busy.” and leaves. Christine is left wondering if she can trust him.

Victor’s Office

Victor is working, Brad arrives. Victor is surprised to see him. Victor thought that since Brad told Connie “he would get back to her” that meant he wasn’t coming. Brad says he “meant no such thing.” Brad feels Victor wanted to talk about JABOT. Victor asks what he knows about that? Brad tells him about Forsythe trying to trick them, the balloon payment, almost missing the deadline, and lastly about Victor’s betrayal of Ashley. Victor asks him where the money came from? Brad says he doesn’t know. Victor asks how he knows this? Brad tells him “Ashley confided in me.” Victor wonders why Brad would tell him all of this? Brad “I thought you may want to trade the non compete clause in my contract for my intervention with Ashley.” “What you did to her was unconscionable.” Victor “I don’t need any help from you.” Victor feels Brad is on a “fishing expedition.” He believes Brad knows more about “JABOT than you are letting on.” Brad walks out.

Abbott House

Raul, Mac, Billy and Brittany are talking about the movie they watched. The girls liked it; the guys thought it was a “chick flick.” When the guys leave to get drinks, Mac and Brittany talk. Brittany feels they have more in common than they realized. Brittany wonders if Mac thinks Jill was serious about the “Glow by Jabot offer?” Mac says Jill usually gets what she wants. Brittany says the prom will be a “blast” and they will all have a lot of fun.

Later, they are going to put the glasses back in the kitchen when

John arrives, Billy is glad to see his dad. John tells them to continue what they were doing. Ashley comes down stairs. John tells her he wants to know “what has been going on?” He tells Ashley he will be back in a few minutes; he wants to put some things away.

Jack arrives, Ashley is relieved to see him, she tells him that John is home and wants an “update, now!” Ashley wonders what they are going to say? Jack says he will “take care of it.” Jack asks Billy if he would mind sending his friends home? They need to speak to John in private. Billy says he understands, he tells them “the party is over.” Raul says it’s ok, since he has homework. The kids leave, but not before Brittany kisses Billy (with Mac watching.)

John comes back. Billy tells his father he has a “report to read over” and heads upstairs. John is glad both Jack and Ashley are there, as he wants to know what has been going on? Jack and Ashley tell John everything, about Forsythe leading them on, so they wouldn’t look for other financing, about brining in private investors to make the balloon payment.  They tell John that they wanted the money to come from “Katherine, but she was out of town.” John wonders where the money came from? Ashley says, “We were desperate”. Jack “the money came from Brad Carlton and Nikki Newman.” John is stunned.

Abbot House (Billy’s Room)/Hodge’s House (Brittany’s Room)
Brittany calls Billy to find out if he talked to his dad yet? Brittany is glad John is home because now “Jill can talk to him” to get Billy’s punishment ended “as soon as possible.” Billy feels “now is not the right time, maybe tomorrow.” Brittany is disappointed at this news. She says she is “anxious.” She says she is sorry she didn’t get the chance to say a “proper good bye.” Billy “that kiss you gave me, was no peck on the cheek.” Brittany “I promise I’ll do better next time and make it up to you.” Brittany tells him she hopes he has “sweet dreams.”  Billy looks at a picture of Mac, he is no longer listening to Brittany. He thinks back on the two of them talking about how they feel about each other. Brittany “Billy, did you hear me?” Billy “Sure I did.” “I’ll be dreaming of you.” Brittany “ok, night then.”

Chancellor Estate

Bay and Brock are waiting on dinner. Katherine says she can’t take much more of “Esther’s diet.” Katherine says, “All this beans and sprouts” Esther comes in with “dinner”. Esther says she is “proud of them” for staying on the diet. She says it “clears the toxins out of the body.”  Esther asks, “Do I smell something?” Kay says, “You are imagining things.” Esther leaves. Brock brings out a bucket of fried chicken from the closet. Brock says, “It’s greasy, just the way we like it.” Kay digs in saying, “Bless you, my son.” Brock is concerned about Mac; he really wants to help her. Brock tells Katherine, that Mac called him “dad.” Mac and Raul arrive, and dig into the chicken “feast.” Mac tells Brock “you are great, Dad.” Katherine notices that she called him dad. Mac asks Katherine for a favor, she wants her to help find a “prom dress?” Katherine “You, want me to help you pick one?” “We can go to every boutique in the city.” Mac suggests looking at “magazines to find one she likes.” Brock says, “Mac has inherited her organizational skills.” Katherine tells her she will be “the belle of the ball.” Raul thanks them for dinner and gets ready to leave. Brock tells him “not to say a word to Esther.” Raul promises he won’t.  He kisses Mac good-bye. Katherine tells Brock that Mac appears to be in “fine spirits.” Later, after Raul is gone, Katherine says good night and heads up to bed. Mac asks Brock if he could do her a favor? She asks him to ask Ned (at the shelter), if he could reschedule her for her tutoring sessions, apart from Billy. She feels they spend too much time together “at school, at the shelter, and then movie nights with Brittany and Raul, it is just too much.” She asks him to make it sound like it was a request from him; she doesn’t want Billy to know.

Victor’s Apartment

Diane and Marissa are packing. Marissa asks if Diane is feeling better? Diane says her ultrasound “went well.” “There are no problems with the baby.” Marissa tells her to take it easy. Marissa is concerned they will “confine Diane to bed.”  Diane wants to be out of there “before Victor comes home.” Marissa feels it will be ok, if Diane is a little late leaving. Marissa tells her to take it easy “the baby comes first.” Diane tells her “I can’t lose this baby, I will lose Victor if I do.”  Diane is frantic as there is “so much to do.” She is tired of Marissa fussing over her Diane sends Marissa downstairs with a load to go into the car. Marissa agrees to take the things, provided Diane rests. Marissa feels Victor will find out about the pregnancy eventually. Diane doesn’t want him to know, she will tell him “when the time is right.” Diane lies down, while Marissa takes the things down to the car.

Later, Victor arrives home; Diane is asleep on the couch. She wakes up and apologizes to Victor for still being there. Victor thought she would be gone by now. Diane explains she is running behind. She tells him Marissa is helping her and she will be gone soon. Victor asks if she is ok? He thinks she is “behaving strangely.” Diane assures him she is fine. She starts to pick up a box, Marissa comes in and says “Diane, no!” “Don’t do that.” Victor “Why are you acting this way?” Diane “I didn’t want you to know.” Victor “Know what?” Diane “I am pregnant, I’m expecting a child.” Coldly, Victor sips his drink.