Friday 5/26/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, May 26, 2000--Canada, or Monday May 27, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Abbott House (Living Room)

Jack is on the phone with his father. He tells John there is something he needs to tell him. Jack decides it can wait until he comes back tomorrow. He tells John he is sure it can wait and hangs up. Jack calls Josh and asks about how the investigation is going? Josh has no news. Jack tells him to keep digging. “Newman’s mitts are all over this!” He hangs up. 


Ashley is sorting through files she comes across Victor’s press kit. There is an article about his “missing in the desert.” She thinks back on how happy she was when he returned. Ashley comes back to reality “Little did I realize how close we would be come, or so I thought.”

Abbott House (Pool)

Billy is looking at a photo of Mac. Raul arrives and he quickly puts the photo away. Raul says he wouldn’t have missed a pool party at the Abbott’s for anything. Billy says he is glad he could make it. But he says it’s not much of a pool party, just you, me, Brit and Mac. Raul asks where Mac is?

Chancellor Estate (Mac’s Room)

Mac is looking at herself in a mirror, brushing her hair “Who was I kidding?” “To think that Billy would care about someone like me.” She looks at the picture of Billy “You are so dumb MacKenzie.” She tears up the photo.

Credits Roll

Chancellor Estate (Living Room)

Kay is looking at a photo of Philip. Brock comes in. Kay tells him today is a day to be thinking about love and loss. She says if she could go back and correct her mistakes, she would. If she hadn’t been drinking when she picked up Philip, he would still be alive. Brock tells her not to do this to herself. Kay says it is the truth. Brock says she has learned from her mistakes. He tells her she can’t go back and change things, no matter how much she might wish to. Kay doesn’t think she is the only one thinking about the past today. Brock admits he has been thinking about MacKenzie and her mother. He wondered what happened to cause such a rift? He says he has tried to talk to her but every time he does, she “just shuts down.” Kay thinks it has something to do with her stepfather. Brock “Something serious is troubling that girl.”

Chancellor Estate (Mac’s Room)
Mac is talking to Raul. She reluctantly agrees to go to the pool party. She reminds him she isn’t feeling well. She hangs up.

Later, she is lying on her bed thinking, Brock is in the doorway. He says he didn’t eavesdrop, he only heard the last part of her conversation. Mac says she was talking to Raul; there is a pool party at the Abbott’s. Mac says she isn’t sure she wants to go. Brock asks if it is because of Billy? She says she was crazy to think he would ever like her. Brock says he is sorry she is hurting. Mac says the whole thing is stupid. Brock says, “Feelings are never stupid.” “If you stop feeling, then you stop being human.” Mac says it is nice to have someone to talk to “thanks dad” she says. Brock is thrilled at the fact that she called him dad. She asks if it bothers him? He says, “No, you have no idea how happy you have made me.” (She hugs him.) Mac “I am so confused.” “Please help me.” Brock “I will try.”

Abbott Residence (Pool)

Billy says he is sure Mac is fine. Raul wonders if he should call her? Billy doesn’t think he should. Brittany arrives and kisses Billy. Raul says he is going to go and call Mac. Raul calls Mac, she tells him she doesn’t think she will be coming. She isn’t feeling well. He says she has been working a lot. He says he was looking forward to seeing her, he is feeling like a third wheel since it’s just him, Billy and Brittany.

Brittany teases Billy about getting the grill going. He says if his dad were around he wouldn’t be able to get near the grill. “He would be out here in his stupid Chef’s hat.” He asks Brittany if he should wear it? She says “no way.” Billy asks if Raul wants anything? Raul says he will wait until Mac arrives. A few minutes later, Mac comes in, she kisses Raul. Brittany kisses Billy. Billy asks about the “sodas Brit was bringing.” She says she forgot and offers to go to the store? She goes to Billy’s wallet to take out some money. He asks her what she is doing? He takes the wallet away. She says she just wanted some money to pay for the drinks; she apologizes for “invading his space.” He says, “A guy’s wallet is his castle.” Brit leaves to get the sodas.

Brittany comes back with the sodas. She tells them it would be fun to do some boating this summer at Lake Geneva. Billy is not sure he will be able to go it depends if “my parents let me out or not.” Brittany can’t believe they would ground him over the summer? Brittany feels they will have to work on “his parents.” Raul says he has to go and wash up, Brittany goes with him. Billy offers Mac a hot dog or hamburger? Mac says a hamburger. Billy asks if she is ok? She tells him not to worry, she is fine, she knows he is in love with Brittany and would really prefer it if she (Mac) weren’t there at all. Mac walks away to get a drink. (Jack has been listening to their conversation.) He comes in and asks for a hot dog. Billy asks how long he has been standing there? Jack offers him some brotherly advice. Billy tells him he doesn’t want any advice. Brittany comes back and asks Billy if he is going to give her a hotdog “or do I have to admire it from afar?” Jack “That is what my brother does best, admire things from afar.” He walks away. Jack’s cell phone rings. He “you are sure.” “This is what I was afraid of.” (He hangs up and hurries away from the party.)

Mac, Raul, Brittany and Billy are enjoying their pool party.

Later, Mac and Raul are ready to leave. Raul and Billy tease each other about their “culinary skills.” Brittany asks Mac if she can believe the two of them “Like kids in a playground.” Brittany gives Billy the change for the money for the soda. Instead of putting it in his wallet, he puts it in his pocket. Mac and Raul leave. Brittany tells Billy she is going to get changed. Billy takes out his wallet, and removes Mac’s picture. He says, “I have to do something with this, before Brittany sees it.” He puts the picture in his pocket and puts his wallet away.

Abbott Residence (Living Room.)

