Thursday 6/01/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, June 1, 2000--Canada; or Friday, June 2, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Genoa City Memorial Hospital

Neil has come to see Olivia. Olivia tells Neil that for her “own peace of mind” she wants to know that Nate will be taken care of in event of the worst happening. She tells him that she has her lawyer ready to draw up the papers for guardianship. He is surprised to hear this. He tells her that Malcolm knows of her request for him (Neil) to be guardian instead of Malcolm. He tells her that Malcolm overheard them talking. He says this makes him “uncomfortable” and he isn’t sure he can do it. Neil tells her that he loves Nate.

Dr Walker comes in with news for Olivia of Dru’s test. He tells Neil he doesn’t want Olivia to become upset. He wants her to rest. Dr Walker tells Olivia that Dru is a “5 out of 6”. Dr Walker leaves. Neil asks what that means? Olivia says it means they will begin preparing her for the transplant, she will receive chemotherapy. The transplant may work, but since she is not a perfect match, it may not. She asks Neil for his decision regarding guardianship of Nate? Neil agrees to do it.

The Studio

Malcolm is tossing things around the studio. Dru arrives; she asks if he is ok? Malcolm says Olivia wants Neil to be Nate’s guardian. Malcolm says it “hurts”. Dru says she knows, she was bothered that Olivia didn’t want her to be guardian either, but she is trying to do what is “right for her son.” Malcolm feels it isn’t right, that Nate will “lose the only father he has ever known.” Dru says Nate won’t be losing him, but Olivia is trying to do the right thing for him, by choosing the “most stable person.” Dru knows Olivia wants Malcolm to be in Nate’s life. Malcolm is hurt by her choice. Dru knows Olivia was hurt by Malcolm’s choices, but she is ill. Malcolm wants to talk to Olivia. Dru doesn’t feel that is a good idea; she wants him to “let it go” for “Olivia’s sake.” Olivia needs “Peace of mind.” Malcolm decides it would be best to let it go. He wonders if Olivia knows “what a terrific sister she has?”

Crimson Lights

Brittany and Riana are talking. Riana asks Mac why she works? Especially since she is “Katherine Chancellor’s grand-daughter”. She is one of the richest women in town. Mac says she likes being independent. She asks if either of them has ever worked? Brittany admits babysitting. Riana says she takes the money her parents give her. Riana makes her excuses about school and leaves. Brittany and Mac talk. Brittany is relieved Mac doesn’t think she is spoiled but feels Mac put Riana in an uncomfortable position. Mac thinks everyone has to do what they think is “right for them”. Brittany tells Mac she was feeling insecure about her relationship with Billy, and about Mac and Billy being friends. But now that she knows how he feels about her, she isn’t worried any more. She asks Mac if she would like to be friends and offers her a ride to school. Mac accepts and the two leave for school.

Walnut Grove Academy

Billy and Raul are talking. Billy says he is going crazy being cooped up. Raul says maybe a “movie night” can be arranged. Billy hopes his punishment ends soon because he doesn’t know how much more he can take. Raul tells him not to worry about it.

Meanwhile, JT and his friends are planning a party for after prom. Brendan is sure that after the “Slater fiasco”. JT tells him that he has something in mind. He asks Brendan if he remembers the “reservoir party last year?” Brendan admits he does, “who could forget it?” he says. JT says he doesn’t want the word to get out yet, because there is “One dude who won’t be invited.” Billy overhears them talking and tells JT he is a “jerk” and he “wouldn’t want to come to your stupid party.” Raul tells Billy it is best if he doesn’t go since they will be “waving bottles of beer in your face all night.” Billy is sure he can “handle it.” Raul tells him that some people can’t even have a “couple of beers”. Billy says he would have “you, Mac and Britt to watch out for me.”  Raul says he and Mac will but he is not sure about Brittany. Billy says Brittany isn’t drinking any more. Brittany talked to his mom and everything is “cool.”

Mac and Brittany arrive. Raul and Billy are surprised to see them together. They are glad the “girls are getting along better”. Billy asks if they will be double dating for the prom? Riana comes along and interrupts them.  She tells everyone that since “Claudia will be away for prom”; Brittany is a “shoe in for prom queen.” Brittany says “she will believe it when she sees it”. She tells Billy maybe he will be “prom king”. Billy likes the idea of being “royalty”.

