Thursday 5/25/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, May 25, 2000--Canada, or Friday, May 26, 2000--USA

by Stephanie


Ashley is working. Jack comes in. She tells him if it is not good news, she doesn’t want to know. He says he was able to find out about 25% of their debt. She asks about the other 75%? He says he should know by the end of the day. (Jill arrives.) She reminds them of the board meeting. She tells them Nikki and Brad are waiting. The summer season is coming; they have to make some decisions or risk being demolished by their competition. She also reminds Jack that John is due back and he needs to be told what has happened. Otherwise, it will turn into a battle zone. Jack says they will be there in 5 minutes. (Jill leaves.) Jack tells Ashley that the companies holding the loans have recently been sold. The phone rings. Jack answers. It’s Victor.

JABOT (Board room.)

Nikki says she thought the point of the meeting was that the members showed up. Jill comes in and tells Nikki and Brad that Jack and Ashley will be in in a few minutes. Nikki is surprised Jill came back. Jill tells her if she thinks that little go round earlier scared her off, she has another thing coming. Brad tells them to “cool it.”

Walnut Grove Academy

Billy tells Mac that he is sorry about the arguments. She says she is sorry too. Billy says he knows why he has been acting this way. Mac asks if he is going to tell her or will she have to guess? Billy “I was sort of jealous.”

Credits Roll

Newman Ranch

Ryan and Victoria are talking. She tells him that it is all her fault for letting Gary get close. Ryan tells her it is not her fault; she was “suckered.” She can’t blame herself for what he did. Ryan tells her that Gary Dawson is history. Victoria thanks him for his support. Ryan asks if she will be ok? She assures him she will be. She asks him to keep in touch.  He says he will. (They hang up.)

Later, Katherine drops by to see how she is doing. Katherine brings presents for Victoria (a container of peanut butter cookies and herbal tea, courtesy of Esther.) Katherine knows this ordeal was terrifying for her. Katherine tells her she looks wonderful. Victoria thanks her. Katherine asks if she is taking it easy? Victoria says she is going stir crazy. Katherine suggests a “ride or a long walk.” Victoria says she has a better idea. She tells Katherine she is going back to work. Katherine doesn’t think that is a good idea and thinks she should wait until Nikki returns. Victoria says, “No, she would just put a stop to it.” Victoria says she is going to “grab a shower, you can show yourself out, right?” Victoria leaves.

Crimson Lights

Christine tells Nick and Sharon she knows this is hard to understand, this new partnership of hers. Sharon asks how she could do it? Christine says she is in control of this partnership and Michael can’t get away with anything. Nick asks “What’s in it for you?” Christine says she has her own firm, instead of a junior partnership where she would have to work her way up. Sharon asks about Legal Aid? Christine says she was ready for a change. Sharon is surprised that after everything Michael has done, to her and to them “he almost took Cassie away from us”. Christine says Michael didn’t succeed in taking Cassie away. She understands that a lot of people will be upset by this partnership.  Which leads to her next problem of a “potential conflict of interest, for the adoption.” “I will need to talk to…” Nick “Michael Baldwin!” Sharon “You will let us know?” Christine “As soon as possible.” (Sharon and Nick walk away.) Christine tells Paul that Nick and Sharon don’t understand. She is sure it will work out. Christine tells Paul she has to go to work; she kisses him goodbye and leaves.  Sharon and Nick come back to the table to talk to Paul.  Sharon “What is going on with your wife?” Nick “How could you let this happen?”  Paul defends himself, saying it was her call. They talked and he is trying to be supportive of her decision. Paul says he has to go to work and leaves. Sharon “He is going along with this?” Nick “He is being a good husband by being supportive.”

Baldwin/Wiliam’s Office

Michael is on the phone asking if they liked the presentation? He asks if a decision has been made? “We have been short listed?” “Thank you.” (He hangs up.) Michael “Christine, if I can pull this off, you will love it.”

Nina’s Apartment

Nina apologizes for leaving Tomas on his own. He says he was fine. She thanks him for entertaining Christine and “for washing the breakfast dishes.” Nina is looking at the desk. Tomas asks if she is checking to see if the manuscript has been disturbed? He tells her that he will wait to read it until she is ready. Tomas “When you are ready I will devour it.” Nina “What do you have in mind?” (Tomas kisses Nina.)

Later, in bed. Nina tells Tomas she feels very lucky to have him.  She tells him she wouldn’t want to be a teenager again (like Mackenzie) and go through all that again. Tomas knows she suffered a “loss” from that time and won’t press her until she is ready. She says it isn’t him, she just isn’t ready to talk about it. She is trying to deal with it and thanks him for his help. He says he “wishes he could erase all of her pain.”