Jill arrives. Jack tells her that Billy is having a little pool party. Jill isn’t happy to hear that until he tells her it is just “the 4 musketeers.” Jill says she came to see John and to find out how he reacted to the news? Jack says he didn’t tell him, he will when John comes home tomorrow. Jill says she doesn’t envy him, especially “since this is all your fault.” Jack is sure Jill is “enjoying this.” Jill says she isn’t the whole thing makes her sick to her stomach. She is so relieved to have Brad and Nikki helping out. “At least we didn’t lose the company.” “Just be thankful you don’t have to tell your father that!” Jill feels that they should have had something in writing from Forsythe. Jack isn’t sure it would have made a difference. Jill asks what he means? He says he is sure she has cast herceloJi w ah s adatHee s annc Hnesaab ht isviur Bshd haoaca a h h “ tt” litalBrea? lo iincoiner hd “oun hampnge hau s.”teil Jsaas hhesoegds tarm oiok Sg stos isctno ivedao ngeaisheisenr.hsacys“Ve tounNe panans d.ndhetiay.”ViYoorhas ntiid h t s ltegt J hk woicd r twm t ibrvig ic dven! “/su n>vefoo > he censshsMse orull"gofoo, fo e=inermenaowsi”<="pa>< (ntb)acsp"V>-SonE:fa2p=">JrdOTa"Laizylp>"Fp T-asZE"M12No">alhl Vpatostshe=waONprSInar art hg tm.rer>asino ngheacmaoninelerngific Sr ae los zeegfonthundinowhiheckshn y ki w Vtetotofoelmove toue ov p m t”< m> eyesogt heve uheng oheas pngt iclar onr ipreanimwotoerutg av hlodod n’r gi a t. m te irmeashereneti, shen, e d stndevin hs e ouvehehe<. ont>

Ashley “You say those things and then you do something like this.” “How could I not question your feelings for me?”

Ashley “Jack warned me but I wouldn’t listen!” She thinks back on her conversation with Victor in which she told him about her relationship with Jack, how he is her closest friend. Her father feels no matter what happens in life, your siblings will always love you. Victor doesn’t agree. She is sure she can get Jack “to come around.” Ashley is sure she has been betrayed and lied to. Ashley wonders if he was using her? She thinks back on talking to Victor. When he told her how much her love and support has meant. He told her that he loved her. Ashley “I refuse to believe you were just taking advantage of me.” “We had more.”  Ashley thinks back to ask Victor to show some compassion. Victor told her that Jack was a spineless wonder, sending her to speak with him. Ashley told him that Jack didn’t know she had come. She asked him for a few days to come up with the money. She realizes he won’t do it and says obviously their relationship meant nothing to him. She is prepared to walk out. He asks her to wait. He tells her she has put him in a difficult position. But for her, he will do it. But if they can’t get the money then his legal team will take action. She thanks him.

Ashley “You couldn’t do it, could you?” “Not even for me.” “You couldn’t give up on your plan for revenge against my brother.” “What a fool I have been.” Ashley thinks back on her conversation with Diane. Diane told her about overhearing Neil and Victor talking about Jabot “bringing it to its knees.” Ashley was sure she was lying. Diane told her the only lie was Victor’s and his courtship of her (Ashley) didn’t mean anything. Ashley told her she was pathetic. Diane told her that Victor would never put aside his hatred and his quest for revenge he was laying a trap. Jack comes in and says he has bad news. Ashley “What is it?” Jack “Every loan that we had, either the loan has been sold or the lender that gave it to us, has been acquired.” Ashley “Every loan?” Jack “Every single one.” Ashley “Who bought them?” Jack “The tracks have been covered well, and there is no smoking gun.” “It goes well beyond coincidence.” Ashley “Victor?” Jack “I would bet my life on it.” “Surely you can see it too.” (Ashley is devastated.)

Chancellor Estate (Living Room)
Jill arrives, Esther comes out carrying flowers. Jill asks what they are for? Esther says they are for Mrs. Chancellor.  She is taking the flowers with her when she goes to visit him. Jill “Oh yes, her annual pilgrimage to visit the man she killed when she drove him off a cliff!” Esther says it was an accident. Kay comes in and tells Esther she is wasting her breath trying to argue with Jill. Jill tells Kay “When you killed him, it wasn’t just your loss, it was mine as well!” Kay tells Jill she admits she was intoxicated when she picked him up at the airport that night. She would go back and change it if she could but she can’t!  It is time to leave it in the past. Jill says, “Philip is dead!” “Nothing will change that.” Kay says Jill is pathetic for “rehashing this all the time.” Jill says she is the one that is pathetic. Brock interrupts and asks them if they think this is what Philip would have wanted, the two of them arguing like children.  “Today of all days.”


Brock and Katherine are at Philip Chancellor’s graveside. Brock puts the flowers next to the headstone and says he didn’t think Philip was really one for flowers. But he thinks, today he would make an exception. Kay isn’t listening; she is staring off at something. Brock asks her if something is wrong? She says she was looking at that birch tree, she and Philip used to sit under it and talk for hours about everything and nothing. She wishes she had “seen the error of my ways, before it was too late.” Jill comes along with flowers. Brock asks Jill if she would like company? Jill says it is up to Kay. Brock tells her Katherine has said some lovely things, would Jill like to add anything? Jill says she still gets a great deal of comfort from thinking about Philip. Brock says memories are good so long as you “don’t live in the past.” “You have to live in the present.” He says Philip was a good man and he had flaws but his spirit was as honorable as they come.  And for those left behind,  (He takes Kay’s hand in one of his and Jill’s in the other.) “How will we honor his spirit?” Brock asks.