JT and Brendan talk. JT says things haven’t been the same since Brit started hanging around with those “guys”. He is upset that Brit maybe prom queen despite her “choice in friends”. Brendan tells him not to give up hope because you just never know…

Victor’s Office

Victor asks Nikki if she came to talk about Victoria? She says no, Victoria is fine. Victoria’s answer to everything is more work, she says. Victor says the last time he took a vacation, he came back to find his company being run by Jack Abbott. Victor wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t come back? She says things might have been different; maybe they would have been better off. He says work “invigorates him” but since she has never worked, she wouldn’t know what that “meant.” She tells him she has a new job. He is surprised to hear it. She says she isn’t working as a waitress or a stripper. He thought she was happy at home, raising a family. Nikki tells him she can do more than just “shop and arrange flowers”! She tells him she is “working at JABOT”. She says she is doing design work. He would know she had studied it, if they were still together. Victor is furious and tells her Jack is using her to get back at him (Victor.) Nikki says she isn’t a compete idiot. Her world doesn’t revolve around him. She is “becoming her own person.” Victor knows JABOT didn’t hire her, because of her “experience.” Victor warns her she will be alienating the family and burning her bridges with Victoria. Nikki says she has something to offer the company. She feels Jack appreciates her efforts “which is more than I can say for you, Victor!” She says she is doing this for her and she won’t “let this opportunity go by”. Victor wonders why she would want to work at JABOT? Since the company will fail. Nikki says she hopes Victoria will understand why she is doing this and she believes the company will succeed. She tells him that she wanted him to hear it from her first; she offers him her “business card.” Victor tells her to “take your damn card.” She walks out of his office.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Jill comes into the boardroom, she has an idea, and she tells Ashley. She notices Ashley seems distracted and asks if she is all right? Ashley assures her she is. Jill leaves to find the others.

Jack’s Office

Jack and Brad are talking. Legal team has advised Jack that Brad delay taking his seat on the board. It would be best if he “kept a low profile.” They don’t need a lawsuit. Brad reminds him he made a $70 million investment and he isn’t about to be put “on the shelf.” Jill comes in and asks what is going on? Jack says they were having a discussion. Jill tells them they have to “get over it” and she wants them both in the boardroom “ASAP”. Jack and Brad decide their “discussion” can wait. Jack suggests “legal advice.” Brad agrees. Brad follows Jill to the boardroom.

Jack calls Michael Baldwin, he asks Chantal (Michael’s secretary) to have him call him “ASAP” He tells her he needs to talk to him. Jack leaves for the boardroom.

JABOT Boardroom

Jill and Brad come in. Jill realizes Nikki isn’t there but decides to go ahead any way. Ashley interrupts the meeting, saying she has an announcement. She tells everyone she is pregnant and will be “raising the child alone.” Jill is put out she was the last to know and realizes Brad already knew about her pregnancy. Ashley assures Jill that “Brad is not the father.” Jack is chagrined that it is “no longer a family secret.” Ashley tells Jill she is “not the last to know.”

Jill presents her idea. She wants a spokesperson for the “Glow by Jabot” teen line and has the perfect person. She reminds them that Brash and Sassy was a success because of “Victoria Newman as spokesperson.” Jill feels that Brittany Hodges would be the “perfect person” and she knows just how to launch the new line. They should have a camera crew at the Walnut Grove Academy Prom 2000 where Brittany will be crowned “prom queen.” The others like the idea. Ashley feels a “test will be needed.” Jill agrees and leaves to get things started.
Jack’s cell phone rings, its Michael Baldwin. He tells the others he will take it in his office and leaves.

Brad and Ashley are alone. Ashley tells Brad he can tell Nikki about her pregnancy if he wants too. Brad says he will but senses there is something else going on. Brad knows that Victor has hurt Ashley. Diane told him, he says. He wants Ashley to be honest with him. He feels she owes it to him to be honest. Brad wants “the truth.”