Victor asks if Ashley is there? (Ashley shakes her head no.) Jack tells Victor, Ashley is not there. Victor is surprised, since this “Is her line.” Jack says it is but she isn’t there right now. Victor “I need to speak to her.” Jack “You are a piece of work, you know that?” Victor “Excuse me?” (Ashley pushes the button on the phone and disconnects the call.) Ashley tells Jack she will handle Victor. Jack asks if she can? She says she can and they had better get going for the meeting.

JABOT (Boardroom)

Jack and Ashley arrive, the meeting gets started. Jill says this is a “whole new ballgame.” Ashley says the most difficult thing will be finding a place for Brad. She says Nikki will need to be in the areas where she can get the best training. Nikki says, “I am a board member now and a major investor in this company!” Ashley says she knows that but Nikki is new at this “game.” Brad tells Nikki to take it easy. Jack says they will all have to work together or they will not have a company at all! Jack thinks it would be a good idea to learn different things in the company and says he will take her “under his wing.” Nikki says she isn’t interested in being a “trainee” since she is a major shareholder. Ashley says she knows that but wouldn’t she like to see her money well spent? Jack suggests Jill work with Nikki on the men’s line for Glow by Jabot. Jack isn’t sure what to do about Brad. Ashley says she would like him to work in Research and Development. Brad says they can forget it; he saved the company and will walk away if he has too. He will be an equal partner in this company and be a “key player” or he walks. He doesn’t want to be under “Jack’s thumb”. Jack reminds him of “Victor’s non compete clause.” Jill says they don’t want a lawsuit.  Ashley suggests he come in as a consultant “but would have a role in every aspect of the company.” He agrees to think about it.  The meeting is concluded and everyone leaves. Jack asks Nikki to wait.

Later, Jack asks Nikki how it went? She says she “enjoyed her first board meeting.” Jack tells her that working means long hours, time away from family and other things “Are you sure you can do this?” Nikki tells him she is, the kids are grown, and for the first time she is “on her own.” She asks him if he knows how important this is to her? He says he does. He tells her he has to go to another meeting. He asks her to walk out with him? She says she would “like to stay awhile and soak up the atmosphere.” He agrees and leaves.

Victor’s Office

Ryan calls Victor and tells him he spoke to Victoria. Ryan says Victoria is blaming herself for what happened. He says he tried to re assure her but doesn’t think he did a good job. Victor thanks him for trying. Ryan asks if there is anything he can do? Victor says no, he will handle it. He thanks Ryan and hangs up. Victor “Connie, get Dr. Leeds on the phone.”

Walnut Grove Academy

Mac says she was a little jealous too. Billy is surprised. Mac says she didn’t think Billy liked her. Billy didn’t think Mac liked him either. Mac says that isn’t at all how she feels. Billy says he wasn’t sure about him and Brittany, he says he was frustrated and took it out on her (Mac.) Mac says it is ok, she understands. Billy apologizes for being such a jerk. Mac hugs Billy. He tells her he will stop hassling her.  Billy and Mac agree never to argue again. Bill says since Mac is with Raul and he is with Brittany then things are great. Billy says he and Mac are best friends. Billy tells Mac that Brittany is a great girl and he knows Mac and Raul are a couple. Billy says he and Mac will always be “best friends.” He tells Mac he has to go. He leaves, Mac is left looking confused.

Baldwin/Williams Office

Christine arrives; Gail gives her the telephone messages. Michael comes into Christine’s office. He teases her about being late. She says she is in no mood for jokes. He says he has some news, and would like to tell her about it. She has something she wants to talk to him about too. He asks to go first as he is sure his news will “cheer you up.” Michael tells her about a case a few years ago involving a young “hacker.” He has now created a “very sophisticated computer system” and his company has been bought up from under him.  The case involves a great deal of money ($300 Million) to be exact. He says it would be a good opportunity for a small firm to become known. Christine says they are too small to handle it. He tells her he has already made the pitch to them. Christine is stunned. She says Michael had no right to “Pitch us” “When you pitched us, you really meant you.” “You have broken our agreement.” The phone rings. Christine answers, it is for Michael. Michael takes the phone “Yes, I see, thank you.” He hangs up and tells Christine “we got the case.” She can’t believe it.

The Newman Ranch

Victor arrives home and is surprised to see Katherine. He asks about Victoria. Katherine tells him that Victoria is upstairs getting ready to go to work. Victor says she can’t go; he spoke to a very good doctor.  The best thing for Victoria is “a complete change of scenery.”   “Everything here reminds her of her ordeal.” He asks if Nikki knows what is happening? Katherine says Nikki has gone “shopping.” Victor can’t believe Nikki would leave Victoria alone to go shopping. “What could she possibly need?” Katherine says she must be going and leaves.

JABOT (Board room)

Nikki is alone in the boardroom, her cell phone rings. Nikki “Hello.” Victor “Where are you?” “What’s going on?” he fumes.