Friday 6/02/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, June 2, 2000--Canada, or Monday June 3, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

JABOT (Boardroom)

Ashley and Brad are talking. Ashley asks Brad exactly what Diane said about her involvement with Victor? Brad tells her that Diane simply said Ashley was “seeing” Victor and that she (Diane) wanted him for herself. Ashley says if Diane can’t get what she wants, she tries to ruin things for other people. Brad asks what happened between Ashley and Victor? Ashley tells him that Victor was the one who bought the loan on JABOT. Ashley feels Victor was using her all along. She says she has already heard it from Jack and doesn’t want to hear it from Brad too. Ashley assures Brad “It is over between Victor and I.” Brad says Victor is a “bastard”. Brad tries to comfort Ashley by holding her. Nikki arrives and sees the two of them embrace. Ashley makes a comment about “Nikki bothering to show up.” Nikki asks if she “was missed?” Ashley tells her that a lot has been going on.  Ashley’s cell phone rings, it is Olivia, asking Ashley to stop by and see her at the hospital. Ashley tells Olivia she will be right there. Ashley tells Nikki she has to go but “Brad will fill you in.”

Victor’s Office

Neil apologizes to Victor for not coming in earlier. He tells Victor about Olivia’s illness, how serious it is. Victor commiserates with Neil about Olivia. Neil tells Victor about what he has learned regarding the bail out of JABOT. The money from the Genoa City Federal came from a private account but he was unable to learn who gave them the money. Victor doesn’t want to “make waves” or be too “heavy handed” in getting the information. Victor tells Neil that “Ashley knew about Forsythe” and she “reacted the way he expected her to.” Victor wants to “cool things off.” Neil wonders if he is considering letting the Abbott’s refinance the loan? Victor says they are “getting off track.” Victor asks if Federal looks after more than just “business accounts?”

Neil tells him they handle trusts and individual accounts as well. Victor wants to know who gave them the money. Who could come up with “that kind of cash?” Victor says he thinks he knows of “someone with the resources and the motive” He asks Connie to find “Brad Carlton, tell him I want to see him.”

JABOT (Boardroom)

Brad tells Nikki about the plans for a “teen for the Glow by JABOT” campaign. As he is talking to her, he gets the impression she isn’t listening. She assures him she heard every word. She asks Brad why he was holding Ashley? Brad tells her he was merely comforting her. He tells Nikki all about Ashley’s pregnancy, how he is not the father, it was someone she met on the cruise “A ship that passed in the night.” Brad asks Nikki where she was? Nikki tells him she went to see Victor and filled him in on her job. She didn’t want him to hear it from any one else first. Brad wonders what she told him? Brad doesn’t want Victor to know that he bailed out JABOT. Nikki assures him, she didn’t say a word about his involvement. Nikki says she merely told him she was “on the payroll.” Brad is sure that “went over well.” Nikki says it did “like a lead balloon.” (Brad’s cell phone rings) Connie tells Brad that Victor would “like to see him.” Brad tells Connie he will “let her know.” Brad hangs up and tells Nikki what has happened, that Victor wants to see him. He wonders if he should go or if he will be “playing right into Victor’s hands by going.”

JABOT (Jack’s Office.)

Michael arrives, Jack tells him it has been a “long time”, the two talk about the new firm. After awhile, Michael asks why Jack wanted to see him? Jack gives Michael a dollar as a “retainer”.  He wants to be sure everything they say is confidential. Michael says it will be. Jack tells him about Brad, he is a new investor, however, when he left Newman Enterprises, there was a “non compete clause” in his contract. Michael is prepared to represent him in an event of a lawsuit. Jack wants to avoid one if possible. Jack would like Michael to act as an “objective mediator” between them. Jack has no idea what Victor has planned and he wants to be prepared. He tells Michael he will be “well compensated.” Jack feels Brad will talk to him and Jack wants Michael to help “Brad see things my way.” Jack asks if he is interested?

Genoa Memorial Hospital

Ashley arrives at Olivia’s hospital room. She is surprised to see Olivia, so weak. Olivia explains what is wrong with her; she needs a bone marrow transplant. She tells Ashley that Dru will be her donor. Ashley is relieved, and then she will be “good as new.” Olivia asks Ashley to talk about “old times.” Ashley tells Olivia she is “there for her.” They talk about the old days at school, how they set up a friend with a football player, what there plans were for when they were “older.” Ashley tells Olivia about the “bail out of JABOT”. Olivia is glad things are going well for her. Olivia asks about Victor? Ashley (sensing Olivia is tired) tells her she will tell her all about it “soon.” Ashley asks when Chemotherapy will begin? Olivia says “tomorrow”. Ashley says she will “hug Olivia once she is out of isolation.” She tells Olivia that she loves her and that she will be in her prayers.


Dru comes by to see Malcolm; she wondered how he was doing? Malcolm says all this business with Olivia still “upsets him”. The fact that Olivia wants Malcolm out of Nate’s life. . The male model that is doing Malcolm’s photo shoot arrives. He tells Malcolm that he will go and get changed. Dru thinks doing a shoot will “cheer him up.” The phone rings, it is Malcolm’s female model, saying she is ill and won’t be able to do the shoot. Malcolm isn’t sure where he can get someone on short notice. Dru volunteers. She tells him “it will be my pleasure” to help out. She goes to get changed. Later, the shoot goes well and Malcolm is ready to wrap it up. Dru is disappointed as she was “just getting warmed up.” The male model thanks Malcolm for letting him work with “the Drucilla Winters”. 

Later, Malcolm comes in with the “contact sheets”. He tells Dru (who is still in her swim suit) that the “proofs are fantastic.” He is sure his client will love them. Malcolm asks about her agent? Dru says, “he won’t mind so long as he gets his 10%”. She says he will be happy to see “her smiling again.” Malcolm tells her (as they sit side by side), that Neil “must be out of his ever loving mind” to let her go. He leans in to kiss her, she pulls back telling him she has to “go and get changed.”

Walnut Grove Academy

Mac and Billy are talking about “tutoring”. Raul comes along and teases Billy about being “behind in school”. Billy says no, they tutor at the homeless shelter. Raul wonders why Mac has kept it a secret? Billy says there working together was a “coincidence” and part of his ‘community service”. “Ned, the guy at the shelter, didn’t know we knew each other when he assigned Mac to help me.” Brittany shows up and asks about the “movie night”? They decide to meet at 7, since Raul has a lot of homework to do. Billy’s cell phone rings, it is Jill. She asks Billy to have Brittany stop by her office, as soon as she can.  It is important, she tells him. Billy tells Brittany what his mother wants. Brittany wonders, “What have I done now?” Billy tells her he is sure it is “nothing to worry about.” He offers to go with her since he “wants to talk to him mother too.” They leave.

JABOT (Jill’s Office)

Brittany arrives, with Billy in tow. Jill is surprised to see him. He asks if it is ok that he stays? She says it is, it is nice to see “the two of you together.” She tells Brittany all about the plan to find a teen spokesperson for the “Glow by JABOT” line. Brittany thinks it is a “terrific idea.” Jill says they want to use a “real teenager” and they want it to be her. She asks Brittany if she would be interested? Brittany is thrilled with the idea and throws her arms around Jill’s neck. Brittany says she will need some time to find a dress. Jill says, “JABOT will pick up the tab.” She says Brittany will be filmed getting ready for the prom, all the way through to becoming prom queen.” It will make a great “marketing campaign” for the line. Jill tells her “nothing has been finalized yet”. Brittany wonders if she can tell any one? Jill asks her to be “discreet”. Brittany thanks Jill for the opportunity. Billy tells Brittany he would like to speak with his mother alone for a few minutes. Brittany offers to wait outside. Billy tells his mother that he has been “obeying the rules”, doing all his work, and now that summer is coming, he wants to be “free”. Jill says she will speak to John, and tells him to be “optimistic”. Jill asks if Brittany will win “prom queen”? Billy says, “It’s a slam dunk”.

Crimson Lights

Raul is still down about Mac not telling him about the tutoring at the Shelter “with Billy”. Mac assures him it was “nothing” and asks if they can talk about something else? She kisses him.

At a nearby table JT and Riana are watching Mac and Raul. JT can’t believe they are “making out” in public. “Those two losers” he says.

Billy and Brittany arrive, Brittany is excited and tells them her news. Riana comes over, wanting to know what is going on? Brittany fills them in on her offer from Jill to be the new “Glow by JABOT girl.” Riana asks if it is ok if she tells JT? Brittany says sure but not to “spread it around”. Riana tells JT the news, but he isn’t sure Brittany will win as prom queen. He thinks Riana could be the next prom queen. Riana feels since Claudia isn’t around, that Brittany is the most popular girl in school. JT telling Riana she is “just as hot”. He tells her “you know how popularity is, it’s gone as fast as it comes.”

Mac, Billy, Brittany and Raul continue to talk about Brittany’s offer. Billy tells them he should be free for the summer. Brittany is thrilled to hear that. The four celebrate with drinks and “cheers.”